The Deal Ch. 20


A Quiet Afternoon at the Hughes

Diana looked around the kitchen. Nothing out of place; everything clean just the way she liked it. She draped the towel over the handle of the oven door and walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch. She looked for a moment at her book on the stand before she just laid her head back and closed her eyes. While not that sleepy, she still wasn’t up to full energy after the long wonderful night and morning of sex with Matt and Cindy. She could do with some quiet time.

Diana felt Matt’s presence as he came in and slid down on the couch next to her. Without opening her eyes or even moving her head, she just beamed a smile.

“Hey, Matt, my love. How are you doing honey?”

Matt threw his arm behind Di’s head and shoulder as she leaned into his body, sighing contentedly.

“Pretty good, really not expecting to have today off from work,” Matt looked at the nude form of his mother as she rested against him. Instinctively, his hand cupped around her breast as his palm rubbed her pebbling nipple.

Diana smiled again and pushed her breast into his hand, “Ah to be young and perpetually horny.”

Matt laughed, “I don’t know. You can give us young ones a pretty good run for our money. Actually, I wanted to talk about your experience.”

Di tilted her head and opened her eyes to look into Matt’s beautiful face, “Oh?”

“Things are great with me and Cindy, but I know she will be ready for sex with me soon, and I want to make her as happy as possible. But I’m worried as I don’t really know anything yet. I have no experience.”

Diana chuckled, “You sure could have fooled me last night and this morning. Seriously Matt, you are a wonderful lover; you don’t have anything to worry about. What made you do all those wonderful things you did to me,…and Cindy, last night?”

Matt stared off, “I don’t know. I saw you and Cindy and I just wanted to make you both feel good. Things just felt right.”

“Exactly baby. It’s love and a desire to both express and give that love. Trust yourself. güvenilir bahis You have great instincts. Believe me, Cindy and I are most definitely not complaining today. I bet the customers she waits on will be wondering why she has such a smirk on her face all day. Some probably will be smirking themselves as they recognize the look of someone well fucked.”

Matt looked down at his mother in his arms and her smiling face close to his. He closed his eyes and leaned in to press his lips against hers, his arm pulling her into his body and the kiss.

“God, I love you mom.”

Di grabbed Matt’s head with both of her hands and crushed her lips into his, driving her tongue down into his mouth.

The pair broke apart with a wet smack and nestled against each other with Di’s head on Matt’s chest. Her hand reached down to gently stroke his soft cock.

Matt sighed and now was the one to lean his head back and close his eyes. Silence filled the room except for the quiet breathing and the soft sound of skin rubbing skin. Slowly Matt’s cock filled with blood and grew stiff.

Diana looked down at the flesh in her hand and then looked up at Matt with a smirk, “So, it’s just you with a hard-on and little old naked me on a quiet Saturday afternoon.”

DI laughed and squealed as Matt scooped her up into his arms and pushed off the couch to head towards the bedroom carrying Diana. Diana draped her arms around her son’s neck and shoulders and held tight as he carried her through the house.

Matt placed Di on the grey, pink comforter and kneeled on the bed next to her, his penis inches from her face. She needed no words as she leaned over and slowly slid his flesh into her mouth and down her throat.

Matt groaned and held her bobbing head with one hand while his other went back to playing with her nipple. Again she shifted to push her breast into his caressing hand.

After several minutes of being sucked, Matt pulled out eliciting a groan from Diana before he slid down next to her and kissed deeply hugging her tightly into her türkçe bahis body.

Diana pressed herself against her son and gasped into his mouth as she felt his fingers press into the folds between her legs. She spread her legs slightly as his fingers curled and pressed into her.

“Oh, fuck honey,” DI groaned while kissing Matt. “You don’t have to worry at all about making Cindy happy. You are such a natural.”

Matt chuckled, “Right now I’m not worried about making Cindy happy at all, just my beautiful mother.”

“Ooohhhh, well you’re doing great so far,” Di responded while reaching down to tug on his cock again.

Matt slid down Di’s body licking her neck and collar bone before latching onto her pebbled nipples suckling deeply on one and then the other back and forth. Diana ran her hands over her son’s smooth back pressing him into her. She started to pant softly in rhythm with his plunging fingers. Her hand pulled and tugged harder on his flesh as she lost herself to the moment.

After a brief pause at her breasts, Matt continued licking down his mother’s body, swirling around her belly button before entering the soft thatch of her pubic hair. Di softly stroked the sides of his head as he dipped lower, squirming and settling himself into the space between her legs as he gently kissed her swollen flesh and darted his tongue into her.

His lips and tongue gently caressed the folds before sucking and licking more aggressively. Diana’s hands clutched the hair on his head as she started to moan loudly.

Her head squished back into the pillow, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she repeated over and over.

Hearing his mother, Matt smiled as he licked deeper and harder, using his fingers to spread her wider, opening her to his thrusting tongue as he pressed his face into her skin.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK, Matt, I’m coming,” Diana wailed, her body spasming and shaking.

Matt looked up at his shuddering mother and then gave a soft kiss in the middle of her wet flesh before sliding back up her body. He gently licked her güvenilir bahis siteleri nipples again as he continued his journey until his wet face was beaming a broad smile right above Diana’s flushed face.

Diana wrapped her arms around her son’s head and smiled up at him, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that was incredible my love. Bring that gorgeous cock up to my mouth and let me show you how incredible.”

Matt shook his head, “Oh no. I want to fuck my wonderful mother.”

Diana beamed a wide smile as she reached down to guide Matt’s hard cock into her wet passage.

“This isn’t fucking, baby; this is making love,” Di whispered as she pulled his wet lips into hers for a long kiss as his penis thrust deep into her. Her arms pulled him tightly into her body as his hips thrust in and out of her, her own pelvis pushing to match his motions. The two working together in a dance of pure love.

Neither said anything as their bodies moved together in unison, joined as one. Steadily their thrusts became more forceful and they groaned louder and louder.

“Oh fuck,” Di screamed. “Again! Oh, Matt, I’m coming.” She came feeling Matt’s seed gush into her body.

The Hughes held tightly onto each other still joined by Matt’s cock in her body. Slowly they both stilled and shifted over side by side as Matt slid out of Diana. Di nestled her head into Matt’s chest as she draped her arm over his side.

“Matt,” Diana whispered into his skin. “You are the most amazing lover. You have absolutely nothing to worry about when Cindy is ready for you. You are going to make her feel like the luckiest girl on the planet just like I do now.”

Matt silently kissed the top of her head.

The two lay quietly for a long time. Finally Matt looked down at his mother and smirked, “So how much of a distinction is there between fucking and making love? I’m just curious.”

Matt’s smirk turned into a gentle smile as his only answer were the deep breaths of his sleeping mother.

“God, I love you,” he leaned down and kissed the top of her head again before settling in for a long, well deserved rest himself.


Thanks for reading. Please keep in mind Peter Towers creative use of the Deal in his series “Following on a Strange Request” as well as his other fantastic works.

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