The Dinner Party


She had come to his house alone for the party, knowing that although it was a small get together there would be enough people around to give her a distraction without needing a wing-woman for the night. Even though their relationship had only extended to friendship within the last few months, they had been acquaintances for years and she’d craved his body the entire time. But the same story was ever told, either she was attached or he was, the timing was never right and for the first time since middle school this usually confident woman was now second guessing her level of attraction. Sure, there was lighthearted flirting among the banter of friends but the sidelong glances she occasionally caught from him she was never sure were actually directed at her and she grew increasingly nervous around him.

When she arrived he was still in his kitchen, completing the final touches on dinner they would be served in a few moments. She poured herself a glass of wine and began mingling, greeting friends and quickly relaxing in the familiar company. That was until she approached a group of women, one of whom had waved her over, and she found herself being enveloped in their tight circle to hear the latest gossip.

“Did you hear?” She was asked and a look of confusion passed across her face as she shook her head, the long tresses of her dark blond hair brushing against her shoulder blades at the movement. “Hear what?” She responded, sipping her wine as she waited for the woman to finally reveal whatever golden nugget of information she possessed.

“He’s single again.”

It took everything she had in her not to choke at those words, tactfully swallowing her wine and forcing a interested but detached expression to grace her features. Somehow, she managed to not immediately search out his face across the room and before she knew it she was sitting at his table and passing bowls and platters around as she filled her own plate. She refilled her wine glass no less than four times during the meal, concentrating hard on actually tasting the food and being involved in the conversation but not actually looking his direction. The food was fantastic, the conversation entertaining and after dessert (during which she passed on the coffee and opted instead of another glass of wine), she left the table and entered the living room for a viewing of the latest camp horror Escort Ankara release.

She situated herself between two girlfriends and the three of them shared yet another bottle of wine. Alternately laughing and shrieking at the movie was exactly the medicine that she needed and before the bottle was gone so were her nerves. At the end of the film, the movie was switched and this time the screen was filled with the walking undead and screaming college girls. What she didn’t notice was that the room was slowly emptying and soon there were only a handful of people in the room. She managed to ask for a bottle of water, realizing she was going to have to drive home soon and decided to stay long enough for one more movie, which was sure to sober her up.

But the flick that played next was nothing short of a tear-jerker drama and within 10 minutes she felt herself dozing off. Sudden silence brought her back to reality and she realized that she was still sitting in his living room but that the movie had ended, the room was dark and she was snuggled up against a warm body. Looking around herself and suddenly feeling very, very sober, she realized that besides the host of the party, whose arm was wrapped around her quite nicely, they were alone in the room.

“I think I fell asleep.” She said lamely, not sure what else to say at that exact moment. He chuckled and nodded, prompting her to blush furiously in the dark. “That you did. You alright to drive home or…” He left the question hanging and she struggled to sit up and test herself.

But it was immediately apparent from the movement that there was no chance that she would be driving anywhere. “Um, no..” She replied after a moment, biting her lip and looking up apologetically at him.

“Not a problem.” He responded with an easy smile, “We’ll watch another movie.” And with a quick flick of the remote the TV once again sprang to life and she found herself being eased back into his arms.

But whatever was playing across the room did not find its way into her attention span. She was entirely too distracted by the beating his heart in his chest and the warmth of his skin against her own. Swallowing hard, she licked her lips and nervously drank the bottle of water that she found in her lap, wishing it was some sort of magical anti-drunk elixir that would allow her to quickly escape Ankara Escort this situation before she made a complete ass out of herself.

He said something in a low, murmuring voice and she turned her face up towards him to ask him to repeat. But the words never left her mouth for as soon as her lips parted, his mouth was touching hers. Hesitantly, as if he wasn’t sure what he was doing. The kiss broke and she simply stared up at him for a moment before moving her body ever so slightly towards his. Apparently, this was all the encouragement he had needed because he was kissing her again, deeper this time and with a fever and passion that made her instantly wet. She placed a hand on his chest and he ran his hands up her arms, sending gooseflesh across her skin and making her nipples rock hard beneath her bra.

The position she was in was not at all comfortable and when she moved to turn towards him, he instead moved her on top of him to straddle his lap, grasping her ass in both hands as she settled herself against his chest. Her fingers ran up the back of his neck and through his hair, lightly running her fingernails across his scalp. The movement prompted him to moan against her lips and she felt the warmth between her legs spreading at the sound. She broke the kiss long enough to get his shirt off of his body, throwing it behind her as she ran her hands across his chest, feeling the soft hair and hard muscles against her palm.

He removed her shirt in turn and as he reached behind her to unclasp her bra she leaned forward to kiss his chest and lightly run her tongue along his nipple, giving each one attention in turn. When her breasts were released she leaned back in his arms and he lost himself in them, running their sensitive skin lightly across his face and grinning as she gasped at the feeling of the stubble on his cheeks. He took one in his mouth and she couldn’t help but press herself harder against him, the suckling making her dripping wet. When he moved to the other nipple she was shaking and gasping and he slid his arm around to unbutton her jeans. His fingers snaked beneath the soaking panties and lightly rubbed on her clit as he continued playing with her nipples. Grazing her fingernails across the skin of his upper arms she could do little more than convulse in pleasure at what he was doing to her.

And suddenly she Ankara Escort Bayan was moving, nearly flying through the air as he lifted her and placed her on the couch on her back. He tore himself out of his pants as she wiggled out of the restraint of her jeans and before he could move atop of her, she sat back up again raising one hand on his chest to keep him from moving and using the other hand to guide his thick cock into her mouth.

She took it all in at first, slowly sucking on the entire shaft before she began playing her tongue around his head. Alternating these movements she groaned against him at how hard he was becoming and when he began to grasp her shoulders she finally stopped. He pushed her back on the couch and lowered himself between her legs, choosing to start by tasting her. Her back arched at the touch of his tongue against her hot, wet opening and when he flicked his tongue across her clit she began cumming that instant. Pressing his face against her vagina he kept working her clit with her thumb as he drank in the juices that were pouring out of her as she orgasmed.

When he could take it no more, he slid his thick cock inside of her, relishing the fact that she was tight against his shaft but deep enough to take his entire length. It was rare that he could find a woman that he didn’t have to restrain himself with, someone that he could plunge into completely without hurting her. The feeling of him suddenly deep inside of her nearly drove her insane and she was reaching up to kiss him, to taste herself on his lips.

What began as a slow stroke became quickly more fluid, more demanding as he pounded away at her pussy, playing with her nipples and watching her face as she came over and over again.

When she had finished and when his cock could literally get no harder, she pushed him away, back against the couch and she took him in her mouth again, cupping his balls in one hand as she continued to work her pussy with the other, ready to explode again at the taste of herself on his rock hard cock.

A few moments of intense sucking and he was suddenly gasping, grabbing the back of her head and thrusting deep into her throat. She sucked harder, somehow knowing he was close. When he finally released she swallowed hard as he ejected into her mouth, continuing the suction of her mouth as she stroked his cock with one hand. She swallowed him dry, milking the last of his cum from his cock.

They spent a moment lying intertwined on the couch before he finally moved, picking her up and carrying her to his bedroom to repeat the process, with a few additions, all over again.

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