The Family Way Ch. 02


(The need for one another has been revealed to both daughter and her daddy. They wish to take it to a new level. They do not hide their feelings, enjoying their moments in privacy and certainly, very erotically. Something different was blossoming between the two.

None of the characters are underage. The story is fictional.)


Inside the room, Daddy glanced at the packets still stacked beside my wardrobe. There was one with a silver paper wrapping and he walked over and took it from the lot.

“Here, sweetie. See for yourself what this gift is. It should make you the heavenly goddess I want you to be tonight. Remember that the lingerie set that you are wearing shall remain unchanged,” he said very lovingly but his excitement was evident.

I took it in my hands, curious and excited to know what was inside. Although the earlier packet with golden wrappers shocked me at first, wearing the set and getting his attention had been very exciting for me.

I was sure there was something special inside this box with silver wrappings also, the one that he handed over now. I walked into the closet.

Once inside, I quickly locked the door. When I opened the packet, I was again astonished to see what it contained. Inside lay an exquisite wedding set – embroidered red chiffon wedding saree, a red satin petticoat, a silk blouse with sleeves that came up to my elbows. On top of all these there was an ornament box, inside which I saw a beautiful necklace, a pair of exquisite gold earrings that had big rubies embedded, a diamond studded small nose ring and a dozen bangles. It was clear to me that Daddy wanted me to dress like a bride on her wedding night. I also knew that I had to look my prettiest as a bride. He must have thought of me dressed as a bride earlier or else why did he purchase these expensive items?

I opened my hair and combed it so that I now had a bun in place of the earlier plaits. My hair is long and thick and so the bun on my head was big. My manicured nails were a dark red with nail polish that I had put on earlier in the afternoon. Now, I applied make up again, glossy lipstick, eye liners and just a little mascara before I wore my bridal dress and ornaments. I was already wearing my lingerie which was to remain unchanged.

He had really thought of everything and I admired him. I don’t know why but once I was fully dressed, I pulled up the end of my saree and covered my head, like that of a new bride. I came out of the closet.

Daddy was sitting on a couch beside the bed. He was now dressed in a neat cream-colored silk sherwani and pajama, just like a bridegroom. He must have changed into this dress when I was getting ready inside the washroom. He smiled at me and quickly got up from the couch, coming forward to hold my hand.

“You look stunning. You know why I selected this dress for you, baby?” Daddy asked as he held my hand.

I didn’t know what to say. Why would he want to dress me as a bride? And that too with full array of ornaments befitting a bride? I looked at him, shaking my hand in denial.

“So that you looked like a bride. Because a girl looks the best dressed as a bride. You look so gorgeous, my girl.” Daddy said sweetly.

I couldn’t disagree with this. Quite naturally, we take more effort to look our best on the day of our marriage. After all, one doesn’t get married every day.

He took me in his arms, raised my chin. He kissed me on my eyes before he guided me to the bed.

“Come, my darling! Sit easily on this bed, just feel as you are dressed, like a bride, and see if it brings joy and excitement.” He went towards the door to close it, and I thought of the many movies that I had seen, of a girl’s first night after marriage. Wasn’t mine being very similar? I stared at his back till he turned, but I was unable to look at him as I remained seated on the bed.

The light was dim and didn’t glare into the eyes. It had an aura of romance that filled my heart. Daddy came towards the bed.

Shyly, I kept looking at the bed-cover but, through the corner of my eyes, I could see him. Not his face, not even his chest, but further below. He had an enormous tent in the middle as he came slowly and sat beside me on the bed. Daddy raised my chin, lifting the end of the saree that covered my forehead like a bride’s.

“Are you looking forward to this night, baby?” Daddy asked me with deep love and I could feel his desire. It seemed he didn’t want to wait.

I slowly nodded my head and said, “Yes Daddy.” I too was just as eager as he was and looked for more physical expressions in our love.

Daddy now put an arm around my back, drawing me nearer. Then, looking deeply into my eyes, planted his lips on mine. Oh my god! Our lips were so crazy for each other and could not part even for a moment. Our passions took over as we tasted each other’s saliva and only stopped when we became breathless.

“You’ll be mine now, but in a different sense from tonight. You realize that, don’t you? You want güvenilir bahis it to happen, isn’t it?” His voice was shaking in a manner I had never heard earlier.

I knew what he meant, and I was happy. I said yes with certainty and that I wanted him always. He promised me that I would always be his and that he would work to see whatever was best for me. I was totally excited when he told me this, for now our lives would be exploring each other’s needs and wants.

I took his face in both my hands and, at first, hesitatingly kissed him on the cheeks. But then, my passions gave way and the shyness was gone. I was his and I felt I had a right to his lips. I planted my lips on his and then kissed him very passionately, my mouth opening in an act of surrender.

Daddy ran his hands along the softness of the chiffon saree, a hand on my back and the other on my thighs, mildly stroking my body. He pushed in his hot wet tongue in my open mouth. I knew immediately what he wanted and, noisily, I sucked his tongue. I moaned deliriously as his hand roamed over my now sensitive and yet aroused body.

In a while, he took my hands in to his, putting a bit of pressure on my shapely fingers that perhaps looked more beautiful to him with the long nails polished in that dark red color. He raised my hands and then softly kissed the back of the palm. I kept looking at him as he continued in his expressions of need. From the palm, to the wrists, to the arms and further up he touched me with his lips. Over on to the partly exposed shoulder before he went on to the neck till his attention turned downwards.

Even with my perky breasts, the cups were enough to create a cleavage that was evident in the lowcut blouse I was wearing. He planted a kiss on the partly visible curves, before his hands came up slowly and ran over one breast. Softly, he squeezed – my first exposure to a man holding my breast in his hand.

A moan escaped my lips as I cried out involuntarily, “Oh Daddy.”

He couldn’t wait any more. He squeezed both my breasts now, harder than before. He wanted to put in his hands inside the blouse and bra, but I shyly pushed his hands away.

“You are mine. You are mine. Don’t stop me,” he repeated seriously, but there was lust in his eyes.

Then, without further thought and without any more resistance, he was mauling and squeezing both my breasts. His hands had gone inside, holding the naked curves in his hands as he went on madly without restraint. I watched him – not wishing to break this onslaught or to stop him in the delight that he was in. In moments, his fingers held my nipples as he played with them for a while, squeezing and teasing them, sometimes pulling on them. I could feel the pair getting harder, wanting more. Yes, I was desperate for his lips on them.

“My lovely girl! You are now a queen who deserves whatever her subject has, for I am truly your subject now. Rest assured about that. We shall explore ourselves and cherish every moment,” he said in earnest.

“Oh! Please take me. Make me yours!” I too cried out.

With a gentle push, he made me lie down on the bed so that I was on my back with my head on a pillow. He was about to tear off my blouse, such was his arousal, but I stopped him.

“You’ll tear it,” I teased him, “let me unbutton it.”

No sooner I had taken my blouse off, he pounced on me again, running his eager hands over the white lacy bra and exclaiming how beautiful I looked. Once again, he started squeezing my breasts and nipples. He was like a man possessed, and there was so much lust in his face that I wondered how he had kept it under control all this while.

A hand of his went underneath me as he wanted to hold me in a tight embrace. With another hand he played with my bra covered breasts, admiring the pair. In the end, his other hand went behind my back and ran them along the hooks of my bra. I knew it was a matter of time before he would unhook what was holding my breasts together. I looked into his eyes, eagerly wanting him to be happy.

“Oh, my darling,” he said at last, “I wish to take off your bra and see your naked breasts… to feel them, to taste them…to suckle them. Please, may I do so?”

I nodded my head for I was equally desperate for him to do just that. But, coyishly, out of shyness that had gripped me, I covered my eyes with both hands.

“You have nothing to feel shy about my love. If you feel shy now, how will you continue with what we want to explore?” he explained and pulled my hands away from my eyes forcefully, “Tell me what it is that you wish to explore? I wish to hear from your own lips.”

“Oh! Daddy! I can’t. I can’t,” I was red in the face.

“But you must, my darling. Or else how can I do what I want to?” he implored. I kept quiet, but he went on prodding till, at last, I had to give in.

“Yes,” I said quickly.

“Yes what?” he insisted to know fully and even told me that if I didn’t answer he would go away to his own room. I knew I was cornered for I wanted türkçe bahis him so much in my room and with me. In the end, I surrendered.

“Yes Daddy, you may unhook my bra and take it off,” I blurted at last.

“And?” he asked again. I knew he wanted the complete answer.

“You may take off my bra and see my naked breasts. You can feel them, taste them and suckle them. Your queen wants you to,” I ran through my words quickly before I shut my eyes.

I lay there on the bed, bereft of my blouse and bra, the saree almost unwrapped and hardly covering much of my body, my hair disheveled. Daddy’s arm was still around me, his hand running along my naked arms, as another hand continued to play with my nipples with one of his leg partly over me.

He was kissing me passionately and I was returning his kisses when he, purposefully, put the leg underneath the hem of my petticoat. I realized his purpose. He was lifting my petticoat with the help of his feet, trying to uncover my legs and thighs. I quickly tried to pull down the petticoat again with my hand, but he wouldn’t let me, gripping my hand with his.

“No, No, don’t prevent me. You shouldn’t stop this process but be receptive and wanting us to do just that and very eagerly too. Only then you’ll get satisfaction and joy,” he whispered into my ears, “Don’t feel shy, give yourself to me – wholly.”

“Oh! Daddy,” I blushed when he said this, but inwardly I was happy.

He had, a bit earlier, sat up and taken off his sherwani, kurta and all that covered his manly chest. I gaped at the condition of the tent on his pajama and I could hardly believe that it had grown so big. I was becoming increasingly curious about what was going on underneath his pajama, what it was that wanted to tear away from his body. He sat down at the edge of the bed beside me, as I lay with my head on the pillow.

As I lay on the bed watching Daddy, he picked up one of my feet, just stroking it with his hands. Then, he ran a hand over the perfectly pedicured nails, a dark shade of red nail polish that I had worn, and then he lifted the foot to his lips. He brushed his lips on the nails, sucking the thumb for a while before he released that leg and did the same with my other foot. I felt so uneasy with him not only touching my feet but even putting them on his face.

With these small romantic touches, he lowered his head so that his lips were again on my nipples. As he suckled the nipples, he raised a hand and placed the index finger on my mouth. He started feeding me that finger, prying open my mouth and pushing it in and I started sucking without hesitation. Something was happening inside me when I started sucking the finger. I was almost imagining and desiring something much bigger in the mouth, but little realizing fully what I wanted. As he went on suckling my nipples I placed my hand on his head, playing with his hair and caressing his hair.

I moaned and fed my nipples to his eager mouth and, without a thought, cried out “Oh suck me, my baby! Suck my nipples that you love so much.” I think the motherly instinct that lies hidden in a woman had expressed itself freely when I said these words.

Soon, he brought up his head again and searched for my lips with his own. My lips were now swollen with all his passionate kisses and bites. But, he took my lips inside his again, madly sucking them. Open mouthed, I kissed him eagerly, wetting his lips with my wet tongue. He went delirious. He drew me on to his naked hairy chest and I shivered in excitement as my naked breasts and nipples squeezed into his naked chest. A hand of his glided down to lift the petticoat further till it was almost crumpled on my slim waist and his hands now ran along the back of my panties. He squeezed my teeny yet curvy hips, telling me how soft and beautiful they were.

Then, without warning, his hand came up to the strings that held my petticoat on to my waist, drawing out the folds of the saree tucked inside my petticoat and removing my wedding saree from my body. He pushed aside my saree to the corner of the bed as I lay in a petticoat rolled at my waist and the panties exposed. He untied the knot of my petticoat and then, oh my god, he started pushing it down to reveal once again, to his eyes, the lacy white panties that he had gifted and which I was still wearing.

I lay in front of this man in nothing else other than my exotic panties that hugged my slim waist and my sensual erotic area. His eyes were once again glued to the crotchless portion of my panties. Our passionate encounter for so long had expressed itself in the wetness that had engulfed the area.

“Oh Daddy! Please don’t look there. I feel so ashamed,” I said and tried to turn his head away with my hands.

“Don’t feel ashamed, baby. This is very natural,” he comforted me. He removed my hands and held them beside me. Now he was free to look at what he so much wanted. I was so ashamed and yet I couldn’t even cover my face as my hands were not being released. I just had to watch güvenilir bahis siteleri what he was doing.

Like he had done downstairs, his face sunk into my panties as he rubbed his face on my crotch.

“The aroma intoxicates me, my lovely queen,” he said as he deeply inhaled the spot, “aahhh, so nice…aaahhhh, so heavenly.”

His behavior only aroused me further, resulting in further leakage that seemed to flow endlessly. I knew it was impossible for me to stop that natural process. I writhed on the bed, my legs swaying wildly, as a deep desire overcame me. I squirmed on the bed, not wanting the night to end.

Realizing my need, Daddy slowly started to pull down my panties which only made me blush more than ever. He had never seen me this naked earlier and I wanted to hide my face with anything that was near – even my pillow if possible. But he would have nothing of that, holding me in a grip that was impossible to release. I had to bear with the stripping, the panties sliding down slowly, revealing each area that was my most intimate.

He didn’t utter a word as he went on with what he wanted to, till the panties came down to my knees. In the privacy of my room, I have seen myself growing up and how the triangle of public hair had been blossoming. While I had been regularly shaving my armpit, I had never even thought of removing the hair from that place, thinking that it would be improper for a prudish and conservative girl like me. And now that hair had grown even more, I knew it because I had seen this with my own eyes frequently.

Oh my god, Daddy was looking at the spot intently. Just at that moment, his hand came up and he brushed his fingers on the tuft very softly, almost combing the tuft with his fingers.

“Mmmm, I thought my girl was more modern than this. They are lovely no doubt but sweetie, we will have to do something about it tomorrow. You’ll have to go to a shop, ummm … really a beauty parlor. There’ll be girls taking care of that, don’t worry,” he said with a mischievous smile on his face.

I could not make out a word of what he was saying and what he planned for me the next day. I kept quiet.

He resorted to the brushing with his fingers before he exclaimed, “They are wet, my darling. So lovely!”

He had lowered his face already and once again began what he had done earlier, downstairs in the living room, even when there was a thin netted partition that separated his nose and lips from what was now touching. Oh my god! I couldn’t believe what he was now doing.

“Intoxicating … this heavenly aroma of my erotic goddess, the most desirable that I have ever seen,” he said before he vigorously rubbed his nose on the spot that was leaking away in glory.

“Oh! please stop, I can’t bear it anymore,” I was crying deliriously and yet my hands held on to the strands of hair on his head, forcing him to stay there. My body arched up, so that the intimacy was even more pronounced. Before long, his tongue was out.

“Omg!” I screamed as he started to lick the spot with his tongue, softly as you would when you taste food and then furiously, like a hungry pet, making slurping noises. I watched him in excited amazement as he held my butt curves, lifting my crotch nearer his mouth, and went on fulfilling his lust and desire.

I couldn’t control myself as a surge of desire engulfed me as well. I raised my legs and placed them behind his back, wrapping him and drawing him nearer to me with all the frail strength of a girl.

“I love you, Daddy! Oh, I love you so much! Lick it, ooooooo ummmmmmm lick it please… more…I want more … omg what are you doing to me … you are so wonderful… oh my darling … my beloved master…yes, yes, more, I want you to lick more… Yes, yes, that’s it… lap it like a dog … take my juices… all of it …no, don’t stop, I won’t allow you to stop, you’ll have to do that the whole night,” I was raving and ranting crazily, a girl in extreme heat and lust.

Our room and floral bed were witness to the most erotic love between a man and a young woman. Both of us knew that the night would be long one and could only end by consummating ourselves in sexual union. I basked in the joy of being his in every sense and I knew he wanted me to be exactly that.

I was at a stage when my arousal had reached a sublime level. Daddy was furiously exploring the depths and inner recesses of my womanhood, ‘pussy’ and ‘clit’ as he sometimes murmured to himself in his aroused mind. Although I did know what these words meant, it was embarrassing to hear them from his mouth so frequently. The word ‘vagina’ seemed more readily acceptable, having heard about it from puberty, about the ‘special periods’ every month, when my vagina cried. But this stage was a week away.

And yet, his tongue had really pried open something different, something that repeatedly escaped which was, to my mind, locked juices inside my vagina. Now these came out in floods when I reached that level of excitement and I cried deliriously. Then, in that sheer heavenly feeling, I became motionless, except for the intermittent shivers, as if in disbelief that it could ever happen to a girl. Disbelief because I had never imagined that I could reach this stage.

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