The Event (bi sucking for an audience) Part I


The Event (bi sucking for an audience) Part II had attended the monthly event mostly to watch and watching was what I was doing.  I was sitting on a sofa next to Mike, a fireman, whom I had just meet about an hour ago when all of us newbies had had to make our introductions and to hear about and agree to the club’s rules before being allowed to join in the activities.Kneeling between Mike’s open knees was Amber, a 30-something short-haired blonde with an ample bosom that made the buttons on her pale white blouse strain and whom I had also recently meet.  She had sworn during her introduction that her name really was Amber and then boldly exclaimed that she was here to suck cocks.  She was telling the truth as almost immediately after our meet-n-greet session was complete, she proceeded to give a blow job to the guy that she had arrived with.  Amber had also made it clear during her introduction the her male friend was simply that; a friend and nothing more.There were about thirty or more people at the event with about half being regulars and the other half of us being here for our first time or two.   Surprisingly, the mix was also about 50/50 males to females with maybe seven single males (like me).  Fortunately, there were also some single women.  I remember three girls who had come together and a fiery redhead named Misty who said that she was bisexual.  But Misty and the three girls’ story will have to wait.The club’s main focus was on the BDSM culture with sessions on flogging, bondage and the like.  They also had a living room sized area filled with four sofas and a padded table in the middle of the room.  This room was what the regulars referred to as the social room and where I was currently watching Amber as her head bobbed up and down on Mike’s cock.  Mike was the third guy thus far for Amber.  I had watched as she first sucked her male friend to completion. Amber then started to mingle and so I decided to mingle also.  Soon I looked around and Amber was on her knees, sucking another guy whom I couldn’t remember much about.  I figured I had a few minutes and so decided to see if any of the other single girls were not already hooked up with single guys.  Sadly, the fiery redhead, Misty, had a jerk of a guy hanging around her and acting like he owned her.  So I moved on and entered the social room right as Amber was swallowing the load of her second guy.  I was impressed that she was not having bursa escort the guys use a condom and was swallowing.Returning to the moment.  Mike was obviously enjoying Amber’s oral affections.  She sucked hard enough that I could hear slurping sounds as she sucked.  I was sitting next to Mike not merely to get a good view but was also hoping that Amber would simply move on to me next.  That was not to be.Suddenly, Amber stopped and looked up, holding Mike’s rigid cock in her hand.  Our eyes met and she smiled and asked, “Would you do me a favor?”“Sure.” I blurted out before my brain and mouth had time to connect.“I’ve always had this fantasy of watching a guy suck a cock.” Amber exclaimed and then quickly added, “Would you suck his cock for me?”For a short moment I did not know what to think, much less how to respond to Amber’s request.  I had only sucked two cocks in my life and both were when I was a lot younger.  I had also never actually had a guy cum in my mouth.  I gazed into her excited blue eyes and without thinking blurted out, “Sure if he agrees to it.”Amber immediately looked up as Mike knelt his head down to her. I heard Amber almost whisper her request and Mike whispered something back in reply.   Amber gazed back at me, grinned and simply said, “He agrees.”She had called my feeble bluff and now I was trapped.  Then suddenly, all awareness of anyone else in the room besides Amber, Mike and I melted away as I looked down and saw Mike’s 6” twitching and hard cock staring up at me.  Without a word, I started to rise from the sofa as Amber scooted aside but remained on her knees.  As I knelt between Steve legs., I heard Amber whisper in my ear, “Thank you.”I took Mike’s cock in my hand and then lowered my head.  My eyes closed and my lips wrapped around his cock which was glistening with Amber’s saliva.  As I began to suck and run my tongue around his silky cock head, everything around me evaporated.  All I thought about was Mike’s delicious cock.  As my mouth glided slowly up and down on his cock, I recalled my first two experiences with sucking cock.  I remembered feeling guilty and “gay” afterwards but also remembered how much I had enjoyed it while doing it.  Those memories quickly brought the world around me back into focus and I suddenly was aware that I sucking a cock in front of everyone.I stopped and looked back at Amber who was staring intently at me.  With Mike’s cock in my hand, I bursa escort bayan said to her, “Your turn.”She and I traded places and she continued to suck Mike.  This time though, I was watching her while on my knees right next to her. Just inches away, she was rapidly sucking up and down on his cock. She was either trying her best to make him cum quickly or she was turned on by watching me suck Mike.It was then that a sharp desire hit me.  I not only wanted to suck Mike’s cock some more but I wanted to see if I could deep throat him.  Something I had never done before.  His cock was about 6 inches in length and rather thin in girth.  I noticed that while Amber was working hard, she was taking only about half of his cock into her mouth as her lips glided up and down in almost a blur.My desire continued to rise until once again, everything and everyone in the room evaporated and any inhibitions vanished.“My turn.” I whispered into Amber’s ear.Amber instantly stopped her sucking and gave me a broad grin as she scooted over so I could take over between Mike’s legs.His cock stood straight up, stiff as a board.  This time, I placed my hands on each of his thighs as my head lowered onto his fireman’s pole.  I engulfed his cock halfway down, letting it linger in my mouth for a moment before ever so slowly gulping him farther down. I soon reached the end of his shaft, his cock all the way down my throat.  As my mouth hit bottom, I felt Mike’s thighs tense and heard him moan softly.  It was an instant turn on for me to feel his thighs tense and hear him moan.  I was also pleased that I had correctly gauged the length of his cock and that it did not hit my gag reflex.I held his cock fully in my mouth and let Mike enjoy the sensation for a moment.  I then began to glide his cock in and out of my mouth.  When I held only the tip in my mouth, I would run my tongue around his silky head before engulfing his shaft all the way back down until my nose was buried on his belly.  Mike continued to moan and his thighs twitched.  My desires were concerned only with sucking Mike’s cock but suddenly my private desires burst as the world came crashing back.I heard laughter and then soft clapping.  Without taking Mike’s cock from my mouth, I was suddenly aware that I had an audience.  Both guys and gals were watching.  How ironic as I had come to watch and yet instead, I was the one now being watched.My audience seemed pleased escort bursa at my performance as I heard a girl gasp when I continued to deep throat Mike.  I heard one guy blurt out, “Dude, you are even turning me on.”  The room was filled with encouraging claps to some silent beat, gasps of amazement, giggles of delight and swoons of excited women.  With the sounds surrounding me, I never let up bobbing up and down on Mike’s cock.After a few minutes which seemed like hours, Amber whispered in my ear, “I want you to finish him for me.”Then before I could even acknowledge her request, I felt Mike’s legs jerk and heard him groan loudly.  I quickly stopped my motion and held half of his cock in my mouth.  I could feel it twitch and felt my mouth fill with what surprisingly had little taste.  At first, I thought it was simply my mouth watering or my saliva.  But quickly the volume increased as my lips felt Mike’s cock pulse and spasm.My lips held Mike’s cock still in my mouth, not releasing his cock until I felt him begin to soften and felt his thighs relax.  Knowing Mike was spent and holding his load still in my mouth, I withdrew from his cock.  I must have opened my mouth slightly because I suddenly recognized the taste of cum.  I knew that taste since I had on occasion tasted my own cum.  I quickly swirled it around in my mouth and then swallowed. I felt a warmness all over me as I realized that I had just swallowed my first load of another man’s cum.As I savored the after-taste of Mike’s cum, the room exploded in applause.  Amber gently took hold of my head and as I turned, she gave me a passionate kiss, her tongue probing my mouth momentarily.  When we finished our kiss, she beamed at me and cooed, “Oh thank you so much.  That was amazing.”“Well, one fantasy down.”  I blurted out, not telling her that I had also completed a few fantasies of my own.  Amber laughed and replied, “Oh I have a lot more fantasies.”  She kissed me again and as we both stood, Mike simply said with a smile, “That felt great.”As I finally faced my audience, about five or six of the women and even a couple of the guys approached me to tell me how much they had enjoyed the show.  Even Misty, the freckled redhead, abandoned the jerk at her side and gave me a warm kiss.  Misty then asked, “Are you going to do any encores?”I playfully answered Misty, “I think the next performance should be yours.”“Oh, I’m working on it.  The night is still young.” Misty replied with a flirtatious grin.Misty turned out to be correct as the evening’s activities were just beginning.  But that is another story for another time.Hope you enjoyed me sharing my experience.

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