The Club Ch. 03


As Deana walked through the open door of their suite on the upper floor of The Club she heard the unmistakable sounds of raucous sex. She soon identified the source of the sounds, coming from the master bedroom. Her husband had guests.

She had her pareo draped over a shoulder and was otherwise nude. It seemed that most people moved toward round the clock nudity as the weekend progressed. The building was kept cool but comfortable, and all the skin-to-skin contact helped elevate body temperatures anyway. Her hair was a bit disheveled, and dried cum splattered her tits. It was mid-afternoon on Saturday, and she was looking to refresh with a bath and a nap. But first she would see what her husband was up to.

Steve was on all fours in the middle of their bed. A gorgeous man, at least 6’2″ with washboard abs and an ass that looked like it was chiseled from stone was pounding Steve’s upturned butt. By contrast an older man with a considerable paunch was fucking Steve’s face. A third man, Deana recognized the top of his head as Bud, was on his back sucking Steve’s cock and furiously masturbating his own.

Deana walked over to the bed and kissed her husband on the cheek as he continued to suck on Walter, the older man. “My, aren’t we the Greedy Gus,” Deana said. “Taking all these cocks and not sharing at all with your wife. You ought to be punished for being so selfish.” She slapped Steve’s ass, hard.

“Mmmff!” was Steve’s reply. Walter was close to cumming, and Steve wanted his seed badly.

Deana turned her attention to the younger stud taking her husband’s willing rosebud. “You must be Roger,” she said. “We haven’t met yet, but I saw you in the pool earlier with your girlfriend. She’s incredibly beautiful. I’m hoping to meet her too this weekend.”

“I’d be happy to introduce you,” replied Roger, reaching over to caress Deana’s breast. “She’ll really get into such a sexy thing as you, and I’d love to fuck you. Speaking of things I love to fuck, your husband has a really talented ass.”

“Yes, he does,” Deana agreed, climbing on the large bed and sucking on Roger’s nipple. “Are you close to cumming? Are you going to pump Steve’s ass full? Do you like the taste of cum?”

Deana released Roger’s nubbin and grabbed Bud’s cock. She swung her leg over Bud’s body and lowered her pussy onto his throbbing member. Bud moaned around Steve’s cock as he felt the velvet sheath envelope his manhood. When he felt the vagina begin to milk his cock he knew he wouldn’t last long. Both Walter and Roger reached out to claim one of Deana’s tits in their hands.

“I love cum, and yes, I’m about to put a load in your slut husband’s butt,” said Roger.

“Good, you can put yours in Steve, and Bud can put his in me, then you can eat it back out of me,” said Deana, leaning back to savor the feeling of the men’s hands on her breasts and the cock in her pussy.

She increased her milking of Bud’s cock as Roger began to slap-fuck Steve’s ass and grunt. Walter was the first of the group of men to lose control, groaning loudly and holding Steve’s head still as he pumped his semen past Steve’s lips. Steve was next, moaning around Walt’s cock as Bud sucked hard and played with his balls.

Roger and Bud came almost at the same time. “Oh fuck this feels good!” Roger yelled as his cock convulsed in the warm, wet, and silky tunnel of Steve’s butt. Bud moaned loudly, still milking cum out of Steve’s deflating rod, and bucked up into the tunnel of Deana’s warm, wet, and silky cunt.

The fivesome remained connected for several more moments, pulling the last drops of cum from each other. Steve sucked Walter’s cock and simultaneously flexed his sphincter around Roger’s. Bud licked and cleaned Steve’s cock thoroughly. And Deana did Kegel exercises to draw out the last drops of semen from Bud’s dick.

As his cock softened and dropped from Steve’s lips, Walter bent down and sought a snowball, kissing Steve fiercely. “You really are a Greedy Gus. You swallowed it all!” Walter accused. Steve just smiled up at his lover and licked his lips.

“Mmmph!” grunted Bud, holding Steve’s cum in his mouth and waving his hands. Walter twisted himself down beneath Steve quickly and sought his prize from a different source.

As Roger withdrew from Steve’s rear, he leaned in to join Steve and Deana, who were kissing passionately, in a post-coital threeway snog. Deana was still sitting on top of Bud, whose cock had yet to fully soften. The couple welcomed the younger man’s tongue into the mix. Then Roger pushed her back off of Bud to lie down, and dove into her pussy to slurp out the gooey creampie mixture of man and woman. Bud rolled off the bed to join Walter as a spectator.

Deana was surprised at how long Roger’s tongue was. He dipped deep into her vagina, arching his neck and lifting her thighs to get the best angle. She felt an orgasm building and cried out. This motivated Steve to dive down and suckle her breasts, sending her over the top.

“Oh, fuck,” she cried out. “You bastards! You’re making me cum! Eat Escort bayan my pussy with that tongue you sonofabitch!”

She bucked hard against Roger’s face as Steve tickled one nipple with his tongue and very lightly twisted the other. This was her favorite type of nipple play and Deana responded well to the stimulus. Steve tasted the cum of other men on his wife’s tits, and relished it. She groaned and continued to spasm.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she now yelled. “Oh God I’m such a slut! Look what you’ve done to your wife, Steve! You’ve turned her into a nasty slut. And I love it, do you hear? I love being a slut and getting fucked by all these men and women. Be careful what you wish for, you’ve opened Pandora’s Box! Oh, shit this all feels so good!”

She bucked and writhed beneath the tongues of the two men. Steve was so elated and turned on by Deana’s words that he was already rock hard again, just a few moments after cumming. A rare event, given his age, even for such an experienced swinger.

Finally Deana pushed Roger away from her pussy, and pulled her husband up from her breasts. She kissed Steve savagely, with a hunger he hadn’t felt from her since the earliest days of their marriage. She threw her leg up over his hips, and pulled him close, feeling the rock hard cock between them. She looked deeply into Steve’s eyes, and rolled to pull him on top of her. Wrapping her legs around his hips, she used her hand to guide his cock to her entrance, and pulled him in with her legs.

He fucked her with the same savage abandon that he felt in her kiss. He knew what she wanted. She wanted his sperm deep inside. There was something about his cumming inside her that gave her a feeling of fulfillment like nothing else. Steve desperately wanted to give her this gift, and he fucked her furiously.

Roger, Bud, and Walter were standing by the bed, idly pulling on their cocks and watching Steve and Deana fuck. To a man they were thinking about what a lucky SOB Steve was. Steve was rich as Croesus; had a wife like this; another woman to fuck whenever the mood hit; and totally able to live his life on his own terms. As they watched, they began reaching for each other’s cocks. Roger, not knowing that Bud was still a little leery of making out with a man, pulled Bud into a deep tongue kiss. Bud surprised himself by letting go and enjoying himself, just as his two friends were doing on the bed in front of him.

Steve’s balls were boiling hot. He and Deana were staring into each other’s eyes, saying nothing but speaking volumes. She had an enigmatic smile on her face, and he had a look of intense concentration. She met every thrust with one of her own, and they moved in perfect synchronicity.

The feeling washed over Steve like a warm, soft rain. He suddenly slowed his thrusting, and Deana knew what was coming. The look of concentration on his face became one of complete joy. Steve’s orgasm percolated up.

“Yes, Honey, give it to me,” Deana said quietly. “I want you to cum in my cunt like all the other men have today. Take me. I’m yours. I may give my body to anyone who wants it, by my heart and soul are yours and yours alone!”

And Steve’s orgasm erupted. He called out Deana’s name as his body stiffened and his hips slapped down against her ass. Once, twice, again, and yet again he convulsed and pumped his seed into her womb. And she cried out in joy and abandon, welcoming her husband’s seed and experiencing, if not a full orgasm then a joy and feeling of well being that was somehow similar to but greater than cumming.

They forced their pubic bones together and pressed them hard. Eyes meeting yet again, Steve bent and kissed his wife. Not savagely this time, but tenderly, and with all the love and joy he felt in his heart. She was a swinger now, just as he was, and their union was the greater for it.

The three men standing by the bed recognized what was happening. After all, they were all married too, and their wives were somewhere in this same building pursuing their own physical pleasures. They stood silently, hands still grasping each other’s cocks, and smiled down at their friends.

After a long moment of kissing and cuddling, Steve rolled off Deana and grinned up at his fuck buddies. “Thanks guys,” he said. “And Bud, I’m particularly happy you were here for this. I hope you’ll let me repay the favor with Terri.”

“Oh, don’t worry about Terri,” Deana interjected. “I already paid for both of us in advance with her. I’m learning to be insatiable, but that woman truly is!”

Deana recounted quickly how, after lunch, Terri had grabbed her and pulled her into a room. There a group of four other women and several men engaged in a frenzied orgy, in which Deana had been “spit roasted” twice. Fucked first by two men in her mouth and pussy, and then by a man in her mouth and Terri’s strapon in her ass. This was why she was covered in cum and girl juice when she walked into their suite just now, and why she was interested in a rinse and a nap.

“But it doesn’t really Bayan escort count if she fucks your ass. It only counts if I do it!” Bud said with a wink. He leaned in to kiss Deana both hello and thank you for the unexpected fuck and cum, and headed off to find his bride. Roger went into the bathroom to rinse and freshen, and Walter joined him.

Steve and Deana kissed, caressed, and rubbed each other’s neck and shoulders, smiling and murmuring to each other.

“That was a pleasant surprise, to have you join in our little scrum,” Steve said to his partner.

“Seeing you in the middle like that, and seeing Bud’s cock standing up and throbbing was just irresistible,” Deana replied. “I was coming back for a little nap and you were just so sexy that I wanted to join in.”

“Good for you, and good for me!” Steve said. “So you really are enjoying yourself so far?”

“God yes!” Deana said with real enthusiasm. “That was my fourth different cock today, fifth counting the nice way you woke me up this morning. Julie told me that if I think I’m insatiable, then I can be insatiable, and I’m thinking that was perfect advice for this weekend. I’ve never had so many people be so nice to me. It seems like everyone not only wants to fuck me, but also get to know me. It’s great being the girlfriend of the King of the Campus!”

Steve chuckled and kissed his wife again. “How could you not be popular? You don’t have to be my girlfriend for that. You’re gorgeous, sexy, and a slut. A triple threat!”

“Speak for yourself,” Deana replied, slapping Steve’s shoulder playfully. “Who had a cock in either end and a mouth sucking him off when I came in? How much cum have you swallowed and taken up your butt today? If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were a gay whore.”

“But I am!” laughed Steve. “I just chase pussy to keep up appearances. I’m thinking of divorcing you and farming myself out as a cumslut in San Francisco.” Steve said this with a big grin, reaching down to cup Deana’s mons and dip his finger into her vagina. He brought the digit, covered in a mixture of various men’s semen up and smeared it on Deana’s lips like gloss, then kissed his wife hungrily again. Deana felt Steve’s cock twitch against her thigh and marveled at how her husband could be getting hard yet again so soon after orgasm.

“Talk about insatiable!” Deana said, reaching down and grasping Steve’s spongy cockhead. “If you divorce me I’ll take you to the cleaners!” she added with a laugh. “How many times have you cum today?”

“Actually a surprising three,” Steve answered. “Once with you this morning, and then just now with Bud and again with you. I’m not as young as I was, and I have to pace myself. I may be able to get hard, but I’ll be lucky to have one or two more orgasms today, and I may hold back from those. I want to be able to put the first load into you again tomorrow morning, after all. You’re my blushing bride, and I need to keep up my husbandly duties if I’m not going to run off to San Francisco.”

He leaned in and kissed Deana soulfully for a long moment, their tongues dancing together, hugging each other fiercely. Their relationship had always included a healthy dose of good-humored banter, and now that they were sharing the swinging lifestyle fully that banter followed naturally. They had an extremely healthy relationship built on communication, trust, and a deep and abiding love. And they each worked hard to keep that relationship vital and growing.

Walter and Roger came out of the bathroom, kissed Deana and Steve, and went their separate ways. Steve and Deana kissed and cuddled a while longer, filling each other in on their sexual encounters of the day so far. Deana had joined Jack and Diane for a morning run, and they had a brief threesome in one of the cabanas along the trail. Deana encouraged Steve to give them a try. Following a shower Deana joined Julie at the pool, and they had made love on a chaise lounge.

She had rejoined Steve during the Membership Meeting in which she, Jack and Diane, and a few other people were confirmed as full Members. After lunch, Terri had grabbed Deana’s hand and taken her up to her room for the orgy Deana had described.

“And now I’m going to get into a nice hot shower and then lock the door for an hour. You and Julie may be able to go 24/7 at these things, but I’m just a newbie!” With that Deana rose from the bed and headed toward the en suite.

Steve decided to join her and instead of a shower drew a bath for them to share, including some soothing essential oils to help them relax. As they cuddled and bathed in the warm, soapy water he filled her in on his own day so far. It had been much more pedestrian than Deana’s. As a member of the Board he had duties prior to the Membership meeting, and the only sex he had was their wakeup fuck this morning and what Deana had witnessed and participated in this afternoon.

Julie came in and joined her lovers in their bath. “Jesus that Diane is TRULY a slut!” Julie said, stepping into the large spa tub. Escort “She’s down in the playroom pulling a train in her pussy, butt and mouth. I saw her take on two groups of three while I was playing with John and Elspeth up in the balcony, and Jack had at least 15 other guys lined up. He’s playing her pimp and cuckold, encouraging guys to join in and fluffing them up to keep them ready for her.”

“Fluffing? What’s that?” asked Diane.

“It means he’s sucking their cocks and jacking them off to get them up and keep them hard,” answered Julie. “It’s a term that comes from the porn industry. They keep girls, or guys if needed, ready to suck up a cock before they go into a shoot.”

“And she’s really taking on three guys at a time, over and over?” Diane said, looking thoughtful. “I can maybe see taking on three guys, but not getting gangbanged by 15 or more.”

“I’ve pulled as many as 12 guys in my ass and mouth in one session,” Steve chimed in matter-of-factly. Deana stared at her husband as if she had never met him.

“And I’ve pulled a 20 man train in my pussy, but never more that 8 in both my mouth and my pussy. And I’ve never pulled a ‘three-hole’ train. She’s going to be a limp rag in an hour or two,” Julie opined.

Deana looked incredulously at her two lovers. “Well I guess I’m showing my sheltered past again,” she said. “I’ve never done even three guys at once. I took on two at a time earlier in Terri and Bud’s room, but that’s my personal best.

“That’s right, you haven’t had three cocks at once yet, have you?” asked Steve.

“No, but I’m intrigued. If I weren’t so worn down I’d go out and watch Diane to see what the fuss is about. But this bath is so relaxing, and I think I want to just take a nap for a bit to catch my breath.” With that Deana kissed Julie and Steve and rose up out of the water.

The three lovers dried each other, and sprinkled each other with powder. Then they all piled onto the oversized king bed, outside the covers. Deana grabbed a light blanket out of the closet and spread it over herself and Julie, but Steve demurred and settled in uncovered. In a surprisingly short time, all three were asleep, with Julie taking the middle position.

A couple of hours later, Steve woke to a hand on his cock. It only took a moment to deduce that the hand was Deana’s. He was laying flat on his back, and she was reaching across Julie to caress and fondle her husband. He opened his eyes and looked to the side, seeing two smiling women watching him wake up.

“Hey, sleepyhead!” Julie greeted him. He noticed that she was idly brushing Deana’s nipple as Deana stretched over her to reach for his dick. “We were wondering if you were going to just sleep the night away.”

“Actually I was wondering if I should go get my strapon and fuck you awake,” said Deana.

“My, what a luscious thought,” Steve rejoined. “What stopped you?”

“Greed,” Deana said matter-of-factly. “Why should you get all the cock?”

“By God I can’t argue with that logic!” Steve laughed. “But what about food? I’m starving.”

It was now late afternoon. There would not be a dinner as such this evening, to allow people maximum flexibility in their play. Instead the caterer set up a hot and cold smorgasbord near the bar, and a hamburger and hot dog grill station out by the pool.

The three went back into the en suite to freshen up. A quick rinse of backsides was the first order of business, and then they inserted a butt plug into Deana to ensure she would be ready for anything. Julie and Steve were experienced enough with anal sex to forgo the preliminary stretching. Teeth were brushed and hair was fluffed, and then Julie pulled out a tiny bottle of pure essential rose oil, and dabbed a little strategically around Deana’s body and her own. Then she did the same for Steve with sandalwood.

Steve remained nude, but put on sandals. He also strapped an inch and a half wide leather ball stretcher around his scrotum, and lightly oiled his cock. Deana wrapped her pareo around her hips, while Julie put on a tiny string bikini bottom. Both women believed that a tiny bit of mystery adds to the allure. They both also put on sandals, and the three lovers went downstairs.

After eating and socializing for a while, Julie decided to act upon their discussion in the bath. “Hey, Herb,” she called out to the large black man across the room. How would you like to get your cock into Deana’s little pussy?”

Deana looked at Julie in wonder. This was not the first time she had experienced Julie’s penchant for playing the sexual impresaria, but it was still a relatively new thing, and not something that women did in her experience. She thought how much she still had to learn about the swinger world, and reminded herself to remain open minded.

“I’d love it!” Herb replied. “I’ve been wanting to tap that for a long time, and she should get a special personal welcome to The Club from all of us Founders.” Herb was one of Steve’s oldest friends and playmates. He was literally Steve’s first investor in La Playa – and while he wasn’t a classic black bull in the cock department (at “only” seven and a half inches, though his girth was considerable as well) he was well known as a consummate swinger. “What do I have to do to get some?” he asked.

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