The Escort Ch. 01-02

3D Porn

Part 1

Toni was sitting at her vanity, fixing her hair and make-up after getting out of the shower. She had a blind date with another man set up by the service she worked for. She thought she might have been nervous, but found that she wasn’t. She knew what to expect from the man and knew his likes and dislikes, which she read in the file that she was given by her manager at Simple Pleasures Escort Service.

She read the file and found that he enjoyed a lot of different things: blindfolds, handcuffs, leather straps, sensual massages, oral, and down & dirty sex. Obviously he didn’t want anyone to know he had hired a woman from an escort service because he gave an alias for his name, “James O’Malley”. The instructions in the file stated that she was to meet “James” at a club called The Naked Pussycat on Watson Blvd, downtown.

She looked at herself in the mirror and saw a 5 ft tall brunette with hazel green eyes surrounded by long lush eyelashes, a soft pair of pouty lips coated with cherry red lip gloss, a slightly pointy chin and nose, soft peachy hued skin, a slim neck and full perky 42D breasts. She had a slightly rounded tummy, gently flaring hips, a neatly trimmed patch of dark brown curls over her mound, and long sexy legs. She turned and looked at her butt, which was slightly plump, but nicely rounded. She knew a few guys who really love playing with her ass and she smiled.

Toni stood up and walked to her bed where her clothes were laid out for her. She slipped on her black lace bra and matching panties, her black lace garter belt and fishnet stockings, a red leather mini-skirt, and a tight red blouse with only 5 buttons holding the front of it closed across her breasts. She slid her tiny size 8 feet into a pair of 3 inch high black heels, checked her hair and make-up again in the mirror, then grabbed her purse from the dresser on her way out the door. She went downstairs to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, her keys from the hook on the wall and her jacket, and then went out the door.

She got into her black Mustang and drove to town. Fifteen minutes later, she pulled into the parking lot by the club. She had no idea what “James” drove, so she didn’t bother to look for his vehicle. She only knew that the file stated that he would be wearing a black leather “biker” jacket and he had sandy blonde hair. She stepped through the door of the club to hear and feel the ‘thump thump thump’ of the beat from the speakers.

She stood there a moment to let her eyes adjust to the darkness and the strobe lights, then proceeded to the bar and ordered a rum & coke as she sat on one of the vacant bar stools. She tossed some money on the counter and turned to survey the room. Couples were at tables and booths chatting and laughing, while others were grooving on the dance floor, their hips bumping and grinding with the beat, hands all over one another, and a Escort Etlik few were engaged in steamy kisses as well.

She sat there sipping her drink and nibbling from the bowl of popcorn that was sitting on the bar when a gentleman wearing a leather biker jacket came through the door. She glanced up and knew instantly that the man was “James”. His gaze locked with hers and he smiled as he strolled casually toward her. She sized him up as he approached, and even though it was kind of dark in the club, she could tell his eyes were a golden hazel color beneath golden brown brows that matched his head of thick golden brown hair which fell in gentle waves to his shoulders, maybe a few inches beyond.

He was tall, about 6’4″ or so, possibly around 230 pounds of solid muscle, with broad shoulders, well formed muscular arms and chest which tapered down to a lean waist, slender hips (with an obviously large bulge showing itself now), strong thighs, which she thought would hold her just perfectly on his lap, and muscular calves which his tight jeans showed off perfectly. She leaned back a bit as he stepped to the bar and ordered a beer, so she could check out his ass, which as she suspected was firm and well-rounded covered by that tight denim.

She listened to the sound of his voice as he spoke to the bartender and almost swooned as the richness of it flowed over her, leaving goose bumps on her arms. His voice was so masculine and deep, no trace of any accent that she could make out. She jumped as his voice turned to her and he said, “Hi there beautiful. I’m James. I assume that you are Miss Toni?” She couldn’t speak, so she only nodded her head and smiled at him. He smiled back, his full lips exposing bright white teeth, all perfectly straight.

She cleared her throat and said huskily, “Yes, I’m Toni. Nice to meet you, James. Shall we find a table and talk about what you had in mind for the evening?” He nodded and picked up his drink, as well as hers, and they walked around the dance floor to an empty table along the back wall of the club.


Part 2

The darkened atmosphere created an eerie glow around the club. The place got more crowded since Toni had met James. He watched her ass sway towards the back of the club. She sat close to him as they talked. She confirmed that he was her client for the evening using a codeword given by the escort agency.

Toni exaggerated her smile and acted more tipsy than she was under the circumstances. James knew exactly what to do next so he ordered her another drink. The waitress brought back two shots of tequila. They downed them and slammed the empty glasses on the table. He moved close and leaned in to kiss her softly on the neck. Her hand moved along his inner thigh. She only imaged how big his cock was judging from his large physique.

Another waitress came around with another round of tequila. Etlik Escort James nodded to put it on his tab. Toni learned that he was quite a regular at the club. She understood why given the large smoky place with couples freaking on the dance floor. The place had a certain vibe. Toni got excited about the possibility of sucking face in public as couples were dancing so close it appeared like they were having sex in public.

James toasted Toni’s glass on the table. She picked it up and slammed it back. He was a bit surprised at her desire for alcohol, but knew she was just getting more primed for the evening. James put his large hand on Toni’s wrist. He pulled her gently onto the dance floor. It wasn’t long before they had their hands all over each other. He pulled her closer sliding his hands up and down her back.

Toni felt James’ cock starting to get more prominent through the jeans. “Someone’s excited,” she announced before turning around to feel it along her tight ass. She always enjoyed being teased that way, but never thought to engage in anal sex. The idea had crossed her mind, but it always remained an area no client had succeeded in enticing her to enjoy. Most of her clients were far too into the down and dirty sex. That was very enjoyable to her, but Toni always longed for sensuality and romance.

Reality soon hit Toni with a nuzzle and lick at her ear. She turned towards James and they kissed sensually. The sexual temperature increased tenfold from the added sensation of his hands running along her tight ass and long legs in fishnets. He slid her skirt up slowly. She knew that others were probably watching, but Toni was too busy allowing her client get an evening beyond his wildest dreams.

Forty minutes of freaking and groping led the couple back to have a rest. The waitress knew that they needed a third round of tequila. This time, they were too busy groping and kissing to notice the alcohol. It sat on the table for a bit before Toni pulled apart from James’ probing and hungry tongue. She took the shot before resuming kissing James. He was surprised and turned on by her sensual kiss that forced the alcohol down his mouth.

James soon returned the erotic favor. Three shots of tequila coupled with an earlier round severely impacted Toni. James was a bit tipsy and figured to order a cab for them. Safety was his biggest concern. Besides, having someone drive while he got time in the backseat with this minx was a great side-benefit. While waiting for the cab, they danced a bit more. The place started to become less crowded. James saw one of his work buddies with her fiancé. He offered James and Toni a ride to his place.

They hopped into Kevin’s mustang. The twenty minute ride went quickly. James ran his hand along Toni’s thighs and back the entire trip. Kevin got a good show through the rear view mirror of them licking and sucking each other’s Etlik Escort Bayan face and neck. Kevin’s fiancé also enjoyed the show and had him slide a hand into her pussy throughout the trip.

Kevin pulled up to James’ house. He escorted Toni out of the car and into his place. He pulled her to a nearby wall. One of his hands slid toward her skirt and lifted up her shirt to the bra line. He swiftly unsnapped it, releasing her ample breasts. They were so inviting that James leaned down to kiss and suck on each one fully. He didn’t waste any time unzipping her skirt revealing Toni’s sexy lingerie. He slid his hands up and down her stockinged legs. It sent erotic tingles throughout the escort’s body.

One of James hands had moved along Toni’s panties while the other one had cupped one of her breasts. He slowly rubbed her pussy through the panties while sucking on each nipple. He moved down her chest to flick his tongue in her pierced belly button. He licked further down her chest. She pushed his head onto her panties. James had other ideas first. He slid them aside to enjoy her musky pussy. It was neatly trimmed in a heart shape.

James pushed his tongue fully inside her pussy causing her to moan loudly. He pushed her legs a bit. He licked and sucked all along her inner thighs. Sliding up, James undid his pants and boxers. His 8in manhood rubbed along Toni’s drenched pussy. In one swift motion, James impaled Toni on his large cock. She screamed from surprise and being so full. She had not had suck a large object inside her in so long. It felt increasingly fulfilling as he started fucking her harder.

He pounded her in that position for what seemed like an eternity. He moved out and took her hands onto the nearby mail table. She felt his hand bring her back down. James slammed his cock fully inside her from behind. He pounded her faster until she felt his hot streams showering her back and inner thighs.

Toni concluded years ago that most of the clients are not interested in pleasure but down-and-dirty sex. She had a variety of sexual toys at home that she frequently used after being with a client. James was no different. He led her to a couch and got some water from the refrigerator so both of they could sober up. James paid only a couple of hours, which were almost up. They talked on the couch about things related to their daily lives.

“Ready for me to drive you back, darlin’?” He asked. “Here is something extra for you.” He handed her a $100 tip. That was a generous amount considering how much he paid for her. Perhaps he didn’t want her to feel ashamed that the evening was ending abruptly.

The drive back was slightly tamer and quieter. James got out of the car to walk Toni towards hers. They kissed once again sensually. He opened the door for her and watch her drive away. She arrived at her house to undress and take a sensual bath. One of her favorite toys awaited her. She gladly used it and some others before almost sleep walking to bed. She had another date the next at night for a formal banquet dinner. Rest was one of her first priorities before figuring out what to wear and look like.

To Be Continued….

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