The Experiment Ch. 01


Part I.

The Corruption

It started as an experiment. Just to see. Things were going so well. The communication had gone on for months. Sometimes spent texting all day or chatting in the room for nights on end. She had been so busy. It’s not easy fighting for the homeless and poor during the day and attending school full time at night for her Masters. She barely had time to breathe. Living alone in her apartment that she barely spent time in and spending entire nights in the old Ivy League library. And then he appeared. She was having a really bad day. And he was there…in the chat room..a comforting presence. Soothing, checking in on her. It felt so good to have somebody care and to understand and want to listen. They had had a few laughs, getting to know the others in the room, and then flirting in private instant messenger on the side. His texts getting sexier, playful, and more suggestive as the weekend night wore on.

She really should have been working on her paper. But his presence was so reassuringly seductive. She did not want to leave. She was wondering if he would end it. If he would get bored. But he didn’t. They chatted until the early hours of the morning. He was her secret fantasy man. And for a time that was enough. Why spoil it with reality? Why rush it? When it felt so right. Just like that. She was enjoying the pleasure of his company in the moment. Didn’t her friends always tell her she had the habit of rushing things…pushing and being overly aggressive? So she enjoyed the flirtation while it lasted. The intoxicating attention allowed her a break from work. By the end of the night, he was saying he felt like he knew her and if felt right. Yeah, it was right.

The rain was pouring down. She was stuck inside dreading going out with her laptop back to the bleak, gothic library building. She was glad he was there as a comforting friend. He told her he would keep her company while she did her work in the library if she wanted. How nice.

When the interactions ended she was left with that familiar ache. And knowing her, he always texted hello on her phone and she smiled. Little texts appeared throughout her busy day as they flirted back and forth. Her dreary days began to lighten up. He would wish her luck on her papers and applauded her when she did well. Even as a friend, she thought this could work. Floating on a cloud she kept the communication up. Everything was wonderful and then they began talking about meeting. He said that he didn’t want to rush it. He had been disappointed before…so they took it slowly.

Nights were spent talking on the phone–sometimes about his childhood, sometimes about his divorce, and problems with his ex-wife. She learned about his love for his children. Sometimes erotic thoughts whirled round through their heads as they texted, giggling and teasing. She had never had phone sex before. It was a forbidden topic for her.

Did good girls do that? Oh yes, she had always been a good, proper girl. But it always left her lonely. So she began to test her limits and let him tell her what he wanted. It was very new and the excitement and ache she began to feel for him felt like a slow tease. Lusting for each other, she would hear him cumming hard on the phone…his passion undisguised—calling her his angel. She felt her sexual power flowing…it was a heady sensation. They did it more and more, and she felt closer to him than she ever felt to any other man. Letting him take over more and more, he told her what to do with her body for him. She was working incredibly hard at her job and school illegal bahis when they decided to meet.

The summer had passed with them communicating. He was working on a project very far north…and felt alone. They kept up their intense communication. She wondered if the connection would feel this strong in person when they met. She hoped it would. And then the day finally arrived.

It was a cold night so she wore her coat. She had hoped it would be warm, so she could show off her curves with a nice fall outfit, but the weather was not on her side. They did not know if he would be staying at her place. Should she have him spend money on an expensive hotel when she had a huge apartment? She saw his face in the car. He was shorter than she expected with kind blue eyes. His face scrunched up in wrinkles when he laughed. He was very fit. She could tell that much. They hugged each other tightly. His strong shoulders wrapped around her hard and she felt his chest crushing against hers. He took her hand. She usually did not like it when men held hands with her. It always felt kind of forced. But not this time, his hand felt warm and reassuring…like their chats.

He squeezed her palm possessively, and she glowed a little inside. The dinner and desert were good, though a bit tense conversation wise. They headed back to her apartment. He turned and suddenly grabbed her playfully and kissed her on the street.

Damn. He is a good kisser. She had teased him about his kissing abilities and he had bragged that he was very skilled.

“Sure, sure,” she said, “but do you know the four stages of a very good kiss?” And she went on, telling him about how men usually don’t tease first lighty with their tongues before they plunge inside. Something she had encountered far too often. All the clumsy, sloppy kissers who rushed in action. They laughed and he assured her that he was not a sloppy kisser.

She felt her eyes glaze over a little, lustfully thinking about possibly taking it to the next level. The kiss made her feel the familiar stirring that their conversations had aroused. She really had not decided whether she was going to sleep with him or not. But they had decided on going to her place.

“You will sleep on the couch,” she teased wickedly. “It is very comfy, and I will be in the

bed nice and snuggly.”

He looked at her steadily. “Why do I get the couch?” he whispered seductively in her ear. “You can sleep on it.”

“Hey,” she nudged him playfully with her hip. “No dice,” and smiled impishly.

They laughed a bit more and when they got to her place he seemed very at ease. “O.K. I’m taking the bed,” he said, as he took off his t shirt and hopped on the bed.

“Hey mister…no way. That bed is mine.” She mocked anger and thought for a bit. She felt a bit put on the spot. He looked so warm and comfortable under the sheets.

“O.k. We can both sleep in it but we are not necessarily doing anything.” She smiled happy with her compromise. She lay down in the bed next to him and the electricity that had dimmed between them started to surge up again. She started to breathe heavily. He was wearing his boxer shorts and his chest was warm and tanned from the summer sun. She sighed fidgeting and feeling uncomfortably close. Her day was so long. She started to doze.

When she woke a bit later, his chest was nearer. She felt his hands on her sides, stroking her softly. His eyes were closed. She wanted him to touch her so badly. Anywhere. She never knew animal lust like that. Guys usually were jumping her bones on dates. She had no time to want them. illegal bahis siteleri She either had to fight them off or struggle to keep up. But here was a slow seduction that led to a steady ache here in her bed now. Her breathing was getting ragged as he traced his fingers up and down the sides of her legs slowly…brushing them higher up to her shoulders.

Please touch me. She was begging in her mind. But something told her to act cool. So she lay there enjoying the touch. Finally, she opened her eyes and saw pleading in his deep blue eyes..

“You can touch me,” she whispered. “It’s o.k.” Suddenly, his hands moved to her breasts, his fingers teasing her nipples. She gasped. Her nipples immediately hardened, and her lust became more and more apparent. Her body arched towards his. His hands moved lower. His fingers tracing her mound teasing. His fingers began to very slowly move inside of her exploring. She sighed and moaned stretching towards him.

He suddenly took her by the shoulders and dragged her body to the edge of the bed. He stood up by the bed and started to enter her thrusting his cock hard inside. His need must have been greater than she believed, she thought to herself. She gasped struggling to keep up. He came quick and hard. She was shocked by how fast it ended and felt a little let down. This was new. No one had ever come prematurely on her. He was breathing hard. She stroked his hair. He looked tired. Sighing she knew she was due in school early in the morning for class and tried to sleep.

They laid closed together in the bed but she could not sleep. “Damn that cappuccino I had with dinner,” she thought as she tossed and turned. The room suddenly became warm. She got up to put the air conditioner on. Her back was towards him when she got back in the bed. Dozing she suddenly felt his hands start to roam over her body again. She was surprised but still aroused. Again, he started to explore her breasts teasing each mound and gently working the nipples. His hands moved to her stomach and then back to her breasts. He repeated this several times until her breathing was coming hard.

She wanted him so badly. He grabbed her and raised her up off the bed her back towards him. His hands grasped at her breasts, kneading them harder. She breathed in and bit her lip a he squeezed them feeling the throbbing pain and pleasure shooting through her body. He worked at her mound with his hands more and more firmly. He bent her over and entered her again. She gasped and moaned.

This time she was wet and waiting…He thrust deep and hard and then pulled out. She whimpered a protest…not wanting the exquisite feeling to end. He got up and stood by the edge of the bed again pulling her towards him. She moaned louder, needing him inside her trying to focus on him through her desire. He plunged into her again, her legs spread. Groaning, she wrapped them around his waist and drew him in closer. His cock pulled out slowly and he teased her with its head at her mound as she gasped needily, “No, No. Don’t pull out, please.” She was close to the edge. Her pleasure was peaking fast from the lust built up from before.

His moves were almost animalistic as he raked her body with his hands holding onto her breasts hard and again thrusting in deep. “Yes,” she moaned. “God,” she thought, “Is that me making those sounds?” She was overcome by pure sexual need for the first time in her life. It was strange and new. He seemed to relish the need in her voice and she felt him get harder. They came together. Flushed and heated, he collapsed on the bed next to canlı bahis siteleri her.

“I need to sleep,” she laughed panting.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry,” his blue eyes looked apologetic.

“Don’t be sorry,” she kissed his warm, soft lips. “That was hot,” she smiled staring into his eyes, their heads level , lying side by side, her hands on his chest, like two shy teenagers. He looked back and smirked boyishly and they both happily dozed off until morning.

Dark Morning:

Morning was another story. He was ready before she was. Dressed, he watched television in the living room. And then he moved into the kitchen sitting at the table staring at one of her books.

“Do you want some coffee?” she asked.

“No thanks.” Something was bothering him. He seemed distant.

She smiled trying to get him to lighten up, “I make really good coffee…”

He shook his head. “No my stomach was bothering me all night. I think it was some of the food we ate.”

“Oh my poor baby,” she teased and kissed his forehead.

He looked at her quite seriously. Her book was open in front of him. “I could never understand this…” and he waved his hand over the printed page. She knew he had a learning disability. He had opened up to her about it. He felt insecure about his problems and his family was the classic overachieving type. Wealthy father, genius brother, intelligent cultured mother who worked.

“It’s o.k. Sometimes I have to read it over and over to get it myself. It’s not one of my easier texts,” she explained. And it was the truth. He had picked up one of her more challenging books. Full of technical jargon and very dry language. But she was a nerd, a shy geek…and maybe it was sinking in. She wasn’t sure. She knew his ex-wife was quite bright as well. She sighed and busied herself with getting ready. She was not the greatest morning person, especially before her first cup of coffee. She would worry later. She was late for class and he had to get back to his job up north. They were both rushed for time.

They decided to split a cab and he would drop her off in midtown near the garage where he left his van. He did not want to park it on the street.

She kissed him in the cab and got up the nerve to ask, “When will I see you again?”

He smiled a smug smile. And she knew their meeting again was something that was not definite in his mind.

“Well, I’m going to be very busy this month…” his voice trailed. Oh God. Her heart sank. This was what girls warn you about. The rule about sleeping with someone too soon.

Or was she not attractive enough? Her mind raced. She was cute but no movie star or model. She wondered. Sometimes men wanted a glamour girl. She was definitely not that. More of a girl next door, clean cut type, with a natural look, and no patience for makeup. She was called “cute” a lot. Sometimes sexy.

She thought his look may have been a little condescending before. As if in some way she had not measured up. Maybe his family again and their standards? She had never really gotten that look before. Not because she was a bombshell but because she usually picked men who were interested in her in some way from the beginning. She was going to miss their talks already and knew somehow they would stop.

Disappointment was flooding in but she did not say anything. Her mind needed to be focused for class. She couldn’t risk her scholarship. This Masters was something she had wanted for so long. The people at work were rooting for her and allowed her to take time off for school. She couldn’t let them down. She thought of her mentor boss and smiled weakly as the ride ended.

She kissed his lips wondering if it would be the last time. He gave her a warm hug, smiling. She wondered how men could be so detached about love.

In fact, she almost envied it…

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