The Corningwood Family Chronicles Ch. 01: Blake


After a long, scenic drive, I rode my rusty car up the gravel driveway to the large, old, white house where my boyfriend Blake and his family presently resided during the summer months. The house had been in the family for years, but currently it was occupied by Blake, his mother, father and 18 year old brother. Blake and I were both on summer break from sophomore year at college, and I had come up to visit him in upstate New York for the weekend.

As I pulled my overstuffed bag out of my beat up coupe, I took notice of the driveway full of cars. “I guess we aren’t going to be alone this weekend,” I say quietly to myself, with slight disappointment. I had hoped Blake and I would have gotten some time alone together at the house. In reality, I am just really fucking horny.

I couldn’t help it, I was compelled to stroke my pussy the entire drive here; I’m pretty sure some trucker was watching me for a few miles, but I didn’t care, it actually made me more wet having him watch. At one point I even switched it up for amusement and pulled my dress down a little as I massaged my bare breast in full view of his mirror. He almost swerved off the road. So, yeah, not sure if I caused him to swerve, but I decided that it wasn’t the smartest idea to distract an 18-wheeler, so I subsequently sped off.

Blake promptly met me at the front door with a kiss and ushered me right to dinner with his family without a minute to spare. Good thing I drove up already dressed in my tight black dress and heels. We started the meal with a bed of mixed baby greens followed by the main course of roast duck and glazed carrots. After dinner, we meandered outside to relax on the deck as we continued to drink sweet wines and listen to soft jazz throughout the night.

I admired the beautiful ambiance from the music and the potency of the wine, but I couldn’t help but notice how handsome Blake looked in the soft glow of the candle light. I watched him intently as he sipped slowly from his wine glass; the stem barely floating between his firmly pressed fingers. His sky blue eyes seem ablaze as a result of the tiny reflections of fire-light in his eyes. I watched him stare off into the distance when suddenly his glowing eyes abruptly met my own. I was startled by the unexpected intensity of his gaze and let a small gasp escape my lips.

My eyes darted away from his intoxicating eyes, full of passion and fire, and shifted to the people seated around us. I was suspicious the other members of the table had sensed the palpable sexual tension and heard my audible gasp, but both occurrences seemed to go unnoticed. Clive, Blake’s brother, was busy texting on his iPhone; and Lorraine and Ed, Blake’s mom and dad, were caught up in a heated discussion about some local mayor.

I slowly shifted my gaze back to Blake; his eyes were still fixated on me, but this time his stare was aimed lower. His eyes were occupied by the cleavage spilling from my dress. My heart thumped in my throat as I followed his burning glance. His eyes glided down all the curves of my body, pausing at my bare legs before he retraced his visual caress back up to my breasts. Blake drank from his glass again, swallowing every last drop of wine and slowly putting down his empty glass. He licked his lips of any excess wine and revealed a slight smile as he looked back into my eyes. I bit my lip as my breasts heaved in my dress.

“I think we are going to be off to bed,” Blake said to the table.

“Oh,” I said, sounding surprised, as the faces of the table turn to look at us. “Oh Yes, that’s right; I wanted to get up early, thanks for reminding me, Blake.”

“Mmhmm,” he hummed in response while nodding, as we both stood up from the table.

“Goodnight. We’ll see you two for breakfast,” Ed said, clearly eager to return back to the political debate with his wife.

“Let us know if you need anything,” chimed gebze escort Lorraine, before she turned back to her husband.

“Have fun sleeping in my bed, Claire” said Clive, pulling his eyes away from his iPhone for the first time all night.

“Thanks again for letting me sleep in your bed, so I can sleep in the same room as Blake,” I remarked. Since Blake and Clive shared a bedroom during the summer, Clive was kind enough to lend me his twin bed while he slept on the pullout in the living room, but he clearly wasn’t happy about it. “I’m sorry that you have to sleep on the pullout as the alternative though, Clive,” I said, trying to empathize.

“Anytime and anything for you, Claire. Maybe next time we can share the bed as a compromise,” Clive answered, while his eyes met my own for the first time. I hadn’t yet noticed how beautifully green his eyes are; the color of the darkest, deepest, pure green ocean. In the low light of the candles, Clive’s facial features looked remarkably similar to Blake’s and I felt a pang of curiosity and desire towards this semi-stranger. I become conscious that I was staring a bit too long into his eyes and looked away with discomfiture while I turned towards the glass doors that lead inside.

“Haha okay, well, goodnight all!” I hollered, walking hand-in-hand with Blake. He led me down the hallway to the bedroom his brother and he shared, walking me into the near-dark room and closing the door softly behind us. Without delay, he turned me around backed me gently against the door, pressing himself firmly against the front of my body.

“There isn’t a lock on this door,” he whispered into my ear. I suddenly forget all about Clive and his green eyes and familiar face. I looked deep into what I can see of Blake’s blue eyes and instantly craved the touch of his soft lips pressing against my own.

“That makes it all the more exciting,” I whispered back.

He bit at my neck as he pushed me harder against the wooden door, grinding his thighs into mine, his hips rocking steadily. His hot mouth moved over my smooth, soft skin as I pulled him closer, grabbing onto the small of his back. I felt his cock swell in his pants as he grinded even harder against my hips. His hands ran up my arms and gently pulled my dress straps off my shoulders. He danced his finger tips lightly across my heaving tits. And without warning, he tugged the entire front of my dress down, exposing my naked breasts fully. I gasped in surprise and excitement as I felt my tits bounce in the cool, night air.

“You love it when I play with your tits, don’t you?” Blake asked, as he examined my perfect tits in the dim moonlight.

“Fuck, baby! Yes, I love it so much,” I moaned, “…you know I do.”

He took both of my nipples between his fingers and pinched hard while he continued to fondle my large breasts.

“Ohhhh, mmmm,” I cried out in ecstasy.

“Mmmm, god baby, I love your enormous tits,” he muffled into my cleavage, biting the soft skin surrounding my petite nipples. Finally, his tongue soothed my red, sore nipples, suckling them gently as they turned rock hard and wet in his mouth. My panties were already soaking wet between my warm thighs; my pussy aching badly for his attention.

“Oh my god, Blake,” I practically yelled, forgetting for a moment that his parents were down the hall. “Mmmm, it feels so good; I’m already so fucking wet!” I tried to whisper.

He bit my nipples harder and I felt the liquid warmth start to pour from my steaming cunt. “Please play with my pussy, I can’t stand it anymore,” I begged him.

He stood up to kiss my hot mouth, ignoring my request. I moaned as his tongue massaged mine and his hands held my face firm to his. I met my hands behind his back and pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his muscular torso. I pressed my hard nipples göztepe escort firmly against his warm body and I breathed a laugh of enjoyment as my nipples tickled against his soft skin.

His hands vigilantly explored my thighs, pulling my dress up inch by inch. When he reached my lace panties, his fingers gently teased my pussy through the thin fabric. My hands ran through his hair quickly in frustration. He kneeled down in front of me and drew my tight black dress up over my hips, exposing the entirety of my black lace panties, only inches away from his mouth. He kissed me through the thin lace, surrounding my clit with hot, wet breath; I wriggled in his hands from the sudden new pleasure.

Sensually, he ran both hands over my hips, pulling down the sides of my panties until they were down around my ankles. His fingers briefly brushed over my patent leather pumps and before tracing back up my legs to the top of my thighs. He leaned me back against the door and spread my legs wide open as he remained kneeling in front of me. His hot breath sent a wave of pleasure rushing through me. His tongue lapped at my clit and continued in rhythmic bliss. He inserted his index finger teasingly through my pussy lips.

“Claire, you seem to be just a little bit turned on. I mean, your pussy seems to be soaked,” he announced, and then seconds later he thrust his finger deep inside my sopping pussy.

“Ohhhhh my god, Blake!” I cried out as my tight pussy involuntarily clenched his finger. “It feels so good, fuck, mmmmm!” I moaned, helpless to his clench. He moved his finger in and out of my pussy as fast as he licked my sensitive clit with each flick of his tongue.

“You like that, don’t you, Claire?” asked Blake, taking a moment to break away from liking my clit to look up at pure pleasure on my face.

“Mmmm, fuck yes, baby. I want you deep inside me,” I moaned uncontrollably, in delight. I ground my body down into his hand, fucking his fist and mouth.

“Fuck baby, your pussy is so tight,” he pulled away to mumble, “I can’t wait to feel your pussy surround my cock, I’m going to fuck you so fucking hard,” he vowed.

“Mmmm, but not before I get to taste your cock,” I tempted.

In one swift movement Blake withdrew from my soaked snatch and licked his newly drenched finger clean. He stood up to admire my pussy and tits exposed in the open for his viewing pleasure. His jeans were bulging with the outline of his 7 inch cock. I pulled him back towards me by his belt loops and worked diligently at unzipping his pants, as he fondled my tits in return. I dragged his boxers and his pants down together and kneeled down in front of his now pulsing cock.

I took his huge dick in my hand and stroked it until it’s was throbbing and started to leak. I moaned to myself in delight as I started to lick the big head of his dick, massaging its folds sensually with my hot tongue and drinking in its sweet and salty fluids. Blake grabbed my head in his hands and played with my long, thick hair. His warm, hard cock felt so good filling up my mouth. I massaged his bulging cock veins and kiss his dripping head with my wet tongue, lapping the sweet pre-cum from his cock.

Without notice, I shoved his entire cock into my mouth and took him deep down my throat. I felt the head of his cock press hard against the back of my throat, filling my mouth completely. I pulled him closer, and although it made me gag, I pushed myself to swallow his cock deeper down my throat. Blake moaned loudly in surprise and satisfaction, and my pussy erupted in wetness as I heard him vocalize his pleasure. He grabbed my hair and began to forcefully shove his cock in and out of my mouth. I reached up behind him and squeezed his firm ass, clutching it tight while he face fucked me hard. After a few thrusts, he groaned and pulled haramidere escort his cock from my eager, wet lips. I looked up at his face, confused.

“I can’t take it anymore, I need to fuck your tight, little, wet pussy right fucking now,” Blake responded, adamantly.

My confusion morphed into a grin as he grabbed my hands and pulled me up off my knees. He pushed my back against the door once again, this time holding both of my hands firmly above my head. Our mouths met briefly before his lips traveled down to my tits, making sure to bite each nipple just hard enough to force me to cry out in a marriage of pain and pleasure.

While still holding my hands above me, he took a loose suit tie and wrapped the cool silk around my wrists. Carefully, he tied the fabric to a door hook a few inches above my hands, so my hands remained helplessly and freely dangled over my head. With his hands now liberated, he grabbed my ass, clutching both of my cheeks in his hands. Before I knew it, he had lifted me up in the air, pressing my back against the door and wrapping my legs around his naked torso.

His warm, stiff cock teased the opening of my dripping pussy as he held me in suspension. Without hesitation, he guided my pussy lips over his pulsing cock. I couldn’t help but moan in gratification. He started fucking me infuriatingly slow, however, and only allowed an inch of his cock head to enter my wet opening at first. He enjoyed tenderly teasing all the juices from my sweet pussy, resisting as my body tried to pull him closer. He gave in eventually and began fucking me harder and deeper. Suddenly he was 3 inches deep, then 5 inches, and then…oh!

“Oh my god, Blake, you’re too big! I don’t think I can take all of your cock, my pussy is too tight” I tried to cry out in protest.

“Oh yes, you can, baby, I’ve stretched you out before” Blake gasped back, as he grinned devilishly. His bare chest glistened in sweat, barely visible by the moonlight that shown through the room. The faint presence of the moon still made his blue eyes shine bright; even in the minimal light I could see their piercing icy rings. Those eyes could convince me to do anything, even if it was stretching me out to fit his dick. Not good.

“Mmmmmm,” I loudly moaned, not caring anymore who heard.

Blake’s cock grew harder and bigger as he continued to ram my pussy against his bedroom door. My pussy pulsed and became tighter with every thrust of his cock, fucking my soaking, wet cunt. As he continued to fuck me, he held me up to with one arm and reached down to play with my clit with his free hand. He encircled my clit with his fingers as we slammed hard against the wooden door, pounding louder and louder.

“Ohh my god, Blake! I’m going to cum!” I cried out as I started to feel the beginning of a wave of pleasure.

“Oh fuck, shit, baby! Me too,” Blake said back breathlessly.

Blake kept fucking me faster and deeper until I felt his cock burst deep inside me. As he pulsed hot cum vigorously inside my pussy, the sensation triggered my orgasm with an explosion of pleasure that erupted throughout my whole body. My pussy clamped down like a vice on his cock and my gushed with hot cum, drowning his pulsing dick in our mixed juices. I convulsed speechlessly as he held me tight against the door, slowly entering his cock in and out of my drenched pussy as I continued to cum.

“Ohhhh my god, fuck, that was…holy shit I’m still cumming, Blake!” I whispered desperately against the bare skin on this chest as my pussy continued to pulsate against his stiff cock.

“Oh fuck, you are so tight, Claire,” Blake whispered back, as he squeezed my ass and rested his chin against my shoulder. He plunged his still hard cock deep inside me for a few minutes more; feeling our bodies throb together for the last time, before slowly setting me down and pulling out of my aching pussy.

He kissed me passionately before handing me a t-shirt to sleep in. He changed into a fresh pair of boxers and led me to his brother’s empty bed. He laid me down and kisses me goodnight, getting in his own bed next to me afterwards. We face each other as we closed our eyes and both drifted off to a blissful sleep.

To be continued…

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