The Ecort


The EcortSal was an escort. Men paid her to go to affairs with them because she was gorgeous and very sexy. She also was very kinky and had many repeat clients. Tonight she was going with Ron a very wealthy man of the age of sixty. He was handsome and in very good shape. She had been with him many times. He had asked her to wear something sexy and no underwear. She was happy to do so. He picked her up in his car with a driver. They were going to Vegas to a men’s club that he belonged to. Tonight she would be just one of very few women. He wanted to show her off for the club and his friends.When she got in the car he kissed her and removed her coat. “Let me see what you are wearing?” He looked her over and told her “I need you sexier. I bought you this dress. Please put it on.” He then pulled her dress over her head and she sat there naked. “I like you naked but you will have to wear a dress into the club.” He then began to suck her tit and feel her pussy. She reached over and unzipped his pants. She pulled his cock put of the zipper and began to stroke him. For and older man he had a nice long thick cock. He also loved her to suck it. As she stroked him he put three fingers in her cunt. He whispered in her ear “Put your mouth over my cock baby. Take every inch in your mouth. Suck me and make me cum while I finger fuck your wet cunt.” She put his cock in her mouth and took him deep sucking every inch down her throat. As she sucked him and ran her tongue over his cock he continued to finger fuck her. Then he lifted his hips and held her head tight to him shoving his cock in her throat and holding it there as he filled her with cum.He smiled and said “you have such a way with my cock baby. I love the way you can suck and take my long cock and then swallow all my cum. Now put that naked ass in the air so I can taste how good you are.” He then began to lick her pussy and her ass. He was an ass freak and spread her cheeks and licked her round bud. He put a finger in her ass but then went back to licking her. He pushed his tongue in her ass and sucked on her. Then he licked his fingers put them in her sweet ass and watched as they began to fuck her. He told her “I never get tired seeing my fingers in your hot little ass. If we weren’t going to the club I would spend all night finger fucking and cock fucking your ass. But we will do more on the ride home as I am having the driver take the long way back.”After fucking her ass he pulled his finger out and kissed her bud then licked it. He then sat her up and showed her the dress. It was a minute thing and was striped. Every other strip was either marsbahis güvenilirmi see thru or bare. He pulled it over her head and adjusted it so her nipples were in the bare stripe. He pinched each nipple getting them hard so they stuck out nicely. The rest of the dress was skin tight and so short it barely covered her ass. The dress left nothing to the imagination about what was under it. He looked her over and said to her “You look stunning. When the men see you they are going to want you so bad. I knew this dress would show your fabulous tits and ass. And I will be able to touch you so easy all night in the club. I will want you to stand or sit with you legs spread for me, understand?” She knew he loved to touch her when they were among his friends. She was his sex toy and he loved showing the young men he had a sexy young woman all to his own. With this dress they will know just how sexy she is.As they pulled up in front of the club the driver opened the door for them. Before she got out Ron once again tweaked her nipples to get them hard so they poked thru the bare stripe on the dress. He said “Yes, that is perfect. You look so sexy with a body that begs to be fucked. Great tits and ass.” When she climbed the driver stared as he saw her naked pussy and nipples in that dress. Ron had his arm around her as they walked in and was immediately taken to a private table where only who he selected could join them. Tonight a senator with his mistress and the mayor with a high priced whore would join them. When the mayor came with his date he could not take his eyes off her tits poking out of the dress. His date had a skin tight red knit dress on but Sal’s was far sexier and she had the better figure with her huge firm tits and big hard nipples. Then the senator arrived and his girl was wearing a flimsy silk in white that left nothing to the imagination. She had huge fake tits and hung all over the senator. Ron ordered champagne for the table. After they all had their glasses full and were chatting Ron put his hand on Sal’s leg and inched to her pussy. It was very normal for him to finger her under the table when men were around. He lifted her short dress and put his fingers in her pussy. He looked at her and kissed her. The rest of the group acted like they did not know what he was doing but they were all watching quietly.Ron put his arm around Sal and pulled her closer. He put his arm under her arm and felt around to her tit. He kissed her again tonguing her mouth as he fingered her nipples. He then brought his hand down to her ass and quickly pushed in marsbahis yeni giriş two fingers. The group watched as they were used to Ron’s behavior with the sexy girl. He whispered in her ear “Touch my cock baby, touch Ron’s big hard cock. I may have to fuck your ass. Unzip me and pull my cock out and stroke it.” She quietly unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out as the group watched. Ron the said to every one “Isn’t she sexy and beautiful? When you have a woman like this you just need to feel her and fuck her all night. If you think her tits are great, you should see her ass and cunt. Makes you want to keep your tongue and cock in both of them for ever. I love her nipples. That is why I picked out this dress so you men could get a good look at them. Now both of you feel them.” Both men reached over and pinched her nipples. Ron said “Put your hand over her tits and feel them. They are natural and a great handful.” As the men felt her tits Ron continued to finger her ass as she stroked his cock. Each man had a big tit rubbing it and playing with it making Sal hot and horny with so much action in her ass and tits.Ron then pulled her dress up to her waist showing her pussy and put his hand between her legs. He rubbed her clit and slid a finger to her hole. He noticed how wet she was and his cock was rock hard and he decided to fuck her right there at his private table. He pulled her dress over her head getting her naked and then sat her on his lap. He positioned his cock to go in her ass and spread her legs so the group would not miss a thing. He pushed her down all the way on his huge cock and then began to move her up and down. He loved her ass and loved fucking it as much as licking and fingering it. Last time she spent the night with him he slept with his cock in her ass after fucking it several times. With her legs spread he then put two fingers in her cunt. He told the group “Isn’t she sexy? I love fucking her. She has the tightest ass and cunt for me to sink my big cock in. She has such a nice smooth pussy. She looks perfect naked.” He then began really fucking her ass and finger fucking her cunt making her cum several times before he emptied his cum in her. He squeezed her tits and tweaked the nipples before he sat her naked next to him. He wanted the two men to be able to see her naked and imagine Ron fucking her all night.They drank more champagne and Ron kept playing with Sal’s tits and pussy. Then he dripped champagne on her tits and asked the senator if he would like to lick it off. The senator wasted no time licking and sucking the liquid from marsbahis giriş her big globes. He then let the mayor lick the champagne from her tits. The mayor got brave and started sucking her nipples. Ron laughed and said “if you like the tits with champagne how about some pussy?” He then poured champagne on Sal’s pussy and stood her so the mayor could lick her pussy. Then Ron shook the champagne and squirted it in her cunt. He said “Now tongue her cunt and get that champagne mixed with her cunt juice.” The mayor began to tongue her sucking and slurping her juice. The mayor then pulled down his pants and told his date “Suck my cock. Don’t just sit there. I want to cum in your mouth while I tongue fuck her cunt.” They all watched the mayor tongue in Sal’s cunt as his date sucked his cock clear down to the balls. Then the mayor stopped and grabbed the whore and stripped her naked showing her big fake tits and then leaned her over the table and spread her legs and fucked her right there in front of every one.The senator then undressed his mistress and bent her at the waist and fucked her ass. As he fucked her he spanked her hard making her ass beet red. He pounded his cock in and out of her hole spanking her ass the whole time. After he filled her with cum he grabbed her by the hair and told he “Get down there and lick your ass off of my cock. When it is clean suck my balls and then I want you to lick my ass. Show every one how obedient you are.” She went right to work licking his cock clean then sucking his balls before she began to lick his ass. When she got to his ass he pushed her face tight to him holding her face there while she licked. He yelled “Lick my ass you dirty slut.” She had his ass cheeks spread with her tongue giving his ass a good licking as she squeezed his cock and his balls. Then he sat down and she stayed under the table still licking and sucking him. She would not quit till he had had enough of her mouth and told her so.Ron then told Sal “Straddle my lap and push my cock deep in your cunt. I want to fuck you before we leave and I like sucking your tits as you ride my cock. Now give me that cunt and titties.” She slid onto his lap and surrounded his cock with her wet cunt and began to rotate her hips fucking him hard as he sucked in her big hard nipples. He loved fucking her and would all the way home. He had already told his driver the way he wanted to go home which was a six hour detour so he could fuck her all the way. Ron had taken two of the blue pills to give his cock lots of stamina for the night. And with Sal’s sexy body and that hot ass he could not wait. He would ass fuck her for hours tonight. He then told every one good night and called for his driver and walked Sal naked out to the car. The driver got an instant hard on and Ron smiled and thought he may just let his driver have a little piece of Sal’s ass before they got home.

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