The Cop


The CopI hadn’t realized I was speeding until I saw red and blue flashing lights in my rearview mirror. Fuck, I thought to myself, I don’t need this right now. I need to get home to my bathtub and that book I just started reading. I pulled over, grabbed my registration from my glove compartment, rolled down my window and waited.“Miss, do you realize how fast you were going?” I turned my head to answer and was greeted by the most gorgeous police officer I had ever seen in my life. Although it was dark, I could see that his eyes were blue. Piercing blue. His hair was dark and slightly wavy, his uniform clung to him in all the right places. I noticed a slight dampness between my legs and shifted uncomfortably. “I’m sorry officer, no, I didn’t. I also know that there is no room for excuses, but I will say that I had a rotten day at work and just wanted to get home to my bathtub and a book I’m reading.”“What sort of book?” the officer asked.Shit! I thought, I didn’t want to tell this man of the law, this government employee that I was reading erotic fiction. Shit, shit, shit! “Miss, I asked you a question.”“Um, well, the book, well, it’s nothing special.”“Are you avoiding my question?” he asked the tone in his voice changing to a slightly menacing tone.“No, sir, I’m embarrassed is all.”“Hmmmm. I see. License and registration please.”I handed them over and watched as he walked back to his car. I wonder what he’d look like without that uniform on, I asked myself, Jesus, what kind of person asks those kind of questions? A horny one, I said, answering my own question. The thought of his handcuffs being clicked around my wrists as he administered to my needs was enough to make me squirm. The thought of his slightly callused fingers finding my clit and rubbing it until I came was almost enough to make me cum right there on the spot. The thought of his “club” filling me, I groaned.“Miss, are you ok?” he had returned an amused look on his face, almost as though he could read my thoughts.Damn it! Damn my cursed fantasies and me! “Yes I am, perfectly fine. Is everything in order?”“No, I’m actually going to need you to step out of your vehicle. Please keep your hands in plain sight.”“What’s wrong!? What came up?” I asked as I stepped out of my car.“Just step out of the vehicle miss.”“What came up?” I said as I stepped out bursa escort of my vehicle.He took several steps towards me until I was pressed up against my car.“I did.” He said, as he dipped his head to kiss me.Never had I ever been kissed so deliciously. His lips covered mine perfectly. He applied the perfect balance of tongue and suction so I didn’t go anywhere. When the kiss ended I spat “I could have your badge Officer.”“Yes, you could, but you won’t.”“I won’t?” “That’s right, you won’t.” his piercing blue eyes looked dangerous in the moonlight.“And how do you know that?” I retorted angrily, irritated at his forthrightness.“Because you want to be fucked by a police officer, you want to feel the cold steel of my handcuffs against your wrists as I drive into you over and over again. You want to be in the back of my cruiser, without any chance of escape as I finger-fuck you. You want to feel the length of my ‘club’ in your mouth. I know you do. Don’t deny it.”I trembled, and hoped he didn’t see, one glance at him told me he had. He smiled at me and said “I can make your speeding ticket go away, you do realize you were going ninety in a fifty-five don’t you?”“I was not! I know I was speeding, but I wasn’t going that fast.”He shrugged “My word against yours. And I always show up to court. You’d be looking at a seven hundred dollar fine at least!”I couldn’t afford a ticket like that, and he seemed to know that.“This is blackmail!”“No, what you’re wearing is blackmail. In fact it should be i*****l.”My suit was pin stripe gray, and I had paired it with a pale pink button up shirt. My pumps were black and I was wearing fine fishnet stockings.“Ok, I’ll give you that officer. My outfit is a tad well, alluring. But you could be fired!”“I won’t say anything if you don’t.”I laughed then. How had he known what I wanted, and how I wanted it? How did he know I had fantasized about being forced to a man’s will? How had he known I had a thing for men in uniform?I took a step towards him then and held out my wrists.“I’m a bad girl officer, and I’m feisty, I need to be handcuffed so I can’t escape.” I said brushing against his fly with my hips.I heard him groan and the next thing I knew I had been slammed up against the trunk of my car.“I need to frisk you before I cuff you. Can’t have you sneaking any weapons in can we.”His hands bursa escort bayan brushed over my arms quickly, down my torso slowly (grazing my breasts) before he moved to my legs. I shivered slightly as he ran his hands up and down each leg, he stopped only once, when he realized I was wearing a garter and stockings and not your typical tights and no panties.“You are a very naughty girl.” He said shaking his head.“I am?” I said.“Yes, you need to be handcuffed and forced to my will.”“Yes Officer.” I said bumping my hips against his again. I squealed when he held me there tight, the length of his erection against my ass.“Do you like it there, or would you rather it here.” He said as his hand vanished beneath the hem of my skirt and found me wet, pliant.I groaned and rubbed against him harder, as he finger-fucked me.He abruptly stopped his delicious torture between my legs and cuffed me, the way they cuff criminals, and put me in the back of his cruiser. He followed behind and pounced on me. Straddling my hips with his, forcing my legs apart to give him the access he desired. He pressed his mouth against mine. His tongue an “evil-invader” pillaging my mouth, taking what it wanted before it left to discover other areas of my body.His second conquest was my left breast; which he sucked through the fabric of my sheer pink blouse until I was gasping and the nipple pearled. Only after he was satisfied with how the nipple reacted did he move to my right breast, nipping the fleshy part between his teeth emanating a groan from my mouth. “So you like it rough!” it wasn’t a question.I only nodded and before I knew it I was on my stomach, and he had his nightstick in his hand.“You will say ‘I need this correction’ after each blow. Do you understand?” he growled into my ear.“Yes sir.”The first blow was light, lighter that I had expected so I laughed and said, “I need this correction.” My tone light and airy.I was not expecting the next blow, and when it came I could scarcely breathe.“What do you say?” he murmured.“I need…this…correction.” I gasped. I never realized how arousing being spanked could be.He spanked me a total of five times with varying forces, so I wouldn’t expect one blow to be harder or lighter than the next; he un-cuffed me at that point and rolled me over so I was facing him. “Are you a good cock-sucker?”“I escort bursa haven’t had any complaints.”Before taking off his slacks and boxers, he removed the cuffs, making sure I promised not to run away. “Kiss him.” He saidI did my mouth open slightly, allowing my tongue to roll around the tip.“Good girl,” he growled slightly, “now, open up.”I opened my mouth and accepted him. Much like I was hoping other parts of my body would later. My hands free, I touched him. The muscles of his thighs were firm and taut, the skin smooth. With varying pressure I sucked, my tongue dancing around him. I looked up at him and saw that he was watching my every move. Once I looked up I couldn’t look away. I could feel his fingers tunnel themselves in my shoulder length hair, I could feel him massage my scalp relaxing me. “That’s enough.” He said finally, pulling himself from my mouth with a popping sound. “I want to taste you.”He slid me so my back was against the door, he took my left leg and put it over the back seat and set my right leg up against the cage that separated the back from the front. He then, smiled wickedly at me and slid my skirt up so he could see me better.His first kiss was light, almost as if he’d never kissed a woman there before. When my hips lifted slightly to give him better access, he ate more hungrily; until I was gasping, begging for release. “You want me,” again not a question.“Yes, yes I do. This is so wrong, but so good. I can’t help it.”“Give me a minute.” He turned and pulled several zip-strips from his belt.“What are those for?”“To keep your hands out of the way,”He tied my wrists to the cage that separated the back of the car to the front of the cruiser before he drove into me; the door biting into my back, the buckles into my ass-cheeks. He grasped my ass between his hands and kneaded it roughly before he fingered my asshole lightly.That was a whole new experience! I moaned as new sensations overwhelmed my body. Nobody had ever touched me there; ever. “You like that?”“Hmmmmm.” I moaned again.He fingered me again, deeper this time. “I can feel my cock in you.” He hissed in my ear.“Oh god!” I moaned as I came hard.He came moments later.Before I left, he handed me his card. I thanked him and left. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized what the card said:“Officer” Michael O’BrienMale escort, any and all requests provided.555-6969I smiled at my friend’s ingenuity. Sarah always knew how to get back at me for the little prank gifts I’d leave on her desk. This time though, I knew I had to thank her.

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