The day I started being unfaithful

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The day I started being unfaithfulTo say he was eccentric would be an understatement, I would have put the adjective, weird as a more fitting attribute, but what attracted him to me was his soft-ish, feminine domineering approach to abuse of females.I have been caned, ass-slapped and belted, an initial sting followed by a warming sensation, that spreads into my crotch, and adds to the initial excitement of the foreplay.He was one of those men who would say something outrageous, in his mind jocular and unoffensive, but to the listener especially an expectant female, he would sound sadistic and frustrated.He had drank a lot of brandy so you could excuse his rudeness or eccentricity, but what was evident was that he was desirous to enact these perverse desires on you, and in our household, the only real thing stopping him, was me, as my husband was a keen voyeur and offering me for his sexual enjoyment, always come foremost in his mind.When my husband first made contact with him by e-mail, he emphasized my keenness to see him again, the last time was in Aberdeen, nearly 20 years ago.Back then when he was drunk he made his feelings for me all to obvious by delivering a huge bum smack on my rear-end, out of sight of everyone, who were all partying outside, and fuck it hurt, and I said as much.When he realized he had overstepped his mark he apologized profusely, mockingly dropping to his knees and kissing my sore rear-end, hanging on to my hips and making it difficult for me to shake him off.It was more embarrassing than painful, no the hurt was replaced by that warmth I mentioned earlier, but as the night wore on he was more attentive to me confessing his desire for me.As the party was in his house, we stayed over in the spare room when everyone else had left.I lay beside my husband, who was now sleeping, almanbahis yeni giriş so I got up and went downstairs for a drink of water, wearing a T-shirt, as I always slept nude, and as I descended the stairs, I heard then saw him sound asleep on the settee.I felt safe enough as my t-shirt was long, mid-thigh length, but as I drank my water I had a flush of naughtiness come over me.I went back upstairs and retrieved my digital camera, a Polaroid model, from the late 1990’s, went back downstairs and balancing it onto the back of a chair, focused it onto his upper body.I slipped off my t-shirt and went into the area I was focused on and took a few naughty photos, front and back, with one having my face next to his, then being turned on by what I was doing, sat down, still naked, and masturbated, while he slept, knowing if he woke up he would catch me red-handed.The next morning I looked at the camera viewer and marveled at the clear red hand-mark welt, he put on my bum, and at the other photos as they were very revealing and definitely, X rated.I was sexually turned-on having done this and brazenly went back downstairs as I had done early in the morning, but with an air of more bravado, knowing he has sexual desires on me, so being dressed like this would do wonders for his ego.I came down the stairs and he was standing at the sink, drinking coffee, he too was in a t-shirt and a pair of underpants. When he saw me descending the stairs he called out, ‘Good Morning’, and asked me if I wanted some coffee, to which I replied in the affirmative.He watched me walk towards him with the full sunlight behind me, making me more aware he was looking through the thin material of the t-shirt and possibly noting my lack of underwear, as the bulge in his underpants indicated, I was almanbahis giriş having an impact already.We were standing by the sink making small talk, when my husband called out his morning salutation and went into the upstairs bathroom.I seized the moment and reminded him about the smack to my arse and the mark he had left there.He stood with a dumbfounded look on his face, then a realization, confessing he thought he had dreampt it, and started to apologize again.I waited a moment and asked him to define, ‘I thought I dreampt it’, I was teasing him now, so I persisted, ‘Do you dream these thing about me’, then added ‘Kinky’, and laughed, which hopefully told him in an indirect way, I was not offended with his dreams and what he was doing to me in them.I heard the toilet upstairs make a flushing noise, so I knew my husband was due out, the timing was right, and turned to the window and said, ‘Look at what you did last night’, and lifted my t-shirt exposing my full bum to him, and held it up for what seemed a lifetime, as his eyes darted all over my exposed bum.I held my t-shirt in my bunched fist, and when I reached out to lift my coffee, still exposed, it was too much for him, and he reached out and smoothed my bum, his cool hand settling onto the welt, with a perfect fit, and he moved his body in behind me.I released my bunched-up t-shirt but it remained high around my midriff, as he was pressing into my exposed bum.I stood quietly as I felt him grow against me, looking out the back window and raising my cup of coffee to drink as he fondled my bum.We never spoke but his labored breathing spoke volumes, I guess he never once dreampt he could ever get this close, never mind fondle my bare bum, without objection.I felt both his hand rise onto my hips, and stroke that sensitive almanbahis güvenilirmi area, but still I persisted, as I knew very shortly my husband would come out of the bathroom, and we would have to break contact.His hands went around onto my tummy and he was kissing the nape of my neck, and as I involuntary and gently pushed back, he took the opportunity to slide his hand down and cup my vagina, his fingers slipping between my labia, and revealing my wetness, thus my increased sexual readiness. I groaned loudly, surprising even myself, and I fell forward, still making attempt to stop him, but horrors of horrors, as my knees gave way and buckled, he put his penis into me and started humping me against the sink and draining board.I never really wanted to go this far, it was meant to be a tease, timed to stop just as he thought he was going to penetrate me, that being when my husband came out, but now his cock was swimming around inside me, being pleasured and without a condom, this was bare flesh inside flesh, and I was powerless to stop, it had gone past the point of no return and I was approaching an orgasm.We were both completely naked now, really fucking like a couple of sex-starved maniacs, making lots of noise and he had trapped my swollen nippled between his fingers as he hung onto my tits, as levers to ram home his cock, deeply embedded into me, his strokes being really short, allowing for good seminal placement against my uterus, which he did,We had fucked like a couple of drainpipe rats for a full five minutes, he came then me, which is dangerous as I orgasm I invariably dip into his semen and suck it into my fallopian tubes for fertilization of my ready eggs.Thankfully I had had my periods only just last week, so I considered it a safe period, and told him so.That day he swore his undying love for me, aided and abetted by my own acceptance for him to fuck me, so now you all know the background, and I fast forward to now, and his immanent arrival, 20 years later and a long weekends stay, stay tuned and I shall confess to my debauchery and sexual submissiveness.

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