Subject: THE FAMILY FUCKTOY – CHAPTER 1 DISCLAIMER Note that the following is an updated version of the Mike, Sean and Tom’s story to make it comply with Nifty’s rules. It is the result of a very hot chat I had with an author. And then another one helped me make it even better. So I cannot take all the credit for it. This is my first story ever, and English is not my first language. That being said, I warn you that the following might be the hottest and perviest thing you’ve read in a long time. I do assume responsibility for any mind blowing orgasm that should occur because of the raunchy sex acts between men/teens/boys depicted below. My only regret is to not be able to swallow all loads you pervs are gonna shoot while reading it. Please contact me at ail for comments and praises, or if you want the original version. PLEASE, donate to Nifty. It offers us so much joy and release! All their hard work deserves to be rewarded! ———————————————————— At 34, Mike tried to stay in shape by going to the gym three times a week and eating healthy. Even though he didn’t have a six pack, he had always been very good looking and blessed with a 9.5 inch cock that had both women and men drooling. 6’3″ tall he had short dark hair and brown eyes. With little hair on his body, he really only trimmed his pits and crotch, which he thought helped his mighty cock look even bigger. He had always liked fucking women, but he learned as a teen that only gay guys were able to deepthroat his monster dick… or at least were eager to try. Mike had also known for a long time that he was into much younger girls… and boys if the occasion arose. He liked their frail, innocence and still undeveloped bodies. He deflowered a few 13-15 yo girls when he was a young adult, and he got one of the best blowjobs of his life from a 14 year old boy he met one time at a mall when he was 21. Not only could this boy take him balls deep, which was already an accomplishment on its own, but he was practically begging him to fuck his throat. And so Mike happily obliged, grabbing the boy’s head with both hands and going full force on his young teen throat. To this day, when he closes his eyes, he can still hear the boy gagging on his fat member as it pummeled his tonsils and plunged deep in his esophagus, and he can still feel his kiwi sized balls slap the kid’s chin every time he thrusted forward. It was obvious the boy had been practicing for years, and Mike had always wondered if maybe an older brother, an uncle, a neighbor or even his dad had been training the little fag. Or maybe he was just a mall slut preying on men and seducing them into giving him their thick daddy milk. But anyway, that was ancient history. When he had his first son, Sean, he was 19 and his girlfriend had just turned 15. Still, they decided to keep the child and it worked out relatively well for over 15 years until she realized she was unhappy and left Mike, Sean and their other boy, Tom, who was now 10 years old. Mike wasn’t so much surprised as he was angry at her for leaving, and sexually frustrated; which is something he had been quietly feeling for quite some time now. However, for whatever reason, he never cheated on her. He did jerk off nearly every day to some raunchy hardcore porn. One day, not long after his wife left, he was home alone with Tom. The young boy was playing video games in his room so he decided to rub one out while he had some alone time. Mike was so horned up on that day and so focused on the video he was watching that when he heard his son screaming he didn’t think twice and quickly went to Tom’s room to see what was going on. He opened Tom’s bedroom door and asked him what was wrong. Tom, sitting on the floor in front of the TV, was about to say something but he just froze when he saw that his dad was naked. Mike was standing in his boy’s room with a prominent hard-on. He hadn’t realized it but his cock hadn’t gone soft in the time it took to get to his 10 yo son’s room. He felt a bit embarrassed and tried to cover himself up, but it only looked like he was actually grabbing his dick. Tom’s eyes were glued to it like bees to the honey, and his hands went automatically down to the front of his shorts. After a few seconds, Tom got on his knees. He slowly crawled up to his dad and sat on his heels before sticking out his tongue to give the impressive engorged cockhead a sensual lick. This sent an electric shock through the 37 yo man’s body. Mike, who was still holding his cock with both hands, without thinking, started slowly jacking off and rubbing his glistening cockhead on his boy’s soft red lips, on his chin, on his tender neck, his forehead, his nose and his eyes. The softness and warmness of the boy’s skin on his cock was really getting to Mike. He was hard as steel and leaving trails of sticky precum all over Tom’s face. The child was in heaven, smiling and licking his dad’s cock whenever he could. That was more than Mike could take. His body tensed and his balls tightened. He felt his son’s lips create a suctioned seal around the tip, not even encasing the entire head. When Tom’s tongue darted forward, it pressed right against Mike’s dick hole and was greeted with a forceful shot of pedo cum. The boy’s tongue moved and Mike pumped another jet of steamy jizz into the boy’s mouth, past his tongue and straight to the back of his small throat. Tom gagged and pulled his face back. Mike shot another rope of cum onto the boy’s lips and nose. The boy coughed but smiled at his daddy, happy to have made him feel so good. Another shot was fired and some went into the boy’s nose causing him to pause and cough again at the sticky intrusion. Mike continued to shoot a few more volleys of cum, covering his son in the spunk that made him. The sight of his son’s spooge covered face was almost enough to make him want to cum again. However, he felt spent. He also thought this may have been the best orgasm of his life. Never in a million years did he think it would be with his son, much less his youngest. Mike was in a sort of trance. His cock hadn’t softened and his eyes were glued to his boy’s face. He looked so cute… so innocent, so ready to become his little boyslut… his little fuckbag. Mike used his still hard cock to push some of his semen in the boy’s mouth. He then took his fingers and wiped and scooped up the rest of the escort izmit spunk on his son’s face to feed that to him as well. At the end, Tom had swallowed almost all of his daddy’s man juice. After that day, Mike took every opportunity he could whenever his 15 yo teenage son Sean was out to have fun with his youngest boy. After a short while, he had started to get bolder with him. Encouraged by hardcore porn vids he had found online and some fellow pervs he had befriended on a sex forum, Mike pushed the boy’s physical limits and his own psychological boundaries by working more and more of his cock into his own flesh and blood. Mike felt like nothing could stop him from always going deeper and being rougher with him, and his son loved it all. He would complain a bit at first, but the feeling that Mike’s cock was giving him always succeeded in convincing him to let his dad use him any way he wanted. It took him close to two weeks before he successfully bottomed out in Tom’s little ass. His hot and soft velvety insides felt incredible, so tightly wrapped around Mike’s 9.5 inch fat cock, it almost felt like a second skin stroking him. It was like nothing else he had ever felt before and he knew there was no turning back: he had turned his son into his personal fucktoy and he was determined to use it any way he wanted. Tom was quickly learning how to become a perfectly submissive bottom for his dad. Mike would continue to take care of his boy, feed him and raise him with care and love. But that love now came with a sexual desire, almost animalistic, for his son. Years of pent-up sexual frustration was now being turned into sexual frenzy that found release through his boy. This had been going on for a month. By then Tom was used to take the rough pounding his dad was giving him; he was enjoying being used like a cum bucket and couldn’t get enough. One day, after Sean had left to meet with some friends after dinner, Mike and Tom took off all of their clothes. The hunky dad threw his naked 10 yo son on the couch and had him lay on his back and hold his ankles. The little boy’s pink starfish was in plain view and the position was so obscene, it was driving Mike wild with lust. He spat on the winking hole and on his own hard cock, mixing his saliva with his drooling precum to lube up his powerful member. Mike could feel that Tom wanted it more than anything else, that he needed to feel his cock plunge in him with full force. And that’s exactly what he did! Without any warning Mike thrusted forward as hard as he could and slammed his horse cock in the kid’s hole, making his little tummy bulge out like crazy. The ridiculously big bump that the cockhead was making on the kid’s belly was turning Mike on so fucking much. He liked to squeeze it with his fingers and to see it disappear, only to reappear a split second later as he rammed his cock balls deep in his son again. He’d put his own big hand on his son’s smooth tummy just to feel his cockhead push against it with each thrust. The forceful thrust of Mike’s cock in Tom’s gut took the boy’s breath away, and the pain he felt was almost immediately replaced by the best feeling he had ever felt in his life. Mike kept on powerfucking the 10 yo preteen for about 30 minutes, changing position, speed and angle. Deep guttural groans and high-pitched moans filled the room, echoing on the walls and making the whole scene even more raw and depraved. Mike was now sitting on the couch, his back against the backrest. Tom was facing away, a foot on each side of his dad’s midsection, and was crouching to impale himself on the 9.5 inch fat cock, slowly and sensually massaging the pornstar-sized dick with his prepubescent velvety insides. Mike had his eyes closed with his hands behind his head and was simply enjoying the feeling of Tom’s colon spasming, squeezing and massaging his huge horse cock as he was balls deep in the guts of the boyslut. Feeling someone else was in the room, Mike opened his eyes and saw Sean. He let out an almost inaudible “fuck”, which got Tom to look up and see his 15 yo brother standing in the doorway. Frozen in place, his small legs slowly gave up and he started sliding all the way down his dad fuck tool until his tiny marbles were touching his dad’s egg sized balls. Mike was scared as shit when he saw his teenage boy looking at him. He had never heard the front door open. But he immediately noticed Sean’s mighty erection. He hadn’t seen his first born’s dick for years and he was proud to see that he was taking after him; blessed with a very impressive 7.5 inch uncommonly large cock. Most men would have felt intimidated by the size of Sean’s tool. Mike knew that his boy’s hard-on meant only one thing… he was as perverted as his dad, ready to do anything with anyone. And in that instant, he knew he had nothing to fear and that everything would be alright. Sean was a very confident, almost cocky 15 year old. A natural athlete, Sean was in peak physical shape with a six pack, lean toned arms and a perfectly round muscular ass. He always seemed tanned for outdoor sports; this combined with his strawberry blond hair and his huge cock, made him a real Adonis. Everyone at school drooled over him, including his teachers. Sean knew people wanted him, and he let a few have a taste already. In the past year, he had been fucking two girls from school and was letting a 14 year old gay freshman suck his dick at lunch time almost every day. He liked it rough. He liked to be in control. He cared only for his own pleasure. The girls didn’t really like that but that gay kid was more than happy to let Sean use him however he pleased. Sean would push him down on his knees, slap his face and shove half his cock in his mouth. After his cock was fully hard and slick with the boys spit he would grab him by the hair and ram his cock all the way down the young teenager’s throat while calling him a fag between grunts. Sean was only satisfied when he was unable to see any part of his cock. He had to be balls deep, every fucking time, no matter what hole he was in. He couldn’t care less for the younger boy’s comfort or breathing. He was holding his head with both hands and pushing harder and harder to reach deeper in his throat. He could feel the freshman’s nose smashing against his crotch. He thought it must have hurt like hell, but didn’t care enough to stop. He enjoyed feeling his big balls izmit escort bayan slapping on the kid’s chin repeatedly. He would make the young teen take his entire 7.5 inch cock, as large as the petite kid’s wrist, nearly completely out of his mouth, only to shove it back in with great force. To say that he was being brutal with the 14 year old’s throat would be an understatement. Sean was turning his throat into a fleshjack; trying to bore a hole in the back of his head. He made his throat bulge so much, his neck looked like it was literally on the brink of bursting open. But no matter how roughly and ruthlessly Sean was violating his school mate’s throat the boy kept coming back for more. Still, Sean would have never imagined in a million years stumbling upon his dad fucking his little brother. And there he was, his own cock in his hand, harder than he had ever been, watching his dad’s monster cock go in and out of his brother! He looked like a very small doll, hugged tightly by their 6’3″ father. That’s when Sean realized his dad was a freaking God like him in the cock department. It looked like it was close to 10 inches, although he couldn’t see all of it, a portion of his dad’s python never leaving his baby brother’s fuck chute. Sean was surprised anyone could take the whole length of his father’s cock in his ass, let alone such a young and small boy. Tom had always been a small and skinny boy. He didn’t have much fat on him, at least less than most kids. As a consequence, the outline of his dad’s 9.5 inch cock was clearly visible on the boy’s belly. Tom was smiling at him. Sean’s lust took over. He had never seen anything so wrong yet so hot in his young life and he couldn’t stay still. He had to touch his dad and his brother… just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Sean was now so close to his dad and his brother he could see Mike’s 9.5 inch monster pulsing in Tom’s inflated belly. He needed to feel it. His dad hadn’t moved since he saw that Sean was watching them, but he hadn’t gone soft either. Mike was harder than ever, buried deep in his youngest son’s guts. Being so hung, only the first quarter of Mike’s rod was in the kid’s rectum. A little bit over 7 inches had pushed past the boy’s inner sphincter and entered his colon forcing it to expand to extraordinary proportions and to straighten up inside of him, literally rearranging his other organs to the sides. Mike’s meat was more or less the same size as Tom’s forearm and he was getting off on the absurdity of the size difference. Sean reached out with one hand to caress his little brother’s tummy, pushing him against their dad. Mike immediately wrapped his arms around Tom’s small torso, hugging him tightly and watching Sean’s every move. Sean was applying some pressure with his fingers and the palm of his hand where his dad’s dick was, even able to squeeze the big daddy cock a little. He started rubbing Tom belly, stroking his dad’s gigantic member through the boy’s little puffed out tummy. The scene was surreal. Sean bent down and started licking the outlines of his dad’s dick. Pushing his lips and tongue against his brother’s stretched out belly, opening as wide as possible to cover the bulbous head that was so clearly visible close to Tom’ sternum. Sean was now getting hotter and wilder, using his teeth on Tom’s stomach, leaving dark hickeys and ferocious bite marks all over him. He was so high on lust, thinking only of his daddy’s huge cock making his brother’s stomach bulge out. Both his dad and his little brother were now moaning, their eyes still glued to Sean trying to munch on his daddy’s tool. Sean had always considered himself as an alpha male. He was only 15 but he knew he was meant to take charge and use people for his own pleasure. So that’s what he did, in his own twisted way. Sean locked eyes with his dad and started licking his way down Tom’s belly, always applying enough pressure on his dad’s dick and using his teeth so that his father could really feel his teenage mouth working his cock through his 10 yo boy. Mike was now beyond horned up. He was watching his hot and ripped 15 year old son lick his throbbing cock, impaled balls deep in his other son, and he was loving every second of this unspeakable, perverted act. He did not dare move though, still holding Tom’s frail little body against him with both hands, applying light pressure to make sure the whole length of his pulsing steel hard sausage was buried all the way in his son. The moment was so intense that Mike could feel Tom’s rapid heart beat on his engorged cock, the head actually being not far away from the little boy’s heart. That was almost enough to make him shoot his daddy cream right then and there. For a second he saw the teenage boy’s head disappear and suddenly felt his tongue lap at his balls. His older boy was feverishly sucking on his huge balls while caressing his inner thighs and taint. He felt Sean’s wonderful tongue slowly make it’s way from his ass crack to his balls until the tip reached the base of his meat, circling around his boy’s stretched hole. Sean began to lick and lap and suck as if his life depended on it. He could taste his dad’s sweat and precum at the same time as his 10 yo brother’s ass juices. The ring was so tight around the base that Sean could feel the kid’s pulse and how stretched and thin the swollen lips of Tom’s fuck chute were. Being a persistent boy Sean didn’t let that stop him. He needed to taste more. There was only one thing he wanted in that instant and that was to feel even more of his dad’s enormous shaft against his tongue, but without having his dad take it out of the boy’s insides. So he flexed and pushed harder with his tongue until the ring gave up and his tongue went straight up inside his little brother. He heard his dad and his sibling moan so he kept on fucking that already filled hole with his 15 year old soft yet long and powerful tongue. Sean was spreading Tom’s leg as wide as possible to get better access to his smooth pucker so he could push his tongue even deeper. Gaining speed, the adolescent was now literally pounding the boy’s ass with his tongue. His nose was smashing against Tom’s marble-sized balls as his chin was hitting his dad’s horse balls. After what seemed like a blissful eternity but must have only been 10 minutes at the most Sean took his tongue out and got up, holding kocaeli anal yapan escort his profusely leaking dick. Once more he locked eyes with his dad. Mike knew what his teenage son wanted and very well deserved. A piece of his brother’s cunt. But he had no intention of depriving his own cock of such a tight and juicy hole. So, not knowing if Tom could take it, Mike let go of his younger boy, took his little feet and placed them on the teenager’s shoulders. He then grabbed Sean’s hands and pulled him towards himself until he could put them on Tom’s tiny collar bone and throat, de facto bending the young boy in half. The teen’s large dick touched his balls, smearing them with slick precum. His son was not saying a word, he just let his God of a dad guide him, but knowing very well what was gonna happen. Mike grabbed his 15 yo son’s impressive shaft with one hand and placed the other on one firm cheek. Mike started to pull on Sean’s ass while keeping his teenage dick head at Tom’s already filled hole. The pressure was immense. At this point, it was more like trying to push a baseball bat through a belly button. The little boyslut was moaning in delightful pleasure, while Sean and Mike were mad with lust and determined to complete their mission. Tom’s little heels convulsed against Sean’s collar bones as he was having his first dry orgasm. He could feel more and more of his teen brother’s cock rip it’s way inside him. Mike could feel his youngest boy’s orgasm reverberate through his whole body, making his prepubescent hole spasm around his and Sean’s humongous cocks. Still, he managed to keep one hand on Sean’s ass while he moved his other hand to Tom’s shoulder. He gripped the teen’s ass to keep his boys close together as he tried to push Tom down even more. The boy let out another cry of pleasure as the teen finally slid fully inside him, his cock pulsing next to his father’s. The space inside the small boy was almost too tight and uncomfortable, but Tom’s constant quivering caused his little chute to vibrate around the dueling cocks. After that last orgasmic scream Tom’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and they finally closed, his body going limp. Both Sean and Mike almost shot their loads right then and there realizing that Tom’s first DP had caused him to faint from the intense pleasure he felt. The 34 yo fit dad began to pull out of Tom and stopped before removing his cockhead. He looked his teen in the eyes as he forced his way up along the teen’s cock in one solid motion. Tom’s head bobbed a little when his father slammed him to the hilt with his 9.5 inch thick rod. Sean let out a little groan and pulled out to the head like his father. Then looking into his unconscious brother’s face he rammed into him as hard as he could, his smooth balls slapping against his father’s hairy ones. Mike and his 15 yo teenage son could feel each other’s enormous cocks being pressed against one another, grinding inside Tom’s guts, expanding his rectum and colon to unthinkable proportions. When father and son were balls deep inside the tot, both porn star-sized tools were clearly visible on Tom’s belly, making it bulge as if it was on the verge of exploding. They had never imagined that power fucking someone unconscious could be so exhilarating. And the fact that it was their brother/son, a child still so fucking young, was the cherry on top. Sean made a mental note to try throatfucking his little whore of a brother into unconsciousness next time. Right now they had complete and utter control over Tom, and that was the most arousing feeling they had ever experienced. Both felt on top of the world: two gods that could be as brutal as they wanted with that little boy. And that’s exactly what they started doing. To get more leverage to really fuck the boy’s brains out now, Sean grabbed his brother’s sides, where his dad’s hands already were, to firmly hold the boy in place. And he started pistoning the kid with extreme violence, using his muscled teen body to ram his brother harder and rougher he had ever fucked anyone. At first, the incredible force of the adolescent’s thrusts in the boy slut caught Mike by surprise, but he soon caught up and started slamming his son with the same ruthless rage. Their motion had become a frantic blur and the both of them were getting off on knowing that their cocks, as big as Tom’s own forearms, were pushing so deep and with such ferocity in Tom that they were literally punching the guts of the boy bent in half between them so that his tiny organs were rearranged forever to be able to accommodate two gigantic cocks at the same time. They would sometimes slow down a bit, just to better feel the other’s cock rubbing and pulsing next to their own. They would change rhythm, alternating between pulling out and pushing in opposing each other, and simply thrusting in and out together. They could feel the other’s balls slap their own each time the other would vigorously ram the entire length of his cock inside the boy. Tom’s head bobbed extra hard on that forceful assault and he began to regain consciousness. He again felt his boy hole being ripped apart and his insides being stretched while his stomach and other organs were pressed aside by the invading dicks. Sean finally noticed that Tom had woken up and was still moaning like a bitch. “Oh shit.” Was all he could say as he rammed his 7.5 inch dick to the hilt with renewed brutality and fired a shot of thick white teenage jizz. Mike looked at the orgasming teen and couldn’t hold back any longer. He started to fire his cum deep inside the kid, next to his spewing 15 yo son. He must have shot close to half a cup of man seed. Both men held their pulsating cocks inside Tom the entire time they unloaded. There was just so much cream shooting in the boy’s colon, it started to leak out, coating Mike and Sean’s balls and running down Mike’s sweaty ass crack. By now, Tom’s gaping hole was so wrecked, a man’s fist could have easily fit in. As exhausted as he was Sean was still hard as a rock, enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm. He slowly pulled out of the boy’s fuck chute. A powerful stream of man juice immediately started gushing out, but was caught a second later by Sean’s mouth. The horny and depraved teenager was gulping down his dad’s and his own semen pouring out out Tom’s body, pressing his lips hard against Mike’s deflating cock and the boy’s puffed purple ring to make sure he would swallow the massive pedo load his dad and him had shot. When he was satisfied there was not much spooge left, and with his belly now full, Sean looked at his father and said: “Fuck, dad, that was the best!”

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