The Dream (or Nightmare)


The Dream (or Nightmare)At first awareness…Where am I? I cannot move, though I am not restrained.I cannot see, though I am not blindfolded.I am laying on my back on something cold and hard…a marble or granite surface. I am nude as best I can tell. The cool, dank air is tickling my skin all over. There is musky smell in the air. A basement? no. there is something clean about the smell. It’s somewhere old, I smell old polished wood, and stone…a church? perhaps.There is a soft droning sound. It’s not unpleasant or pleasant. It just consumes the room. It’s all I can hear. It’s like…a pipe organ, playing notes that don’t belong together. but it’s not. Maybe it’s wind, howling through an opening somewhere…but it’s too constant, and unchanging. There are brief sensations of terror, but I don’t know why, almost like dementia, fleeting thoughts, that you can’t seem to remember only seconds later. What the fuck is going on?Where am I?The sound suddenly stops. Utter silence. Terrifying silence. Then I realize the silence is not silence, but deafening. I just cannot hear. and the perceived silence slowly morphs into a high pitched buzzing in my ear that get’s louder and louder, with an accompanying pressure istanbul escort in my head, like water in your ear, only more sever. Then it stops. and suddenly there is a great relief in my head. a clearing of that pressure, like you suddenly got that water out of your ear, and are experiencing normal again for the first time in days. A door opens. An old door. I think. It creeks and moans, like it’s been opened a million times before, and it’s tired. I can hear footsteps…lots of footsteps. they are coming from all around me. There is a warmth in the room. The kind of warmth that comes from people. It reminds me of being on a packed subway, standing shoulder to shoulder with people. And I can smell all their different soaps, and body odors. They must be close to me.As I lay there I become more and more aware of my own arousal. I can feel eyes on me. Judging me. Exploring me. I can feel their approval. They like what they are seeing. I can hear their breathing. Heavier and heavier. Are they masturbating? Oh my god they are…Where the fuck am I?Then I feel it. That first drop on my belly. It was a single warm drop. It almost felt hot on my skin in this cool air. Then another. izmir escort And another. The first orgasm was dribbling out of a man standing on my right, then it exploded. and I felt him squirt across my belly, and run down my left side. I felt a pool of his cum in my belly button. The next drops were felt on my left shoulder. His orgasm came out in thick globs. I could feel them spattered from my left shoulder to my breast plate. And a few dribbled down, and welled up where my collar bones meet at the base of my neck. I can smell it. that soft, almost chlorine smell. I was extremely aroused now. As I was admiring what was going on in my mind, they started cumming more frequently. I felt orgasms squirting across my legs, from left to right, then right to left, like I was caught in some sexual shoot out. Then I felt it on my toes. and squirting against the bottoms of my feet. It felt like three or four men unloaded on my breasts. The warm cum contacting my sensitive nipples was almost more than I could stand. I was covered in cum. The room reeked of it. Was this over? What the fuck was that? then I heard the sound of footsteps again. One single set of footsteps. circling me. I could escort bayan hear the sound slick, almost clicking sound of a lubed up cock sliding in and out of a hand, slowly. He kept circling, and stroking. Where would he cum? Then I felt two fingers slip into my mouth. and pull my jaw open. I was still unable to move. I could smell him. It wasn’t a dirty smell, but it was the smell of a man. Sweat. And that sound. He was standing to the right of my head , and he was jerking off hard and fast. inches from my face. Then he stopped!! He stuck the head of his cock into my mouth, barely touching my lips, like he was playing “Operation”, but not well. Then it happened. The first spurt of liquid shot into me. It shot hard against my left cheek. Then a thick glob fell from his cock and landed on my tongue. I was still unable to move. Unable to swallow. A mouthful of cum, stinging my taste buds with it’s sharp, aggressive, awful, delightful taste. Just as i was enjoying his orgasm. his hand gripped my face firmly. closing my mouth, and squeezing my face. his huge orgasm spilled out of my mouth, and started dribbling down both sides of my face. Then I felt his five o’clock shadow as he started aggressively kissing me, licking my face, and sucking his cum out of my mouth. I awake abruptly…terrified, aroused. What the fuck was that? I was glad to be awake. And couldn’t wait to go back to sleep. I hope I can find that musky room, and hard cold marble slab again sometime……And i would

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