The Fateful Storm


“Attention Passengers!

“Passengers may I have your attention please!” The stewardess said, speaking thru the plain’s sound system.

“Passengers please put away all loose items and take your seats.

Place your seats in the upright position and fasten your seat belts.”

“The pilot has determined that the weather is too severe to continue over the mountains. Therefore we are landing at Midland International to wait for better flying conditions.

Once we’ve landed you will be given further instructions”

“There it was. Just what I was afraid of. Another glitch in my vacation plans.” Thought Jerome.

“I save for five years to finally get to see the West Coast and this happens.” He thought wryly.

Jerome gloomily followed the flight attendants instructions. He stared blankly out at the dark clouds covering the distant mountain peaks whishing to be far to the other side of them.

The plane landed uneventfully. They were in Midland Texas. Ground crews swarmed over the plane as the passengers disembarked grumbling.

The whole plane load of passengers boarded buses and were taken to the nearby Ramada Hotel

The Airline had arranged for the passengers to stay, complete with meals. There were the usual complaints but most took the delay in stride.

Jerome was given a room all to himself on the ground floor. He found he was near the restaurant and cocktail lounge. After Jerome was shown to his room, he spent some time unpacking his carry-on bag and tried to plan his stay. He found a computer terminal built into The television cabinet and turned the unit on.

Jerome searched around a bit till he logged on to his chat room site and searched for a friendly partner. After finding no one on he knew, he decided to send some e-mail in the faint hope someone would respond.

He typed in the nickname of his Texas friend, a married lady he met on the Internet.

The lady was off-line according to the screen which provided a list with user options. Jerome clicked on the link and left a message. After sending his message he decided to take a shower and relax a while before going to dinner.

Laura Sparks dried her hands on the hand towel and started putting the breakfast plates away. It was a miserable gray day. A bad western storm was moving eastward as part of a large depression that threatened most of the state. The mountains west of her were snow bound and getting more of the white stuff. The report said it would pass over her area and stall for few days.

Thinking about being shut in by a Winter storm really upset her. It meant days of isolation and boredom. Even the nice people she’d met on the Internet were no substitute for face to face human contact. With few exceptions most of the people she met were women like herself. Women with children, a house to run, and a husband who would rather watch TV than do anything else.

It had been years since she last had any loving contact with her mate of over thirty years.

There was one special exception on her short list of contacts.

Jerome Overstreet.

Jerome was an older black man she chatted with from time to time. Actually it was as often as she could, or dared. Fortunately she was able to keep anyone from knowing of him. They had a lot going on besides the usual idle chit-chat. If the truth were to get out, there would be upsets all over the place. Her family would most certainly not understand their relationship. Notwithstanding that they never met in person or could meet anywhere except over the Internet. Her people still would have trouble with it.

Jerome, like Laura, was married with children. Both were over fifty and still very much interested in the physical aspect of being human. Their conversations had taken many erotic turns short of e-sex. Their chats had become increasingly intimate and clandestine in nature. If they weren’t separated by thousands of miles. Who knows where their on-line affair would have taken them.

Many times and in very plain language, Jerome told Laura he wanted her.

To Laura it was a lot of hot air. She jokingly dared him, to come to Texas and prove he meant what he said.

It was their little game. As long as there were rivers, mountains, and over half a continent between them, neither had to worry. So they had continued their game for a year.

Sometimes though, their discussions got them both aroused. It was at those times that Laura hoped, almost wished Jerome would materialize, and treat her to some good old fashioned lovemaking. The kind of bone jarring loving that’s been missing from her life for too long. Her whole being languished for some virile male attention.

Her sexual yearnings hadn’t diminished as she expected. Despite the gray hairs and extra inches around her bottom, her body still responded to touch. Her own touch, such as it was, just wasn’t enough.

As the storm warnings became more urgent, Laura became more distressed. She didn’t want to spend the next forty-eight or seventy-two hours at home, virtually alone. She made Escort bayan up her mind to go into town and be among people. Even if just for the day.

Laura showered, washed and set her hair, and laid her city clothes out. She left a note to her husband telling him that she was going to town and would be back late and that food was prepared for his dinner. She placed the note under the remote, where she knew he wouldn’t miss it. Then checked again around the house before she finished dressing.

The blinking icon on her computer screen drew her attention. There was a message waiting for her. She was about to ignore the message, but her intuition stopped her from turning the screen off. A touch on the mouse opened the message in a new window. It was from Jerome.

Dear Star Lady;

I’m stuck in Texas for tonight. Snow storm forced my plane to land. I’m in Midland at the Ramada. I’ll be on-line looking for you tonight. Will you be free to chat? Look for me.

As ever, Jerome

Laura stared at the screen in disbelief.

For several minutes she sat there looking at it, pondering the turn of events.

As incredible as it seemed, some power had heard her secret wish and decided to grant it.

“Did it really mean what it said?” She kept asking herself.

“This can’t be happening.” She thought in disbelief.

“Coincidences like this just don’t happen…What’ll I do?” she asked herself, knowing the answer.

“It’s less than half an hour’s drive from here. I could be there by dinnertime if I hurry.” She thought.

Her plan was quickly formulated as she dressed to depart.

Laura was energized now and nervous too. She had never given any real thought in relation to the thing she was now planning to do.

Her husband was the only man she had ever been with. Yet she knew if everything went well, she would experience another man. Just this once.

This opportunity could be her last chance to obtain answers to the present anguish in her life.

Her husband was a good man, but he had kept her at arms length for years. He literally retired from sex and thought she should too. Why?

Laura had to know. Was she still a functional woman. Was she still desirable to men? Could she still pleasure a man?

More important. Would a man still give her pleasure?

Her hands grew sweaty as she gripped the steering wheel.

It was cold outside yet she felt hot.

“Was it a flash?’ She wondered. ‘Or just anxiety?”

“What if he wasn’t thrilled about having her show up unannounced? What if he didn’t think she was attractive or young enough to be bothered with?

What if this? What if that?”

The doubts plagued her, every mile of the way. They gnawed deeper at her gut, when the hotel sign suddenly appeared in the distance.

“It’ now or never,” she said to herself.

Laura bit down on her bottom lip and stepped on the gas pedal.

Jerome awoke from his nap feeling refreshed, but still annoyed about his vacation. It had taken him five years to scrape the money together. It was gone now, spent on his tour package.

Only two hundred dollars remained of the cash he withdrew from savings. Once that is spent he’d have to use his charge card.

Just the thought of using credit, left a sour taste in his mouth. Remembering all the debts he’d just paid off through long, hard work. He had just enough left to take his first ever vacation. He was finally going to see the country, now this!

“It’s time to find out what’s for dinner,” he thought. He had to put his mind on something else, anything to replace the bitterness that the detour had placed in his mind.

The hotel restaurant was just a short walk down the hall from his room. As he neared the dinning room, he could see the street traffic and front entrance through the plate glass frontage.

Coming thru the main door at that moment was a small crowd of people.

In among them was a face. It caught his attention.

There was something familiar about that face. The face vanished for a moment then reappeared. Now separate from the group, the face belonged to the slow moving figure of a woman. She held his attention. Stopping him dead in his tracks.

Coming towards him was someone, familiar. He struggled with his memory to place her,

assessing her as she approached.

He guessed her height at five foot five or six.

Her weight about one hundred and forty pounds.

She had uplifted gray hair and clear blue eyes behind gold rimmed glasses.

“Star! It must be.” He thought, looking harder as she came closer.

It was Star! Laura…Laura Sparks, but what…?

Questions formed in his fast moving mind.

The answer followed just as quickly.

His message. She got it, that’s why…

Laura noticed him right away. Pictures she received on-line didn’t compare to viewing him in the flesh. He stood out like the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks.

A six foot, two hundred pound, middle aged black man in Bayan escort Midland is not an unusual sight. But there in the hotel lobby surrounded by a sea of white faces, he really stood out.

Suddenly, a paralyzing thought occurred to her.

“What if he didn’t recognize her?”

“I wonder If he’s going to be disappointed?” She thought, suddenly self-conscious.

“What if he minds seeing me here, like this?” The doubting thoughts continued.

Laura’s legs suddenly felt leaden. It took the strength of an Amazon to continue on.

She looked up into his face fearing the worst. Her fate would soon be sealed.

“Star!…Star Lady!” He shouted, breaking into a broad smile.

Jerome rushed forward closing the distance between them. His big arms wrapped around her, sweeping her off her feet. His embrace was warm, his voice deep, and his face was all smile.

“Laura…sweetheart…what a surprise…I’m so glad you’re here.” He intoned.

Laura was overwhelmed by Jerome’s greeting.

Even as she held onto him. The fact that they had never been in each other’s presence, let alone in each others arms, became instantly insignificant.

It was so much better than she could have hoped. She reveled in it. Basked in the warmth and wonder of his embrace.

Laura could feel his muscles through their clothes. His arms were pressing her body hard. She felt as though she’d never been held before. Her breasts were flattened against his sturdy chest. She knew bruises would appear there in a day or so. But at that moment she didn’t care.

The warmth of his body radiated through her, making her feel cherished and cozy in his arms.

Laura’s nose pressed into his throat.

The freshly washed male scent of him was unlike any in her memory. It activated dormant aspects of her body. She felt the sexual rush of an adolescent and blushed.

Jerome released her. Stepping back to take a better look.

His ‘Star lady’ looked better than he had imagined. The picture she e-mailed didn’t do her justice. She wasn’t a beauty, but she had a quality about her that captivated him.

Laura looked like the average middle-aged woman except for her eyes. He saw fire in them, the fire of youthful passion. The flame burned bright behind her icy baby blues. The rest of her body looked good too.

She appeared quite fit. Like she lead an active lifestyle.

She wore a simple but attractive black dress. It conformed nicely to her matronly body. The low black pumps she wore accentuated her plump, but shapely legs.

“I was just going to dinner.” Said Jerome.

“Have you eaten yet? Would you care to join me?” he asked. Holding out his arm for her.

“I’d love to join you,” she said taking hold of his arm. Another rare treat, she thought with a smile. To be taken to dinner.

They entered the lounge, requested and were seated at a table for two.

Jerome Made a big gentlemanly fuss over her. He wanted to make this a day to remember. A day they’d both remember for years to come.

For Laura it was, a dream comes true. To be with Jerome, a man she was sure wanted her. Not just for the person she was but for the woman she was too.

In more ways than one, this was a rare occasion.

Jerome ordered a bottle of wine to go with their meal.

They chatted endlessly as they ate. The both of them thoroughly enjoyed the ample Texas portions of beef and salad. Washed down with plenty of wine and lively conversation.

Their talk centered around the delayed flight and Laura’s decision to meet him at the hotel.

“Won’t your husband worry about you being gone so long in this weather?” Jerome inquired.

Laura assured him there wouldn’t be a problem. She told him that she had occasionally stayed in town after a day of shopping. Her husband had neither complained nor fretted about it before.

Jerome considered her answer and reasoned they’d be all right as long as Laura wasn’t observed by any of her acquaintances. To that end, they kept their conversations low, and tried to refrain from too much touching while at the table.

It was decided that when the meal was finished they would leave separately and meet in his room.

Jerome paid the check and headed toward the exit.

The route took them by the doorway of the lounge. There was music coming from the lounge area. The music caused Jerome to change his mind.

He caught up to Laura and turned her about. Instead of heading toward the room, he chose instead to treat his date to a dance.

He made way, ushering Laura past a group of people gathered by the doorway.

The lounge was packed. Inside were passengers from other storm delayed flights.

A small band played a nice danceable tune, so Jerome led her onto the dance floor.

Laura hesitated at first. It had been a long time since her last dance. She wasn’t sure her legs and feet were ready for this.

“One trip around the floor won’t hurt,” she reasoned. Then let him lead her in.

Once there Escort she glided into his arms like she was born to be there. Jerome led her around the dance floor taking care to be smooth and sure footed. She was thrilled to be dancing once again.

The crowd kept them from moving far. They were jostled about so much that they just held together enjoying the music and the moment in each others arms.

Jerome savored the soft warm feel of her. Laura was light in his arms, moving easily with him. Holding him close she could feel the growing heat and excitement emanating from his loins.

His body gave off a heady scent that had her pulse racing with its implication.

Laura felt heat and dampness grow inside her dress. Her heart raced in anticipation of Jerome’s next move. She could feel the swelling of his manhood against her belly.

Jerome relaxed his hold on his partner letting his hand slide down to rest on the rise of her ample hip.

Laura moved her body closer In response, tucking in her stomach so that his hand slid lower. Then reversed herself, moving ever so slightly away, and pressing the fullness of her romp into his palm. Similar to the way a cat makes a person stroke it.

Her move made Jerome palm her ass. The way he so often did in her dreams.

Only this was better. This was real.

Jerome delighted in her boldness. He was trilled knowing she wanted to be touched, as much as he needed to feel, and touch her soft warm body.

No one could mistake their being together as being casual. Their body language implied they were the closest of friends.

Some in the lounge crowd recognized him from their plane. They nodded when they bumped or passed on the dance floor. But most were just enjoying themselves, not paying any particular attention to anyone else.

Their foreplay went completely ignored.

Very soon the lounge couldn’t contain their passions any longer.

Laura left for the room with his pass. He left after obtaining drinks for their private party.

Laura let herself into Jerome’s room and fell back against the door, closing it behind her.

Expectancy turned her legs to jelly again.

Her fears of rejection returned.

The only thing that kept her from fleeing, was the prospect of never knowing physical love for the rest of her life. Just that thought was enough to hold her there.

Laura started removing her clothing. Her fingers trembled in the process.

“If he doesn’t want me let me find out quick.” She said to herself reaching back to unsnap her bra.

At that moment Jerome was turning the knob letting himself in. He found Laura standing with her naked back to him removing her bra.

He reached around her plump body and palmed her tits. The he pursed his lips and planted a tender kiss on her neck.

His actions startled her at first, making her move forward. A move that pushed her breasts deeper into his hands. She realized who it was and pressed back, letting his arousal poke at the softness of her derrière.

Laura responded with a moan to Jerome’s embrace and ground her ass against him.

His hands were rough yet warm to her tender flesh. Her nipples tingled, stiffening in response to the long overdue attention.

A warmth spread through her at once, from head to toe and back between her trembling thighs.

Jerome felt Laura respond as his arousal increased.

He suppressed the overpowering urge to take her, fuck her right then. Without preliminaries. His fondness for her prevailed. Instead he would try to give her pleasure. More than she might have hoped for.

Laura turned around and welcomed his kiss with warmth and passion.

She yielded to his hot probing tongue as it sought entry between her lips. She parted her lips and sought his tongue with her own sweet probe.

They held together for a long moment kissing and caressing each other till that was not enough. Laura’s hands started working at the buttons on Jerome’s shirt. She opened it and stripped it away.

She looked upon the sparse hairs on his chest before running her little hot hands all over him. Jerome wasn’t idle.

He unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor leaving her standing before him in black lace panties she wore especially for this occasion.

It was her first time being undressed in front of a man other than her husband or doctor.

Jerome stepped out of his pants and shorts. Nine inches of thick black manhood pointed at her, jerking in the air.

Laura’s eyes opened wide upon realizing what was in store for her.

Jerome didn’t want her to change her mind as others had, after finding out how big he was.

He grabbed her arms, pulled her close, and made her take hold of his cock. Once she had it in her hands, he knew she would want him to continue.

She looked up at him, hesitant for a moment, then grasped the smooth black lance. It jumped at her touch.

She stared down at the big cock throbbing in her hand. Growing larger, spreading her fingers further apart. She was so distracted, that she was laid flat on her back before she knew it. Losing her grip on the big silky cock in the process.

Jerome’s hand had closed on a quivering breast while his other palmed her moist, panty covered crotch.

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