The Family Mansion Pt. 01



After he married his wife, James Slope designed their house from scratch. He wanted a big house, a mansion. It was a large place, over 50 rooms. It had 20 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms upstairs, not including the master bed and bath where James slept with his wife, also the maid had a small room in the Northwest corner on the ground floor.

On the ground floor, from the entrance into the foyer with the grand staircase leading upstairs, directly to the Master Bedroom. To the left of the foyer, in the West Wing you would find what the Slope family referred to as the Front Office. It felt more like the secretary’s station at the principal’s office at a high school, or a welcome desk at a fancy hotel. It was directly attached to a smaller office with a small desk with a computer, but the Slope family had never really used it for much more than collecting dust.

Another unused room was what they called the Classroom, because it was a fairly large classroom situated directly behind this first room in the Southwest corner of the mansion. James had intended to homeschool his kids but ended up being too busy for work. His wife, the trophy that she was to him, he didn’t see her as the brightest tool in the shed, though she wasn’t the dullest either, he still didn’t trust her to teach his kids and sent them all to private school instead. Until his youngest daughter, Erika, flunked Senior year and he made her go to the local public school for her final year. The Slopes’ Classroom now mostly held James’ boxes, now abandoned there as he had the rest of his family. It was setup with desks screwed into the floor and a stack of chairs in the corner that had never been taken down before.

Between the Classroom and the Front Office, was a long hallway leading north, at the south end was a bathroom that looked much like a bathroom in a school with three toilet stalls and two sinks with two mirrors. In the hallway itself, locker’s lined the walls, as if it were a high school again. As to why James added all these into the southwest corner of the house never made sense to his wife Liz or their children Brooke, Nathan, Lexi, and Erika, but this section had so far been unused by them for any reason outside of play when the kids were much younger. Now they were all young adults.

On the north side of this hallway, beside the Classroom, was the dining hall, directly to the north of the Front Office, with a really long dining table made of superior wood. It was so long people thought it was part of the “school” motiff to go along with the classroom on the other side of the south wall and half expected large groups of students to dine there. It was so large the family tended to eat just to the southern side of the table all bunched together.

To the west of the dining area and north of the classroom was the kitchen which was much larger than needed to be for just a family of six. It was more likely there to feed 50 people a day with four fridges, a walk-in freezer, and enough storage space to keep food for a year and enough counter space to make all that food in a day. Next to this was the maid’s room.

In the North Wing, next to the kitchen there was first a movie theater, that had exactly 150 seats. To the east of this was a medium-sized library with over ten thousand books, but still had a reference desk to the side where a librarian has never stood. Beside this was a large Family Room with a couch that lined the wall and turned the corner with the wall and a large flat-screen TV was held out from the wall on a metal stand so it could easily be flattened. The couch itself could easily seat 15 people with space in between, where there were armrests that could fold out from the couch. Liz always wondered why her husband needed to have so much room all the time, but his excuse that it was for when “her sisters’ families came over,” kept her quiet afterwards. Liz’s sisters tended to visit an awful lot, especially Jenna, Liz’s older sister by a few years who had been trying to convince Liz to let her family move in there practically since Liz married James.

On the East Wing was first another bathroom, this one smaller that James called his “Executive Bathroom,” and the name stuck though James himself hardly ever used it even when he was at home for his brief windows between long-distance business meetings. First there was a room that led out to the garage and that was it. North of this was what the family called the Doctor’s Office, which was exactly that, with an examination table and a smaller doctor’s desk. North of this was the “Therapist’s Office” which was also that, with a desk, a Freudian styled couch for people to lay on as they explained their problems and another chair. Again, though they would keep their medicine in the Doctor’s Office, and their family doctor, Laurel Scots, would occasionally make house visits and could set up in there, these rooms weren’t really used otherwise. There was also the “Costume Room” which was originally just an empty room for storage until a few years güvenilir bahis ago when Brooke, deciding to pursue her dream as a clothes designer, had her brother Nathan help her move all the boxes into the classroom, and she immediately used her father’s money to order all the things she needed for clothes design.

In the basement was the rec room with a pool table and a few arcade machines, which doubled as the exercise room where Nathan spent a lot of his time pumping iron. Beside this was the showers. Which everyone always thought was odd, it was large enough to fit a hundred people at a time but contained no privacy at all having the showers just out in the open all over the room, and a long line of showerheads near the edge along with many scattered throughout the place on large spouts coming up out of the ground.

The backyard had the pool, which was big enough an olympic swimming team could practice in it comfortably, it had tables and lounge chairs for tanning all along the side of it. And beyond this was their wide backyard which had a track along the whole perimeter of it. James, always going overboard, wanted to give Liz a place to jog everyday and not have to feel she had to drive to somewhere to do so. This she thought was overkill again, to have a track that went around their full backyard in an area for over a mile. She also wished there was something in the center of this wide area, but for now it was just their yard, taken care of by her gardener, Rosa, who also took care of the garden around the house’s exterior. James felt the gardener shouldn’t stay on the premises so he built a small house for her, about the size of a trailer and only big enough for one person to live comfortably. Liz always offered her to live with them in the house and stay in one of the many empty rooms, but Rosa said she didn’t mind.

James designed this whole house as a place for people to live and work in relative comfort. He told his wife that he always planned to hire more help for every station, a doctor, a therapist, a front secretary, anything they might need while he’s off on his business trips, always there for whenever they needed them. Of course, most of these places had been used so little, Liz questioned why they didn’t just turn them into something else. Though James let their eldest child Brooke turn the storage room to her own “outfit room” as he called it, though the rest of the family called it the Costume Room. James told Liz, “no,” without any other explanation whenever she brought up the subject of using any of these rooms for anything else.

There were four slope children, and James always pointed out that they didn’t get out of the house enough when he was around. The maid Brianna usually told him off for this, but she had never liked him much. James knew this was because she was secretly in love with Liz, something he could tell by the way she longingly looked at her best friend when she knew Liz wasn’t looking. She wasn’t paying attention to anyone else though, and both James and their children knew Bri’s secret without ever having to ask. They never mentioned this to his wife and their mother, of course.

James always felt his kids were weird and was distant from them their whole life. He didn’t much like fatherhood. Nathan had always been especially shy at school, made fun of and bullied for being somewhat of a nerd with his head in comic books all the time. His sisters were especially mean to him it seemed, but that still didn’t keep him out of the house, though he did spend a lot of time cooped up in his room and away from everyone else. After high school ended he ordered the weight lifting money with James’ money and got into shape. James always thought this was pointless since he never went out. And often wondered how Nathan was supposed to find his own place that way?

Brooke was the oldest, but she was even more of a shut in than Nathan was, spending most of her time either in her room with the door locked doing what she usually claimed was “working on her website” something she also refused to talk about other than saying it was to “sell her clothes.” James was suspicious since she didn’t seem to be bringing any money in and had only been “borrowing” money from him to pay for her supplies to make clothes. But he was more concerned that she wasn’t likely to move out anytime soon, just like her brother, than he was about his money she was spending.

Erika was a high school senior for the second year in a row, and she seemed to enjoy her cheerleading quite a bit, even though she was at a new school now. But he’d never known her to have any friends before, though he remembered her dating once or twice, she seemed totally fine cheerleading and spending the rest of her time bugging her mother and sisters for gifts or more attention, or making fun of her brother with the rest of her sisters. James always thought that Erika was a bit spoiled, but not really being the one who raised her, or any of his kids, he always blamed this on her mother but never said or did türkçe bahis anything about it.

Lexi, at least, spent more time outside of the house than anyone else. She had a BFF named Donna, and James approved that at least she wasn’t at home at all times. But, he also knew she had an unhealthy closeness with her twin brother Nathan. Even though she spent as much time as her two sisters making fun of him during the day, she would almost always sleep with him at night. He supposed they were twins, but he also knew she, at 20, was far too old to be sneaking into her brother’s bed every night.

He supposed it didn’t matter anymore. James smiled thinking that soon they were going to have to move out anyway. He couldn’t imagine Liz, without any work experience or more than a high school diploma, was going to be able to keep the house with no money at all.

Friday, August 30

9:45 p.m.

James cleared out their safe and left it open, inside he put his letter, trying to explain and apologize to Liz and their children. It didn’t matter though, he had already packed up all his clothes and all the things he wanted to take with him. The rest of the family were gone for another hour, Liz had taken the kid’s out to dinner and a movie at James’ insistence and he knew the movie was just ending now. He had spent the last two hours grabbing what he could and emptying he and his wife’s joint bank account along with their safe.

James left in his car to meet his secretary at the airport. He wondered if his wife would ever forgive him for this. He thought not, but it didn’t matter. He was leaving this life behind him.

Sunday, September 1

2:11 p.m.

It was two days after Nathan’s father abandoned them. His mother, Elizabeth (or Liz for short) sat them down to tell them, “I’m sorry my darling children, but I think we’re going to lose our mansion.” She looked around the room at her beautiful children. Nathan had become so handsome now that he reached adulthood at age 20, her eldest daughter, Brooke, was 21, and had grown into a fine-looking, young lady. She was especially curvy, especially around her ass and boobs. Actually, Brooke had enormous breasts which matched Liz’s own and she jogged with her mom in the morning whenever she could so they would stay in shape together. Brooke had blonde hair, which she liked to keep short, but not too short, just so her bangs wouldn’t get in her eyes. Her blond hair matched her father’s, while Liz’s hair was long and pitch black.

Liz looked at her other two children, Lexi was Nate’s twin sister, she had auburn hair like he did. Her tits were smaller than Brooke’s and Liz’s being only about C cup, which still made her look sexy. She kept her hair long and, as one might imagine, she and her twin brother were best friends since birth and though Liz had tried to convince Lexi to stop sneaking into Nathan’s room to sleep with him at night, she knew she still did it anyway.

Her last daughter, Erika, the youngest at 19, was a bit spoiled as she was always babied and looked out for by everyone else and she never really lost her sense of entitlement even after she had gotten older and no one would dare “baby” her now. , She was still in high school repeating senior year, though the only thing she really liked doing was cheerleading. She had black hair like her mother, and her boobs were in between Liz’s and Lexi’s in size. Every girl in their family had large boobs and sexy bodies, it was part of her family genetics, at least on the woman’s side. Nathan wasn’t so bad himself, so she supposed attractiveness was just good in the Martin (her maiden name) family all around.

Liz shook her head, catching herself that she was thinking about her children’s good looks, and not in a way that was very motherly. Truthfully, though Liz didn’t want to admit it to herself, she was both a very sexual person, and also incredibly sexually starved. James was very distant with her, knowing what she knew after reading his letter, she knew why now. But she had always been faithful to him, and when he no longer wanted her, she had been trying to suppress her sexual thoughts for over five years now. She was rarely successful, which was Liz’s second problem. There was something inside of her that begged to get out more and more every day. A burning sexual desire that craved release. So much so she would sometimes have to take especially long baths and get really intimate with her shower head, but that would hardly abate what was inside of her, in fact it would only grow with longing and desire. So much so she would even think of her own kids during some of these more private moments, only to have her more motherly side take over again and stop what she was doing and feel guilty. She referred to it as her “Inner Sex Demon,” as that’s what it felt like. She, nor anyone else in the Slope family, had ever been particularly religious, but she felt if she was, she’d think that the devil had somehow possessed her pussy and made her horniness overflow and take over. güvenilir bahis siteleri There was a Succubus inside her and she just prayed, though she wasn’t religious, that her inner Sex Demon wasn’t going to just take over her whole body someday and she would never come back.

“We’re probably going to have to move,” she told her children, sadly, after another few seconds of calming herself down from her perverted thoughts just from looking at her own kids. She felt ashamed so she looked down at her feet instead, or she would if her gigantic tits weren’t blocking her view from everything beneath them, more or less.

It was the place all the kids grew up in, and it broke Liz’s heart to have to tell her children that they were more than likely going to have to sell it now. James, left her with only a note telling her he’d cleaned out their savings account and he’d run away with his secretary to Europe, but she could keep the house. The thing about that she found most surprising was that James’ secretary was a man. It explained more than a few things, such as why the past 5 years she’d had to use her shower head while he spent ten months out of the year on business trips.

“What? How long do we have?” Brooke asked.

“And can’t you get money from Dad once you sue him for divorce?” Nathan said. He or his sisters never had much love for their father, they did spend his money like there was no tomorrow though. Nathan thought, this is probably something they all kind of deserved…maybe. But still, leaving your family penniless wasn’t cool.

“I don’t want to move,” Lexi pouted, “will I have to get a job? I’ve never had one before and I don’t want one now!” Lexi wasn’t spoiled like Erika, but she had grown accustomed to living comfortably. One of the many reasons she hadn’t even considered trying to move out yet.

“Calm down children,” Liz always hated to tell them bad news. She wished her maid of the last 18 years was still there, an African American woman who was the same age as Liz, 38. Her name was Brianna and Liz had to let her go yesterday through tear filled eyes as she explained she wasn’t going to have the money to pay her anymore, and then she had to do the same thing with Rosa, their gardener. Brianna hugged her and kissed her cheek, and told her that if she ever could pay for her services again she would come back in a heartbeat. She wished she was back there now, Liz always had a hard time giving her kids bad news, or saying things like “no” to them. It was always good to have someone around to be the bad guy. “We have until the end of the week to come up with the $50,000 due for the whole year on the mortgage payment. I had no idea your father had stopped paying altogether and they were only holding off as a courtesy to James. Unfortunately, I had to give what was left in my savings account to Brianna and Rosa when I let them go, I just feel terrible about that,” Liz had to make a conscious effort to hold back tears before continuing, “we might as well back it all up and leave. And I was talking to my sister Jenna a week ago about her and her family moving in with us.” Just after she mentioned this, she realized it was pointless as Jenna was always bugging her about letting her family move in all the time anyway and her kids knew that already, “You know she’s going through her own painful divorce. And we were both talking about having Andrea and her family move in as well, we have so much room,” Andrea was Liz and Jenna’s other sister, “but I guess we’re much more likely to be moving in with one of them now.”

Brooke had been listening astutely. Brooke had never dated much in her life, not even when she spent two months in France studying design. She had a couple of boyfriends, also a couple of girlfriends and slept with a few people of both genders, but something about it didn’t really do it for her. It took her a little while before she figured out what it was.

Brooke had two secrets, the first was that about three years ago after she decided that being the next great clothes designer wasn’t in her cards she had switched focus to designing lingerie. The second secret she had, one she did her best to hide from everyone, was that she was super, amazingly turned on by the thought of incest. She spent a lot of time on “family” themed websites, she especially like sister-on-sister action, but she liked the brother-on-sister or brother-on-sister-on-sister/mother/aunt stuff as well. She was very bisexual, she knew, though she preferred girls after dating both. But she also knew that she was always going to want to have an incestuous relationship. She would practically drool watching her mother doing yoga, or her brother lifting weights without a shirt on, even though she covered up her attraction to Nathan by making fun of him. Or watching when Lexi was walking through the house with just a towel on, or when Erika was out by the pool tanning in her bikini. She had a few boyfriends or girlfriends in the past, but it was never enough to satisfy Brooke. She knew it was wrong, but she needed something taboo to really excite her. She also knew she could never have what she wanted either, so she shut herself in, even more so than the rest of her shut-in family, and focused on her work and on her website.

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