The Door


She was on a weekend trip in Las Vegas…Kaneshia and her girlfriend had never been there before so they thought why not have fun in every since of the word…Kaneshia has always had a hidden desire for Nikkie..even when they were in college together Kaneshia wanted her so .much…Nikkie is 5’6 long luch legs size 36 c breast that ar frim..she has the deepest green eyes you could get lost in..her complexion was a honey tone…Kaneshia was not bad her self with an ass that men and women comment on daily..very tone body beautiful face….anyway Kaneshia thought this trip would be perfect to try Nikkie….as the girls dressed for Club Tao Kaneshia could not help but notice Nikkie’s nice trim pussy…Nikkie saw her staring so she decides to give a little see Nikkie is the freak of the two…Nikkie we are in Vegas land of horny people!!! Kaneshia “why do you say that?” Nikkie ‘ because I am horny bursa escort as hell and I have got to have some releif…so Nikkie pulls from her bag an 9in dildo and strap on vibrators rubs the vibe on her firm tits and starts to finger her now wet pussy..Kaneshia can not believe her eyes..her best friend the woman she has wanted for so long is fucking her self in plain view…what the hell? Nikkie knew that Kaneshia wanted her but Nikkie never let on that she knew…until now….Nikkie looks at Kaneshia as she is fucking her cunt with the dildo and said..are you wet?  Kaneshia..oh yes…..Well what are you waiting for I know you want to taste my wet sweet hot pussy…Nikkie saids….Kaneshia kneels down in front of her and starts to suck her friend slit..mmmm you tastes so good..I have wanted to do this for so long…Kaneshia slides her tongue in and out of Nikkie’s pussy very slowly she wanted to savor every drop…Nikkie..saids bursa escort bayan oh fuck Kaneshia that feels so good don’t stop PLEASE don’t stop..Kaneshia rubs a finger over Nikkies ass as she is sucking her pussy..Nikkie pushes her cunt into Kaneshia’s face and rubs faster and harder..she is on the edge of cumming so hard…suck suck suck me harder…yea oh yea put you fingers in my ass yea just like that..mmmmmmm fuckkk Nikkie cums..ohhhhhhhhhhh  fuuuuuuuuuuck…..Nikkie squirts all over kaneshia’ faces and she licks every drop……….  OMG Kaneshia that was wonderful let me taste you….Kaneshia stops her friend, not that she didn’t wasn’t her pussy lick and sucked but she had an idea…No Nikkie not yet not here I have a better idea..are you up to some thing x-rated?  Nikkie said ..sure you know me…kaneshia went into her suit case and pulled out two very sexy out fits…the girls put them escort bursa and Kaneshia put a blind fold on Nikkie and lead her out of the hotel into the rental car..she drove for a little bit…where are you  taking me? You will see..Kaneshia Stops and parks..she Leads Nikkie out of the car..nikke can hear sounds of moans and sex nosies..she laughs what the hell are you up to?  Kaneshia takes of the blind fold and Nikke is in a swingers club, but not just any swingers club..this one was wild!!! As they look around there were different rooms you could vist…couples, peep, and show…there were women, men and men, women and was hot…the girls were so wet from watching Kaneshia felt a hand on her ass..a voice whispered in her ear …mmmmm nice can I see and tates more…Kaneshia looks and sees the most mouth watering woman she has ever seen…she had size 36DD a very small wastes legs that went on for ever….Nikkie look at the women and said you can taste her if …..     If you would like for me to go on pleas let me know..just want to get some feed back..this is my first time writ ting this kind of story…Thanks

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