The first time I fucked my mother in-law


The first time I fucked my mother in-lawAs you can see from my pictures and videos, my mother in-law is very sexy. She is 60 years old, 5’4”, 34DD tits, fat ass and a tight body. Every time I see her I just want to bend her over, rip down her tights and fuck her hairy wet pussy until she cums over and over again. This story is about the first time I fucked my mother in-law.My wife and I, both 34, recently sold our house and while we waited for our new house to be built, moved in with her mom. My wife is 5’6” with a similar body to her mother. She has big 38DD tits with a fat ass, shaved wet pussy and tight thick body. I have always desired my mother in-law, her name is Jane, but have been hesitant to see what happens in fear of creating issues with my wife Sarah. It wasn’t too long after we moved in that Jane’s demeaner towards me changed. Me and her would stay up late after Sarah went to bed drinking wine and talking about her separation with her husband and whatever else was going on in the world. At the time I didn’t know what changed with how she acted towards me but would definitely find out later. Jane started acting more casual around me and started flirting more. She started complementing me on how good I looked and how she could see my muscles through my shirt and how good my legs looked in my skinny jeans. But the kicker was when she started coming out of her room in the mornings with only a night shirt on that barely covered her ass. It was white and really tight, so it formed to every curve of her sexy body. I could see her dark nipples through the shirt and her big tits since she didn’t have a bra on. The best part was since it was so tight it would ride up as she walked, and I could see her tight bikini cut panties as she walked. The way her panties cupped her ass and slid into her pussy drove me crazy. I know she saw that I was staring right at her pussy lips, but she didn’t care. She was putting a show on for me. We would meet in the kitchen to make coffee before we all got ready for work and she would bend over to get the coffee and I would get a front row to her hairy muff pushing out the sides of her tight panties. Most of the time her panties were too tight, and her pussy lips would peek out the sides. Her kitchen was tight so as she was bending over I would have to slide against her tight ass with a hard cock to get my coffee cut. I know she could feel my manhood pressing up against her tight pussy cause she would let güvenilir bahis out a soft moan as my hard cock through my mesh shorts pressed up against her tight panties. This back and forth went on for a few weeks and one day Jane asked what time I was going to be home. Which was weird since she never asked me before what time I would be home, and she knew I normally was home by 6. As luck would have it I had a dentist appointment at 1:00 that day and was planning on working from home in the afternoon. Fortunately, I never told Jane I was coming home early. Now normally, my wife and mother in -law who worked together, left work at the same time around 5:00. On this day Jane decided to leave work at 2:00 and told my wife she had to run a few errands. Little did I know what would happen next. I arrived at my mother in-laws at about 2:45 that day after my dentist appointment and saw the landscapers truck parked in the driveway. This was not unusual as Jane had a landscaping service to take care of the yard once a week. It was a father son business. It was summer time and since they were busy, the son decided to handle Jane’s house by himself which as it turns out was Jane’s plan the whole time.Luis was the owner’s son and loved doing Jane’s lawn since it was so easy. He was about half way through the yard when he needed to use the bathroom. His dad told him to never talk to the clients, but Luis had to pee really bad. He decided to ignore his dad’s advice and knocked on Jane’s door. No one answered for about 5 minutes. Then all of a sudden Jane pulled up to the house at 2:30, about 3 hours before she normally arrived home. Jane got out of the car and asked Luis what he needed. At this point Jane’s pussy was pulsing and wet needing to be fucked. Luis said he needed to use the bathroom. Jane said why don’t you come inside and use my bathroom. Luis obliged and went inside. Jane told Luis she was going to change while Luis used the restroom. Luis emerged from the bathroom and went to the kitchen to exit and finish the lawn. When he entered the kitchen, he stopped in his tracks and almost bumped his hard cock into Jane. Jane was at the sink washing dishes in a just her bikini cut panties and heels and all wet from the water splashing on her. She apologized to Luis and asked what she could get for him. He said she could stop what she was going, get on her knees and suck his big Mexican cock. Of course, Jane agreed, turned around, got on her knees türkçe bahis and started to circle her tongue around Luis’s big cock. She sucked his big cock what seemed like forever. Jane’s pussy was so wet she told Luis she wanted him to tongue fuck her. They moved to her bedroom and they both laid on her bed. Jane straddled his face and continued sucking his big cock. Around this same time, I arrived at my mother in-laws. As I walked in the front door I heard a faint noise coming from Janes bedroom. As I got closer to her room I heard the moans of her desire intensify. There was a long hallway for which Sarah’s and I rooms was first on the left and Jane’s room was last on the right. I knew the sound was coming from Jane’s room. As I got closer to Jane’s room I heard her moaning uncontrollably. I decided to peek around her door. To my amazement I saw Jane straddling Luis’s face with her wet hairy pussy while she sucked his big cock. While I have always been bi-curious I found myself fantasizing about sucking Luis’s cock. I’m about 7” fully erect. Luis was about 10” fully erect. As much as I wanted to lick Jane’s hairy tight pussy I found myself wanting to suck Luis’s big cock. I stood there in the doorway watching as my mother in-law was getting her pussy eaten out while she sucked his big cock. I couldn’t help it but pull out my cock and stroked it while I watched Jane get her big hairy pussy licked. Jane looked up and saw me and just smiled as she stroked his big cock. She said “ooooh yeah baby, that’s it lick mommy’s wet pussy”. She went back to taking his whole cock down her throat. After about a min more she sat up and said, “it’s mommy’s time to sit on this big cock.” She slid down and engulfed his whole cock into her hairy cunt and started bouncing up and down grabbing her big tits and screaming “fuck me harder! harder!”. Jane was so hot and horny she couldn’t control herself. Luis decided he needed to be in control and pushed Jane off and told her to bend her slut ass over the bed and he slammed his big cock into her wet hole and Jane let out a loud yelp. Luis grabbed her hips and started thrusting faster and faster and I started stroking my hard cock faster and faster. I could hear his big balls slapping against her fat ass and her pussy juices squirting all over as Luis went deeper and deeper. Jane kept screaming “fuck me! fuck me! harder! harder! make me your slut mommy!” Luis grabbed her short hair, yanking her head back and güvenilir bahis siteleri fucked her harder. He kept thrusting until he couldn’t take it anymore and told Jane to get on her knees. He stroked his big cock only a few times and a giant load of hot cum came pouring out of his beautiful cock and all over Jane’s face, in her mouth and hair. A second burst of cum shot all over her big tits and poured over her big nipples. He forced his cock into her mouth and made her gag and told her to suck his cock clean. I couldn’t take it anymore and came all over the wall in the hallway. I was exhausted and didn’t want Luis to see me, so I ran without cleaning it up to hide in the basement. I heard Luis tell Jane to clean her slut ass up and then heard him leave. I came walking up the basement stairs and met jane in the kitchen. My cock was still fully erect, and she still had Luis’s cum all over her. She was naked with only her white stiletto heels on. We didn’t say anything to each other. I just walked up to her and started licking the cum off her face and kissing her passionately. I moved down to licking the hot cum off her neck to her breasts and nipples. Luis’s cum tasted so good. I wanted to have him blow his load all over my face. As I sucked on Jane’s nipples I pulled my cock out of my shorts and took her hand and forced her to start stroking me. I slid my hand between her thighs and started rubbing her pussy. It was dripping wet and I easily slid three fingers deep inside. The slut was so loose. She started moaning and her knees were weakening. I told her it’s my turn and forced her head down to my throbbing cock. She opened her mouth and started sucking my hard cock. it felt so good I could have came instantly. I told her she sucked cock better than her daughter and she said mommies know best. I grabbed her by her short hair and bent her over the kitchen island and started fucking her loose cunt. I fucked her harder and faster while slapping her thick ass and telling her how much of a whore she was and how I owned her and would be fucking her whenever I want. She kept screaming for me to fuck her harder. I decided if she wanted to really be treated like a whore I would make her a real whore and pulled my cock out and plunged it right into her asshole. She let out a loud yelp and I went to town on that ass. Harder and harder until it was my turn to cover her in cum. She got back on her knees and I thrust my cock into her mouth and came hard. There was so much she couldn’t swallow it all and it started flowing out of her mouth, down her chin and on to the floor. I told her to clean up the floor and then take a shower and get ready cause this was just the beginning.

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