The Field Cabin


This story came to me through my love of historical fiction. The events are fictional, but the male character is based off of someone real. I care about him very much. If you like this piece, please leave a review! Thanks! For the real David:

The Field Cabin

The little cabin seemed as though it was a hundred degrees as Annabelle Field, a petite brunette with a long braid down her back, worked at the stove, sleeves rolled up to her elbows. She was currently making the evening meal of chicken pie, along with biscuits for the next few days, and baked apples for dessert. There was also a large tin pail on one of the far burners of the cast-iron cook top, warming up water for a bath. Annabelle’s husband, David, was currently working outside in the sharp winter air. She had heard him splitting logs and stacking them near the cabin’s one doorway not long ago and now she knew he must be working on a deer he had hunted a few days prior from the dense pine forest that lay half a mile to the east. She could also hear the chickens occasionally or their milking cow, Daisy, bellow loudly in her pen. David and Annabelle were married two years prior, in 1874, when he was twenty and she was nineteen. With the help of David’s brother, James, and her three brothers, they had built a small cabin on the opposite side of a large piece of property that James lived on with his wife and children. They had built the structure quickly, and David had surprised her with a water pump inside the small cabin. She had been so excited and surprised. They had settled in to their home very well and Annabelle was quite happy to work by his side in the fields in sweltering summer heat or help him tan hides in the large earthen crocks in the winter months.

Annabelle used the corner of her apron to remove the finished biscuits from the oven and placed them down to cool. She brushed a loose piece of hair from her damp cheek and smiled to herself as she wrapped her hands around a mason jar of sliced apples and twisted it open. Pouring them into a shallow baking dish, she looked around like a child would before doing something naughty, picked up a piece of apple and popped it into her mouth. It was sweet and the cinnamon that she’d mixed in before canning the apples was perfect. Using some oats and brown sugar and a few other ingredients, she quickly mixed up a crumbly mixture to lie over the fruit and put the dish into the oven, next to the pie. Annabelle removed the pail of now hot water from the back burner and walked over to the stone hearth and dumped the contents into the metal washtub. It was mostly full and the water was a good temperature. She had been working on filling it for the past half hour after the snow she had collected in it had melted. As she was doing this, she heard shuffling outside the door of the cabin before it swung open. Annabelle turned to see David’s back as he quickly shut the door on the chilling wind that had come in with him.

“The sun’s nearly down,” he said, looking at Annabelle as she moved toward the water pump with the bucket. “And it smells so good in here!” David’s cheeks were flushed from both cold and effort and his blue eyes were lively and bright. His hair was a little messy from the stiff wind outdoors and bits of wood dust clung to his thick shirt and trousers. There was a spot of blood from the deer on his shirt pocket

“Thank you,” the brunette smiled at her man. “The pie is done. I just have to take it out. …And we have apples for dessert.” Annabelle hung the bucket on the spout of the pump and worked the handle. Water sloshed into the pail and she stopped when it was full. Turning her head to look at David, she smiled impishly at him. “Hey boy…”

David laughed quietly and moved towards Annabelle. As soon as he was near enough, she hooked her arms around his lean body, resting her cheek against his chest. The young woman inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of the outdoors, and a masculine musk from hard work. His body was incredibly warm and felt very solid. Years of farming and hard work had turned him into a strong man. Annabelle found that incredibly attractive and suddenly, she was there, at the edge of excitement, ready to rip open his shirt and yank the buttons off the front of his trousers. Lord knows she had done it before.

David cleared his throat, hands gripping his wife’s upper arms and pulling her back to look at her face. Annabelle knew her eyes were dark and stormy; she could feel him tense a little under her gaze. Without a thought, her tongue reached out to wet her lips.

“Belle…Belle. I don’t want the pie to burn,” he said, giving her braid a light tug. This snapped her out of her lusty daze and she looked over her shoulder at the oven.

“Oh, shit!” Her small frame scrambled towards the oven and she removed the pie quickly. David laughed at her unladylike mouth and turned to wash his hands under the pump.

* * *

After they had finished their meal, and the dishes had been cleaned and put away, Annabelle removed the final bucket of hot water from the stove and dumped it into the washtub. As she returned the bucket to the stove, David lit a lamp that sat near the metal tub before güvenilir bahis he began to peel off his clothing. Annabelle found herself staring as he revealed his body to her sight little by little. He let his suspenders down and made quick work of the buttons on his shirt. Shrugging the garment from his shoulders, it slid off and dropped to a heap behind him. He bent and the young woman couldn’t help herself from admiring the curve of his backside and the way the wool trousers he was wearing hugged him when he was doubled over, yanking on his boots to remove them. Annabelle’s gaze was transfixed as her fingers worked on the buttons of her own blouse, pulling it off and dropping it on the floor to her side. She was stepping out of her skirts just a few seconds later, also abandoning the multiple layers carelessly on the floor. When the young man had his boots off, he turned to look at the dark haired woman, whom was currently standing there, already nude. Her skin rose at the sudden loss of the warmth that her clothing provided her.

“Come here, little lady,” David said lowly, gesturing to Annabelle. Moving around the sturdy wooden table, she strode to him, pressing her body close to his, and looking up at him. He reached behind her and pulled at the thread that held together her thick braid. He bent down to her level and pressed his mouth to her neck softly. Annabelle gasped quietly, tightening her grip on his hips. His fingers worked out her braid easily, and he began to kiss her neck. She reveled in the feeling of his soft lips against her skin and couldn’t help the whimper that escaped her when she felt his tongue slide across the top of her shoulder. David’s hands kept moving after her braid was finished and his lips traveled back up her neck. When his mouth connected to hers, Annabelle whimpered again. His calloused, rough hands found their way to her round breasts.

The feel of his rough hands on her soft skin was deliciously contrasting from her own touch and her breasts tingled as her nipples hardened under his palms. The rest of her body shuddered involuntarily.

“Let’s get in the tub,” David said low against the damp skin of her neck.

“Oh…” Annabelle sighed as David rolled one of her excited nipples between his fingers. “Alright.” She reached forward and popped open the buttons at the front of his scratchy woolen trousers. David’s hands slid down her soft arms and past her hands and in one movement, pushed down both his trousers and the worn long underwear underneath. His skin was pale, white, and smooth as stone when she reached out to touch his thighs and then his sides. She leaned into him and tilted her face to his own before their lips touched softly. His left hand brushed back her dark waves from her face before he released her body from his grasp. Stepping into the large metal tub, he held out his hand to his wife and helped her in after him. She sank into the water with a sigh and watched him sit down. His legs parted, feet resting outside her upper thighs.

Annabelle reached for a rag and bar of honey-scented soap she had placed on the hearth earlier. She could feel David’s hand on her knee, fingers gently moving, under the steaming water and she felt a flood of arousal beginning to cloud over her mind. He looked at her directly, his blue eyes crystalline in the light of the fire and nearby oil lamp. Silently she lathered the soap onto the bit of cloth she held, and moved closer to the man in front of her. She knelt, rising slightly between his thighs.

“Belle,” he very nearly whispered, tilting his head back to look her in the eye. She could see the arousal in him as well, beginning to blossom, and his eyes seemed to darken. Strong, large hands seized her thighs then, eliciting a small gasp on Annabelle’s part. David separated her legs with little effort and lifted her petite frame. He set her back down, and she now sat, straddling his thick, muscular thighs.

Annabelle took a moment to compose herself and focus on the task at hand. Starting at his broad chest, she scrubbed his smooth skin with the sudsy rag in firm circles. Massaging as she went, the young woman could feel his body begin to relax. When she got to his neck, she adjusted herself a little, sitting now more securely across David’s hips. It was then that she felt what she had been expecting to, resting perfectly against the very place she desired him to be. Subtly she began to rock her hips as she washed and rinsed the dirt from her husband’s face and rinsed. It was after that she hung the cloth over the edge of the tub.

“David,” Annabelle whispered, reaching up and touching the light-colored scruff along his jaw. David simply gazed upon her as she felt him palm her hips beneath the water, moving her more noticeably in his lap. His thighs felt smooth against her cheeks and she throbbed where his hard member touched her. She tilted her head to the side slightly and pressed her lips to his; the kiss was wet and soft. Slowly, their mouths moved against each other’s and as she continued to rock her hips, she could feel him begin to stiffen rapidly. One of David’s large, gentle hands slid from her thigh to her belly and upwards. He broke the türkçe bahis kiss and his eyes drifted over her unmarked, creamy flesh. Gingerly cupping her right breast in his calloused palm, he brushed a thumb over the rosy pink nub. It hardened under his touch instantly. Annabelle sighed lightly at the sensation and reached to stroke his scratchy, flushed cheek. The brunette felt very aroused as she felt David’s manhood twitch, now fully hard against her soft folds.

“David…” His name fell from her lips almost as if she was pleading. His hand moved from her soft chest to tangle in her long, damp hair less than gently. Annabelle watched his pink tongue slip out of his mouth to wet his lips absently as he wrapped his muscled arms around her little waist, lifting her up.

“You’re my naughty girl,” the blonde man murmured close to Belle’s wet and now honey-scented skin before nuzzling his face between her soft mounds. His tongue pressed against her skin deliciously and he exhaled through his open mouth, blowing heated air out and drawing a soft moan from the girl. His light amount of facial hair made Annabelle’s skin pink and a little tender as he kissed her body. It did nothing to calm her down. She moved her fingers quickly over David’s body until they held his hips, rubbing the flesh there. David continued to trail over her skin until her reached a hard nipple. His tongue was flat as he lapped at the erect nub. He released her mussed, wet hair then only to reach for it again, almost roughly this time.

“Oh, David,” the brunette moaned, using his name in the way she was very aware of how he liked. His lips immediately closed around the darkened nipple and he released a short breath through his nose. The suction created by his mouth was heavenly and Belle resumed the rocking of her hips again in his lap. His obvious arousal rubbed against all the right places and she found herself dropping her head back and moaning in a less-than-ladylike fashion.

The young man eased his grip on her. Trailing his lips sloppily up her neck, he kissed and nipped at her soft skin until he reached her lips. Annabelle kissed him fiercely, pushing her own tongue into his mouth. She continued the rhythm of her hips.

“Let’s get out, baby girl,” David forced out breathlessly between the rough connecting of their lips.

“Yes, yes,” Annabelle whispered. Her small, curving frame was up and out of the metal wash tub in a matter of seconds. The water dripped from her body excessively but she didn’t’ care. As David stood and stepped from the bath, she was entranced by him. His body was perfect and so solid, incased in a pale layer of smooth skin. A little freckling dotted the tops of his shoulders and chest from working in the sun of the previous season. Water dripped down his body and she followed the droplets as they traveled down, down to that certain part of him that he used to drive her wild. It hung heavily there, bobbing gently as he moved. Annabelle admired the thickness of it before she shivered in anticipation. Walking past her, a small smile curled up the corners of his mouth as he reached the bed and collected a blue and yellow quilt and a few furs.

“Help me lay them out?” he asked, smiling bigger at her. Her heart fluttered at his expression. She was in love with his smile.

“Of course,” Belle breathed, taking the opposite corners of the quilt and laying it down by the hearth. David placed the pelt down over the brightly-colored patches. He knelt down then, on his knees and Annabelle couldn’t help but watch as his hardness throbbed slightly, a bright pink color in hue.

“Come here,” he said quietly, looking up at her. She knelt in front of him and reached out, touching his broad chest with ghosting fingertips. In slow motion, he pulled her close, holding her body tightly to his own before he picked her up and lay her down. The fur underneath them tickled her damp skin lightly and clung to her body. David crawled over her, on his hands and knees, straddling her small frame. Their lips met then in a moist, heated kiss. Annabelle reached up to run her hands over the dripping skin of his shoulders and down, finally resting on his backside. The light fuzz that dusted his chin rubbed the soft area around her mouth pink and even a little chafed. As they kissed, David’s knee came up and nudged apart Belle’s creamy white thighs. The feel of his skin against hers made her stomach flutter with a new wave of excitement. She divided her legs further and David moved between them completely.

Annabelle’s body was buzzing and she ached for her man. Her eyes slide closed and he ran his warm, thick fingers down her neck, between her soft breasts, down her belly, and to the tops of her thighs. His lips broke away from hers. Annabelle’s breathing was becoming faster still and she looked up into his wild eyes. She felt something primal in him ignite and one of his large hands gripped her leg and lifted, signaling that the wanted her to hook it around his waist. She did as instructed. The hand that gripped her then moved, dipping gently between her thighs.

“Mmmmm,” Annabelle hummed. David grunted quietly in response, eyes searching her face as his fingers güvenilir bahis siteleri continued their gentle rubbing. She was slick with her own arousal for the gorgeous man above her, and her whole body seemed to radiate a generous heat of its own. She could feel David’s heavy manhood pressed hard to her hip, moisture collecting there.

The young woman gasped when a digit pressed to her soaking core briefly before pushing inside. Her body arched on its own accord and now David’s own form was moving beyond his own control. His hips rocked subtly against hers, gaining but a little friction on his hard member. His finger curled inside her snug confines, pulling a needy whimper from her smooth lips.

“David,” Annabelle breathed out, grazing her fingers against the man’s pulsing erection. He choked back a moan and forced his eyes to remain open and gazing at his woman, lust in his darkened blues. Her thin fingers skated over his sensitive flesh. “Please…” She squeezed him gently. David withdrew his finger and pushed it back into her with force. She half-moaned, half-gasped, eyelids fluttering. “Please,” Annabelle mouthed.

The young man didn’t need a word more of encouragement. He reached for his manhood after removing his slick finger from Belle. Annabelle slid up her other thigh, allowing him room to maneuver. David’s throbbing erection was pressed to the perfect spot only a moment later. Holding his body over hers with his free arm, he swallowed hard. His heated gaze moved from her eyes to the sweet pink heaven between her smooth legs and back. Annabelle looked up to him silently begging him to take her. She could feel her own thighs trembling around his waist as he pushed forward slightly.

As he first entered her, she moaned hoarsely, the sound getting stuck in her throat. Annabelle watched as he focused hard, concentrating. Using her legs, she pulled his hips forward, pushing him deeper. David’s eyes slid shut and Annabelle felt him throb for her. The feeling caused a moan to bubble out of her mouth. She adjusted to him quickly, and found herself even wetter than only a moment before. Tightening around him, she let him know she was ready. David’s eyes reopened and focused on her.

“I’m ready,” Annabelle said on a breath. The blonde man nodded and slid into her tight body completely. She gasped at the sudden, full feeling of David buried completely inside her. Turning her face to the side, she latched her mouth to her man’s nearby wrist and bit the flesh there gently, absently. Pleasure was exploding in her brain and the blonde man wasn’t yet even moving. She heard his breathing stutter and focused on his gorgeous features and he began to rock.

David penetrated her with slow, languid strokes, running his free hand down her neck, moving a long lock of hair from her skin, palming s soft, round breast. Every time his length pushed into her, Belle groaned or made some other soft noise of pleasure, but all she could notice was how his thick, hard manhood felt when he filled her with it in each thrust, the fast breathing and the soft noises it covered, and the delicious expression written on his face.

His eyes were bright and lively and his brow was furrowed in both concentration and effort as he breathed hard through parted lips. Occasionally his tongue would appear to wet his lips. Sweat was beginning to form above his brow line and his skin, pressed to hers, felt molten.

Wrapping her arms around David’s neck, she pulled him closer. He never stopped moving insider her and she whimpered even at the small angle change. Their lips met in a soft kiss that lasted only a short moment before David’s tongue pressed to his wife’s urgently. She welcomed his warm and wet tongue into her mouth and returned the exchange. Pushing her fingers through his soft, soft hair and tugging it gently with her fingers, he kissed him harder. The temperature inside the tiny cabin seemed almost stifling now.

“David,” she whispered against his wet, kiss-swollen lips. “More!”

“Hold on, babe,” David instructed breathlessly, dipping his head low to press soft kisses to her throat. Holding her petite frame close to his own body, he pulled her up and sat. Annabelle pressed her lips to David’s own. Still buried inside her, she felt him throb again several times as she let his tongue seek out her own.

“Lie back,” Annabelle whispered between their soft lip exchanges. David obeyed instantly, laying flat on his back across the fur cover and taking her with him. The brunette began rocking her hips sharply, soon panting through parted lips and emitting a series of gasps and whimpers. Holding her body up just over her husband’s, their eyes locked together. All Annabelle was able to do was focus on the feel of his thick, hard shaft and the soft grunts of pleasure that began to come from him. “Yessss, ooh!” she let out, close to David’s ear. She could feel the fevered heat rolling over her body. The man’s fingers raked down her back and squeezed her cheeks roughly. He made a soft noise in his throat that had her rising to her peak with only a few more sharp movements. “David!” she cried, gripping his upper arms tightly. Pleasure slammed into her body then, with a rush of wetness around the man’s hard shaft and blinding, hot waves radiating from her outwards. She could feel herself fluttering around David as the feeling ebbed a little, her hips still moving, but gently now.

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