The day after


The day afterThe day after.He awoke quite early immediately noticing his wife’s side of the bed had not been slept in. His memory stirred to the previous night’s sexual antics how he watched his wife be fucked by a total stranger in ways she would never tolerate with him. He watched as she performed oral, anal and ass to mouth on her new lover, and all in front of him. He left her to be her new lover’s sex toy. He also found out whilst watching the video her lover had recorded whilst fucking her ass that a gang of new lovers were about to enter the scene and also fuck his life partner. He looked at his phone on the bedside table. No text messages or missed calls. She would still be at her lovers doing god knows what! His mind was whirling at what events had occurred and what events would possibly occur. Should he text her to enquire if she’s ready to come home? It crossed his mind that maybe he had driven her away and she may never return home. Surely she would have been sexually satisfied and hopefully sexually satisfied the group of men and would be sleeping right now. He thought that the latter would be the most obvious and decided to give her a ring. He clicked her name on his cell phone as the phone began to ring. After six rings her phone was answered by a male voice and he didn’t recognise the voice as her new lover.“She is busy at the moment do you want to leave a message?” the voice stated.“Can she come to the phone?” her husband asked.“Buddy she is getting fucked up the Pussy and ass right now and is sucking my cock. Here listen!”Her husband could hear the moaning and squelching sounds of frantic sex. Through the sexual din he heard his wife pant “Tell him I’ll call him later!” then he heard the slurping sounds of his wife obviously sucking someone’s suck!“Sorry buddy she wants to keep fucking!” Then the guy hung up the phone.He was torn between going round to the apartment and dragging his wife back home but the voyeur side of his nature knew he had requested she act like this, so all this was his doing! He was staring into space holding his phone when he realised he was hugely aroused. He had lost count at how many times he had masturbated the previous evening looking at the still photography and video of his wife and her new lover. He fell fast asleep when he could no longer muster an erection and slept deeply sexually spent.Now his libido had returned. He grabbed the pocket camera and took it across to his desktop PC. Plugging the camera into the USB connection he began to download the pics and video. He created a new folder on his hard drive labelling it “Slut Wife”.Once the download had completed he unplugged the camera and opened the folder Slut Wife. He clicked on the first JPG file and looked at the screen. His wife’s hairless pussy was on display. This was the pic she took in the car. He slideshowed a few more pics then stopped at a pic of his wife bending over, holding her pussy open, while her lover had plunged a finger in her pussy and one in her ass. His wife was grinning with her heavily made up eyes closed. A few pics further in and there she was sucking and licking his cock. A few more pics and here she is on her back, stockinged legs wide open as her lover had the tip of his penis between her pussylips. Again he could see she was smiling at her lover. The next photo was his favourite. Her lover was pushing his cock inside her puckered asshole. Her mouth was open and she was looking up at him with half closed eyes. It looked as though she was encouraging her lover to perform the most outrageous acts on her body. The next picked showed his cock deep in her ass. Her head was back and her mouth was open. Her lips were shiny with saliva and her tongue was pressing against her top teeth. She loved every second of this new experience; there was no denying the effect his cock was having on her. He played the video of her lovers cock pounding her ass and he heard the conversation on the phone inviting the other guys to come round and fuck his latest conquest. What he could hear now but couldn’t make out the previous night was his wife whispering to her new lover.“Fuck my ass and make me come again. I’m yours to do with as you wish. Teach me! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Come on my face. Do what you want with me!”He never noticed last night that when her lover hung up the phone he was whispering to his wife.“You belong to me now! I fuck you when I want and can invite who I want to fuck all of your holes. Your husband can fuck you now and again but from now on you are mine!”Her husband looked shocked güvenilir bahis at the video but was more shocked to realise that he had ejaculated! This guy couldn’t own his wife! Surely she would not allow such a situation. This must just be sex talk! However the reality was that his wife was still at her lover’s apartment and was still being sexually abused by the party of guys. She had now been at her new lovers for over 12 hours. God knows how many cocks she had serviced and how many times they had fucked her ass or mouth or pussy. Surely the sex would be close to over as she couldn’t possibly keep accepting cock in her holes for this length of time without any friction damage. He looked through the photographs again and again. The clocked ticked away behind him. He looked up at the clock and it was now 1.00pm. That was 17 hours she spent at her lovers surely she would be satisfied by now and ready to return home. He sat at the PC and looked at the photographs again. He looked at them for well over an hour when he realised he hadn’t eaten or drank since yesterday lunchtime. He went into the kitchen and switched on the coffee machine. As the filter machine began processing the coffee he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.“Hello” He snapped.“Hi it’s me. Can you come and pick me up at 6.00 tonight?” She asked.“6.00? Why so late?” he enquired.“Cause when these lot get their cocks hard again we’re going to have one more fuck then clean-up” she enthused.“Surely you have had enough cock by now” he groaned.“Almost” she laughed. “Plus they’re going to make a video of our final session, so I’m re-doing my make-up and changing my stockings as they’re all ripped and drenched in spunk!”“Changing your stockings?” he quizzed.“Yes one of the guys popped out to shops earlier to buy me a whole wardrobe of kinky clothing and the outfit they want me to wear has new stockings with it, plus I have a little surprise for you later!” she stated.“What surprise?” he questioned.“You’ll see when you pick me up, plus the video they’re making will be coming home with me”.“OK 6.00 o’clock it is then. I’ll see you then!”“Bye and thanks for this!” She said and hung up her phone.He felt remarkably relaxed after communicating with his wife and she sounded in good spirits and from her demeanour it sounded like she had been in charge of the situation all along.He fixed himself a light lunch and drank two cups of the fresh coffee. For the rest of the afternoon he pottered about the house trying to occupy his mind by doing various small outstanding chores rather than think of his sexy wife being defiled by a bunch of rampant men. Before he knew it the clock was showing it was 5.30.He picked up his car keys, went out the front door and closed it behind him. Climbing into his car he realised that daylight was over and the sky was darkening rapidly. He started the car engine and drove to the apartment to collect his wife from her debauched sexual escapade. Twenty five minutes later he pulled into the car park of the apartments. Turning his engine off he picked up his cell phone and dialled his wife’s number.After three rings she answered the phone and sounded relatively chirpy.“Hi babes” she opened with. “Are you ready to take me home?”“That’s the plan!” he replied.“Well come up and help me carry my presents home and say goodbye to the guys!”“Guys?” he said puzzled as to why they would still be there.“Just come up and say bye, they also want to thank you for letting them do me!”He hung up the phone and trudged across to the Intercom entrance. Pressing buzzer D the door opened and he entered the lobby as the door automatically closed behind him. Climbing the staircase the landing where flat D was located was a blaze of light. The door was already and I was beckoned inside. There were seven guys sitting around the spacious lounge including my wife’s lover. All of the guys were semi naked and every one of them looked drained. My wife was standing next to a rather large suitcase wearing a black high waisted garter belt in what looked like soft leather. She was wearing extremely high heeled shoes I didn’t recognise with Fishnet stockings. Her arms were d****d in elbow length fishnet gloves. A quarter cup leather look bra held up her breasts, which had a few love bites on them, but they also had nipple rings. She had gotten her nipples pierced. She held her fairly large breasts with the new jewellery and asked.“Do you like my new look?”Before I could answer that they looked awesome she continued.“Max did them for me. He has his own piercing bahis firmaları and tattoo studio!” she pointed to max on the sofa, who was a young guy who could be no more than 21.“He’s going to pierce my clit and tongue in a couple of weeks if I fuck him and his brother, so if his brother is half as cute and his cock is half as good then I’ll be getting the best end of the deal!” She laughed as she winked at young Max. Max dutifully blushed slightly and coughed.“If that’s alright with you?”Her husband nodded in agreement as Max smiled back at him. All of the guys got off their seats and moved toward her husband with outstretched hands, they began offering to shake his hand.They all shook his hand and thanked him for letting them enjoy his fantastic wife. Each and every one of them was sincere in his thanks and not condescending in the slightest.His wife was standing in the room with a huge air of confidence. Her make-up was perfect and she smelled delicious. She gave her husband a peck on the cheek as he gave all of the guys a long lingering kiss goodbye. All of them to a man took this opportunity to feel his wife up one more time. Her nipples were being stroked, her pussy was being delicately fingered and her ass was gracefully being probed. As she kissed her lover last she gave his semi erect cock a little playful rub and said.“I’ll see some of you guys soon and for fucks sake think of me!”She pointed at the suitcase and behind was a smaller suitcase along with her handbag. Picking up the receptacles they moved to the doorway. His wife blew a final kiss and walked into the lobby wearing just the erotic lingerie.“My coat is in the case!” she giggled. “This was their idea!”She walked brazenly to the car. The limited light of the car park captured her glorious framed body. The cool night breeze had her already erect nipples standing to full attention. Her husband clicked the keys of the car and she opened the passenger door. Sliding in the car in her near naked state she waved up to the watching crowd of men who had enjoyed every orifice she had to offer.Her husband went to the rear of the car and placed the baggage in the back.Picking her handbag he went to the driver seat and got in the car. Handing her the handbag she leant toward and gave the most passionate kiss she ever given him. Her hand held his neck and pulled his head toward her. Her mouth devoured his as her tongue slithered inside his mouth, wrapping itself around his own tongue. Her tongue tasted minty fresh and she had obviously brushed her teeth, removing the taste of at least seven cocks and god knows how many loads of come.He instinctively raised his hand to her pierced nipples.“Does this not hurt?” he enquired.“I thought it would be agony but it was one of the most pleasurable experiences ever. The orgasms after they were pierced are amazing!” she enthused.“And just wait till you see this video they made!”Her husband smiled at her as she wrapped her gloved arms around his neck.“Thank you so much for convincing me to do this and thank you for allowing it to go ahead”He drove slowly out of the car park as his near naked wife waved one last time to crowd of men above.“When we get home I want you to fuck me in the ass while we watch this video!” she said, as she pulled the video camera her lover had gave her from inside her handbag.“Would you like me to suck your cock as we drive home?” she casually enquired.Her husband just nodded enthusiastically.Her fishnet fingered hand slowly undid his zip and released his cock from its bondage. Holding the base of his rampant erection, she leant over and flicked her tongue around the purple swollen gland. Putting his cock inside her hot mouth she began swirl her tongue all around the hard cock. Removing his cock for just a second she said.“Drive with one hand and finger my ass!” she demanded.He didn’t need to be invited twice as his hand rested between her buttocks and his middle finger slid easily inside her well fucked asshole. She began to slowly rotate her hips as finger fucked her ass. He could hear moan as she sucked his cock better than he had ever known her suck it. Her sexuality had been well and truly wakened by these events as she continued sucking his cock as he finger fucked her ass. By the speed of her breathing and erotic movements he knew she was coming. He spoke out quickly.“I’m fucking coming!” he blurted out.His wife’s hips thrashed away as he finger fucked her ass and emptied his seed too the back of his wife’s throat. She hungrily swallowed every last drop of his hot semen.’ Licking canlı bahis siteleri his cock clean she placed it back in his trouser but did not do up his fly.She sat back in the passenger seat and held his hand to her shaved pussy. As her husband gleefully rubbed her hairless pussy she informed him of another surprise.”This pussy will always remain hairless!” she said.She explained that after Max pierced her nipples he said he could perform electrolysis on her pussy and ass keeping hair free forever which would be the sensible hygienic thing to do if she was going to have her labia and clitoris pierced. They stopped fucking for an hour which gave they guys a rest and Max performed the electrolysis on her pussy and anus. She explained that once her nipples had been pierced and her pussy declared hairless the buzzing sensation she felt was out of this world. Her pussy had been feeling somewhat raw up to that point. But once Max had finished and rubbed the soothing oils into her bald mound the sexual tingling multiplied and she had to have cock inside her. Max dutifully obliged by pushing his hard young cock inside her still tight pussy. Her new lover moved them on to the sofa so Max was sitting and she was straddling his cock. Her new lover then pushed his cock inside her ass as he and Max double penetrated her in front of the room full of guys. She informed her Husband that at this point there were nine guys in the room. She explained that some of them were married men and could only stay for a few hours. She took the DP like a professional and began to give one of the married men a slutty blowjob. He obviously didn’t get this at home as he came quite quickly but giving the circumstances and the eroticness of the situation it was understandable. Max was the only guy to come inside her pussy or cream pie her as she came to know it as. He couldn’t get from underneath her when his spunk began to shoot up his cock, so he told her his come was on its way, She admitted that the idea of someone else’s come inside her turned her on even more if that was at all possible.She began riding his cock and at the same time her new lover informed her that he was about to empty his seed. She took the cock from her mouth for a second and said he should come inside her ass. She replaced the cock in her mouth as he also informed her he was coming. She could feel the violent spurts of three different cocks in the three different holes erupting inside her. Her own orgasm was incredibly violent. The cock in her mouth slipped out before his eruption had completed splashing her hair and face thick globules of spunk. The searing heat of the hot seed emptying in her ass and the smooth creamy liquid seeping into her cervix were more than she could cope with and she almost fainted with sexual pleasure as a huge multiple orgasm burst through her whole being. A gushing spray of white liquid, burst from her hairless cunt. The watching guys gave her a massive round of applause. They carried her to the bathroom to allow her some privacy to clean herself up and gather her composure. She was wearing a new pair of Black Leather thigh length boots during this frantic fuck. They were a gift from one of the married men. The boots had been bought for his wife but she refused to wear them. His wife looked at him and said. “To think I was a selfish cow like that!”It turned out that when her new lover was ringing guys up to come round for a fuck he was giving out her measurements so they could bring her a present. In the case was a variety of sexy underwear and some seriously sexy footwear. His wife admitted that the lingerie and the effect it had on the guys was a massive turn on for her.The sexual antics lasted most of the night and she only got a couple of hours sleep but she did get a little nap this afternoon, so she felt quite refreshed. She continued telling her husband that each of the guys would fuck her in the present they bought. There were tons of photographs took, but they were all gentleman and no one’s face was visible in any of them including her own. They only time her was face was visible were the photos her lover took which her husband had seen or the final video where she admitted she fucked every guy in the room in her pussy and in her ass. She promised her husband he would love this video and it would be even better that while he was watching he was fucking her ass. It turned out that all of the guys knew each other from swinging parties and had invited her and her husband as guests of honour at their next party if her husband wanted to go. She said that at the swinging party if they went he would get to fuck some of the women there and she did quite like the idea of being fucked up the ass while she licked some pussy.“How can I refuse such a request!” he said

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