The Colonel’s Last Day


Catherine got to her office and powered up her computer while she put away her purse and jacket. Then, she went around and said good morning to her co-workers and went to the water cooler to fill up her water bottle. Going back to her office, she logged on, started up her email and then the chat program associated with the email system. When the list of her on-line contacts showed up, she was disappointed to not see Blake’s name there. Then she chided herself.

“Silly fool, it’s his last day, he won’t have time to chat! Now get to work!”

Catherine started working and tried to concentrate. Her mind kept drifting and always in the same direction: Blake. Blake Jones was their unit chief and had come to their unit five years prior. He’d been a breath of fresh air to a lot of people as he truly believed that the way to shine was to have your team shine, something very few unit chiefs before had believed in. Catherine had taken a liking to him almost immediately. He was intelligent, personable, and accessible. She’d learned a lot from him and appreciated that he’d always take the time to have technical discussions with her and others.

One of her coworkers had teased her, asking “you like him? As in like him like him? He’s no Daniel Craig you know!”

Catherine had shaken her head “And I’m no Angelina Jolie. Who cares? It doesn’t matter what he looks like, he’s a great boss and I like working with him. Nothing more. Period.”

Deep down, Catherine knew that she liked Blake more than just as a boss but she wasn’t about to admit that to the other women who’d just cluck like a bunch of hens. Good thing the hens didn’t know that Catherine and Blake had started chatting online a few months prior. Whenever she was caught chuckling in her office by herself, Catherine would admit to chatting with a friend but would lead the others to believe it was a female friend in a unit in another city.

In the course of their chats, Catherine had joked that Blake’s name reminded her of Colonel Blake from the series M*A*S*H. He had joked back that she could be Major Houlihan if he was to be Colonel Blake. It had become a habit of theirs to call each other Colonel and Major when chatting online. There had been some flirting between the two but nothing more than that as Blake, as unit chief could be fired for socializing with any employee. So they kept their chats and their light flirting totally discreet and secret.

Alas, today was Blake’s last day. When he’d announced his departure, they’d joked that he should re-enact the scene where Colonel Blake had done his last inspection and had kissed Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan before getting on the chopper and leaving. Blake had told her that unfortunately, there was no way he could do that in public but that he sure wished he could.

Catherine shook her head and tried, once again, to concentrate on her work. It was already 11 am and she’d barely gotten anything done. Suddenly, a window popped up indicating that Blake wanted to chat. However, he addressed her by her given name, a sign that he wasn’t alone.


“I’m here.”

“I need a big favour.”

“Name it.”

Catherine was hoping he’d want to see her before the luncheon planned for him but she was disappointed.

“Mr. Roberts, one of our customers, is in reception and he’d really bahis firmaları like a tour. Think you could do that for me? I know it’s last minute but I don’t have time and I promised to send someone. Please?”

“Sure thing.”


Catherine would do anything for Blake and he knew it. She went to the reception area and met with Mr. Roberts. She fully intended to make this a quick tour and make it to the luncheon on time. She took Mr. Roberts around and explained each step of the process. Mr. Roberts asked lots of questions, making the tour longer and longer, to Catherine’s dismay. Blake was scheduled to leave at 12:30 sharp and with this customer asking so many questions, there was a very real risk here that she would not see Blake before he’d leave!

It was only at 12:27 that Mr. Roberts finally left. Catherine made her way to the stairs that led to the basement conference room where the luncheon was taking place, hoping against all hope that he hadn’t left yet. She almost ran down the stairs and then, reaching the last step before the landing, froze in place. Right in front of her stood Blake. He’d been going up the stairs to leave.

“You’re missing the new unit chief’s speech.”

Smiling, Catherine saluted, as if in the army and said “Sorry Colonel, I was detained with Mr. Roberts.”

“I’m sure you did a great job, Major. Now, ready for your last inspection?”

“Could he mean….?” Catherine wondered to herself. She swallowed and nodded, tense. Hopeful. Nervous.

Blake stepped closer and with one hand, grabbed her by the waist while the other made its way to her cheek and neck and pulled her in for a kiss. Catherine’s arms wrapped themselves around his large frame and she held on as he tipped her back, kissing her exactly like Colonel Blake had done to Major Houlihan. Catherine felt this tremendous heat flood through her, accompanied by a very strong feeling, almost like an electrical current. Suddenly, Blake straightened up and broke the kiss. He mumbled “Goodbye” and moved past her, up the stairs.

Catherine just stood there, almost in shock. This had been one of the best kisses she’d ever experienced and just like that, it was over. This kiss had left her shaken to the core and definitely wanting more. Too bad there could never be more. Realizing that the kiss had also left her quite aroused, Catherine turned around and headed towards the ladies’ room instead of to the conference room.

The rest of the day was a blur. Feeling sad and totally empty, Catherine went through the motions of the afternoon. When the day was over, Catherine went home and put some quiet music on. She had no interest in watching tv or doing much. She thought of the kiss and felt herself go wet just from the memory. Figuring she could get herself off from the lingering physical memory of his body against hers, Catherine headed to her bedroom and undressed. She only managed to get the outer layer off when she was interrupted.

The sound of the doorbell annoyed her more than she’d ever been annoyed before. She considered ignoring it but the person at the door was persistent, sounding the doorbell once again. Grabbing her robe and putting it hastily on over her underwear, she headed to the door, fully intending on getting rid of whoever it was. She opened the door and gasped. It was Blake.

“Did kaçak iddaa that kiss satisfy you? ‘Cause it sure didn’t satisfy me!”

Without a word, Catherine let him in and closed the door behind him. Turning to face him, she was surprised to find him within inches of her. Again, he put one arm around her waist and with the other hand, brought her face to his, pulling her into another searing kiss. Catherine felt the same surge of electricity she’d felt earlier run through her, causing her knees to turn to mush.

Blake broke the kiss but didn’t pull away. Looking into her eyes, he asked “Now that I’m no longer your boss in any way, am I out of line in hoping that you’re as attracted to me as I am to you?”

“I’m beyond attracted to you. Can I hope that you won’t leave me hanging like you did earlier today?”

“Lady, if I hadn’t left when I did, I would have taken you right then and there in the stairs.”

“That would have caused quite the scandal!”

“Now, take me to your bedroom so I can show you what you do to me.”

“Yes sir, Colonel!”

Catherine took his hand and pulled him towards her room. Once in there, she turned to face him and put her arms around his neck, pulling him into another kiss. As their tongues explored each other, their hands started doing the same. His hands made their way to her hair and pulled her braid apart, playing in her hair and causing her to moan gently.

“You like that?”

“Mmmmm, love it.”

“Good to know.”

Catherine moved her hands down the front of his shirt and started undoing the buttons, pushing his shirt open. He helped by taking it off as soon as she was done with all the buttons. Then, he took his t-shirt off and reached for the ties of her robe, pulling them apart.


He’d discovered that all she’d been wearing underneath was a thong and a lacy bra.

“Is that what you were wearing under your clothes today?”


“Oh God. It’s a good thing I didn’t know that until tonight. I would have walked around with a hard on all day had I known!”

“Well, we wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable, maybe we should free that hard on…”

Matching actions to her words, Catherine pulled on his belt and then on his zipper, slowly but surely getting to her goal of freeing his erection. Then, sounding like she’d just discovered a succulent piece of cake, Catherine sank to her knees and grabbed his cock, wrapping her fingers around its girth and quickly pulling him into her mouth. Moaning with pleasure, she took as much of him into her mouth as she could and twirled her tongue around his glans, clearly enjoying giving the caress as much as the recipient.

Blake wrapped his hands in her hair and pulled it away from her face. His own head fell back as he enjoyed her work on his organ. Catherine licked and sucked and used her hands to stroke the hard cock she was enjoying. A few times, he tried to pull her up but she refused to budge. Then she told him

“I’ve been fantasizing about this cock for so long, there is no way I’m letting you take it away so soon!”

“What about what I’ve been fantasizing about?” He teased.

“Later. Haven’t you heard of Ladies first?”

“Mmmm, good point.”

And he let her do as she wanted with him for a while, enjoying it himself. Her lips and her tongue kaçak bahis on his cock had him harder and hornier than he’d been in a long time and he longed to return the favour. She, on the other hand, had other ideas in mind. She gently pushed him back one step at a time, following him on her knees. She looked up a him a few times as she sucked his hard cock and played with his balls with her hand. When the back of his knees hit the bed, he almost fell back but caught himself.

Not satisfied with this, Catherine pushed herself up, never letting go of his cock in her mouth and she pushed him onto the bed. Blake sat on the bed and once again, pulled her hair away from her face. Still licking and sucking on his cock while bending down, Catherine took off her bra and panties. Then, she moved forward and wrapped her large breasts around his cock, using them to stroke him up and down.

Blake finally laid back and enjoyed her caresses. Then, she reached into her night table and pulled out a condom. Within seconds, she had his length wrapped in the condom and she was climbing on top of him, lowering herself onto his hard rod.

“Oh! Oh that feels good. I’ve been wet ever since you kissed me this afternoon and even though I could have nibbled on that big cock of yours for a while yet, I just could wait any longer to have it inside me.”

“No complaints here, baby. You’re so hot and tight!”

Catherine slowly moved up and down his length and moaned loudly, indicating her pleasure at his girth and depth. She then bent down to kiss him while her pelvis gyrated and ground against his hardness.

He let her have her way with him for a while. Then, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He just needed to take control so he grabbed her and flipped her over on the bed, pinning her under him for a short time. Knowing that his size could cause her difficulty breathing, he didn’t stay there. He sat back on his legs and pulled her up against him, penetrating her deeply.

“Oh yeah Blake! Fuck me, baby, fuck me hard.”

He obliged and, grabbing her hips, he pounded her drenched pussy, causing both of them delicious pleasure.

“Oh God, this is so good! Don’t stop.”

“Cath, I want to take you from behind.”


They stopped for only the time needed to switch positions and when Catherine felt him enter her from behind, she held her breath and then moaned her approval.

Grabbing her hips, he pulled her towards him and buried himself in her.

“I can’t believe how tight you are baby, your heat feels so good around my cock.”

Catherine could only moan in response. This man she’d been fantasizing about for so long was finally fucking her and it felt fantastic. She let herself get caught up in the moment, pushing against him, taking him all in and squeezing her pussy muscles around his hardness, building herself up to the ultimate goal.

It built up inside her, like pressure about to explode, getting hotter and stronger. Then, it let go, her orgasm washing over her with a rare intensity. As she clamped down onto his cock, he groaned and let go also, thrusting deeply in to her. When he was done, he pulled out of her and laid down beside her, pulling her close.

“Too bad you have to leave. I’d sure like to explore what else we could do.”

“My plane isn’t until eight tomorrow, we have until five in the morning to play.”

With a smile, Caroline reached up and kissed him, thinking “Wow, Colonel Blake sure knows how to kiss!”

* * * * *

A/N: I’ll leave the rest to your imagination! 🙂

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