THE FACILITATOR (A LESBIAN TALE)- PART 2THE FACILITATOR (A LESBIAN TALE)- PART 2ALL THAT JAZZAfter a nigh of sex in a hotel room, Jasmine was just about to go to bed when the phone rang. Helen was at the other end and wanted to talk to her about an assignment. Jasmine knew Helen since she had used her services before. A VP of a large real estate company, Helen was in a high income-bracket, a high stress situation and contacts with some pretty powerful and secretive lesbians. She talked to Jasmine about Tina, a well-known jazz signer who was exercising at the same women-only gym in town. “People in the know tell me she’s a lesbian to boot. Then I go on the Internet and there is nothing to suggest she’s gay. Ok she’s black and may not be into white girls. I can understand that”, said Helen quickly before Jasmine could put in a word edgewise.“Did you talk to her at the gyn ? “ asked Jasmine when Helen finally stopped talking.“No…I didn’t….I was just speechless…and she didn’t even look at me”, answered Helen“The only way I am going to find out anything is by making a pass at her at the gym. Are you ok with that ?”, said Jasmine“Sure…well..I guess so”, stuttered Helen“My God, are you in love with her or do you just want to fuck her ?”, asked Jasmine who was beginning to lose her patience.“Well I do like her as an artist and I think she’s very beautiful and …yes I would want to fuck her”, admitted Helen“I just wanted to warn you that if I get to first base with her…I might get to home plate also”, said Jasmine“Ok ok…God I’m already jealous…sorry…do what you have to do to find out if she is lesbo and if she likes white girls”, said Helen who had regained her composure. ‘I’ll get back to you”, said Jasmine who just wanted to go to bed …alone !—————————————————————————————————————————————————–After buying a day-pass at the gym, Jasmine dropped her bag next to her locker and changed into her gym clothes. She saw no one. She knew the owner and had warned her about what she was there for. The owner had told her she had seen Tina a few times around 3PM when few people were there. Helen had told her the same.If she came out empty, at least she would have exercised. She walked to the treadmill which was the only piece of equipment she knew how to handle. There were six treadmills and she gasped as the far one was being used by Tina. Jasmine made her way to the second machine, leaving one between her and Tina. The singer didn’t even look at her. Jasmine quietly pushed a button which had the moving carpet go forwards instead of backwards. She had done this trick many times in gyms. When she turned it on, of course, it made her fall back on her ass. Jasmine pretended to be stunned but not seriously hurt as Tina was all over her, helping her up and bringing her to a chair. “I’m sorry to have interrupted your exercise”, Jasmine apologized, “I’ll be ok. I should have checked the direction before I turned it on”. “Oh my God, you could have really hurt yourself”, said Tina who had put Jasmine’s arm around her shoulder to get her to the chair. Jasmine let her arm linger a few minutes on Tina’s shoulder without any movement from Tina. Tina sat next to Jasmine and began some chit chat. Tina asked her what she did, and Jasmine come out with one of her favorite stories.“Actually, I write guidebooks for different cities. I hope this doesn’t shock you, but I write guidebooks describing the different cruising areas, clubs, gyms, movie houses, for …lesbians. Tina looked at her in the eye and smiled. “These are very useful guides”, she said, ”Do you think this gym is a good cruising spot ?”.“I don’t really know since I just got here and fell on my ass, so I have begun my investigation yet”, answered Jasmine who was happy she got Tina laughing. “If you could give me your opinion, it would be great…but I don’t even know if you’re…you know…”, stuttered Jasmine. “A lesbian”, completed Tina. “Right”, acknowledged Jasmine.Jasmine never really knew for sure if Tina had believed her story or if she just went along with her seduction dance, but one thing is sure is that Tina was horny.As Jasmine showed she could walk, Tina suggested they quietly go to her place. Tina’s enthusiasm probably surprises the reader, but one must remember that Jasmine is a tall and very beautiful woman who would attract any lesbian. Tina was halkalı escort also beautiful but shorter and with smaller tits. On the other hand, her bubble ass was a legend among jazz musicians. It was the meeting of two horny lesbians bursting with extras that would bait anyone. It was obvious that Tina didn’t want to engage in anything sexual when she was in the gym. Jasmine learned that the singer was not out of the closet and was very discreet. Maybe she thought Jasmine was harmless since she didn’t know who she was and was just passing through. In Tina’s car, she asked Jasmine if she knew who she was. The blank look in Jasmine’s eyes told her she didn’t. “ I’m sorry, you must be somebody well-known but in a field, I don’t know anything about”, apologized Jasmine“Don’t worry but I won’t tell you what I do. I am still in the closet and want to remain that way until further notice”, said Tina.Well that was clear enough and that answered Helen’s question. Yes, she is a lesbian but she doesn’t want to go near you because you’ll give out her secret. So much for getting any money out of this client. At least Jasmine knew she would have some fun with the gorgeous black babe.————————————————————————————————————————————The two women started kissing and undressing as they made their way to the bedroom upstairs. The house was small but very beautiful and full of artwork . One could have followed the women by following the clothes on the floor. Jasmine thought that Tina was one of the horniest lesbians she had seen in a long time. The two women were minutes away from a first orgasm and Jasmine knew from Tina’s movements and hands that she was very experienced. Their hand went to each other’s cunt as they settled face to face but sideways. They tongue-kissed until they ran out of oxygen. Fingers were busy with the cunt hole and then with the clit. Tina was shaved which didn’t really mean anything, but Jasmine figured her playmate was a butch. A very feminine one, but a butch, nevertheless. The lesbians brought each other to their first orgasm rather easily. Tummies and thighs were already covered in cunt juices.“Let’s eat”, suggested the black girlEven in a 69, Tina wanted to be on top. That suited Jasmine just fine as had a great view of Tina’s ass and hole. It was an easy lick for the white girl since she was facing a hairless cunt. She sucked on the red lips and reached the singer’s surprisingly large clit by extending her long tongue. Both lesbians decided, without a word, to come by sucking their cunt hole. Only experienced lovers can do that. Jasmine could feel her lust level rise by the minute. Finally, Tina exploded in Jasmine’s face and mouth which triggered Jasmine’s orgasm which nearly drowned the singer by directing her jet flow right into her mouth. The lovers untangled slowly, their bodies shining with sweat and cunt juice. Even Tina’s frizzy hair was partly sticking to her scalp. They went back to their original position, sideways face to face. They chatted, kissed, exchanged dirty words, and slowly began to touch each other again. Jasmine asked Tina if she could lick her beautiful ass. Tina wasn’t so keen since she hadn’t had a shower, but Jasmine insisted and got permission. Jasmine dove in between the two globes and reached the tasty hole. Tina moaned as her lover penetrated her ass with her tongue. Jasmine was an expert and loved asslicking. Tina moved her cunt against the sheet as Jasmine’s tongue poked at her furiously. Jasmine stopped when she was quite sure Tina had come once again. The two lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms for a few hours. When Jasmine woke up, Tina was in the shower. She left her a note about meeting her again at the gym and took leave. She didn’t want Tina to discover that her story wasn’t true and the prospect of meeting her by accident in the city was slim.She phoned Helen and told her the bad news. At least Helen knew it wasn’t because of her skin colour or her looks, it was because Tina was afraid of anyone who could undercover her sexual preferences. She wasn’t ready to come out of the closet.—————————————————————————————————————————————THE HOOKER-LOVER“She’s cheating on me”, cried olgun escort the woman on the phone“Ok…calm down….if you want to know who she is seeing…hire a private investigator”, answered Jasmine“She is seeing hookers”, answered the woman fighting back tears.“Oh…ok…straight hookers ? Lesbian hookers ?…”, asked Jasmine who certainly knew the field“Lesbian hookers … but I’m not sure. I showed a photograph to some but they either want money to answer or they don’t want to identify her with any certainty”, answered the woman who continued sniffingJasmine arranged a meeting with the woman in a downtown restaurant, hoping she wouldn’t burst into tears.Her customer, so to speak, looked like the average mother of three from the suburbs. She was a middle-age secretary working for a law firm while her companion was a restaurant cook (she said “chef”) who worked long hours and came home late. Jasmine saw some pictures; some were studio shots while others were more relaxed and taken around the house. She didn’t have any nude ones. The guilty party was about 45 with short black hair, a nice face, what looked like small tits, and her ass was always invisible in the picture. She wasn’t a knock-out but not ugly either. Why did she used hookers ? The companion was mute on the subject. They had been together 15 years. The sex was very ordinary and infrequent. Jasmine took on the project and would report to Nicole, the cheated-on partner. Jasmine’s first assignment was to identify what type of hookers Rachel was using. Of course, the ladies would not talk to Nicole, but Jasmine still knew a few in the various categories and started the rounds. The good-looking middle-age hotel hookers were not guilty. Jasmine talked to a few Internet lesbians and they didn’t know Rachel. The club hookers were not tolerated anymore inside the clubs. They hung around at the exit doors sometimes for hours before getting a Jane. Everything pointed to the street and back-alley hookers. She knew nobody of that group would talk, they constantly lived in fear of jealous husbands, jealous lesbians, cops, etc… Jasmine headed for Rachel’s restaurant just before closing. She waited patiently in her car. Rachel came out the front door and locked it. Her car was in the parking lot nearby. It was midnight on a Saturday. She got into the car and slowly turned towards the hot district rather than the suburbs where she lived. Jasmine followed her. The lesbian hookers hung out about 10 minutes from the restaurant. Jasmine slowed down as she watched Rachel cruise by a few girls at the corner of the street. They were straight. She drove further and slowly turned into an alley which was known as “dyke alley”. A lot of lesbian clubs had an exit on the alley, as did some massage parlours, women-only gyms, and bars. Jasmine parked and ran to the alley just in time to see a woman get into Rachel’s car. So that was her pick-up spot. Jasmine had kept some of her “trade” clothes. They sometimes came in handy. Nicole had told her that Rachel always came in very late on Saturdays because the restaurant was open until midnight (which wasn’t really true; it was open until 11:30). Jasmine figured Rachel was doing a hooker every Saturday night after work. She just had to make sure she was the one who got picked up. Jasmine had been in the trade a long time when she was younger. The girls had changed but she was still very well known and respected. She had connections and could warn girls when a raid was imminent or would pay bail money for girls she knew. At 11 PM Jasmine went around the area where Rachel had done her pick-up and talked to the girls. She distributed a few bills and some hugs (and received invitations for lunch…of a special kind). At midnight, she was in position and the few girls around her were ready to let her have that Jane. Rachel’s car appeared at midnight right on the dot. The car stopped in front of Jasmine who wore a very attractive short tight skirt and a blouse which supported her tits and showed them at the same time. “Hi sweetie”, said Rachel as she lowered the window“Hi cutie”, answered Jasmine“Usual rate for a ride ?”, asked Rachel“Yes ma’am “, answered JasmineJasmine got into the car and immediately her left thigh was the object of Rachel’s attention. Rachel wondered why she hadn’t seen her before. şişli escort Jasmine made up a story about working in a different city for awhile. Rachel was squeezing Jasmine’s thigh and her hand was moving towards the cloth-covered crotch. Jasmine joined the little game and her hand pushed up Rachel’s skirt until her thong showed. “You’re a horny little dyke, aren’t you Annie ?” said Rachel in a throaty voice.“How did you know my name was Annie ?”, asked Jasmine sensing she was getting some answers for her client. “We know each other….don’t tell me you don’t remember me…I know your sister Nicole”, whispered Rachel“Oh yes…of course…how can I forget ?”, smiled Jasmine, her hand touching the driver’s warm nylon-covered cunt.Rachel drove to the nearby beach. It was deserted except for the part where it becomes covered in long grass.Three cars were parked there, leaving about 20 feet between each one. It was a well-known make-out area and a favorite peeking spot for voyeurs.Rachel parked and put the handbrake. Jasmine had been here many times but years ago. It was a very unromantic walk through memory lane. The two women quickly went out the front doors and in the back doors and locked all of them. Jasmine knew the drill. Rachel took off her glasses and put them in her handbag which she slipped underneath the front seat. No point in showing these things to possible peekers. Jasmine had taken off her blouse and her tits were in full view. Rachel slipped off her thong and unhooked her bra which she put on the front seat. Jasmine had no panties and kept her skirt on.Jasmine figured Rachel went for half-dressed sex and she was right. The restaurant cook jumped Jasmine and shoes fell off as the two women kissed and grabbed boobs. Rachel was the aggressor. She pulled Jasmine’s skirt up with both hands and inhaled the hooker’s wet cunt smell. Jasmine felt Rachel’s mouth on her shaved cunt. Rachel was good. She sucked lips then clit, licking the piss hole in the process. “Give me your cunt, baby”, cried Jasmine who was really getting into this.Rachel raised her skirt and pivoted around to that her cunt was on Jasmine’s face. Jasmine went at it with gusto. It was then that the first flashlights were turned on by the voyeurs and the beams of light moved from one half-naked woman to the other. Jasmine could just imagine the men around the car jerking off in solo or duets. The attention from outside didn’t keep the lesbians from squirting in each other’s face. In the tussle trying to get back face to face, Rachel buried her face between Jasmine’s beautiful buttocks. “Ahhhhhhhhhh…..”, moaned Jasmine who was appreciating her partner more and more. Jasmine didn’t have to beg. Rachel got into position as the beams of light focused on her ass. Jasmine dove into it, tongue first. That must have been a favorite scene for the men coming in the high grass. Jasmine had a good lick before Rachel turned around and got on top of her lover. Jasmine knew Rachel was a butch to boot and she played bitch as well as she could. Rachel positioned herself so that her cunt fitted right on top of Jasmine’s who had crossed her legs around her partner’s waist. The lesbians kissed deeply as Rachel started to move her hips slowly. Flashlights got busy again as another wave of voyeurs found the “lesbian fuck” car. It was also time for Rachel to talk to a very willing listener. “Oh fuck…Annie….you’re the best…”, moaned Rachel“Do you fuck Nicole ?”, risked Jasmine“Sometimes…but I prefer fucking you”, answered Rachel, “Do you and Nicole do it ?”That took Jasmine off guard, and she waited before she answered, which was smart since the answer came from Rachel herself.“ Nicole tells me you two eat each other often but that your mother caught you once”, Rachel said quickly“Yeah…she did…she was not pleased”, added Jasmine, relieved.The two women stopped talking as the two clits touched. Both moved to improve contact and opened their mouth as their orgasm swept over them. The women dressed and climbed back into the front seat instead of going outside, in case the voyeurs were still there. Rachel dropped Jasmine in the alley. Jasmine promised to watch out for her the following week. ———————————————————————————————————————-Jasmine and Annie met again but in Jasmine’s apartment. She reported the conversation she had had with Rachel. Annie was not totally surprised but grateful to Jasmine for finding out the truth. “I think I’ll speak with Nicole and maybe invite her to the house”, smiled Annie“Ah…yes…that may help clear the air”, acknowledged Jasmine“So you had sex with my partner ?”, asked Annie“Ah ..yes…I kinda had to in the course of my investigation”, stuttered JasmineThe two lesbians continued chatting as they walked upstairs to the bedroom. THE END

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