The Floor wasn’t the Only Thing Laid


Of course blah blah blah…another man waits until I’m done and gone to complain about a job well done!! I guess I should give him a break though…*biting my bottom lip, remembering* he certainly needed some time to pick his jaw up off the floor after he saw what was standing on the other side of his door answering his flooring ad. It’s always a surprise to the tough men seeing a cute badass woman smiling as the door creaks open.

“Hey, there! I heard there’s a bit of hard wood that needs laying? Ha sorry love a good cheesy joke but seriously if you dont mind showing me what you’d like done I could have a quote together pretty quick…get on it even quicker!”

*sigh* I probably should try toning my playful teasing down a bit until I’ve secured the job and they’ve had a chance to prop their jaws back in place. Not every day a young lady struts in and can actually handle a big tool…and complete an entire solid wood floor on their own.

Damn it and their I go again! Ugh I guess for a good customer service review I should at least hear the man out, better than being called a bitch and not referred. And it doesn’t hurt either, I wouldn’t mind another peek at those gorgeous greenish blue piercing eyes paired with a fine sweet sharp smile I could get lost on, imagining gyrating on top of to an explosive face soaking orgasm…oh my ok wooo!

Breathe, shake it off girl! You got this, those sparkling eyes might make your panties wetter than a stream but he doesn’t know that…or does he? No no it’s all in my mind he was just being friendly, just focus and finish your work.

He brushes against me with his strong forearm, bringing me back to reality as a quiver erupts through my body pulsing from my clit outward. He points toward the tiniest knick on a board a few rows before the end. Ugh busted! Smiling sweetly I act surprised and agree to fix it right away, praying he didn’t notice my knees almost give way from under me. With them still wobbling I watch him as he heads back up stairs, dropping to the ground with a moan when I thought he was out of hearing distance. I begin to crawl around slowly trying to clear my mind…but it keeps slipping back to his strong shoulders and where his thick tongue could be put to use as I get lost in my work.

Gyrating along on my knee pads letting my big lips tickle the seam of the inside of my daisy dukes. Back and forth gently teasing, making my clit pulse with jealousy and quiet moans slip past my lips. Lost in my thoughts I bite my bottom lip seductively thinking I’m almost done then I can hop in my truck and discretely take care of my needs.

Continuing with my work and wandering my dreaming takes over as i think of the incredible sensations I’ll feel as I run my fingers through my slit. Moaning as the cool breeze tickles my big succulent lips as they peek out hanging around the edge of my tiny daisy dukes I begin to flick my clit until I erupt with shaking pleasure “ooooohhh!”

“Mmmm yes baby” Suddenly I snap back into reality and I realize I wasn’t just daydreaming. With my ample chest heaving nearly popping free of my tank top I feel his rough hand sliding against my barely covered beaver. The pleasure coursing through my veins halting any desire to yell stop! I glance over my shoulder to see the gorgeous customer behind me staring back with a devilish grin enjoying the delicious view splayed out infront of him as my swollen lips protrude from my shorts.

My hips rock back and forth against his hand as the heat radiates from pussy through the thin material craving more attention. He grabs my ass with his free hand palming it gently before applying a sharp short smack.

“Ooo!” I yelp as the sting quickly turns into pleasure. He grabs at the waist of my shorts yanking them down exposing my bare ass to his hungry eyes. He takes a cheek in each hand, squeezing tightly with desire, groaning. His teeth graze my skin as he tugs at my panties snapping them back against my wiggling ass. “Mmmm” escort bayan with the pleasure and excitement washing over me like an electrical wave I feel the tip of my tongue instinctively gliding across my upper lip seductively, coaxing my teeth to join in nibbling my bottom lip as my ass wiggles begging for more…and he delivers as if reading my ever so naughty mind.

I feel his warm breath tickle my ass as he squeezes it again in his large rugged hands, watching as my luscious lips devour the tiny string I call panties. The sight turning him into an animal filled with lust dying for a taste. He lets out a grunt that turns into a growl as I feel him bite my round perky ass, playfully shaking his head side to side “Grrrr!”

A shiver runs up my spine as his animalistic howls drive me wild with moan after moan slipping out. Listening to me loving every touch he releases my ass from the gentle grip of his teeth and lays another sharp quick smack to the other cheek, making me squeal with joy! He leans in closer inhaling deeply the heavenly aroma of my sweet nectar dripping off my pussy. His pants fighting to restrain his urges to pounce, he slows down trying to enjoy every sight and coo he seemingly commands from my body with a simple graze or flick.

“Mmm” I feel him gently slide my thong out of the way releasing my succulent pouty lips. He groans uncontrollably losing himself in the delicious sight. Tongue hanging out with desire he leans in burying his face between my buns lapping at my delicate lips. As his warm tongue attacks my lips my hips push back instinctively “oooooh!” He sucks them into his warm heavenly mouth, his groaning vibrating through my pussy teasing my clit. With a loud pop they fall from his firm grasp leaving me in a moaning blissful state craving more.

Expertly sensing my desire and fulfilling his lustful cravings he caresses my big beautiful lips between his middle finger and index. Watching as they stretch to life with his gentle tugging and my moans encouraging him he rubs them together for my delight before pulling them to show off all their glory. “Mmm OMG!” The teasing running wild through my veins making me quiver. He leans back taking in every moment as the pleasure continues to coarse through me, shaking on my knee pads with my shorts yanked down and bare ass in the air. He watches with pleasure as my chest heaves bouncing my tits into my smiling flushed face while my swollen tight pussy drips on to his newly installed floor.

He rips my shirt off freeing my heavy chest and is greeted with my, ready to cut diamonds, hard nipples waiting their turn patiently to shake hello with his experienced tongue. Wasting no time he dives forward slurping on an awaiting nipple sending a jolt of pleasure straight to my clit and a moan shooting from my lips! Nearly losing my balance with the sudden rush he reaches back steadying me, running his thick finger slowly between my pouty slit. Teasingly lubing it before finding my tight tunnel hiding beneath my meaty curtains. Circling the entrance ever so slightly before plunging it deep, he lets my nipple slip with a pop as I shriek and he watches as the ecstasy washes over my face.

Grinning with pure joy he continues to watch my face as he adds another large finger, exploring every moist ridge that will soon be tightly gripped around his rock solid member. He leans in grabbing my face and I cant hold back any longer pouncing on his lips as his fingers still ravage me. I gasp with pleasure and he slips his tongue in, my moans slipping around our tongues as he drops his other hand. Fondling my heavy breasts grazing my nipples with his rough palm sends every nerve in my body into overload! I begin to writhe on his hand and kiss even stronger until I shake uncontrollably becoming putty in his hands left at his mercy. Shrieking as he picks up the pace of his fingers, he draws out every last moan and shiver.

Regaining my senses he withdraws his soaked escort fingers sliding them between our lips. Breaking our kiss to share my tart but delicious juices. He shoves a finger in my awaiting mouth letting my tongue swivel around it stealing every drop with a moan, before sucking dry his other finger himself and returning his tongue to wrestle with mine.

I push him back crawling seductively on to his lap, grinding my drenched crotch into his solid thigh, I slowly caress the outline of his firm package while planting a trail of light teasing kisses along his neck . Feeling the strain of his pants beneath me I slip down his legs until I find his zipper with my teeth and a grunt from him. Looking up at him with desire dancing in my eyes I swiftly tug his zipper down, his engorged member springing to life as it’s freed from it’s prison, smacking me in the cheek. I moan as I see the sticky trail hanging from his tip.

Reaching with one hand clenching his cock at the base, I run a free finger up my cheek collecting his gooey delicious Adam’s ale, pushing it towards my wiggling salivating tongue.

“Mmmm” I had been fantasizing about tasting him and the moment’s finally arrived! Diving forward taking his head firmly between my lips my tongue swivels around the crown making him groan as he grips a fistful of my pony tail pulling me in closer. Knowing how much I’ve already teased the poor man I let him guide me as I swallow his throbbing cock. Inch by inch I feel him twitch with bliss. Tickling every nerve possible with my slobbering tongue attacking his shaft, I twist my hand up from the base until it bounces off of my puckered lips.

Groaning he can’t hold back his urges anymore he shoves me back ordering me to get on all fours and lose the shorts! His strong demanding voice heightening my arousal as I pop up on my knees shimmying off the barely there fabric. He kneels behind my naked ass whipping his shirt off while spreading my boots apart. His lust vibrates from his large hairy chest in the form of a growl as he takes in the glorious view.

His professional floor installer once laying the floor beneath them with precision is now left only in her worn out work boots and knee pads, bare ass in the air wiggling begging for his master tool to teach her lesson for her mistake.

He lines himself up behind my tight rump stroking his hard cock enjoying the way my body calls for him with my lips swaying with every wiggle., he grunts burying his face one more time. Lapping at my lips he slowly pulls away and suddenly I feel him spit on my ass. “Oooh!” biting my bottom lip with anticipation I feel his white warm spit hit my puckered starfish and dribble down my crack. It slips down into my soft swollen slit and drips off my hanging lips. The sensation making my cooch pulse with lust craving to be filled.

His groaning with ecstasy only heightens my arousal as he pulls me closer. Gripping his solid shaft he sends shivers shooting through me as he taps the tip roughly against my clit. Dragging his head teasingly through my soaked lips lubing his tool slowly over and over again until he suddenly lets it slip past their grip and strokes it himself taking in the view of my tight hole before he ravages it, stretching it with his thick member. He grunts as I feel him drop his firm cock like a hammer against my ass, sliding it between my buns driving me wild with desire.

“FUCK ME PLEASE! I need…UGH!” he makes me gasp cutting me off with sheer pleasure and surprise as he plunges his tip deep into mg dripping hole. My pussy pulsing engulfing him inch by inch, until I feel his big heavy balls slap against my lips. Pure ecstasy rushing through threw me as he fills me and takes control. He begins to pump his hips quicker into me as the wet sounds of our bodies slapping together fill the room. The phapping sound turning us into animals, he reaches up grabbing my loosening pony tail, wrapping it around his hand forcing me towards him bayan escort arching my back. His heavy nuts swinging tickling my clit as he continues bucking into me wildly, ravaging my tight tunnel, he slaps my ass in rhythm with my cries of pleasure.

Panting with passion he slows down his pace grabbing my plump ass roughly spreading my cheeks as he watches my once tight petite hole stretch around his beautiful thick meat. Slowly drawing himself out teasingly to the tip his hungry eyes begin to crave to see my lips devour his solid tool. So with one last forceful slap erupting a shriek from me he rams his full length deep inside of my slippery tunnel with a grunt and tug of my hair. A gasp escaping as he takes me by surprise, my pussy clamping down around his shaft as the heat of his body pressed against me sets off every nerve in my body, “Ooooh!”

He gently lets his cock slip from my grasp watching intently as it reaches the edge and his tip falls leaving behind my now gaping hole. He groans with enjoyment knowing his thick rod caused the glorious view before him. Shuddering with sheer bliss I turn around facing him with a devilish grin and a quick raise of my brows whispering “my turn.”

Shoving him onto his back I mount him, facing him as he strains his neck to watch my lips fall around his shaft, hugging it as I gracefully slide down it moaning. My ass is greeted by the heat of his balls as I take his full length, holding still for a moment taking in the pleasure as the soft ridges of my tunnel squeeze him tight. My legs wiggle slightly as the overwhelming pleasure of being filled makes me lose feeling in them momentarily, leaving me clambering for his big manly hairy chest as I hang on for dear life.

Shuddering as every nerve is sent trembling at the touch of his rough hands, strongly holding my hips guiding them as I begin to rock. My head falling next to his moaning as the pleasure takes over my body as i ride him with passion, getting lost in the moment with his hands finding their place on my ass. Spreading my cheeks apart as he helps raise and lower my sweet tight pussy along his shaft drawing moan after moan as he slips ever so slightly deeper with each bump of our hips.

Regaining my senses I slowly kiss along his neck until I’m met with his powerful lips, embracing my wandering lust. As his tongue dances with mine his hands caress my body, exploring, driving me wild as his big hands engulf my tits making me spontaneously quiver, squeezing his hard cock tightly.

Following the cues from my moans he rubs my hard nipples between his strong fingers making me sit up grinding him deeper inside me craving every bit of him I could handle. With my legs writhing against his sides I toss my head back, my hair falling from the restraints of the elastic as I shriek with immense pleasure as he pinches and rolls my nipples losing control all over him. My luscious locks swaying with my uncontrollable trembling tickling his balls as my pussy grips his manhood quivering with delight as his every grunt and groan intensifies my climax.

The soft curls dancing against his sensitive sack tipping him over the edge as the soft warm ridges of my pussy radiates my pleasure through his every nerve. With a deep growl he tosses me off in one swift motion my legs still wiggling as he stands above my face grunting as his salty goodness explodes. His knees buckling with every powerful sticky stream shooting across my awaiting tongue I eagerly try to keep up lapping up as much as I could catch before it began dripping down my chest. Smiling up at him as the last shot splatters across my cheek with one last grunt before he collapses on the ground catching his breathe. Curling up next to him with my pussy still pulsing with waves of pleasure, resting my head on his sweaty sexy chest until he reaches down lifting my chin to meet his gaze. Without a word he leans down towards my chest, licking my tit hungrily cleaning up his delicious seed making goosebumps spread across my body as he lifts his head pulling me in close, sharing every last drop.

Laying there wrapped up in his big protective arms, in a haze of bliss dosing off, thinking to myself that’s definitely one way to test out a job well done!

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