The Coffee Shop


I just finished a photoshoot in town, with some boring corporate types and had some time to kill… Headed for a small cafe on the corner to chill as my feet were sore. There was a very sexy girl behind the counter, it was quiet in but she looked tired. I went to the counter and smiled… we struck up a conversation, I told her my concern for how she looked… 3 hrs to go you sighed… most your customers were rude and busy and it was nice to have a happy face for a change … then you noted my camera.

I love taking photos, my day job as a designer means I sometimes have to take photos of people, suits and businessmen, buildings and so on… but what I really want to do is the female form… you are very sexy, your breasts have transfixed my gaze! You’d be my muse… I grinned. I sensed you blush as we chatted… what else? you asked… well if I took you back to my hotel, if it were my lucky day, I’d be ordering you to peel off your clothes, pull that long dress up to your waist and let my lens examine every intimate detail of you! At this your face went bright red and you looked flustered … you need to calm down! I joked, customers to server… I think you are turned on by my ideas… how will you last another 3 hours at work when your pussy is twitching? I know what to do. I joked as I quickly sneaked behind the counter… what are you doing?! You squealed as I crouched down hidden by the counter and lifted up your long work dress… just as a new customer came in and began to order from you I push my head up inside your dress and kiss my way up for thigh… you try to pat me away but I am determined. I kiss up and up your soft thighs as I sense you squirm as you serve your customer… you have to turn around slightly to fill up a coffee from the machine, but luckily for me the counter is small and compact and I do not leave my place under your dress, hidden from general view.

As you have your cups ready, and twist back round to the front my head makes a push for your pussy and my nose pushes up against your knicker clad pussy. I feel the lace of your knickers on my nose and Escort Sincan I send the dampness and the heat. As you are sorting out payment my hands move up and yank your knickers all the way down, off one leg then the other, you help me slightly in a slight gaze, bring to maintain composer as my tongue suddenly berries itself into your pussy. It’s hot and warm and the neat pubic hair scratches my nose as I taste your warm juices. You sigh as you lean across and grab your high counter stool and perch on the edge, opening your thighs for me to get better access to your pussy lips. I slurp and lick away at your clit as more people come in for orders, taking your erect bud into my mouth and grinding on it with my lips and then my teeth.

You do your best to maintain a normal appearance as the customers come and go, you have served a few whilst I am down there teasing your pussy with my tongue… you open your legs wider and just as an old lady is ordering some hot chocolate and cake I push my fingers inside you and you jump up a little as I catch you un awards. You gasp and blush and sweat puts from your skin… I feel it on your thighs and you feel the beads of sweat on your face… the old lady asks if you are ok? You smile and say you are just fine. Just fine. I feel your cunt begin to grind against me, you need to cum. Badly. My tongue removes itself to let both my hands manipulate you… one to penetrate your pussy, one to play with your clit. I focus on your erect love bud. Stroking it hard as my fingers move in and out of your vagina.

You are so wet my hands are soaked… maybe 20/30 mins after I started fingering and eating you out you, you are desperate to cum… it’s a prolonged torture of teasing… a quiet patch in the cafe allows me to help you cum… my movements become vigorous as I frog your clit quickly and you clamp your thighs against my ears as you look to the sky. Your pussy convulses as you cum and you sigh and collapse on the counter. I am not done with you yet, you don’t have chance to get rid of me as more customers pour in due to a rain show… Sincan Escort I look around, seeing how I can tease you… I let you rest for a while as I withdraw from your dress… but i don’t move. I look and glare at me sometimes, hidden under the alcove of the counter, away from the customers eyes. You see the huge bulge in my jeans as I test you by rubbing my cock each time you glance down… you continue to make coffees and so on, as you glance down at me, you see me un-zipping my jeans and get my hard cock out.

I begin to slowly walk… pulling my foreskin back so you see my cock head. You glare and mouth ‘No!’ but i carry on teasing you… when it is clear you sit back down and pretend to reach for something … but you do… you grab my cocked wrap your hands around my shaft and slowly walk me. Suddenly another customer comes in and orders… you manage to do this one one-handed… as I push my hips up so you don’t need to bend down too far, you want my cock whist serving cake to this person… you slap my balls in erotic annoyance but keep playing with me. I spy in the fridge, that is next to me, the squirt cream… a naughty idea forms in my mind and I squirt a load of cream onto my cock and point. You look down and I pull at your waist… tug down down. Instinctively you ned down and take my cock in your mouth and begin to lick off the cream…

I writhe against your lips as you devour the cream off of my body when someone appears at the till… still with cream on your lips you serve her as if nothing had happened, slipping your foot from your flip-flop to tease my slippery cock with your bare toes. So there you are serving this little old lady her cup of coffee and cake, and chatting about the weather when down below you are giving me a foot job. As she leaves it is time to shut up shop … you lock the door behind the last customer and come back to the counter… you are greeted by me with my hard cock and fresh serving of cream along its shaft and my balls… I hold your head and guide your head onto me so you suck and lick the cream away slowly. I push Sincan Escort Bayan you off and pull at your waist, legs astride me you lift up your skirt and sink your bare wet pussy onto my shaft… we fuck with you on top of as I grab your ass and pull you in deep.

You rip open the buttons of your work blouse and I free your tits and take a nipple in my mouth… you writhe up and down on my hard cock and send yourself into orgasmic ecstasy. You lean back as I pump my cock up into you and your pussy lips cliché tight against me as you cum in waves… I leave you panting, once your orgasm ha subsided and withdraw and stand up in front of you, my hard aching cock bounces before your eyes… I add another dash of cream and tis time I make you suck me to the end… I cum quickly in spurts as you hand squeezes my ballls and wanks my shaft as you suck the cream off… your mouth fills up with the cold cream and my hot sperm. I hold you there till you swallow every drop.

I take my camera out of my bag and fire a few shots of you with my cock still in your mouth…then push you back so you are lying down on the floor, I lift up your knees, spread your legs and push up your skirt and take shots of your wet pussy, I go in close, capturing every bead of moisture. Then you bare tummy, then your tits, focusing on your hard nipples… and back down again, army hardening cock brushes against your skin… as I move back up to your tits and shoot the cum on your lips my cock head brushes against your pussy lips… soft and wet and inviting, my cock stiffens and I slide in easily… still with my camera in my hand, I begin to fuck you. I hold on to you one handed as I click away shoot your face as I thrust up into you, you fling your head back as I take you to the hilt.

As you begin to cum, I finger your clit and make to scream in your intense orgasmic fros … click click your face, my cock in your pussy, your hard rock nipples… you reach down and grab my cock, it is very slippery and you massage my cock head as it pops out of your pussy and you wank me with both hands till thick ropes of cum splurge over your pubic hair and tummy… I fire my last few shots of my cum covering your beautiful amazing body and watch it run down your sides, over your pubic hair and into your swollen pussy lips. Such a glorious sight. We are both sweaty, happy and spent.

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