The Effects of Menopause Pt. 01


If you want 10″ cocks, women who orgasm in 10 seconds flat, simultaneous orgasms or gallons of cum then I’m sorry, but this is not the right story for you. I like to write about ordinary people with ordinary sexual appetites in slightly out of the ordinary situations. I try to keep the plot lines as near to reality as I can.

I try to keep the sex as true to my own experience as possible. I love to write about kissing, stoking, how sex feels and sex as an encounter which involves all the senses. I do like to ‘get dirty’ but only in the height of my character’s arousal. All my stories have my own experience in them, but they are not autobiographical.

This story is about the effects of menopause on a loving man. The lead up is part autobiographical in that my mum had a really bad menopause. It was incredibly tough on her and I’m not belittling or ignoring that. I wanted to spare a thought for the loving partner, my dad. That’s as far as reality goes, the rest is fantasy.

No one in this story is under the age of 18.

Constructive feedback welcome. I am from UK, so UK spelling applies. Thank you for reading my story.


I knew my mum had been badly affected by the menopause. For a number of years, she had not been herself and being around her sometimes felt like treading on eggshells. We had talked a little, but my mum is a very private person and so we all just learn to accept her mood swings etc. That was until one day my husband came home late from playing golf.

Act 1 – The problem

“You’re late.” I wasn’t angry with Bob. He was normally so reliable so, I was curious as to why he was late especially as he had been playing golf with my dad.

“I know, sorry, but I had heart-to-heart with you dad over a beer. He is in a bad way Maddy.”

That was a complete shock to me. “A bad way, what’s wrong?”

“He is suffering with your mum’s menopause; do you know the man hasn’t had sex in 3 years.”

I was a bit taken aback and actually a little upset with Bob and (frankly) my dad. They appeared to have no conception of what it is like to ‘suffer’ from the menopause. “How do you think mum feels. He isn’t suffering, she is suffering. It isn’t his body that is sending him mad. Perhaps he could take up wanking.”

“That’s a bit harsh Maddy. It isn’t so much the sex your dad misses, although he clearly does miss that. It is that he has not had so much as a kiss or a cuddle for 3 years. He misses the touch and intimacy of another human being. He doesn’t blame your mum, but he is feeling lonely and isolated. I think if he doesn’t find some sort of solution, he will leave her.”

I am a bit ‘touchy feely’ myself so I could imagine what it would feel like not to kiss or cuddle for 3 years. I am not sure I could live life like that. The enormity of the situation ‘took the wind out of my sails’. “You think thing have gotten as bad as that, Bob? Perhaps I should talk to mum.”

“He has already tried that. She completely understands his position but there is nothing she can do. She keeps hoping things will change but they don’t. It seems she is resigned to the potential that he will leave her.”

I had no idea things were so bad. Actually, I was a bit peeved that neither my mum nor my dad had confided in me. “We have to do something; I can’t let my parents separate. They love each other. It’s ridiculous and I won’t let it happen.”

“I knew you would feel lie that Maddy, so I tried to think of a solution as I drove home. An affair would be too dangerous, he is quite likely to fall in love with anny woman who gives him intimacy, love and affection. A regular prostitute might work in the short term but in the end, he would be paying for intimacy. You just can’t pay for what he is looking for; love and affection. I guess, as you say, he is stuck with wanking until something changes, but I don’t know how long he can carry on.”

We discussed dad’s problem going around the same issues coming back to the same thought. Dad would have to ‘tough it out’. “I think that’s right Bob, we will just have to make sure we stay close to mum and dad. Do what we can to help them both through this period. I’m not sure what we do if he says he is leaving but we cross that bridge when we get to it.”

Bob added, “and in the meantime we do what we can to help him. You could probably help him with a bit of intimacy.”

I nearly spat out the mouthful of coffee I was drinking. I gulped it Ataköy Escort down. “What, have sex with my dad?”

“Of course not, Maddy.”

“Then what?”

“Just be a bit more ‘touchy-feely’ with him. Nice cuddles, kiss on the cheek, you know just touch him a bit more. Nothing inappropriate. Although you might want to dress a bit more provocatively to spark his libido, give him something to wank over.” Bob laughed.

“Yeah right, I don’t want to be the vision in dad’s head while he makes love to his hand, thank you very much. I am your sex symbol and that’s enough for me.”

So that’s how we decided to help dad. We visited mum and dad more often and I always made a point of being close to dad. As we agreed nothing inappropriate, as far as I was concerned. Looking back, I think I probably did dress a little more provocatively but nothing out of the ordinary.

I am not sure it was working but it was the best we could do. Things changed one fateful night. I had a girls’ night out and it was simpler to stay the night at mum and dads house, than come home. Nothing out of the ordinary as I often did that.

Act 2 – homecoming

I closed the front door very slowly. I was a little tipsy, not drunk but I had had a good night out with friends. Dinner and dancing, my favourite. I was a little hot a sweaty from the dancing, looking forward to my bed and a good night’s sleep. I quietly tip toed past the living room. I noticed a dim light through the half open door. The house was silent, and I heard a very faint rhythmic sound, but I couldn’t place it. I slowly opened the door.

‘Shit’. It was my dad. The light was from a laptop and the sound was him wanking. At first, he didn’t notice me. I was frozen to the spot, open mouthed. He looked up and jumped. “Oh shit, Maddy.” He slammed the laptop shut and yanked up his sweatpants.

I thought quickly. I didn’t want us to be embarrassed or for there to be an atmosphere between me and my dad, so I decided to make light of it. I took control, walked over to him, sat down next to him and said, “what are you watching?”

“Maddy, you frightened the life out of me creeping up on me like that.” He changed the subject.

“I’m sorry about that I was trying not to wake you. Anyway, what are you watching?”

“I wasn’t watching anything I was reading. Do you mind if we don’t talk about this?”

“Don’t be daft dad, all men do what you were doing, don’t they? It’s completely natural as far as I’m concerned. A bit strange seeing your dad do it, but I will get over it don’t worry.” I wanted to lighten the mood. “So… what are you reading?”

He had put the laptop down. Before he could stop me, I quickly picked it up and opened it. His hands were on it, trying to close it, but it was too late. He had been reading a Literotica story. I had a tight hold on the laptop, and he could see I was determined. He sighed and let go. I scan read the page. It was a story about a dad and his daughter having sex. “wow, that’s a bit unexpected, dad.” I was very surprised, but I suppose I shouldn’t have been.

He had his serious dad face on when he said, “A surprise, Maddy, really? With all the flirting you have been doing with me. All the cleavage you have been flaunting. Bending over in front of me.” Dad was in full flow and wasn’t going to stop. “Bob must have told you I haven’t had sex in three years. Worse than that I have not had so much as a kiss or a cuddle in that time. I am so lonely in my own home. I can’t fantasise about your mum. I don’t want an affair; I love your mum. I don’t want to pay for someone to fake loving me, so I fantasise about you. The way you have been with me lately made that fantasy seem real. I was safe in that fantasy until you barged in.


Finally, I broke the silence. “I am sorry if it looks like I have been leading you on. Bob and I agreed it was the only way we could think of helping you. It was stupid idea. I’m sorry.” I put my arm around his shoulder.

“I’m embarrassed that I was using you as a fantasy, Maddy.”

“Dad, please don’t worry. I am a bit embarrassed that I caught you wanking, but everyone does it, so I will get over it. Your secret is safe with me. It doesn’t bother me that I am the subject of your fantasies. Better that than someone at work, who knows where that would lead.”

“Maddy I feel so lonely. I don’t miss sex that much, I can do something Ataşehir Escort about that, as you have seen.” He smiled weakly. “But I am desperate for the touch of another human being. I just want to cuddle up and feel that warm glow. That feeling of a body next to mine. Not sex, just love.” Tears were falling down his face and he turned from a dad to a little lost boy.

I felt so sorry for this lost boy with tears running down his face. I loved my dad I had to help him; he wanted a cuddle he wanted to feel the body of someone who loved him. “It’s OK dad,” I said as I wiped the tears from his cheek. “Lie down on the sofa and cuddle me.” He nodded and we both lay down on our sides facing each other. We embraced.

He hugged me tight. We were cheek to cheek, and he sighed a huge sigh all the way from the bottom of his lungs. I was happy I was helping my dad. The effect was just what I wanted as the tension in his body disappeared. Our hands started to move on autopilot. Just lightly stoking each other. Like you do what you are cuddling someone. We were caressing each other’s back and shoulders.

Dad turned his head slightly and kissed me lightly on the cheek. “Thank you for this, Maddy. It feels wonderful.” He sighed again and I pulled him closer. I felt my breasts mash on his chest. I didn’t think anything of it. It wasn’t sexual as far as I was concerned. We resumed stroking each other’s shoulders and back. Dad pulled back again and this time kissed me gently on the lips. I didn’t object but I was not totally comfortable with that, so I cuddled him tighter. My breast mashed harder into his chest.

I noticed his hands more animated and he was stroking my hips as well as the side of my torso, nearly touching my breast. I should have read the warning signs, but I was so focused on comforting him I didn’t. I should have realised that holding him tighter may have seemed like I wanted more. He was now moving against me. He was not thrusting his groin against me but his whole body was getting more animated. I would need to stop this soon, but not now. I was actually enjoying being so close to my dad and all I was doing was helping with his problem, or so I thought.

He pulled back, smiled and put his hand up my top onto my breast. This was too far but I didn’t want to completely break the spell so as softly as I could I said “Dad, I don’t think that’s appropriate, do you?” I didn’t want a serious talk with him, but I did want him to stop.

“After all the ‘come-on’ you have given me, now you think it isn’t appropriate. I am only human, Maddy. Anyway, judging by the state of your nipple you are enjoying this.”

I replied “Dad, I am sorry for leading you on, but this isn’t right. I don’t…” He silenced me with another kiss on the lips this was insistent but still not full blown. He gently tweaked my nipple and stoked the curve of my breast. I sighed and slightly opened my mouth. He took that as an invitation and pushed his tongue into my mouth. I pushed him off “No, I can’t do this.” I was serious this time.

His face changed and he got a little angry. “You and your husband lead me on. You come around here half dressed. You lay down with me kiss and stroke me. Now you want to stop. I don’t’ want to stop and neither do you.”

I felt so guilty for what I had done to lead him on. I felt so guilty for lying with him. I felt so sorry for his predicament. I sighed and let him kiss and fondle my breasts. I didn’t kiss him back and I didn’t move my body. I thought he would soon get the message and stop. It was all going wrong as he took this submission as a sign. He put his hand up my short skirt, pushed my knickers aside and before I could close my legs, he fingered me. I said “No” into his mouth, but his lips were glued to mine. I struggled but he effectively controlled me with his finger inside me. I whined into his mouth.

He used his weight and his finger in me to push me onto my back and he rolled on top of me. I clamped my legs shut on his finger. I could have stopped him, but I would have had to bite him or scratch him. Short of hitting him, scratching his eyes etc I was stuck. The noise of a fight would have woken mum up, what would I say to her? This was all my fault, actually this was all Bob’s fault.

I broke the kiss and once again implored him. “Dad, we can’t do this. I completely understand your need for intimacy, kissing, Avcılar Escort stroking and that feeling of skin on skin, but we can’t do this, we have to find another way. I know it was wrong to lead you on. I know that lying here with you looks like I want this, but I don’t. Not like this.”

“Finished?’ He said.

“Yes” I replied, and he withdrew his finger. I was relieved it was ending and I relaxed. My legs naturally fell open with his weight on them. I relaxed as I thought we had come to an agreement to stop. It all happened so quickly. He pushed my skirt up which shocked me out of my relaxed state, but I still didn’t realise what was going to happen next. I felt him push his sweatpants down and then I knew what was going to happen. I started to struggle again but it was useless he pushed my knickers to one side and entered me.

I stopped struggling and succumbed to the inevitability of what was about to happen. He pushed into me. Not violently but forcefully. I took a deep breath in. My pussy was wet from the kissing, cuddling and fingering. It was no surprise that he was able to slide all the way into me. This was all my fault and tears of frustration where rolling down my cheek as he started to pump me.

My mind had gone blank. All the fear, guilt, sadness for him all of the lead up had gone. I stopped thinking about it. The computer screen of my mind went blank. I could feel my dad move in me. After a few minutes of being fucked my hips were on auto pilot and working with him. His weight on me and the sawing action of his thrusting were causing me to sigh. He could be forgiven for thinking I was enjoying this. My pussy was getting wetter so part of me was enjoying this.

My pussy rebooted my brain. The screen came back to life. It had rebooted. I was back in the room, but still unwilling to fight. I stared at the ceiling as my dad was fucking me. His cock moved in and out to as steady rhythm. He was grunting in time with his thrusts. I could feel the tension rise in his body and I knew I was about to get a pussy full of cum.

He was sweating. My crotch and arm pits were still wet from dancing earlier in the evening. I caught the waft of our combined smell which distracted me for a second from the fucking I was getting, and I really was getting a fucking. He stopped kissing me, he stopped fondling my breasts he was solely intent on working his very hard cock in and out of my pussy. My mind drifted again. In many other circumstances I might have enjoyed the strong fucking I was getting. Certainly, my pussy appreciated it and my pelvis was reacting automatically to it.

He was on the short strokes now, forcing his cock as far into me as he could get it. He was grunting and I could feel his body tensing as he approached climax. Then it happened, he lunged deep into me and I felt his cock pulse. I knew that 3 years’ worth of sexual frustration was being relieved. My pelvis rose to meet him, and he drove deeper into me. I had automatically moved my hands to hold onto his hips as I felt his last thrusts into me.

He collapsed on me and I felt his cock soften. This allowed a trickle of our combined juice to leak onto the sofa. A few minutes later his limp cock slipped out of me. He got up and sat on the sofa without looking at me. He starred at the carpet “Oh Maddy what have we done?”

I felt like shouting “What have you done?” But I didn’t, instead I said “I don’t want to talk about it right now, you better clean up the mess on the sofa before mum sees it. I going to bed.” The gusset of my knickers was not going to hold all of the escaping liquid, so I stuffed my skirt into my crotch and went to bed. I badly wanted a shower but didn’t want to wake mum.


I lay awake trying to make sense of what had happened. I didn’t feel used although I had been used. From an early age I have regarded sex as a two-way thing. I have never thought of it as a woman giving herself to a man. More like two people trying to make 2+2=5. So, the fact I had a cock in me against my will didn’t make me feel defiled.

I wasn’t bothered by the taboo nature of what we had done. We are conditioned not to have sex with relatives and society frowns on it (to say the least) but my view is that proving no one gets hurt it isn’t the ‘end of the world’. I know it isn’t a good thing and I wouldn’t have chosen to do it but given it has happened I didn’t feel bad.

I didn’t blame my dad. Bob and I had planned to lead him on, and it was a crap idea. I had laid down with him, another crap idea. My Pussy, nipples and pelvis had all told him I wanted it. For him it was a toss-up between believing my words or believing my body. I’m not surprised he chose my body, it suited him, he wanted sex.

The hardest thing would be coming clean with Bob.

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