The Dark Stone Pt. 10


This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don’t worry, they’re fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters are 18 years or older. Enjoy.


Mallory Stevens lay in her nice, king-sized bed, naked under the sheets. Next to her, her husband snored softly. They had made love earlier that night and Mallory was in shock by how unsatisfying it’d been. They’d always had a robust sex life, but tonight, while her husband moved fervently inside her, she’d felt something different. Emptiness. Bob sported a good six inches, but he’d felt like almost nothing. Had her vagina been stretched beyond repair by that teenager? Sam had roughly taken her at the office, and the feelings she felt with that scrawny boy deep inside her belly had eclipsed anything she’d felt with Bob or anyone else. But Mallory had expected things to return to normal. They hadn’t.

“Bob?” Mallory whispered.

Her husband snored on.

What was happening to her?

Assured that her husband slept soundly, Mallory’s left hand snaked down between her legs. She was wet. Her fingers stroked along her vaginal lips, feeling the soft little hairs. With a grunt, she shoved two fingers inside. For several minutes, she frigged herself.

It wasn’t working.

Mallory snuck out of bed and tiptoed through her darkened house. In the refrigerator downstairs, rested a large cucumber that Bob had picked up at the grocery store earlier that day. Mallory needed it. She needed something to fill the empty void inside her vagina.

Stairs creaked as she moved toward the kitchen. She thought of Bob, innocently buying something for their salad. She imagined the clerk at the store ringing it up. She thought of herself unpacking the groceries. Everyone that had handled that once-virtuous vegetable had no idea that it would soon be buried deep inside Mallory’s vagina.

With a flood of light, Mallory opened the fridge. She found the substitute penis. Maybe it wasn’t quite as big as that teenage penis, but it would have to do. She fished it out of the bin and hurried toward the bathroom. In her rush, she left the refrigerator door hanging open behind her.

If this satisfied her itch, she might be able to get Sam out of her mind.


Several weeks passed for Sam. He raced home after school every weekday so that he could soak his mom and Mrs. Singh in cum. Sam was particularly pleased he’d been able to get them to do stuff together. Watching his mom’s head thrash as their petite married neighbor lapped at her pussy was an amazing high. Not long ago, Joyce would never have conceived of such an act, but now she thrust her hips, driving her pussy into Lakshmi’s eager mouth. It was the same brazen lust that she showed for her son’s dick. A spectacular sight.

During that time, Mallory Stevens kept herself at a wide distance. Sam was sure she’d come to him on her own. But she didn’t. Sam even stopped by his dad’s work, but Mallory hid well enough that Sam couldn’t find her.

Sam spent the odd night with Bex, learning more about sex. He particularly liked the idea of scissoring. Something about holding on to that one leg gave him terrific leverage to ram his dick home. Bex was a fan because it allowed her to rub her clit on his top leg. When he tried it with Joyce, she went wild.

Of course, Bex kept pestering him about letting her watch him defile an older woman.

Eventually, on a Wednesday night in the early autumn, Sam gave in to his sister’s requests and put a plan in motion.


“In the closet?” Bex eyed Sam’s closet with a long dubious look. She could see no bare carpet through the mass of dirty clothes on the floor. It smelled ripe. She was sure some of his cum-soaked towels lay hidden in there.

Disgust. She should have felt disgust. This was her gross little brother, after all. That’s not, however, how her body responded. She pressed her pajama clad legs together as her pussy started leaking in her panties.

“What’s wrong?” Sam cocked his head at her.

“It’s just …” Bex took a long breath in and then slowly let it out. Her narrow shoulders relaxed a bit. “Isn’t it a bit cliched.”

“You’re the one that wanted this.” Sam squirmed in his sweat pants. He hard dick was tucked under the elastic band of his pants, but the band wasn’t quite strong enough to hold it in place. “Get in and leave the door open a crack. I promise you’ll get a show.”

“Fine.” Bex pouted her lips at Sam and stepped into the closet. Her panties were now soaked through and it was only a matter of time until a stain started to spread on the front of her flannel pajama pants. She closed the door almost all the way. “And Sam?”

“Yeah?” Sam looked in at her. The only light came in from the waning moon outside his window. He could just barely make out the smooth curve of her cheek and her round blue eye peeking out.

“Thanks for doing this.” Bex’s right hand absentmindedly made its way toward her pussy. “This is going to be so hot.”

“We’ll see how you like escort blog it.” Sam turned and headed for his bedroom door. “I’ll go get her. Wait here and be quiet.”

“Okay,” Bex squeaked. Her hand had found her pussy. God this was hot. She couldn’t wait to see Sam destroy their married neighbor’s pussy.

About five minutes later she heard footsteps. Bex bent down and picked up a random piece of clothing. She wiped the pussy juice from her right hand onto whatever it was and threw it back to the floor. There was some satisfaction in adding her own bodily fluids to the mess of the closet. She placed her hands up on the wall and leaned forward. She couldn’t masturbate while this was happening. Some accidental noise might give her away.

Bex peered out into the soft silver-lit room. In walked Sam, followed by a feminine form. But something was wrong. This woman was taller than Sam. She had a full, well-rounded figure. Her white skin almost glowed in the murky room. Bex stared hard at the woman.

Shit, it was their mom. She’d somehow found out what Sam was up to. Bad news was about to go down. Bex held her breath as she waited for Joyce to let Sam have it for having sex under her roof. With her married friend, no less. But there was no yelling. Not even any stern chiding.

“I’m still really sleepy, Sammy.” Joyce wore an old t-shirt and panties. She rubbed at her right eye with the back of her right hand.

“Please, mom?” Sam shifted weight from foot to foot. “I know you don’t like to it with dad home, but I’ve got a test tomorrow. And I can’t sleep.”

Bex scratched her head. What the hell was happening?

Joyce sighed and fell to her knees. The round lower curve of her ass caught the dim light perfectly as it emerged from her white panties. Bex gazed at her mother’s voluptuous female form with some jealously. What was Joyce doing?

With the quick, fluid movements of practiced hands, Joyce pulled down her son’s pants and briefs. His dick sprung free.

Oh. Bex put her hand to her mouth. Oh no. The smell of her own fresh pussy lingered on her fingers.

“There now. We’ll take care of this and I’m going back to bed.” Joyce grabbed Sam’s dick with both hands, lowered her mouth, and sucked in the mushroomed head.

Oh my God. Bex stared as her mom’s curly brown head bobbed on her brother’s dick. She was cheating on dad. With Sam. What a slut.

Slurping sounds filled the room.

“Oh, that’s good, mom. Thank you.” Sam put his right hand on the back of Joyce’s head. He was looking over at the closet and smiling.

Five minutes later, Joyce had increased her pace. Her right hand massaged Sam’s massive balls; cupping them, hefting them, and gently kneading them. Her left hand stroked up and down his shaft. Her wedding ring caught the moonlight and gave off a faint sparkle.

Bex was torn by betrayal and lust. And at the moment, lust was winning. Her hand snaked its way inside her panties again and rubbed at her clit.

“Does dad … ah … ah … ah … know you’re … such a slut?”

“Nnnnnggggghhhhhh.” Joyce couldn’t believe the way Sam talked to her nowadays. No one, not a single person, had ever dared talk to her like this. And she didn’t stop him. She did nothing to stop Sam’s filthy mouth. “Uuuuugggghhhhhh,” she said as spit dripped down her dainty chin.

“I guess … that’s … ah … no.” Sam’s fingers tightened in his mother’s hair. “Take it, mom. Ah … ah … aaaahhhhhhhh.” He unloaded in her mouth.

Bex could clearly hear the gulping sounds as Joyce swallowed what Bex knew from experience was a massive amount of hot cum. Bex shook her head. Holy shit, her own mother was a cum guzzler. She was sucking down teenage cum like it was lemonade. With that thought, Bex quivered, her body tensed, and she had her own orgasm as quietly as she could.

“There now, better, sweetie?” Joyce licked some stray cum off the head of her son’s penis and stood back up.

“Almost, mom. I’ve got a little more left.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her onto his bed.

“Oh … Sammy … again?” Joyce found herself spread eagle on the bed. Her shirt and panties pulled off and thrown to the floor. “You can’t keep doing it inside. It’s just … oooohhhhhhhh.” Her vagina spread as Sam mounted her and shoved his penis home.

Bex watched from the closet with her mouth hanging wide open. This was next level. Her little brother’s stark-white ass humped up and down in between their mother’s legs. From her angle, Bex couldn’t see much of Joyce. Just her legs up in the air, her toes point out straight. That, and Joyce’s pussy. Between thrusts, she could see the hole Bex herself had come from straining to contain Sam’s enormous girth.

Having cum, Bex’s feelings of betrayal came to the fore. How could they? How could they do this to their family?

The room filled with the sounds of Joyce’s mewling and whimpering, slapping skin, and the occasional taunting comment by Sam. A response welled up inside of Bex. She didn’t gaziantep escort blogu know what it was going to be, but something was about to happen.

“How could you?” Bex burst out of the closet into the room. She moved toward the bed. “How could you two do this?”

“Rebekah!” Joyce looked up at her daughter. “I didn’t mean to.” Their mother’s big breasts lurched up and down on her chest as Sam continued to plow away. Sweat trickled down her forehead. “He’s just … he needs it, Bex. Sammy needs me.” Joyce lost focus with her eyes and put her head back onto Sam’s bed.

“Stop fucking her you little shit.” Bex swatted at Sam’s thin butt. “I said stop fucking her.” Her hand came to rest on his ass and heat poured through her fingers, up her arm, and into her chest.

“I can’t stop, Bex. It’s … ah … too good.” Sam looked over his shoulder at her, annoyed. “And keep it … uh … uh … uh … down. You’re going to wake dad.”

The stone sent its energy all throughout Bex’s small body. “Dad should be awake. He should see what you’re doing behind his back.” But then again, did he really? Bex looked down at her moaning mother. She hadn’t seen Joyce’s naked breasts in years. They were proud and beautiful, with full areola. They lurched again and again, changing directions with each thrust that her body absorbed.

“Mom …” Bex found that her hand was now squeezing her brother’s ass cheek. “You look really nice, mom.” The squelch of her mom’s pussy was audible from this short distance as half her family mated on the bed next to Bex.

“This is what you … wanted. To see me … nail an older … uh … lady. Remember?” Sam’s tempo increased. “It’s hot … right?”

It was hot. Sam had corrupted their sweet and innocent mother. How long had it been going on? Days? Weeks? Tonight, she’d spread her legs for him like it was nothing. “You’ve tamed her, haven’t you?”

Sam grunted with the effort. Sweat dripped down his back in little rivulets. “Yeah. It’s my … uh … pussy now, I just let dad … borrow it sometimes. Right … mom?”

“Oh goodness, Sammy.” Joyce tossed her head side to side, her pretty curls obscuring her face. “Yes. It’s … true. Your father borrows my … vagina from you. Oh … no … again …” and with that she convulsed under him in a massive orgasm.

This was the hottest thing Bex had ever seen. The little twerp had conquered their mother. Bex reached her left hand under Sam’s ass and cupped one of his balls. She wanted to feel him release. Was Joyce on birth control? Bex didn’t think so. “Do it Sam. Cum in her.” The rock’s heat surged through her.

“Yeeesssssss.” Sam dumped a torrent of cum in Joyce’s unprotected pussy. He slammed into her with arrhythmic thrusts again, and again, and again, until he was done.

Bex felt the flood leave his balls in a series of contractions. She didn’t know balls could do that. Good God, he’d really filled her up.

Sam laid his head down on his mom’s right boob. He sighed.

“You’re a bad boy, Sammy.” Joyce languidly stroked his hair with her left hand. Her boob rose and fell as she struggled to regain oxygen. “You keep doing that.”

“Mom?” Bex straightened up and looked down at them. Joyce was so much bigger than Sam, not just in height. It looked like an awkward pairing. But maybe Sam’s enormous cock served as the counterbalance.

“Oh, my. I’m so sorry, Rebekah.” Joyce kept stroking Sam’s hair as she looked up at Bex. “Are you mad at me, sweetie?”

Sam’s hips started to move again. A very subtle rocking at first.

“Yes … No … I don’t know.” Bex crossed her arms, but she could still feel the rock’s power moving through her.

“I’m … sorry.” Joyce’s breathing picked back up again as Sam’s thrusts moved faster.

“He’s going to fuck you again.” Bex dropped her pajama bottoms to the floor.

“I know, sweetie.” Joyce moved her hands down to Sam’s butt and held on tight. His cheeks flexed under her fingers with every thrust.

“You’re okay with this?” Bex dropped her soaked panties to carpet.

“It’s a mother’s … job … to …” Joyce shut her eyes tight and trembled all over. She was cumming again.

“Sam?” Bex found that her hand was rubbing her pussy. She thought about removing her shirt, but her little boobs couldn’t compete with her mom’s magnificent ones. Maybe she’d grow breasts like that one day. “I need it, Sam. I really need it. You’ve perverted mom. Do it to me it to me too. Make me your slut, Sam.” Bex crawled up on the bed next to them and positioned herself on all fours, her eyes just above those wonderful rocking tits. She arched her back and stuck her ass high in the air. “Take me, Sam.”

“No, Rebekah.” There was a potent mix of sorrow and desire in Joyce’s eyes as she looked up at her daughter. “Not you … too.”

“Sorry, mom.” Bex rubbed her legs together. “I can’t take it. It’s just too hot.”

“Okay.” Sam pulled out of Joyce with a plop. His dick swung side to side as he climbed behind gaziantep escort sitesi his sister.

“Uuugghhhhh.” Bex wasn’t sure how that cock fit in her, but it always did. She was so wet, it snuck right in with a little slurping sound.

“Better?” Sam held on to her slim hips with both hands and found a steady rhythm.

“You’ve … ah … ah … ah … done it Sam.” Bex had so far found sex with her brother to be the best sex she’d ever had. It wasn’t really close. But what she experienced at that moment, was an order of magnitude hotter than anything that had come before it. “You’ve … done it. You’ve conquered … ooohhhhh … our family.”

“He has. Oh my goodness, he has.” Joyce’s right hand made its way past the slight swell of her belly, between her legs, and onto the mess of her vagina. There was copious amounts of sperm leaking out. “Take your sister, Sammy.” Joyce’s fingers found her clit. Sparks of pleasure rushed through her.

“You still want dad … to wake up?” Sam watched Bex’s little butt shake. “He’s sleeping … right down the hall. He … should … know … what … happens … under … his … roof.” Sam punctuated each word with a mighty thrust.

“He shouldn’t have left us with you.” Joyce looked up at her children. The moonlight caught the glint of Sam’s white teeth as he smiled down at her. “He should have protected us.” The smell of Sam’s sperm pervaded everything. It was the smell of the jungle primeval. Joyce’s nostrils flared. The odor communicated one of the most basic needs. To reproduce. To bind together. To surrender civilization to instinct.

“Dad’s stupid.” Sam said.

“No.” Joyce was building up to another big orgasm.

“Oooohhhhhhhh.” Bex shook and thrashed as an orgasm overtook her.

“Say it … mom. Say dad’s stupid for … uh … uh … letting this happen.” Sam loved the look of confusion and desperation on Joyce’s face as she looked up at him.

Joyce shook her head.

“Say it mom. Dad’s stupid.” Sam slapped at Bex’s butt.

“Just say it, mom,” Bex said. She’d recovered from cumming, but wave after wave of pleasure still surged through her. She lowered her face down to her mother’s right boob and took Joyce’s nipple into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the resilient flesh.

“He’s … stupid.” Joyce closed her eyes. “Your father’s a dummy. He should know … what … aaaaahhhhhhhhh.” Joyce came again with her hand furiously working in between her legs and her daughter’s mouth on her breast.

Sam came three more times that night. Nothing else really compared to having these two women at his mercy. He wasn’t sure how he’d top that night. As Sam drifted off to sleep in his cum-stained bed, both women staggered off to take their own showers. They were still doing their best to hide the escalating perversion from Paul.


Mallory Stevens closed the garage door behind her. Bob was going to be late getting home from work, so Mallory had raced home. She clutched at the silver cross around her neck. Why was Jesus letting this happen to her? All she could think about was getting some time alone with a large cucumber. Her heart raced as the image of that skinny teenager flashed in her mind. If Jesus wouldn’t save her from her fate, the cucumber would.

The need had gotten so bad recently that she’d even considered looking up porn on her computer. But she didn’t even know how to begin with that.

Step after step she found herself in her immaculate kitchen, opening the fridge. If Bob had noticed how many cucumbers she’d been buying lately, he hadn’t said anything about it. A cold breeze blew out at her. Her gaze fell to the middle shelf. There was big one she’d bought just yesterday. Long and fat. The excitement surged through her. She pulled it out of the fridge and closed the door.

The doorbell chime echoed through the house. Halfway to the stairs, Mallory froze. Whoever it was, she’d have to send them away fast. She walked down the hall, to the front door. She swung the door open, about to offer a greeting. “Hello, I …” She stopped and stared.

“Hi, Mrs. Stevens.” Sam stood in the doorway.

He’d carelessly left his bike on its side behind him on the front lawn. Mallory looked him up and down. His sartorial decisions were typical for a teenager. A t-shirt, loose jeans, and some old scuffed-up sneakers.

It was Sam’s turn. His gaze fell down to her feet and slowly wandered up until he locked eyes with her.

“I … I …” Mallory shivered. She still had on her skirt suit with her copper hair pulled back on her head. Just a touch of makeup on her freckled face. The large cucumber dangled from her left hand. She realized it was there and shot her hand behind her back to get it out of view.

Sam smirked at her.

Hiding the vegetable was the wrong thing to do. Now it looked like she had a reason to hide it. She brought it back out from behind her back and gripped it firmly in her left hand. “I was just about to make dinner.”

“Oh?” Sam raised an eyebrow. “Where’s Bob?”

“He’s working late.” Mallory’s right hand moved over to the cucumber and began gently stroking it with her finger tips. It took her a few seconds to notice this strange behavior. Her body seemed bent on betraying her. She set the cucumber on the entryway side table to her left and wished for pockets to stuff her hands into.

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