The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 16


Chapter 16: Bobbing for Nipples

“Are you okay?

Karima looked up as she saw Rita, naked but for some shiny patches of lube and come, standing in the doorway behind her. She moved her shapely butt to the left to give her room to sit down or walk past, and offered her the skinny joint. “Alexis doesn’t like people smoking in the house. You want some?”

“No, thanks,” said Rita, sitting beside her. “I did too much of that stuff, and E, my first semester of college. After I had to drop out, I stopped caring what I was taking. Then a friend took me to Alexis, and she and her friend Brianna and their boyfriends showed me that sex without drugs could be a fuckton better than drugs without sex. I started working there as a receptionist while I trained.” She shrugged. “I have what they call an addictive personality, so once I get a taste for something… Are you enjoying the party?”

Karima took another drag on her joint. “It’s not really my sort of scene. I mean, there are plenty of beautiful women, but men don’t do anything for me, and I’m not into group stuff.”

“A lot of those women would love to get you alone. I know I would. Look, I know you’ve been sick, but you’re okay now, right? You’re going to live. So like the saying goes, Dum vivamus, vivamus. – while you live, live!”

Karima smiled slightly, and shook her head. “I’m not into – what do you call it? Poly? I want someone steady or not at all.”

“Okay. Me, I’m shit at monogamy. Never really saw the appeal. Maybe somewhere there’s somebody who’s so right for me that I won’t want anybody else – maybe – but until I find them, I’m getting as much loving in as I can. Who’s Chawla?”

Karima blinked, then realized that Rita had read the nametag on her spacesuit, probably while staring at her breasts. “She’s an astronaut, from India.”

“Uh-huh. See you inside.”


Alexis was half-listening to a conversation about relationships in Mass Effect when DeMonique led Robyn through the living room. The crawling sub was on a short leash that kept her face close to the dominatrix’s magnificent bare ass, and was nude but for her army boots (unless you counted the ring of the string of anal beads protruding from her butthole as clothing). DeMonique stopped suddenly, and Robyn kissed her ass quickly before turning to look around the room at the other partygoers, though she kept her gaze well below anyone else’s eye level.

“Pet has finished her cleaning duties,” said DeMonique blandly, “and I will be taking her to the playroom and putting her in the pillory, where her tongue and all of her fuckholes will be available to anyone who wishes to use them. Spanking is also encouraged, as long as you don’t leave any lasting marks.” She glanced down at the student. “You have permission to speak, Pet.”

“Thank you, Mistress. Do I have your permission to come, too?”

“Yes, but be quick. You have until this song ends,” the Ukrainian replied.

Robyn blinked. She’d never masturbated in public before (she felt that movie theatres didn’t count, because it was dark and the soundtrack had drowned her out), but an order was an order, and she’d sucked so many cocks and rimmed so many assholes without anyone reciprocating that she quickly reached between her thighs and frantically fingerbanged herself while diddling her clit. She was gratified that some of the cocks she was staring at started to stiffen, and wondered how many of them would fuck her before the night was over and she went back to working on her astrophysics essay. DeMonique waited until she was right on the edge of coming before tugging on the ring of her anal beads, pulling the marble-sized spheres out of her well-lubed bottom to enhance her orgasm. Robyn was still whimpering with pleasure when Beyonce and company stopped singing about how much they liked to party. DeMonique waited, then swung the beads in front of Robyn’s face, and the sub sucked them into her mouth before crawling out of the room.

Alexis watched the dom and the sub as they left, admiring their delightful derrieres. She was mildly perturbed that only three men – Bob, Hal and Yuri – stood and followed them. She knew that most of the men had already come at least once since the party had started, and that while she’d implanted her male clients with a post-hypnotic suggestion that would revive their erections once they heard the trigger phrase, she wanted to save that trick for later. Lorelei would be bringing some of the male strippers from the club with her, but they weren’t due for another hour and Rita was bound to hog at least two of the men as soon as they arrived, which meant that nearly all of the hard cocks in the house were made of silicon or glass. The fact that people were already talking about computer games was, to Alexis, a sign that the party was beginning to wind down far too early for her taste.

She glanced over at Oliver, still neatly dressed in his classic Star Trek uniform and notoriously a tit man, and smiled as an idea occurred to her. canlı bahis “Speaking of games,” she said loudly when Meihui paused for breath, “has anybody ever played bobbing for nipples? It’s like bobbing for apples, but much more fun.”

The discussion of Mass Effect and Dragon Age stopped instantly. “How do you play?” asked Andrea.

“It’s easy. Any women who likes having their nipples sucked form a circle. The sucker – male or female – stands in the centre and is blindfolded, hands behind their back, then spun around. The sucker has to find a nipple to suck on, then has the duration of a song to identify whose it is. If they’re wrong, they have to pay a forfeit; if they’re right, the suckee does.”

“What sort of forfeit?” asked Melissa.

“Oral sex, usually, or a spanking, or titfucking… whatever seems fair to everyone. Who’s in?”

She was pleased by the number of hands that went up, Oliver’s being the fastest. “Okay,” she said. “Suckers over by the bar, suckees over here.”


“Okay, Pet,” said DeMonique, as she led the way into one of the bedrooms, “do you want to face the mirror, so you can see faces of all the men fucking your ass, or would you rather not know whose dick is in your dirty little hole? Or should I blindfold you?”

Robyn opened her mouth and let the anal beads drop into her hand. “Whatever most pleases you, Mistress.”

“Blindfold it is, then,” said the dominatrix, as she set up the pillory. Robyn positioned herself so that her ass and mouth were both at crotch height for the men. “It will save you from getting any come in your eyes if they give you a facial – but not yet. Okay, boys. Pants off, and show her your dicks.”

Hal, dressed as Frank N. Furter, had put his knickers on over his fishnets and garter belt and had his cock out in a flash. Bob’s jeans were down around his ankles a few seconds later, though pulling his shorts down over his erection took a little longer. Robyn stared at the organs on offer while Yuri continued to fumble with his leggings and tunic: Hal’s, half-hard, seemed to be of only average size, but Bob’s uncircumcised schlong was at least seven inches long and by far the fattest she’d ever seen, nearly as thick as her wrist. She was slightly relieved that at least it wasn’t pierced; even so, she wasn’t sure her asshole could accommodate it without it hurting. She looked up at DeMonique as the dominatrix lowered the upper bar of the pillory onto her neck and hands.

“Since you’ve been an obedient little fuckdoll so far, Pet,” said DeMonique, “I’m going to let you choose which cock goes up your butt first. But get them hard before you decide.”

Robyn nodded, and grabbed Hal’s dick with her right hand and Bob’s with her left, slightly surprised that her hand even fit around its girth. She pulled Bob’s towards her mouth, hoping that if she gave him a sufficiently slutty and sloppy blowjob, he might come down her throat rather than trying to stuff that fat organ up her ass. Yuri finally escaped from his costume, and she glanced at his semi-erect cock before reaching for it. She sucked on Bob’s rod while wanking the others until they were hard, then looked at them more closely. Yuri had shaved his pubes, making his cock look longer than Hal’s, but it was skinnier and curved like a bow. DeMonique looked around as Tammi hurried into the room. “Alexis wants to borrow a blindfold,” the petite blonde said, looking hungrily at Robyn’s ass. “We’re playing, ah, bobbing for nipples.”

DeMonique raised an exquisitely groomed eyebrow. “That sounds like fun,” she said, as she handed over a blindfold. “I might join you in a moment.” She picked up another blindfold and walked back around the pillory so that Robyn could see her. “Have you decided who you want to fuck you in the ass first, Pet?”

Robyn nodded slightly without taking Bob’s cock out of her mouth, and pointed to Hal, who grinned. DeMonique carefully placed the blindfold over the submissive’s eyes, then looked sternly at the three men. “You had better behave yourselves,” she said, handing a big bottle of lube to Hal. “If you don’t, I will hear about it, and so will Alexis, and we will not be happy.”

Hal, who worked at the hotel around the corner from the healing centre, turned slightly pale under his make-up. He lubed up his cock as DeMonique followed Tammi out, then poured a generous dollop onto Robyn’s puckered asshole. He carefully slid one nimble finger inside her, then a second, letting her relax – then removed them, grabbed her shapely buttocks and spread them, and pushed his cock into her bowels with one eager pelvic thrust.


Oliver, his hands clasped behind his back, looked around at the gallery of beautiful boobs on display before Cat blindfolded him and gently spun him around. He stumbled forwards as Cat pushed him towards the circling women, but quickly recovered his footing and headed for the nearest pair of delicious tits, guided by the sound of suppressed giggles and the delightful kaçak iddaa scents of perfume, pheromones and pussy juice. After a few seconds, he bumped into Andrea and dropped to his knees so he could bury his face in her cushiony cleavage and motorboat her.

“Okay,” said Cat, glancing over at Ethan, “start the music.”

“Can you pick something long?” asked Oliver, his voice somewhat muffled. “The Grand Canyon Suite? Wagner’s Ring Cycle?”

“I didn’t know you were a fan of the Ring,” said Rita, when the laugher had died down. “You’ve never even asked to kiss mine.”

The opening riff of Chris Isak’s ‘Wicked Game’ boomed out of the speakers, and Oliver kissed and licked every delicious square centimetre of Andrea’s magnificent mammaries, careful not to neglect her nipples. When the song ended, Cat nodded to Ethan again, and said, “Okay, time’s up. Name those nipples!”

“Vampirella,” said Oliver, reluctantly letting Andrea’s left boob slip out of his mouth. Even if he hadn’t been appraising every female breast in the room ever since he’d arrived, memorising the size, the shape, and the distance from the floor, the taste of the body paint would have been a giveaway.

“That’s cheating,” said Alexis. “Her real name, not the character, and I know you were introduced. Five… four…”

“Andrea,” said Oliver.

The voluptuous goth girl laughed, wobbling her beautiful big boobs across the doctor’s face. “Well spotted,” she said. “So, what do you want as your prize?” When Oliver hesitated, she said, “You can ask for anything; the worst that can happen is someone will say no.”

Oliver removed his blindfold, looked around at the naked and half-naked women, then straightened up and looked Andrea in the eye. “You have beautiful breasts,” he said, “and I would really love to fuck them. Hey, you asked.”

Andrea grinned, and reached down to cup his groin. “Is that all?”

“What could possibly be better? How could I ask for more?”

“I could think of a few things,” said Andrea. “but okay, Mr Sulu, since you have such a sweet mouth… here, or would you prefer somewhere more private?”


Robyn continued to suck on Bob’s thick cock and play with Yuri’s while Hal fucked her ass. He had a good sense of rhythm, and he’d used enough lube that his cock felt good inside her, but he was going faster than she would have liked and she suspected that he was going to come before she did. She considered asking Hal to slow down, but that would have meant breaking out of her role as a bottom as well as taking Bob’s fat dick out of her mouth, and she was enjoying the submissive sluttiness of her first spit-roasting too much to do that. Hal came a moment later, and the familiar sensation of jizz jetting into her bowels sent her over the edge. As soon as Hal had pulled his dripping dick out of her butt, Yuri had prised her hand off his erection and hurried behind her. As he pushed his cock into her slippery distended asshole, Robyn realized that he was so turned on – either from her handjob or from watching Hal sodomize her while she slobbered over Bob’s dick, or both – she used both of her hands to caress Bob’s monster while she enthusiastically sucked and licked it, but after barely a minute, Yuri slammed his skinny hips into her butt as he ejaculated explosively inside her. He rested briefly, then grabbed a lipstick from the small table that held the lubes and condoms. Robyn felt him writing or drawing something on her back just above her hips, then heard him chuckle as he walked away and headed for the shower.

Bob gently stroked her hair as he took a half-step back. “You are a fucking fantastic cocksucker,” he said happily, “but I really want to fuck your hot little ass. Are you ready?”


“So,” said Andrea, as she led Oliver into the home theatre, “how do you want to do this?” She glanced at the screen, which showed a blonde with enormous enhanced breasts straddling the smiling face of a pretty Asian woman. “Me on my back, or kneeling in front of you and wrapping these -” She hefted one big beautiful breast and kissed the nipple. “around your cock?”

“What do you prefer?”

She unzipped his fly. “Sit down and let me drive.”

He obeyed, removing his trousers and shorts first, then pulling his yellow shirt over his head. Andrea squirted peach-flavoured lube into her cleavage and smiled as she saw his cock, thinner than many she’d enjoyed but long enough that the head stuck out from between her boobs as she sandwiched it between them. She licked around the glans until a drop of pre-cum appeared. “Yum.”

“Do you enjoy this?”

She looked up, slightly surprised. “Fuck yeah!” Another lick. “If you’re wondering whether you’re boldly going where no man has come before, you’re not: I’m the titjob queen of the theatre arts department. It doesn’t usually get me off, but it always gets me hot.”

“You’re already unbelievably hot.”

She grinned. “Thank you, kind sir,” she said as she ground kaçak bahis her tits up and down his shaft. “Yeah, I enjoy turning people on and making them come, and if they return the favour, that’s even better – but even if they can’t, I really like being able to look at a cock and watch all that come spurting out and seeing how much I can catch in my mouth -” She kissed the purpling glans. “- and licking the rest off my tits. I could do that with just my hands, of course, but since I’ve got these, why not make the most of them? And it looks like you’re enjoying it, too.”


Robyn hesitated, then nodded. It felt odd allowing a big-dicked stranger who was probably twice her age to fuck her already creampied ass while she was blindfolded, but she knew it was what Pet would do. She heard Bob walk behind her and laugh as he parted her pink cheeks.

“Did…” She tried to remember the hairdresser’s name, and failed. “… he write something?”

“Well, I don’t read Elvish, which I’m guessing this is, but it’s probably ‘One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.'”

Despite herself, Robyn laughed, then gasped as Bob probed her well-fucked butthole to determine whether it would accommodate his girth. He seemed to have a much better idea of what he was doing than the two younger men who’d come before him, or maybe he just cared more, but he added more lube before pushing his cock into her. Robyn’s eyes widened as her sphincter dilated, and it felt as though Bob’s massive tool was taking forever to slide all the way in, and she started coming even before she felt his pubic hair tickle her cheeks. Bob continued to fuck her ass slowly as though he was tapped into her pulse and her pleasure centre, and by the time he climaxed, she felt as though she would have been happy with his fat cock in her butt forever.


Cat had taken Andrea’s place amid the orbiting heavenly bodies, leaving Zoe in charge of blindfolding the eager suckers. Karima, who had reached the front of the queue, briefly considered chickening out, but the lure of Naomi’s beautiful big breasts was hard to resist. The Japanese J-cupper had evaded the blindfolded men who’d made it into the circle, but Karima had seen the way she looked at the women in the room. She drew a deep breath, and clasped her hands behind her back as Zoe adjusted the blindfold and spun her around. A moment later, she blundered face-first into a silky-smooth cleavage and opened her mouth wide. An already-swollen nipple slid between her lips, and she licked at it eagerly, then sucked as much of the firm breast into her mouth as she could.

She heard Demi Lovato singing ‘Body Say’, but concentrated on the taste and texture of the tit she was suckling. It was too small to be Naomi’s, much too big to be Meihui’s and didn’t taste like Alexis’s. It wasn’t painted or pierced, but there was lip gloss or something similar on the nipple. The woman didn’t seem to be as tall as Cat, or even DeMonique, which narrowed it down… but somehow, Karima was finding it oddly difficult to remember who else was in the circle, even though she was sure she should know. She could feel her own nipples tighten in arousal as she continued running her tongue around the bumpy and utterly delicious aureole, and before she knew it, the song had ended and Mark was asking her to name the woman whose breasts she was worshipping.

“Ahhh…” She knew she was forgetting someone; maybe she was more stoned than she realized, or maybe she was too aroused to think clearly. What was the name of that librarian with the lovely rack? “Melanie?”

“Wrong,” said Rita, pushing her boob back into Karima’s mouth as she removed the blindfold. “So I get to pick your forfeit.”

Karima, half nervous and half aroused, looked up at her grinning face, but didn’t stop sucking that pretty pink nipple.

“Take off your spacesuit and join the circle with us,” Rita commanded. “You can keep your knickers on, if you like, but I want to see your boobs.”

Karima glanced over at Alexis, who nodded. She hesitated for a moment, then unzipped the orange coverall and let it fall around her feet. Her panties were damp enough that she considered removing them, but didn’t.

“And that means you have to stop sucking my tits,” said Rita, not unkindly. “For the moment, anyway.”


Andrea turned her head as she heard footsteps, and saw Gianna, naked, walk towards her. “Hi.”

“Hi,” said the redhead, squatting beside her. “Mind if I join in? The game is fun, but I’m the only one there with pierced nipples, so I’m too easy.”

“Aren’t we all?” said Andrea, and looked up at Oliver. “Is it okay with you?”

The doctor nodded frantically, and the two women French-kissed their way around his cock until he groaned with pleasure. He tried to delay his orgasm as long as possible, but the delightful sensation of Andrea’s slippery boobs as she slid them up and down along his dick while Gianna licked the pre-come from the eye of his cock soon pushed him over the edge, and he ejaculated explosively over the women’s faces and tits. He looked down and watched Andrea and Gianna eagerly licking up his come, ending up on the floor sucking each other’s nipples while they frigged themselves furiously.

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