The First Meeting


I feel much the stalker watching you through the open door. Phones ring loudly and employees hustle a little quicker since you came out of your office. Your back is to me as you sign off on a package. The pen drops and I smile watching the view as you bend over to pick it up.

I take blow out a soft breath and walk in. You don’t notice me as you scan the list of messages left for you. There’s a soft touch on your arm and you look down into dark exotic eyes.

“Alley,” you manage before your jaw hangs in disbelief. Not giving you a chance to recover, I step closer and slide my hand into yours. Without thought you pull me closer. You can feel the heat of my body and the scent of my perfume reassures your senses I am very real.

Your fingers tighten around mine and I feel my pulse quicken. My nipples tighten and a slight flush of pleasure curl inside of me. You don’t want to let go, but realize the spectacle we’re making and step back.

My cream silk of my blouse does little to hide my attraction. Your wrist turns up as your hand moves to touch me. You stop yourself and shake your head. You look away and curse under your breath. A look of concern fills my eyes.

“You’re upset with me?” I ask. “I wanted to surprise you . . . I’m sorry. This was rather rash of me.” I bite my lower lip, my gaze falls.

Hating the idea of a misunderstanding, you lift my chin with your finger and look into me. Open, unsure and vulnerable . . . needing some form of reassurance. My head tilts slightly and my lids fall as you feel my breath deepen and you become aware of my pulse close to your fingers. My tongue tastes my lips, waiting to know yours. A whispered growl escape as you lean forward, bringing your head closer to mine.

I pout as you barely graze my lips and kiss me on the cheek. “Not here,” you whisper in my ear. Taking my hand in yours, you take me into your office and close the door behind us.

Once safely away from prying eyes, you lean back güvenilir bahis on your desk and stare at me. “I can’t believe you’re here, Alley. Would you mind if I hugged you?” you ask.

In answer, I take your hands in mine, kissing each palm before pulling them around me and settling them on my lower back. I kiss your neck, right above the collar of you shirt, flickering my tongue out to taste your flesh. I lean up on my toes and kiss your neck a little higher. “I’ve needed you so damn long . . . .”

You feel a hot little kiss on your ear and then the little line of flesh between your ear and face. My hands slide around your neck and my fingers find their way to your hair as I get closer to your lips.

You feel the tip of my tongue barely touch the corner of your mouth and then just the brushing of my soft lips against yours. My breath grows deeper and you can feel my excitement building.

I kiss you, willing your lips to respond to me. You could almost swear you feel me purring as you kiss me back. You try to fight back a goofy grin when you feel my back arch in your hands.

I shift my legs as a shiver of desire runs through my body. I try to press closer into you. I can’t help myself and I start to undo your shirt. You feel a slight pang of conscience and step back. “What about your . . . .” you begin but I cover your lips with my finger and then my lips again.

“Let that be my sin.” You don’t want to stop me. You feel my fingers trembling as I undo your buttons, needing to touch your flesh. To know in reality, what I’d only been able to take in fantasy for all this time.

I pull your shirt loose from your pants and enjoy the feel of your skin. The shock of contact reminds you that your hands could be doing other things too.

I giggle as you pull my blouse apart, scattering buttons around the room. I don’t care. You’re not quite sure what’s gotten into you but coherent thought quickly evading you as you vaguely recall employees türkçe bahis outside. The sight of sumptuous breasts, spilling over white lace, pushes thoughts of the employees further away.

My hand slides down over your erection. Breaking our kiss, I glance down, to figure out how to get your pants undone. Letting them fall to the floor, I take your hands and guide them under my skirt into my panties. You waste little time sliding them down my legs.

It takes seconds to clear a large space on your desk. Turning me towards the desk, you push me onto it and part my thighs. Sliding between my legs, I feel your erection against my me and realize how wet I am. You slip down to your knees and bury your face in me.

My rich earthy scent and soft salty taste fill your mouth. All you can feel is the hot smooth flesh of my thighs and my essence before you. Your tongue finds my clit and coaxes it into an even more sensitive state. My fingers are in you hair, pulling, begging you . . . “oh god . . . please.”

My taste, an aphrodisiac, you feel your cock swell even harder as you slip your tongue into me. Even that takes a little effort for the fit. Tight, sweet and very wet. Your dick begs to take your tongue’s place.

It’s all happening so quickly, but neither of us is able to slow down, let alone stop it. Unable to stop and unwilling. “I need you.” is all you hear . How could you resist? You lift you head, your face covered with the evidence of my desire. I smile and reach down to wipe your cheek with my fingers, bringing them to my lips to taste.

You blink, waiting for this fantasy to disappear. But I remain there before you, straddle on your desk, your papers all over the floor, a button from my blouse resting by my hand. The bra has shifted and a dark nipple peaks out and my skirt is hunched up around my waist. My hair is loose and wavy around me, giving me even more of a wild look. All of these things are nothing compared to my eyes, dark and almost güvenilir bahis siteleri black in hunger.

My hand wrapping around your shaft shifts your attention. I pull you closer until the head of your dick is glistening with me. You replace my hand with yours and soon have my nails scratching across the top of your desk as you slide it up and down. Needing to feel flesh under my palms, I grasp your arms and dig my nails in, edging you on.

I cry out as you slip the head of your dick into me, your own groan mixing with my mine at the narrow fit. Unable to take any more of your own teasing, you kiss me and thrust deeply into me, swallowing my cry of pleasure. You have to pause, your balls begging to explode.

The sharp pain of my nails digging into your back helps bring you from the edge. “Please.” You take one of my legs and pull it up a little to allow your self deeper and begin thrusting. My juices are all over your lap and the purrs and moans make it harder and harder to hold off.

I forget everything but the exquisite sensation of being filled with your cock and knowing I’d give anything to keep you from stopping. “Fuck me harder,” You can almost feel me blush at the words, but the need for you is stronger.

My breath comes faster and faster and my movements become more frantic. You’re aware of the claw marks on your back, but unable to feel the pain any more. You can feel your balls tightening and know you can’t hold off much longer.

I get louder and louder, begging you to fuck me harder and faster until you feel me suddenly tighten around you and I cry out as the first waves of my orgasm hit me. You can’t stop now and try to pull out.

My legs wrap around you. “Cum in me . . . .” You groan as you explode inside of me, the ripples of my orgasm milking you further. The pleasure hits you hard with the feeling of cumming inside of me . . . nothing between us.

As your energy all but vanishes, you lean forward and collapse on me, pushing us back onto the desk, your dick still within me. I purr softly and brush your damp hair back from you brow, kissing you.

I giggle and you feel my muscles tighten around you. “What a delightful way to meet you.”

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