The Concert Ch. 02


I sit back in the car seat, breathing heavily, trying to compose myself, the lingering feeling of your hands holding my wrists down against the roof of your car still exciting me. I bite my lip as I watch you climb in behind the wheel, and I reach out to stroke the back of your head and neck, my fingers curling in and scratching you a bit as a low moan escapes your throat. Before you can start the engine, I pull you to me, needing to taste and feel your tongue in my mouth again. We kiss frantically for a moment before you push me back abruptly.

“We need to go,” you say gruffly. “I need to get you somewhere I can rip your clothes off.”

My eyes wide, I nod and sit back in my seat. It’s nearly impossible for me to sit still; my nipples are so hard they are almost painful and my clit is throbbing so steadily I feel like I can hear it pounding along with my heart. Unable to keep my hands off you, my fingers are suddenly in your lap, stroking your half hard cock to full erection through your trousers and reaching down between your legs to cup your balls, tight and compact in your clothing.

“Nooooooo,” I protest, as you take my hand away. “I want to feel you.” I’m silenced, though, when you lift my hand to your mouth and suck my forefinger into illegal bahis it, your tongue swirling around it slowly. I just gaze at you as you drive on, watching the road, my finger in your mouth. “Where are we going?” I finally ask, breathlessly. You ignore my question, and I feel your teeth biting down firmly on my finger. I moan deliriously and keep quiet.

Minutes later we’re pulling into a car park adjacent to a high rise hotel. As you turn off the engine you pull my finger out of your mouth and grin widely at me, your eyebrows raising.

“Ready?” you ask, laughing slightly.

“Oh god, yes,” I exclaim, rushing out of the car and taking your arm for the walk inside to the lobby.

As we approach the front desk, I try to compose myself and keep my hands off you while you give your info and our keycard is fetched. The wait at the elevators seems eternal but as soon as the doors swoosh closed behind us you are there, in front of me, close and imposing, pushing me back against the wall of the car, one hand smashing my breast through my bra and top, the other entwined in my hair. Our kiss is frantic, insistent and intoxicating. The trip is short and the car jolts to a stop. You are pulling me through the doors before they’re even open fully, illegal bahis siteleri checking the directory for the location of our room.

We’re nearly running down the hall, and the door slams open as we both push inside the minute it’s unlocked. Before it can even close behind us, I am on you, pushing you against the wall and shoving your suit coat off your shoulders and onto the floor. You’re kicking off your shoes as I thrust my tongue into your mouth, our teeth trapping our lips between them occasionally, the sharp pain of it urging me on even more. You tug at my shirt, pulling it over my head and grappling with my bra until you get it off, tossing it to the floor. We pull apart for a moment, realizing it’s faster to remove our own trousers, both of us kicking ours off simultaneously, leaving me naked and you only in your dress shirt. We’re both unbuttoning you, me starting on the bottom, watching your erect cock poke through the open shirt, my mouth watering with desire.

You tear your shirt off and push me backwards on to the bed, landing, spreadeagle on top of me, my spread legs welcoming you. We are kissing passionately, violently, both of us hungry for the other, wanting more and more. You pull away from my mouth and kiss my neck, canlı bahis siteleri your lips parting to bite me gently, causing my hips to thrust up into yours. You groan as I gyrate against your cock, trapping it between our bodies. I feel your hips move slightly and your prick stroking up against my hipbone.

I grab your head in my hands and make you look at me. Both of us are dazed, our eyes glazed over with animal lust. “Fuck me,” I demand. “Now, please. Please.”

“Oh you fucking dirty little minx. What do you want? Tell me what you want,” you growl hoarsely into my neck, your teeth against my flesh.

“Oh jesus,” I moan, my need evident in my face. “I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck my cunt.”

With a roar, you reach between my legs and thrust your fingers into my dripping cunny, making me cry out loudly when you wriggle them around inside me, making me climax that way. Pulling your fingers out, you position yourself to thrust your cock into me, my screams telling you how much I want you. We fuck like animals, pulling and pushing and scratching at each other, our howls making the residents of our floor envious of our passion.

Suddenly, you are tensing and you’re arching your back upwards. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuccckk,” you shout. “Ffffffffffffffffffffuuuucckkkk. Ohhhh. Ohhhh. OHHH!”

And I feel your hot spunk flowing into me, your prick twitching and jerking with every spurt of your desire. You collapse on top of me and we pant together, recovering for the next round.

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