The Family Spy


“I want to know everything, every little dirty secret he has and every dirty little deed that he’s done!”

“Calm down honey, let me get my computer and you can tell me what has gotten you so riled up about Adam.”

“Your computer, IT’S all on HIS computer, what can you do now that he’s home, the sneaky little shit!”

“Slowly, what happened?”

“This morning, when all of you left, I was cleaning the house, before I left myself. In Adams room, for god knows how long, I’ve been collecting his cumrags and soiled tissues, when his computer woke out of ‘sleep’, and I saw this great big naked pussy on his screen.”

“You’ve been collecting his cumrags?”

“Not for the pleasure of it, but cleaning his room, he wasn’t doing it, was I going to leave it to you? Stay on track, naked pictures!”

“So, he has pictures of naked women on his computer, he’s old enough.”

“I know that he’s old enough to look at naked pictures of women, men if he wants, but he has been spying on ME! He had naked pictures of my pussy on his computer.”

“Did you see your face?”

“I saw my panties, my dress, my birthmark, that I have on that crease between my legs!”

“Ok, I’m in, let’s see what we can find.”

“What? You’re in, like in his computer?”

“Yes, I can remotely administrate all of our computers, we can see all that he is hiding.”

“Wow, let’s get all NSA on his ass, I want to know every little detail.”

“His computer has a lot of storage, do remember were those pictures that you saw where?”

“They were on the screen, there were tons of them, some mine and some of some other pussies. I don’t know where they were.”

“I’ll search the recent files and we can go from there.”

In a couple of minutes rows of pictures filled our screen, and soon I found the pictures of my pussy, again. Mark and I both agreed that that was indeed my crotch that our son had a picture of in his library of smut.

We identified the first picture, then Mark followed its trail and found its parent folder and we spent the evening checking out our son’s stash.

Adam is a very quiet boy, that is what surprised me the most about finding those pictures. But under that quiet façade Mark and I found a real pervert. He had up skirt pictures of me, his mother, going back ages, but not only did he have compromising pictures of me from inside and out of the house, he had naked pictures of me in the bathroom, on the toilet, in the shower, shaving my pussy and from the bedroom while I was dressing.

Mark and I were amazed at the sheer number of material that he had on me. We concluded that our son was obsessed with his mother, before we found the parent and other subfolders that he had meticulously arranged.

He wasn’t obsessed just with me, but with creep shots of women around him. Next to the folder “MOM” was a folder “SIS”, and then names of our women friends and relatives that he came in contact with.

Mark and I spent the night looking through our sons archive of naked women, many were of our friends and family, and for some of the women, that he couldn’t get enough of good stealthy pictures, he had compiled a wealth of naked women from the internet, that if you squinted your eyes, could be mistaken for them.

The most interesting thing for Mark and me that night was that we had discovered our son’s obsession about the women’s naked body, and that he had no shame to pursue his obsession.

Looking at the folder labeled “SIS” my husband was treated to his first look at our daughter’s naked pussy. Our son has documented and collected an even greater number of naked pictures of his sister than he had of me.

Not all of his assortment was collected firsthand, there were obvious “selfies” of our daughter taking pictures of her own ass and pussy, in various states of dress and as she played with herself.

As with some of the pictures of me, Adam had probably swiped our phones, from time to time, and stolen pictures that I was taking for Mark, or Annie for some boyfriend of hers.

It didn’t take long for me to get over being angry with my son, now that Mark “hacked” his computer and I could see all that he had, I had calmed down.

Memories of my childhood kept returning to me as we looked at the forbidden pictures.

Mark was quiet on the bed next to me, cradling the computer in his lap as he browsed the contents for me.

While we looked at the pictures her brother had of Anne, I noticed Mark taking his time admiring his daughter’s charms.

Being her mom, Annie and I frequently saw each other naked, so pictures of her naked pussy weren’t as impressive to me as they were to her father.

I watched Mark as he studied the pictures Annie had taken of herself as she played with her “kitty”. I saw as the keyboard lurch a couple of times while we were flicking through her album.

“What can I say honey, we have two pervert kids.” Mark said with a smile on his face.

I had gotten güvenilir bahis out of bed and was taking my clothes off while he ogled our daughter in the pictures our son had inadvertently prepared for him.

In the privacy of our bedroom both of us are usualy naked, tonight I had been so upset, that I had climbed on top of our bed with all of my clothes on. Now, as I stripped, Mark watched me from the bed.

“All I can say, after seeing all of this, is that our son has good taste in women.” His words followed me as I went to the bathroom.

I sat on the toilet and let out a pent-up stream of pee splash into the bowl reverberating into the bedroom.

“He has pictures of me as I shaved my pussy!?” I yelled to Mark, “the gall of that boy, wasn’t he afraid that I would see him, catch him in the act?”

“He probably was, but that is part of the thrill, isn’t it honey?” Mark replied, hinting at all of the risqué things that we were up to.

“I wonder if I should be flattered for getting so much of his attention, or am I just his victim of opportunity?”

“There’s no escaping the fact of opportunity, for both of you and Annie, but he has so many pictures of the both of you, that he could have stopped taking them a long time ago, if he wasn’t into the two of you so much.” Mark yelled to me in the bathroom.

“Yeah, I thought so too, so what should I do? Call him out on it?”

“There’s no rush, baby, the important thing is that you know, and now that you know, you can deal with it in your own way, in your own time.”

“You want me to flirt with him, don’t you?” I asked Mark thinking about our boy.

“I’m just saying, in your own way, in your time, on your terms.”

On further thought, he was handsome, I thought and replied: “So, you wouldn’t mind if I was to flirt with our son?”

“As long as those are your terms, and I can flirt with our daughter.” He finished his sentence quickly.

“You’d, fuck your own daughter, I should have known!” I yelled from the toilet seat, hiding the direction that my own thoughts were going in.

Sound from our room is muffled, and pissed off as I had been then, I didn’t even care if the brat heard me.

“You don’t know if Annie would even consider your moves as flirtation, you would just turn out silly.” I said aloud, stifling another flashback from my past.

“There’s nothing silly about her father, her mother can attest to that!” Mark kidded, alluding to his package.

“Flirting with our children is different to flashing some random people on the street…” I trailed off lost in thought.

“It wasn’t just flashing, admit it.”

“Yes, it wasn’t just flashing, but it was still random people, people we never saw or heard of again.” I tried to reason with my husband, hoping to be just the right amount of convincing, but not enough.

“It’s our game, and we play it the way we like it, Annie and Adam are old enough to play with us now, if they find it entertaining, so what if they are our children?” Mark was winning the argument, and I was glad, I just wanted a few more replies, before I ‘caved in.’

“Do you really want our children to know the kind of perverts their parents are?” I replied with a wicked smile as I crawled over the bed between my husband’s legs.

“If you are embarrassed of yourself and what we do, then don’t do it, otherwise there is no shame in it.” Said Mark with a smile creeping up his face.

“Be honest, would you want your son to know what a cumslut his mother is?” I said smiling as I licked my way to the tip of his cock. “What a slut you’ve made me into?”

“You are my cumslut, and I love you, I love everything that you do, and I want you to be happy. If that means that I have to put up with you being our son’s cumslut too, that be it.” Mark told me as he held my head in both hands just over the bulb of his straining dick.

Licking the dew from the helmet I teased; “Would you let your daughter grow up to be a cumslut like her mother is? Would you like to know that she craves cum and is ready to empty some random stranger’s cock to get it? Would you let her suck you dry when her need comes? Would you watch as she fed on the cum of our son and be ok with it?”

Breathing hard, Mark watched me with glazed over eyes as I worshiped his beautiful member.

“I wonder what Adam’s cock is like.” I said as I sucked.

“I found some of his ‘selfies’ while you were taking a piss.” He said through gritted teeth.

“Reach over and pull them up, I want you to show them to me while I do you.” I said lightly biting on his foreskin as a scolding for not showing them to me earlier.

“You were so angry, that I didn’t think that you would want to see them.” He teased back.

Placing the screen in my field of vision on the bed next to him, he played the pictures of our son presenting his cock to the camera.

The pictures were thought out, not hasty, the cock was in focus and in full detail. Having türkçe bahis his father’s cock in my mouth I could compare them very well.

Adam shaved his pubes and posed his cock from every angle, it was obvious that he was his father’s son. Their cocks were almost identical.

I loved Mark’s bulbous head, like a tennis ball, maybe not, but almost, then that ridge around the helmet, prominent and hard, flaring out and then cutting back abruptly making my mouth and pussy “plop” every time he’d push it in or pull it out.

From beneath the helmet he expands out to about halfway down the shaft when it evens off the rest of the way down, and that’s a long way!

Rarely have I had a cock almost as good as Marks, hard, fat and as long as Mark’s.

From pictures, you couldn’t really tell the size of his cock, but after a couple we found that Adam had added a prop next to it, so that it could be compared to something everyone knew the size of. He was aware that he had an impressive tool.

With the base of his deodorant can resting on his balls he made a set of pictures.

I was already salivating uncontrollably over my man, but seeing the can dwarfed by the size of my baby’s manhood I chocked.

I remembered when my husband and I would go shopping, how we’d compare phallic objects on the shelves, this one we called “the happy widow.”

Mark turned the screen so he could see better, and changed the slideshow to Adam’s stash of naughty pictures of our daughter.

A picture of our beautiful daughter’s pussy filled the screen. A picture of her round hair brush sticking out of her ass while she teased her clit with her delicate fingers. If it wasn’t for the other pictures of her along with this one, you could think that it was some other “slut” playing with herself, not our little baby. But it was Annie, our daughter, probably already walking in her mother’s footsteps.

It was late, and Mark used the pictures of our daughter to push himself over the top.

I felt the twitch, I prepared myself, taking the first few jets of cum straight down my throat and then collecting the other half in my mouth.

Mark cums a lot, I love his taste, and I hate to spill any of it. I know just when to pull off and have enough left to fill my mouth to the brim, I then savor my man’s seed until it dissolves into the nectar that I crave, before I swallow.

Tonight, another flashback, induced by the smell and taste of my ‘curse’, to my teenage years, when my girlfriends liked to tease each other with the question: ‘spit or swallow?’ and my own puzzlement, ‘swallow,’ ‘what’s the dilemma?’

Our room had taken on the sweet smell of sweat and cum, like Adam’s this morning. I inhaled deeply and snuggled against my man for the night.

Next day I spent at home alone, analyzing the pictures that Adam had collected. I disassembled every frame that he had taken, discovering the time and place of many of the pictures, the atmosphere that I could detect about the shots, and most of all, the techniques that he used to get all of those pictures.

Most were stealthy shots of our family and friends, in carefree situations, that no one suspected that someone would take advantage of them in, and our son did.

There were even videos of women in our guest bathroom as they used the toilet.

In the mass of material, he had acquired you could see the advances to his technique of creeping, there were more and more, “money shots”, ever more exposed pussies, and ever more daring shots.

I was intrigued at seeing some of my friends “with their pants down”, but I will come back to that later.

He had professed at taking closeup up skirt pictures of every short skirt that he came across, and not just short skirts with their goods up for the offer.

As I analyzed the pictures he had taken of Annie and me, I found out that with time he has gotten so brazen that he uses every little opportunity that his presence gives him to perv out on us.

Closed doors don’t present an obstacle for him, nor is there a shred of privacy that is holy to him.

I found many clips of me and Annie using the toilet, meticulously categorized with names, places and times.

For months now he has been downloading our media content from our phones and keeping an eye on all of our activities.


This was my boy.

I made myself coffee and tried to process everything that I had found out about my son.

As far as I could tell, he was exploring sexuality, looking at the women around him and trying to find a place or role for each of us from his vicinity.

Along with pictures of our friends and family, there were pictures of women in porn that resembled us. The women were in specific poses and roles that he had imagined for them, us.

My “bitchy” girlfriend was depicted as a dominatrix in red leather getting her ass busted in every picture, while me and Annie were these cute, almost underaged, girls being fucked in every hole, güvenilir bahis siteleri smiling, surrounded by hard cocks, holding on to them with both hands and pasted with cum.

The graphic images, that my son has collected, had shown me that he is not as innocent as I had thought of him to be, while I collected his cum stained tissues strewn about his room.

Last night Mark told me to take it slowly, deal with it in my own way, on my own terms.

I returned to the pictures that Adam took of his cock, slowly looked through them, ordering them chronologically and watching his cock grow in time. Just like his father, I thought, and a pervert just like his father.

Mark had made me into this cumslut that I am today, I wasn’t innocent when he met me, I had developed the taste for cum by then, but the slut that I am today was all Marks doing. I had my kinks when I was young, but since I met Mark, the world of sex has been ever expanding for us.

He was right, our children are old enough to play with us, if they want to.

And so, I had made my decision, I was going to flirt with my son and with husband’s permission, so could he with our daughter, if she takes him up on it.

It was still early, Adam and Annie wouldn’t be home for another couple of hours, Mark even later, I went to my room, got naked and pondered about how Adam would cherish these moments of my nakedness.

I wanted to perform for him, but he wasn’t home, I walked around my bedroom thinking about his cock from the pictures, I played with myself to pass the time. I wanted to let Adam watch me as I shaved my pussy, as I washed my tits, as I played with myself for him. But he was still a long time away.

I decided to ready myself without an audience, take care of those stubs in those hard to get to places, and then, when my beautiful boy comes home do almost the same thing, just for his benefit.

Time was near, Annie was home and soon Adam will be too.

Standing naked in the middle of my room, Annie caught me picking out a dress to wear.

“Mom, you’re home.” She said surprised to see me.

“I just got home, and am going to change. Do you think that this dress is too revealing to wear around the house?” I asked her opinion, getting her involved in my scheme.

Annie walked in and held up the dress against my naked body, the hem almost decently long, and the silky material almost properly sheer.

“I don’t know, would you let me wear this in the house, around dad and Adam?” She said almost sarcastically.

“If you want, sure, I have this other one that I was choosing from.” Ignoring her sarcasm, I turned the conversation serious.

“It’s such a nice day, and I thought that it would be such a shame to waste it in sweats.” I said letting her hold the first as I picked up the second.

“Let me see this one better.” She took the dress from my hand held it up against my body like the other one.

“This is definitely too short for you, you take this one and, if you let me, I’ll wear this one.”

Skipping over the translucence of both of the dresses, I agreed and Annie turned to the door.

“You really don’t think they are to short mom?”

“Nonsense, honey, and even if they are, it’s only us at home, and we’re family.”

As Annie walked out, I heard Adam walk into the house, still naked in the middle of the room I turned my back to the door and spied through the mirror at the hall.

Sure enough, Adam had crept up without a sound and was peering at me from the edge of the door.

Now that I knew that he was there, I evaded even glancing at the hall, and went about as if I was picking out dresses.

You don’t get as old as I and not have a grasp of the tricks of being sexy for your audience. It was always a question of ‘should I’ and never ‘how’ for me.

Being as subtle as I could, I showed every inch of my body to my son’s hungry eyes.

I settled on the dress that Annie had left me, and pulled it on over my naked body. I adjusted my boobs in the tight silky top and made a show as to leaving my room, giving Adam time to hide or whatever.

As I turned into the hall, Adam appeared at the other end as if he had just gotten there.

We passed each other in the corridor, and I reached out to him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

I felt his eyes on me as I descended the stairs.

I was in the kitchen teasing Adam, when Annie came to dinner. With just one look at me and she walked up and whispered in my ear: “You’re not wearing any underwear! Not even panties!”

“I told you honey, it’s such a nice day…” I whispered back.

“But, you’re showing everything!” she replied.

“Calm down honey, it’s just us at home, you, me, your dad and Adam.”

My calm reply had her thinking, she glanced at her brother and at the empty chair that her father sits in and went into the hall, in a second she was back with a wad of her panties in her hand and a smile on her face.

My wanna-be-slut, I gave her a peck on the cheek as she rubbed past me.

Adam had his hands full that evening, two almost naked women prancing around him, none paying attention to him and his spying phone, as he snapped away.

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