The Endless Night Ch. 00-01

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Hi, my name is Alisha Parker and at the time this story takes place. I was 18 years old. Now you may be wondering why an 18 year old virgin would think her story might interest you. Well let me tell you a bit and you decide.

First off I will tell you about me and my parents. Kind of a lead in so you understand my story better. Like I said I was 18 when this took place. I have never been a beauty queen but I think I have a nice body. I am 5’8″, 160lbs. Now before you hit delete let me tell you, I am chubby not fat. I am tall enough that my belly is not model thin but not huge either.

I also have a pair of size 40D tits hanging off my chest. Yup…I’ve got size D, pert and strong titties. They don’t sag like some bigger women. They come out just right. I also have a tight little pussy that has never been touched by hands other then mine. You know the saying 16 and never been kissed? Well I was 18 and never been kissed, licked or sucked. Believe me, being an 18 year old virgin sucks.

It is made even worse when you feel like you are the only virgin left in your high school. Try sitting in the locker room hearing all the other girls talking about their sexual conquests and the best you can come up with is; I stuck three fingers up my pussy last night. Boring I know. But that was my life.

Sorry to bore you with memory lane. Anyway, my parents are the greatest but they are also very boring. They get up, go to work, come home and spend the night either watching TV or reading. They have sex once a week with the lights off and my dad on top. I don’t think my dad has ever seen my mother naked. Not that I am about to ask.

Bored yet? I’m sure you are. Well here is the little twist to my story. I spent my 18th birthday in a bordello. You know what I mean right? Whore house, house of ill repute. Yada Yada. You get the idea. Surprised? So was I. But there I was, in an all male house of ill repute with 12 of the hottest guys fucking my little brains out.

Now for you guys and gals out there that are like this is more like it and about to whip it out I will tell you. Yes there is a lot of sex in my story. But there is so much more. Each of these men touched me in a different way both sexually and emotionally. In the end I ended up falling head over heels for one of them. Lucky for me he felt the same way and we will be married next spring. We are also expecting our first child.

Who is it you may ask? Well you will have to listen to my story to find out. No cheating by skipping to the end though.

But if you are willing, sit back, pull out your cock or pussy and listen to an 18 year olds tale of sex, romance and love.


Chapter 1 how it all began

Hi there. It’s me again. Are you still with me? Good I was worried there for a minute. Well since you’ve come this far I will tell you my story. It begins the morning of my 18th birthday.

It was early yet. The sun was barely up but I was wide awake. Summer had begun and the guy on the radio claimed it was going to be the hottest so far this year. So there I am laying there in bed with the window open to catch the early morning breeze and the fan on full blast. It is however still like an oven in my room. Add that to the erotic dreams I had the night before and you have one very hot girl.

So there I am, lying naked in the middle of my queen sized bed listening to the guy on the radio tell me we’re gonna have a scorcher. “Tell me about it.” I moaned as I ran my hands over my body. My nipples were already hard and my pussy was leaking juice like there was no tomorrow.

I knew my parents would sleep for a couple more hours yet since it was their day off so I thought I would get some fun in before they woke up. I had learned to be quiet when I masturbated over the past couple of years. The first time I came, I screamed so hard that my dad burst into my room because he thought I was being killed. Not exactly a scene a girl wants to remember.

I started out as I always do. I closed my eyes picturing my favorite actor naked in my mind. Then I ran my hands over my tits. Running my fingertips lightly over my flesh and felt it shiver. My Kurtköy Escort fingers moved down to my nipples, pulling and squeezing them as I moaned softly. Now the image in my mind shifts to him fucking me in many different positions. So my hand lazily moves down my body until it comes to my bare pussy. That’s right, bare. No hair whatsoever. I never grew any down there. The doctors have a name for it but whatever.

Anyway, I run my fingertip over my outer pussy lips as I continued to maul at my breast with my other hand. Now between my hands and the image in my head, my pussy is getting pretty hot. So I spread the lips open and lightly touch my clit. Talk about an electric shock. WOW! A strong sensation of pleasure courses through me almost making me scream. Almost. So I ran my nail lightly over my clit a couple of times as I start panting and lifting my hips. Oh god that feels so good. But it’s not good enough.

My other hand is still mauling my breast but this hand is getting busy. I run my hand down over my pussy until I reach the little bump above my slit. I press on it a couple of times and moan. Oh yea, right there. Then my hand snakes even further down until I find the prize.

My slit is soaked and still leaking. What’s a girl to do? I’ll tell you. I slide three fingers deep inside me. “OH GOD What a feeling.” My muscles clench down on my digits as I slowly move them in and out.

Now by now as you have probably guessed, I’m not thinking about my favorite actor anymore. Oh no, my mind is lost on the sensations coursing through my body as I slowly finger myself. You can bet I was moaning up a storm as my fingers slid in and out of my sweet little pussy. My hips were lifting so hard and fast against my thrusting hand that the bed was squeaking. Not that I cared. I was lost in a world of pleasure.

Now my hand is flying in and out of me and my orgasm is building but I need just a bit more to push myself over the edge. So my hand leaves my battered breast to attack my hard, throbbing clit. I rake my nail over it as I continued to slam my fingers inside me. Believe me it wasn’t long before I was mewling like crazy and that bed was bouncing like it was in a hurricane.

My feet were braced against the bed while my ass was in the air as I attacked my pussy with my hands. Suddenly I felt like my whole world had exploded as my orgasm washed over me. I clamped my lips shut to hold in the scream as my pussy clenched at my thrusting fingers. Believe me, it wasn’t easy not to just let go.

I kept up the motion with my hands, trying to cum as long as I can when finally I just collapsed back against the bed. My hands left my sated pussy and I immediately stuck them in my mouth. Now before you ask, no I am not bi. I don’t like the idea of sucking on another woman’s pussy. But I do like the taste of my own juices and I sucked greedily at my fingers that morning.

Tasting my juices turned me on again so I thought I would have another go when I heard dad stumbling to the bathroom across the hall. Damn well that took care of that. Climbing out of bed, I grabbed my robe, put it on then headed for the bathroom. I kissed daddy’s cheek when he stumbled out then showered to get ready to face the day.

Now another thing I should tell you about my parents is they believe in traditions. For my sixteenth birthday they bought me a car. You know the usual. Well one tradition is to have the same thing every year for breakfast. When you have waffles, sausage, juice and milk every year for 18 years, you really get to where you hate waffles.

But there at my place on the table when I walked into the dining room a few minutes later was my traditional birthday breakfast. I smiled at my mother then sat down, drowned the waffles in syrup then began to eat.

Daddy came stumbling in a couple minutes later. He kissed mamma on the cheek then gratefully took the cup she held out to him. From the looks of them and the way they looked at each other I figured they had fun last night. I did some calculations in my mind. It was Saturday. Yup. Last night was sex night. Predicable aren’t they?

After breakfast mom hugged me Pendik Escort and handed me $100.00. “This is part of your birthday present baby. I want you to go out and buy you something sexy to wear to dinner tonight.”

Another tradition. We had dinner at the Italian restaurant down the street on birthdays and anniversaries. I looked at her, “something sexy?”

She smiled. “Yup, I want you to get something really sexy.”

She kissed me on the cheek again then walked over to see what daddy was doing.

“Okay…” I said as she walked off. I went to my room to grab my purse and keys then headed out the door heading for the mall.

30 Minutes later I pulled my little Honda civic into a space at 3 Star mall. Now our town isn’t huge like some of them but it did have a nice 2 story mall. My favorite store is Sally’s boutique. There is a huge sign in the window that reads. “Big women are beautiful to.”

Don’t be fooled by the name though. It is actually a clothing store designed for bigger girls. Does pretty good business from what I’ve seen to. Anyway, I made my way through the crowded mall till I came to Sally’s. Now Sally is a short, redheaded butterball. I swear she is as big around as she is tall. But she is also the sweetest woman you could ever meet. She runs the store with her husband Paul who is tall and thin. It is obvious by how he looks at her that he adores his wife. I asked him one time what the attraction was. He smiled and said that he felt like he was sinking into a fluffy marshmallow every time they made love. Sally blushed while I laughed.

When I walked into the store there were a few other customers but it wasn’t really busy. Sally came around the corner pulling me into a hug. “There’s the birthday girl,” she squealed.

Another tradition, this one I like, is that Sally gives me one outfit from her store free of charge every year on my birthday. Boy I didn’t expect what she gave me this year. “So what you looking for today sweetie?” she asked keeping her arm around me as we walked through the store.

I sighed. “Mom wants me to buy something really sexy for dinner tonight.”

Sally eyed me speculatively. “Something as is getting laid sexy?”

I snorted. “I wish.”

She laughed, her tits jiggling with her laughter. “I’m sorry honey.” She put a finger against her plump cheek. “I have just the thing. It just came in.”

She hurried into the back while Paul gave me a hug. “Glad to be done with school?”

I smiled. “Oh yea. That song no more books really fit me.”

Paul and I talked for a couple of minutes when Sally came back with the most beautiful dress I had ever seen in my life. It was a soft blue color. The bodice I knew would barely cover my ample breasts. It had spaghetti straps, the bottom was short, designed to barely cover the hips except on one side where it snaked down to the floor in a V shaped pattern meant to swish when you moved.

She held the dress up to me. “Happy birthday baby girl.”

I looked at her in shock then back at the dress. “Sally…I can’t take this.” I protested even though I wanted to. I ran my fingers over it and realized it was pure silk. A low purr escaped my lips as I ran my hands over the material.

“Go try it on.” Sally urged.

I looked at her once then made my way into the dressing room. I stripped down to my thong underwear then pulled the dress over my body. I was right about the bodice, it left a bit of cleavage over the top but when I looked I saw it was supposed to. I also realized that the material over my stomach and legs was transparent. You could see my stomach and the top of my legs below my hips through the dress. If you looked really close you could see the outline from my thong but you had to look really close.

The side that hung down swished against my body when I walked. The material seemed to mold itself to my body. I whimpered as I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked absolutely beautiful. I came out of the dressing room to show Sally and Paul and Paul almost drooled as his eyes moved over my body. “Wow.” he said.

Sally just beamed. “I knew it would be perfect for you Mutlukent Escort when I ordered it.”

I tried one more time halfheartedly to protest but she wouldn’t hear it. “It is for you and I will not take no for an answer.” she crossed her arms over her ample bosom which was her was of saying subject closed.

I gave in and she beamed. I returned to the dressing room to change.

I left the store 20 minutes later with the dress; a pair of black ankle boots that Sally said would go perfect with the dress, as well as two pairs of shorts and a couple of blouses. My next stop was an actual boutique. I bought makeup to match the dress and a couple pairs of dangling earrings.

I ate lunch at the local café then cruised through the mall. At 5:00, I headed home to get ready for dinner.

My parents pretty much had the same reaction to the dress as Sally and Paul, although thankfully my father wasn’t drooling. “You look perfect.” Mom said as dad said I looked beautiful.

I didn’t ask what mom meant by her words although I did wonder. At dinner I asked when I would get the rest of my present. My parents shared a look then daddy looked at me. “We will be going there next.”

I was about to take a bite of my banana split when I looked at him. “There…?”

He just smiled and ate his cake.

I found out what he meant by there shortly there after and gaped as we pulled up in front of Paul’s house of fun. I had driven by there many times but I had never been inside. I did quite frequently watch the men hanging on the upstairs balcony. Hell a girl can look can’t she?

“What are we doing here?” I asked as we walked up the walkway.

My parents smiled but didn’t answer. My father opened the door pushing me inside. We stood in a hallway tastefully decorated with various articles. Off to the left there was an empty parlor while off to the right there was a set of curling stairs. A tall black man stood by the door. “I’m sorry but unless you have an appointment the establishment is closed this evening.” he said in a deep baritone voice.

“Master Paul is expecting us.” Daddy said to the doorman. He gave the man his name. The man nodded and led us down the hall to a closed door. The man knocked then poked his head in. “Your guests are here sir.”

I heard a voice on the other side of the door say thank you. Then the man moved back so we could step into the room. There was a desk with an older man sitting behind it. There was also a couch sitting against one wall.

The man finished with his paperwork then looked at us, taking off his wire rimmed glasses. He smiled at my parents. “Mr. and Mrs. Parker, I’m so glad you could make it.” He shook my parents hands then turned to me. “I take it this is the birthday girl?”

“Yes sir. This is our angel.” Daddy said beaming at me. “Honey, this is Master Paul. He runs this establishment.”

“Hello.” I said as his eyes moved over me.

“Oh yes. The gentlemen will love her.” His eyes rested on my bosom and I blushed. Finally he raised his eyes back to my face. “Alisha, do you know why you are here?”

I shook my head as Master Paul smiled. He led me over to the couch where he sat next to me. “See, your parents have rented my establishment for your birthday.”

“Why?” I asked looking at my parents.

It was Master Paul who answered. “Well I don’t know why exactly. But I do know that there are 12 men upstairs who are going to spend the night bringing your body to heaven and back.”

I looked at my parents again. “I’m going to have sex with 12 men?”

Mom nodded as tears filled her eyes. Then I looked back to Master Paul. “All at once?”

He chuckled. “No of course not; Bruno will take you to a gentleman’s door. You will bring pleasure to each other then Bruno will take you to the next gentleman. Your parents will pick you up at 6pm tomorrow evening.”

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was a little after 8. “It’s going to take 26 hours?”

Again Master Paul chuckled. “Well it could. But mostly that is so you can rest when it is all over.”


My parents hugged me then left. After they were gone, Master Paul turned to me. I noticed that Bruno, the tall black man was standing in the doorway. Master Paul held his arm out to me. “Whenever you are ready my dear.”

I nodded then followed Bruno out the door and up the stairs to the first door.


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