The Corner Bar



From their first contact our protagonists, a mother, and the son she gave up for adoption when he was an infant, are drawn to each other. Neither can understand the attraction. They only knew they just must suck and fuck.

Chapter 1

Julia Abercrombie, CEO of Abercrombie Properties, president of the Women’s Club and board member of several large banks stepped from the cab into the chilly night air. Coming to this neighborhood and this bar was an impulse. An impulse fueled by an excellent dinner with an outstanding bottle of merlot and several martinis afterward.

Her staff was right about not buying this old building. The chances for redevelopment in this neighborhood were slim. Peremptorily she overruled them. She had her own reasons for buying this rundown old building.

The Black cabdriver leaned out the window. His eyes flicked from her long shapely legs to the full swell of her middle-aged hips. He picked up this mature, well-kept White woman at a restaurant in the downtown financial district. She was not bad looking, a little on the chunky side with greying red hair. Even clad in an expensive leather winter coat, he could tell she had above average size breasts and full mature behind. He suspected she was like other White women he brought to this area. She was slumming for Black cock.

“You sure about this, ma’am? This is a pretty rough neighborhood.”

She fixed him with her steely gaze, the gaze that chilled the souls of her most hardened managers. “If I wanted your advice, I would have asked for it!” Her voice, though commanding, was heavily slurred and she was unsteady on her feet. Lately she tended to drink more than was her norm. Her physician advised her to watch her alcohol intake. He said that the Hormone Replacement Therapy he had her on could exacerbate the effects of alcohol.

The cabdriver yanked the cab in gear, and headed back downtown. Tight ass bitch!

She had misgivings as she stared at the receding tail lights of the cab. The driver was probably right. This was not the same neighborhood she frequented many years ago. Then it was an upscale yuppie enclave with numerous interesting bistros and loft apartments.

However, Julia was on a mission. Several years ago, after an extensive search, a detective agency she hired located her adoptee son. He was 15 years old. Julia read the report. She had her lawyers sat up a clandestine trust fund to help with his education. The detective agency provided periodic reports.

In the intervening years, as needed, she stepped in to help him financially. Quietly, she sat up a trust fund for him. Purchasing this building was such an intervention. However, she kept her distance. He was the result of her youthful indiscretions, days when casual sex dominated her life.

Let sleeping dogs lie, she thought. The person on the other side of this door is my child but has not been part of my life. I owe him nothing.

What drew her was the irony of him working in this particular bar. It looked much as it had 25 years before when it was a trendy bar in a yuppie neighborhood. A smile tugged at the corners of her thin lips as she glanced up at the second floor. It was there that she did the dirty deed. Up there her son was conceived.

I was a different person back then.

Julia took a deep breath, opened, and stepped through the door. For a moment, she felt uncharacteristically unsure of herself. Except for pictures taken by the detective agency, she had not seen him since she gave him up for adoption.

Chapter 2

Jamaal watched the mature White woman enter the bar. She was out of place in this neighborhood. She was well maintained, from the fire engine red Versace dress and matching shoes to her tanned skin. Her greying red hair topped a lightly freckled triangular face with wide set almond shaped eyes. Her lips formed a straight hard line on her face. Her direct unblinking stare was unnerving.

As she unbuttoned her coat and turned to hang it on the hook by the door, he could see her breasts were full and pendulous. They had the decided sag of an older woman They jiggled slightly above the bodice of her dress as she walked to the bar. Her dress stopped just above the knee, displaying toned legs. He put her at late forties to fifties.

Jamaal smiled. He recognized the breed. She was probably a cougar on the prowl. She looked to be a well off suburban housewife slumming for Black cock. He watched as she sat decorously on the barstool, crossed her legs with her ankle on her thigh showing a lot of leg.

“Yes ma’am! How can I help you?”

“A martini please, extra dry.” I really don’t need another drink. I’ll have one and get a cab.

Julia felt a tightness in her chest as the bartender turned to make her drink. So, this was him. This was the result of a wild night with that long forgotten Black jazz band. The detectives had taken pictures. She knew what he looked like. However, seeing him güvenilir bahis in the flesh was different. He was actually quite good looking.

He was tall, maybe 6′ 1′ or so, 190 pounds. The 3/4 sleeve shirt showed muscular biceps and arms. His jeans fit his ass so tight, they looked sprayed on. Any other time…! She shook her head, clearing the lustful thoughts. Except for the occasional bedroom romp with anonymous stranger or a fortunate subordinate, her days of promiscuity were behind her.

His father was one of three Black musicians who played on a bandstand in the rear of the bar. There was a pool table there now. Even then, she had no hang-ups about Black men or the mystique of Black cock. She was honest with herself. She just loved to fuck.

“Here you go, Miss.”

Thank you…uh…what is your name?”


“Thank you, Jamaal.”

Julia watched him as he moved down the bar. He seemed confident. He held her eye when they talk and he was not ashamed to take a hard look at her tits. She suspected the apple had not fallen too far from the tree.

Chapter 3

She glanced up at the ceiling. Back then, she knew what was going to happen when she followed the band members upstairs to that filthy storage room. And it did. They all fucked her. They took her in every position possible for three men to take a woman. They came in her mouth, her pussy and, yes, her ass. She was even airtight. A shiver shook her body as she thought of that night of debauchery.

Even now, 25 years later, she got moist thinking of the sheer animalistic rutting of their act. Recognizing a bitch in heat, they quenched her fire with their hot cum. She smiled to herself as she recalled leaking cum all over her car seat on the drive home.

I was a real slut back then.

A few weeks later, she realized she was pregnant. She never entertained any thought of finding the band or determining who his father was. That was water under the bridge.

She told her parents. She lied about how she got pregnant. She did admit to having a Black lover. Her mother was stern and reproachful. She was ashamed that her daughter could stoop so low. A Negro musician! Really!

Her father was more hurt then angry. He chided her while embracing her as she cried. Their religion forbade abortion. He arranged for her to stay with a distant aunt and have the baby. She never saw the newborn. She signed the adoption papers and got on with her life.

As she grew older, married, and had two more children, she wondered how the baby she gave up fared. Her parents strongly discouraged trying to locate him. It was after they died in the crash of their private jet and she assumed control of the family business that she began the search to find her first born.

Chapter 4

“Is this your bar, Jamaal?” She knew better but it was a polite conversation starter.

Jamaal stopped washing glasses and looked down the bar. He caught her checking him out as he washed glasses. She really was not his type. She was too old with too many miles on her.

Nice jugs, he thought. But like this building, she has seen better days.

“Kinda sorta,” he laughed, “a few years back, I got a certified letter offering me a job as manager of this bar. It’s part of some kind of private real estate investment trust. I met with an attorney and he said, with some oversight, I had free hand to run it as I saw fit.”

Julia felt an odd pride as she sipped her drink. She had arranged to buy the building and had her lawyers set up the trust. She wanted to know that this oldest of her three children was secure. They reported that, aside from the fact he had the sexual proclivities of a tomcat, he was a good honest businessman. She smiled inwardly at the report. She was something of an alley cat herself.

Or at least I used to be, Julia thought.

The years toned down her penchant for strange cock. Still, when the opportunity arose, she had no qualms about fucking outside of her marriage. She shivered as she recalls fucking her gardener. He was smelly from working all day in the hot sun. It added a salaciousness to the illicit act.

Weeks of hard labor in the summer sun sculpted his youthful body. He was tanned a deep nut brown and muscular. His smelly sweat dripped on her face and tits as he pinned her arms behind her back with his strong calloused hand and took her in the bushes behind the gazebo. Julia shivered as she recalled the helpless feeling, of being controlled. It was the first time she felt that odd sense of submission. It surprised and excited her.

“Mmmm, somebody must care a lot about you. Your parents?”

As any good bartender would, Jamaal moved down the bar to talk to his lone customer. It was part of the job. He glanced out the window as he talked to her. It was beginning to snow outside. She might be the last customer of the night. As he moved in front of her, she leaned forward. He could see down the vee neck of her dress türkçe bahis to her lacey red camisole.

Nice tits, he thought.

“No ma’am! I was adopted. My parents are long dead and were too poor to have something like this.”

Julia did not intend to reveal who she was. She just wanted to see him. To see the result of her youthful indiscretion. She studied his face. She had no illusions about him resembling his father. The only feature she remembered about the three Black band members that fucked her was the substantial size of their cocks.

Sex with her husband was adequate. However, it never came close to the sex of her younger years. Her marriage was one of convenience. Hell, they even signed a prenuptial agreement. She and her husband lived their separate lives, coming together for social and family functions. She raised a son and daughter in a supportive environment. They went to good schools and made good marriages. In her private moments, she was disappointed they never showed her rebellious streak.

“So…so you don’t know who…who your birth parents were?” Julia slurred her words. While this was the first drink here, it was her fifth of the night.

I need to get out of here. I have had my limit for tonight.

“No ma’am.” The old bitch was getting nosey. He had no issues with his adoption. Like any adoptee, he was curious about his birth parents. However, life had been good to him. He had a small trust that paid for his education. And whenever things got tight, something always came up to carry him over. Like this job.

Julia flinched at being called ‘ma’am’ It made her feel older than her 51 years. “My name is Julia. Call me Julia. Another one please.” She held the empty glass up.

“Are you meeting someone here?” Jamaal glanced out the window. The snow was coming down hard and the wind was picking up. He decided she definitely would be his last customer of the night.

“No! I…used to come here years ago. It was an impulse to come here tonight.”

I’m really not sure why I came here.

“Well, I’m not rushing you, but the weather is getting nasty. Even on good nights, it’s hard to get a cab in this neighborhood. Would you like for me to call you a cab?”

Julia glanced out the window. It was near white out conditions. “Yes! Yes, please do!” Before I make a fool of myself, she thought. This was a bad idea. I can’t tell him who I am and ruin his life.

Jamaal topped off her martini from the cocktail shaker. He picked up his cell phone off the back bar, walked a few steps down the bar and called for a cab.

“Hi Ellen, this is Jamaal at the Corner Bar. I have a customer who needs a cab.”

“Hey you sexy devil! How’s tricks?”

“Lousy,” Jamaal said, “she was my only customer tonight.”

“I got bad news, sweetie, the company pulled all the cabs off the street until this blizzard lets up.”

“Shit!” He glanced down the bar at the mature White woman. Actually, she was not that bad. He could see where back in the day she might have been a good-looking redhead.

“What the hell am I going to do with her?”

“I’m guessing you are both going to have to stay there until the plows clear the streets.”

“Fucking great! I’m stuck here with a near alcoholic senior citizen.”

“Sounds like fun, Hon! I just wish it was me!”

Jamaal chuckled into the phone. “My clean up guy is still talking about the time he walked in on the big tit blond washing her pussy in the bathroom sink!”

Ellen laughed breathily into the phone. She and Jamaal were a sometime thing, when they both had the time.

“If he hadn’t run out of the lady’s room like the devil himself was after him, we might have had a little 3some fun.”

Jamaal shook his head ruefully. Ellen and he had an understanding. However, Roger, the cleanup guy was old school. “White wimmen ain’t nuthin’ but trouble,” was his mantra.

“Okay! I had better give my customer the bad news. Call me back as soon as you get your cabs back on the street.”

“Will do, Sweet thing! Got to go! The phones are jumping off the hook!”

Chapter 5

Ellen hung up before he could answer. He shook his head. She was an amazing fuck with few limits. They met when he made courtesy calls on the local businesses. She listened attentively as he explained to her and her father his idea for a neighborhood redevelopment plan. After her father left the meeting she gave him a blowjob while he sat on the desk in the office.

They discovered they both were amoral sybarites. They loved to fuck and loved the variety of many and varied partners. Together they naturally gravitated to a swinging life style.

He recalled the time at the adult club when he watched her get gangbanged. She fucked and sucked four guys into submission. Even then she wanted more. Later, upstairs at his apartment, she begged him to spank her with a hairbrush for being such a naughty girl. Afterward, she cuddled up to him purring like a contented kitten güvenilir bahis siteleri and went to sleep. Their relationship was complicated but functional.

As he walked back to Julia, he could see that she had drained her drink. What the hell am I going to do with her? Aside from the legal responsibility for anyone who overdid it in your bar, He had an ethical responsibility. He was not going to leave this old girl to her own devices. The neighborhood was not safe for strangers.

“Bad news, Julia. No cabs because of the storm.”

Julia stared at her youthful transgression.

“Oh Dear! What am I going to do?”

Julia thought of calling and having her car pick her up. However, that would expose her secret to her staff. They did not need to know she came to places such as this nor that she had an interracial son. She cringed as she realized she was becoming more like her mother. More concerned about appearances then practicality.

“Well, Julia, we are stuck here. I live upstairs. However, it is probably best to wait in the bar for it to let up.”

Julia raised a well arched eyebrow. One side of her mouth pulled up in a lopsided grin. The alcohol made her playful.

“So, you are proposing I spend the night with you?” That didn’t come out quite like I intended.

Whoop, Jamaal thought, there it is!

“What kind of guy do you think I am,” he said playfully, “we just met!”

Julia giggled and recrossed her legs, exposing more of her mature thighs. Bitch! You are drunk and flirting with your son! Stop it!

“Maybe you haven’t had enough to drink yet. Have a drink with me while we explore your…proposal.”

What the hell, he thought. I may as well.

Chapter 6

Jamaal poured himself a straight shot of Martell and sat it in front of the empty stool next to Julia’s. He picked up the door keys and walked around the bar. As he walked toward Julia, she crossed her legs at the ankles with her knees apart and turned to face him. Her smile said she knew he could see up her dress. As he walked past her heading for the door, she turned keeping her legs pointed at him. ‘Get a good look, she thought. Jesus! He exudes sex appeal.’ The martinis lowered her inhibitions. ‘I’m not going to fuck him. He is my son. But a little flirting won’t hurt.’

As Jamaal locked the door, he looked out the window. Snow blanketed the streets and sidewalk. ‘Oh well! Hopefully Ellen will stop by and we can fuck after she gets off.’ He turned and walked back to the bar and sat next to Julia. He picked up his glass and toasted her. “To my new friend.” He lay his other hand on her bare thigh. It was warm and moist. ‘Let’s see how far the old girl wants to take this.’ He ran his hand under her dress and palmed her pussy.

Julia felt an electric shock rock her body as his hand squeezed her pussy. She picked up her martini glass. ‘This going too far, she thought. What would he say if he knew he was feeling up his mother?’ She lay her hand on his and lightly squeezed and pushed it away. “To my new friend.” She drained her glass.

Abruptly, Julia stood. “I need to get out of here. This IS going too far!” “I …uh…will…uh…have someone pick me up.” When she reached for her purse sitting on the bar, she stumbled.

Instinctively, Jamaal’s arms shot out, grabbing her, and preventing a nasty fall. Inadvertently his hands ended up on her soft ass.

“Let me go!” ‘He’s actually got his hands on my ass!’ Julia brought both hands up to push him away. One hand accidently struck him under the chin.

Instinctively Jamaal grabbed that hand. With his free hand, he smacked her hard on her plump ass. The sound echoed through the bar.

“Gawddamit! Take it easy! You are drunker than you think.”

Julia’s eyes widened as the sting in her ass permeated her body.

“That gives you no reason to feel me up.”

“Ma’am, rest assured, the last thing I want to do is feel you up.”

Julia stepped back and balanced herself with one hand on the bar. She tingled all over. It reminded her of how the gardener taken her. She secretly enjoyed that feeling. Now for the first time in years, someone slapped her ass. The sting felt deliciously wicked.


“What?” ‘Where the fuck is this going? I could lose my job because of this drunken old bitch.’

“Why don’t you want to feel me up? Is it because I’m too old? Or maybe it’s because I’m White?”

“Ma’am…Julia, you were falling! I tried to catch you. I do apologize for the ass slap.” ‘Maybe I can placate her. ‘ “Your glass is empty. Would you like another?”

Julia stared at Jamaal long and hard. She glanced at the window of the bar. She could no longer see across the street. It was just she and this Black man.

Jamal knew where this was going. He smiled. As he stood, they were inches apart between the bar stools. As Julia leaned forward, expecting him to kiss her, he smacked her ass again.

“Fuck!” Julia groaned. Her head fell forward on his shoulder.

‘Well! She likes it a little rough.’ He roughly turned her so she faced the bar and pushed her upper body down on it. He held her down with his hand in her back and slapped her ass again. His hand stung from the impact.

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