The Experience_(0)


She arrived outside the restaurant a bit early. She walked up and down a few times and decided to go inside to wait for him. “Table for two for Johnson” she told the waiter. She was shown to a secluded table at the back. When seated she ordered an orange and lemonade and sat waiting for him to arrive. She had butterflies in her stomach and hoped that she wouldn’t spoil the evening with her nervousness. A shadow fell over the table and there he was. “Hello Emily” he said “It’s nice to meet you at last. Your photo does you no good. You’re much prettier in person.” She thanked him and then silence fell as they both perused the menu. “Do you want to share the platter for starters?” he asked her. She nodded and looked at what to choose for her main course. When the waiter arrived with her drink, the food order was given and he ordered a brandy for himself. The waiter returned with the brandy and said that the starter would be ready in around 5 minutes. “That gives us a bit of time to break the ice and start talking” he said. They started talking about the weather and general chit chat about the economy and politics. He added a few jokes into the conversation and she found herself relaxing and laughing along with him. He reached over to take her hand and she jerked back in surprise knocking over her drink in the process. “Don’t worry” he said, “I’ll get you another.” He returned with her drink at the same time as the waiter arrived with the platter to share. She took a good drink to help lubricate her throat which had gone very dry before taking a portion of the food in front of her. “Mmmm, this chicken satay is delicious” he said “try some.” She helped herself and recommended the stuffed mushrooms which had a lovely spicy taste to them. Before she knew it the platter was empty. She finished off her drink and ordered another one when the waiter came to take away the dishes. Whilst waiting for the next course she felt herself relaxing even more and even offered up more in the way of telling him about her lifestyle and her career. When the main course arrived she took one mouthful and felt very sick. “Must go to the bathroom” she said getting up quickly and hot footing it to the toilet where she was violently sick. She cleaned herself up and went back to the table.”What’s up, you look awfully pale, are you ill?” he asked her. She just nodded. “Look I’ll pay for the food, explain the situation and then take you home” he explained to her. He paid the bill and then helped her outside and guided her to his car which was parked a few yards down the road. He helped her into the front passenger seat and then went round to the drivers side and started the car. She totally blacked out and had no idea what was in store for her.

She woke up with a slight headache and a dry mouth. She tried to get up but couldn’t move. She looked around and saw that she was totally naked and spread eagled on a bed. Her wrists were tied to the bedposts and her ankles were tied to two posts at the bottom. She tried to speak but her mouth and throat were too dry. A noise to her left made her turn and she saw the man that she was with the previous night. He was standing beside the bed wearing tight leather shorts with his cock hanging out at the front.He was holding a stick with an ice cube on the end of it. “Dry mouth?” he asked “here suck a bit on this to lubricate it” She sucked on the ice and tried to swallow the melted drips. The coolness was very soothing and eventually she was able to speak. “Why am I here? What are you going to do to me? What did you do to me last night to make me ill?”
“Oh, I just put a little sedative in your drink, although I didn’t expect it to make you sick, still things worked out okay! As for what I am going to do to you, I am going to give you the time of your life!”

He took out a ball gag from the drawer by the bed and attached it around her head making sure the gag fit nicely in her mouth.”Don’t struggle,dear, you’ll only make things worse for yourself”
She looked at him, her eyes open wide and flitting from side to side. “Relax and go with the flow” he said. He knelt over her and took one of her nipples into his mouth and fondled the other with his fingers. He gently nibbled on the nipple and then sucked and licked it till it stood out erect. He then took a nipple clamp and placed it on her nipple. She tried to cry out but the gag prevented her. He did the same to the other nipple. He then joined each clamp with Sex hikayeleri a chain and pulled on the chain,harder and harder until her nipples were pulled taut. She was bucking on the bed as the pain hit her.
“Now, we can’t have that, too much movement!”. He shortened the ropes that tied her wrists to the bed posts and then shortened the ones tied at her ankles. This made her legs splay apart even more. “Lovely view now, I can see both your pussy and ass hole, very inviting. Lets see just how inviting your pussy is!” He thrust 2 fingers deep into her pussy and started pumping them in and out. “Hmm, nice….hot and juicy” He continued to pump her faster and then with the other hand pushed a finger into her ass. She tried to move but was tethered so tightly she had no choice but to lie there and take what he gave her. “Ever had anything up your ass before?” he asked her. She shook her head, “Well there’s always a first time” he said. He removed his fingers and went round to the side of the bed and started to rummage in something, she couldn’t see what. He came back to the foot of the bed and looking at her said “You’re going to love the feeling of this inside you, it will give you so much pleasure” He knelt down and inserted a butt plug into her ass. She squealed, it felt like she was being ripped apart, then she felt very full, like she wanted to go to the toilet. “There how’s that?” he asked, “Now for something to really get you going”. He took a vibrator, set it on high and thrust it into her pussy, she screamed but not much could be heard because of the gag. He started to pump the vibrator, she could feel it hitting her clit everytime he thrust it in and could feel it rubbing against the butt plug inside her ass. She couldn’t help it but could feel herself rising to an orgasm, she was being violated but was cumming because of it, she tensed as she reached the peak of her orgasm. “Lovely” he said” the jiuces are just flowing out of you, good girl.” He removed the vibrator and replaced it with his tongue as he sucked and licked at her juices. He played with her clit which was now throbbing. She could feel herself cumming again. “That’s it, keep it up, your juices are just lovely” She tried to arch her back as yet another wave of orgasm overcame her. She was panting and trying hard to catch her breath. “Now my lovely” he said,” that was simply divine. I shall leave the butt plug in but I will remove your gag” “Great” she thought “Now comes my chance to scream for help” but as he removed the gag she felt a prick in her arm and everything went black.

She awoke feeling very groggy, she felt something over her face, when she stuck out her tongue it hit something in front of her mouth. When she opened her eyes she realised she was wearing a hood that covered her head apart from a couple of slits for her eyes. She was no longer lying down but standing up. Her arms were above her head and when she looked up she could see that her wrists were tied together and she was attached to a hook hanging from the ceiling. She tried to move her legs but on looking down saw that they were tied to rings in the floor. Her legs had been pulled apart and there was a bar between her ankles to prevent her from trying to close them.”What’s he going to do to me” she thought, remembering the pain from the day before but also how she involuntary gave in to all those orgasms. Her tits felt sore and when she looked down she saw that were bound with rope and were protruding out from her body looking very red. She was aware of a fullness in her arse and remembered that he had left the butt plug in. She screamed as something cold and hard was rammed into her pussy. She had not been aware that he come into the room and was lying on the floor below her, he had not made any sound until he laughed when she screamed. “Now, now” he said” Just relax, this is going to hurt you more than it will hurt me!!! Ha, ha!”
He was pushing a large, thick black dildo into her pussy, attached to the end were a couple of electrodes which were attached to a small machine beside him. He gave the dial on the machine a quarter turn. She screamed as an electric shock raced through her body. It was a quick pulse but it hurt. He turned the dial up more, she screamed and writhed, at the same time he was pumping the dildo in her pussy. He turned the dial up full, left it there for a few seconds and then turned it off. She screamed and then passed out. “Oh no,” he said” you Sikiş hikayeleri are not getting out of it that easily” and he threw some cold water over her. She awoke to see him staring at her.”Now, didn’t you enjoy that?” he said” and it’s no use shaking your head, your nipples are hard and erect, standing to attention like little soldiers and your pussy is literally swimming in its juices, so much so that they are running down your legs!” Without warning he latched onto one of her nipples, sucking, nibbling and biting on it. The other he squeezed and pinched between thumb and forefinger. He then attached two nipple clamps and a heavy weight to each nipple. She screamed as her already tender nipples were pulled downwards by the weights. He then knelt down between her legs and sucked on her pussy juices. He then attached clamps to her labia and attached weights to the clamps. She couldn’t take the pain for much longer she thought and screamed as he started to swing the weights from her labia. He then took a vibrator and shoved it into her pussy. “I’m just going to have something to eat” he said “and then I’ll be back with some more delights for you!”
She could feel the vibrations in her pussy, the vibrator was stimulating her, she could feel herself coming to the peak of an orgasm. As much as she tried to resist, she couldn’t. She moaned and groaned as yet another orgasm overcame her. She could feel her juices running down the inside of her legs. Her nipples and breasts felt tender and she felt pain where the weights from her labia were swinging as she moved with her orgasm. It seemed like hours before he returned. He pulled the butt plug out and replaced it with his erect cock. She screamed, his cock was thicker than the butt plug and it felt like he was tearing her apart. He started to pump her ass grabbing onto her tits for stability. He yanked off the clamps and weights and started to caress her boobs as he pumped her ass. He could feel the vibrator through the thin layer between pussy and ass. She could feel them both rubbing against each other inside her and could feel herself giving in to orgasm after orgasm. She felt like she couldn’t breathe as wave after wave of orgasmic peak ran through her. He started panting as he reached his orgasm and offloaded into her ass.
“There now, that was just great…I know you liked it as I could feel you cumming…there’s more for you later. You just rest now” She felt something jab into her leg and everything went black.

When she awoke she found that she was bent over a bench. Her legs were pulled apart and tied to the legs of the bench.Her ass was up in the air. Her tits were over two holes in the bench and he had attached the usual clamps and weights. Her arms were tied to the front legs of the bench and she realised that she had nothing covering her face or in her mouth. As she started to shout he said” Go on, make as much noise as you like, no-one can hear you, the more you scream and shout the harder my cock gets!” She turned to the side and could see him standing beside the bench, naked and with his cock standing to attention. He moved around to the back of her, “Lovely ass” he said and then she screamed as she was hit with something on her ass. “Like my whip?” he asked as he gave her six of the best. He then aimed the whip lower so that it caught her pussy as he aimed another few whacks.”Now” he said” relax, you will enjoy what is coming next!”
She could hear something being wheeled up to her but couldn’t see what was happening. She felt something cold against her ass and something hard against her pussy. Then she screamed with pain as something was rammed into her ass and pussy simultaneously, whatever it was was being slowly pumped into her.”How do you like my little fucking machine?” he asked her, “there’s a big black cock ramming into your pussy and a nice pink one pumping your ass. I can vary the speeds, so just co-operate and go with the flow!” He turned a dial and the dildos started to pump faster, her screams turned to moans and groans as her clit was stimulated by the pumping dildos. She realised that she was getting used to the sensation of both her holes being rammed and before she knew it she was reaching another orgasm.How could this be happening? Before she could think of an answer he turned the dial up to full and she was experiencing peak after peak of orgasmic pleasure, so much so that she could barely breathe and catch her breath. Never Erotik hikaye before had she experienced anything like this. Then abruptly it stopped, she shuddered as the last orgasm went through her. She felt him grab her hair at the back of her head and pull her head back, he then rammed his erect cock into her mouth.”Suck on this bitch” he said as he started to pump his cock into her mouth. She started to gag and knew the only way to survive this was to co-operate. She started to suck on his cock and after a few seconds started to enjoy the sensation. She sucked and sucked and could feel his cock pulsating in her mouth, she knew he was near to cumming as his breaths got shorter and shorter. He exploded into her mouth, she knew she had to swallow or she would choke so she just kept swallowing and sucking until he was drained. “Wow, bitch that was fantastic, best blow job I’ve ever experienced. Well done!”
He went around to the back and untied her legs and then untied her arms, she tried to get up and run but found her legs were like jelly and that she felt quite weak. “It’s amazing how several orgasms can drain the body of energy” he said as he guided her over to the bed. Just lie down here for a while and get your energy back. She fell face down onto the bed, smelt something funny on the pillow and went straight to sleep.

She awoke to find herself on what felt and looked like a doctors examination couch. Her legs were up in stirrups, bent at the knee and pulled apart. They were strapped to the stirrups. She was sitting up with her tits bound and her arms tied to her sides. She tried to move but found that she was tied to the couch with same rope that was binding her arms. He entered the room,”Glad to see you’re awake” he said ” as you can see Mr Cock here is erect and ready for action. Today you will be able to see what is going to happen to you” He stood between her legs and pulled out a large, thick dildo from behind his back. “See this? You are going to take all of this in your lovely hot, wet pussy!”
“No!” she shouted “I can’t take all that, it’s too big”
“Just relax” and he pushed the dildo up inside her. She felt like she was going to burst, she felt so full. “Now for Mr Cock to see some action” and he pushed his erect penis into her ass.”Nooo!” she screamed but found as he started to pump her that she quite liked the feelings that were coursing through her body. As he pumped her ass he sought out her clit and started rubbing it, tweaking and squeezing it. She moaned and groaned as she could feel herself succombing to the pleasures she was feeling and on reaching the peak of her orgasm started shouting out “More, more, more!”. He carried on fucking her ass and bent forward to take one of her nipples in his mouth. The intense pleasure that coursed through her was unbelievable, orgasm after orgasm went through her. He offloaded into her ass and then started pumping the dildo in her pussy. She squealed and squirmed as more and more orgasmic pleasures went through her. She couldn’t believe that someone could give her so much pleasure by giving her so much pain! She felt the juices just pouring out of her, he removed the dildo and put his mouth down to her pussy and started sucking and licking. He had never tasted such sweet juices, at the same time he stuck a finger in her ass and started to feel around until he could feel his tongue through the thin membrane separating ass and pussy. She was moaning, groaning, squealing, shouting and trying desparately to move as wave after wave of orgasm went through her. He stood up and undid her legs and then untied her from the couch. He unbound her tits and started to massage and caress them. She fell back against him, loving the feelings that were going through her but then something was put over her mouth and that was the last she knew.

When she came to she found that she was sitting in the drivers seat of her car and it was parked outside her house. How did she get here? Was she dreaming? Did what she think she had just experienced really happen? It must have as her nipples felt very sore and her ass and pussy were tender. She looked down at the passenger seat and noticed an envelope with her name on the front. She opened it and started to read the note inside…
” Emily, I hope you have enjoyed our little experience together, it was the only way I could think of to get you to come to my home and succomb to the pleasures that I had to offer to you. I know that in the end you started to enjoy our coupling.
Should you wish to experience it again just call me on my number and I’ll be waiting! xxx”
Emily couldn’t get her mobile phone out of her bag fast enough!!!

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