The Futa’s Mind-Controlling Panties Chapter 11: Futa Shares Her Family’s Passion

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The Futa’s Mind-Controlling Panties

Chapter Eleven: Futa Shares Her Family’s Passion

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Sasha Ford

Who was Dad fucking? When had he gotten a girlfriend?

All my plans to reunite my family would be ruined by this new woman in Dad’s life save for one fact: my mind-controlling panties. I held the sodden pair of flannel boy shorts in my hand and marched down the hallway to confront my father and his new girlfriend, leaving my mom and little sister behind.

Nothing would stand in the way of us being a family.

Dad and I would share Mom and Fawn. He would help me figure out what to do with Mildred and Chloe. A way for us to go home. No way I was giving up my mind-controlling panties. I was having too much fun with them.

I had fucked my mom and bratty sister. It was the best.

I reached Dad’s bedroom door. “Yes, yes, yes, Jeff, fuck me!” bled through. The girl sounded like a bimbo. I smiled for a moment, glad Dad had gotten some pussy after Mom kicked him out. “Pound me!”

I threw the door open and said, “Hey, Dad!”

“Holy fucking shit!” Dad shouted, ripping off of his girlfriend and falling on his back, his cock flopping out. “Jesus Christ, Sasha why are you here and why…” He gaped at me as he stared at my naked body.

“Jeff, who is this bimbo?” the woman on the bed asked. She was blonde, barely more than twenty, with perky tits that shook as she sat up and glared at me. She grabbed a pillow and threw it at me.

I batted it to the side, anger swelling through me. I threw my boy shorts at her. She gasped as they landed on her tits. She peeled them off from her, a look of disgust spilling across her face. She held the wet cloth gingerly, swinging them out as if she were to throw them, then froze.

Her nostrils flared.

“Sasha, Jesus, why are you naked?” Dad asked, trying not to look at me. He hadn’t noticed my cock.

His girlfriend pressed the boy shorts into her nose. She inhaled deeply. She smeared them across her face as Dad pulled sheets over his own nakedness. This was so much fun. I had never seen Dad so flustered before.

“Oh, my, these smell good,” the woman said.

“Give them to my dad,” I said.

“Who?” the girl asked.

“Jeff,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Here, Jeff, smell these,” the blonde said, thrusting my boy shorts at my dad.

“I don’t want to smell my daughter’s panties,” Dad groaned even as the woman thrust them in his face. “Stop that, Vanessa and… and…”

He snatched the boy shorts from her and inhaled my incestuous juices. This wicked, deviant heat rushed through me. I had no interest in Dad sexually—I was gay—but I still found incest hot. It was the only way I could watch porn that had a guy in it, I’d learned. If it was a guy fucking his daughter… So hot.

“Damn, that’s good,” Dad said, still inhaling.

“So, tits for brains,” I said, staring at the blonde.

“It’s Vanessa,” she said.

“What did you call me when I walked in?”

She shifted. “A, um, bimbo.” She flushed. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize you were Jeff’s daughter and…” She stared at my cock. “Oh, my.”

“Well, Vanessa, I’m not the bimbo. You are.” I stared at her, wondering how far my powers could go. “You’re an empty-headed bimbo that just wants nothing more to than to giggle and look pretty and suck dicks. My dick. My dad’s. Any guy’s or girl’s cock you can get your mouth around. All that matters to your empty head is how much you like sucking cocks. And fucking them.”

“I do,” Vanessa said while my dad kept huffing at my panties. He really, really liked the aroma of my cunt. “Ooh, you got a big cock. You’re a girl with a dick.” She giggled. “That’s so silly. Girls can’t have dicks, but you do.” More giggles.

“Huh?” Dad said, sounding a little dazed.

“Don’t OD on my pussy fumes,” I told Dad. “And I’m a futa. It means I have cock and balls. It’s no big deal. You’re cool with it.”

“Right,” he said.

“Also, Mom’s in the other room. Let’s go have a family reunion. You still love her, right?”

“Yes,” he groaned, sniffing my panties.

“And you’re more than happy to let me fuck her, too. In fact, you want to share her with me. Fawn, too. Because you got the hots for Fawn as well. You want to fuck your youngest daughter, but not me.”

“God, I do want to fuck Fawn,” Dad groaned. “She’s got that tight, little ass of hers. And those perky tits.”

I blinked at that. Had Dad…? Well, I wasn’t one to judge.

“Good,” I said as Vanessa stared at my cock with hunger. “You want to suck my dick, bimbo?”

She nodded her head. More giggles burst from her lips.

“Follow,” I said. “And that’s your new name. Bimbo.”

“Okay,” she said. “I’m Bimbo and I love to suck dicks. I want to suck your dick so well.” She clapped in delight.

“Come on, Dad,” I said. “Put my panties down. You can smell them later.”

“They just smell so good, Sasha.” He sat them on the bed and stood up, pulling the sheets with him.

“Dad, you can go naked around me. We’re going to be sharing women together. Mom, Fawn, even Bimbo.”

“I’ll suck both your cocks,” Bimbo moaned. She crawled to me, her eyes fixated on my dick.

I backed down the hallway, leading the salivating airhead after me. Her blonde hair swept around her face. She kept craning her neck like she thought she’d get my dick this time, but I kept just moving out of her reach. Dad followed along, his cock thrusting out hard before him. I guess he was big for a guy.

He had nothing on my dick and girly balls.

I backed into the living room. Fawn squealed and ran at Dad. She threw herself at him and pressed her naked body into his. He didn’t hesitate to kiss her in the way no father was allowed to do, but every father should (at least with the straight daughters). I grinned and stopped to admire their incestuous embrace.

Bimbo caught up to my dick and swallowed it.

I gasped at the intensity of the blonde airhead’s sucking. She cleaned off Fawn’s juices from the tip of my dick. Her blue eyes squeezed shut. She moaned out in delight as she nursed on my dick. I groaned, too, the pleasure sweeping through me.

It felt incredible having her nurse on my girl-dick. My cunt clenched, the heat sweeping out of my twat and brimming in my balls. I groaned, my hips wiggling back and forth as I savored the hungry mouth suckling at my futa-dick. My girl-nuts tightened and juices leaked out of my pussy.

Fawn and Dad broke their kiss. He turned to mom and said, “Hey, Tabitha. You, uh, you look great.”

Mom stood there, her red hair swaying. Emotion rippled across her face. “I’m so sorry, Jeff.” She threw herself at him, hugging him tight. “I just got so mad that you fucked Danielle.”

Dad winced. “Yeah, sorry about that. She was just… And we were having that issue and… I just… I fucked up.”

“No, no, it’s all that whore Danielle’s fault,” Mom hissed. “And mine for not doing this enough.”

I grinned as Mom fell down to her knees before Dad and sucked his cock into her mouth. Dad’s eyes bulged in surprise. He ran a hand over the brown goatee framing his mouth. He was a tall guy, handsome, I supposed. Pleasure crossed his face.

“Damn, Tabby,” he groaned. “That’s good.”

Mom just sucked with noisy passion. She put as much enthusiasm as Bimbo did in sucking my cock. My pussy clenched at the heat rippling out of me. I groaned, my dick throbbing in the airhead’s hungry mouth.

“This is so exciting,” Fawn moaned. She sank down on the couch and fingered her sloppy cunt. “Ooh, Dad, you look so sexy with Mom sucking your dick.”

“I feel so sexy,” Dad groaned. “Damn, Tabby, where did this come from. Since when did you like sucking dicks.”

“I had a talk with her,” I panted, my pussy clenching from the delight that flowed down my dick.

Bimbo sucked hard. She nursed with passion on my girl-dick. Her sucking sound mixed with Mom’s sloppy noises. I shuddered, my futa-cock twitching and throbbing. My balls tightened from the pressure of Bimbo’s suction.

Her tongue danced around the crown of my cock. She stroked me. She sent such bliss fluttering through me. It was incredible. I groaned, closing my eyes and savoring the pleasure that flowed down my girl-dick.

“Fuck, yes,” I groaned.

“Damn, Tabby,” Dad panted.

I glanced at him and we grinned at each other. We were both getting our dicks sucked. This was a new daddy/daughter activity we would have. No longer did we just have to play catch to bond. We could share women.

I loved my futa-cock so much.

Mom bobbed her head, working her mouth up and down Dad’s cock while Bimbo did the same to mine. Her plump lips slid up and down my futa-dick, her blonde hair swaying about her face. Blue eyes shone up at me.

“Damn, I see why you were dating her, Dad,” I groaned. “Bimbo sucks dick like she was born to it.”

“Your mother’s showing off some impressive skill right now, too,” Dad groaned. “Damn, Tabby, that’s perfect.”

I grinned at Dad. This was so hot, both of us having fun. My hands slid through Bimbo’s hair. I gripped her head and then fucked my cock in and out of her mouth. I buried to the back of her throat. She sucked hard as I pulled back.

Dad glanced at me and then, as if I was challenging him, he grabbed the sides of Mom’s head. He pumped his cock in and out of her mouth just as fast. She moaned, not fighting him at all. She was submitting, loving him.

Our family was whole. Bent, but mended.

My small breasts jiggled as I pumped my cock away, my brassy-brown hair dancing in a ponytail down my back. My pussy clenched as Bimbo sucked hard. She nursed on my cock with just the right amount of hunger and enthusiasm.

My balls swung. I groaned, thrusting my dick to the back of her throat and then pulling back. I glanced at Dad, his muscles flexing as he pounded Mom’s mouth. She sucked porno with sloppy hunger at him.

“You think Mom can deep-throat your cock?” I asked.

“Bimbo can deep throat mine,” he said. “I’m willing to see how far your mother will go.”

She moaned louder. It sounded like a yes.

“Yes, yes, fuck Mom’s throat, Dad!” my masturbating sister moaned. “Ooh, this is so hot to watch. Live porn starring my family.”

I grinned and thrust hard at Bimbo’s throat. I buried my cock into her gullet. She choked for a moment, resisting. I thrust again and pushed a little deeper. She shuddered, her fingers digging into my hips. She held on tight.

“You want me to ram my cock down your throat, don’t you, slut?” I gasped.

She sucked hard as I thrust forward. My cock hit the back of her throat. Popped past her gullet.

I gasped as I plunged my long futa-dick down Bimbo’s throat. My balls swung forward and smacked her chin. She moaned around my cock, the vibrations rippling up it. I gasped at how intense they felt.

“Holy shit!” I moaned. “Oh, wow, she did it.”

“Come on, Tabby,” Dad groaned. “You can do it. Relax that throat, honey. Just like that. Now swallow. There you go. You’re doing it, honey.”

Such pride shone in Dad’s eyes as he praised Mom. The loving nature of their fun made me pause with my cock buried to the gullet in Bimbo’s mouth. She swallowed, massaging my shaft while moaning the entire time.

Dad’s cock sank deeper and deeper into Mom’s throat. Then her lips were pressed into his brown bush. He groaned in delight. He stroked her red hair. Then he gripped two fistfuls and drew back. His cock emerged dripping from her mouth.

Mom sucked and slurped. She moaned. Drool ran down her chin. Dad pulled back his cock until only the tip remained. Then he rammed forward. He buried down her throat again. His balls smacked into her chin.

“Tabby, yes!” he growled.

“Damn,” I panted. “That is hot.”

He nodded. “Yes, it is. Never thought I’d get to fuck your mother’s throat. But… Damn, she feels good.”

“I’ll have to try that out,” I panted, pulling back myself. “Now that you’ve broken in Mom’s throat.”

Dad winked at me.

I fucked Bimbo’s gullet. I thrust my cock in and out of her. I buried to the hilt down her throat and then drew back over and over again. My balls smacked into her chin. The sounds were so exciting. Her fingernails bit into my flesh, holding me tight as I fucked her face with my passion.

Every plunge down her gullet built that itch at the tip of my cock. That aching need to just spurt my cum into her stomach. I slammed forward hard, my pussy clenching. My balls cracked into her chin while she moaned around my futa-dick.

The pleasure shot up my shaft.

“Fuck, yes!” I gasped.

Pussy cream squirted out of my convulsing pussy. Hot cum jetted into Bimbo’s stomach. I threw back my head, my tits jiggling. The pleasure rushed through me. It slammed into my mind. sparks burst across my thoughts. Stars danced.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “You nasty slut, yes! That’s my cum!”

“Tabby!” groaned Dad. He trembled. He didn’t have his cock buried down Mom’s throat. I could hear her swallowing as he erupted. “That’s it, honey.”

I shuddered there, watching my parents as the pleasure slammed through my body. Every pulse of cum flooding out of my girl-balls and out of my shaft sent rapture crashing into my mind. My pussy writhed in celebration. I hit that wonderful peak.


Mom slid her mouth off Dad’s cock. “I am so sorry, Jeff. I’m going to be better. More loving. Sasha’s shown me who I need to be for us to be happy.”

“Yep,” I said. “Mmm, Dad, want to double-fuck her? I’ll take her asshole and you get her pussy. Doesn’t that sound hot?”

“Yes,” he groaned.

“I would love that,” Mom moaned, glancing at me. “Loving you and your father will be so much fun.”

“And what about me, Mistress?” Fawn moaned, sounding so feverish.

I glanced down at Bimbo. She still moaned around my girl-dick. “There’s pussy for you to eat. My little sister’s. It’s brimming with my cum. I shot two loads in her on the ride over.”

“Two wonderful loads,” groaned Fawn.

Bimbo pulled her mouth off my cock. She popped off, drool spilling down her chin. “Ooh, that sounds yummy yummy!” She giggled. “Here I come, little sister.”

“You may call me Princess Fawn, heir to Queen Mistress Sasha’s naughty panties.”

I snorted at that then glanced at Mom. “Shall we go to Dad’s bedroom? We’re going to pound your holes hard.”

“Yes,” she said.

Dad helped her stand. She clung to him as they headed down the hallway. My futa-cock throbbed before me. I was so excited to share her with Dad. This would be so hot for us to be both fucking her. Just pounding her hard.

Her ass jiggled. She had a plump rump. My futa-cock throbbed, aching to be in her mommy-butt. I would fuck her so hard. My balls tightened, that new load of cum brimming inside of them. I rolled my shoulders, my excitement mounting with every step.

“So, how do we do this?” Mom asked, sounding a little unsure.

“Never watched porn?” I asked her.



Dad just gave me an embarrassed shrug like he’d tried in the past.

“Well, I think if you lay on your side, it’ll be so hot,” I said. “Like we’re making love to you, Mom. Dad and me.”

“Ooh, that sounds romantic,” Mom said. She smiled at me. “I love you, Sasha. Love you and your dad and Fawn.”

“Yes, yes, worship my royal cunt!” Fawn moaned out in the living room. “Lap up all that queenly seed, peasant.”

I smiled at that. Fawn had someone she could be a brat to again. I didn’t care, just so long as she wasn’t one to me.

“I love you, Mom,” I said. “Now slide onto the bed so Dad and I can fuck you hard.”

“Yes, dear.” Mom gave me a hot and passionate kiss on the mouth, her large breasts rubbing into my small titties. Then she broke away and kissed Dad, their tongues dancing for a moment. I shivered, realizing I tasted my dad’s cum.

Then Mom broke away and slid onto the bed on her side. Her large tits pillowed together. She trembled there as Dad lay down before her. He grabbed her and pulled her to him. They kissed again, her tits crushed into his chest. She lifted her leg and threw it over his hip, exposing her red-furred muff and Dad’s cock nuzzling against her pussy.

Dad thrust into her cunt. I shuddered as I watched her pussy swallow his cock. That was how they made Fawn and me. For a moment, the sight looked so miraculous. It took my breath away watching my parents unite their flesh.

Then Mom looked over her shoulder and moaned, “I need you in my asshole now, Sasha.”

A wicked grin split my lips, the beautiful sight perverted by my lusts. I shivered, my cock throbbing, and slid onto the bed behind her. My small titties jiggled as I moved in behind Mom. I aimed at that bubbly ass of her.

“Yes, yes, I want both of the dicks I love in me,” Mom moaned. “Oh, Jeff, you’re sharing me with our daughter.”

“I am!” Dad groaned, sounding so proud of that fact. “Sasha, take your mother hard. She needs you.”

“Yes, Dad,” I said.

Such joy surged through me. We were reunited. A family again.

I pushed the tip of my girl-dick in between my mother’s plump butt-cheeks. I shuddered as the crown of my cock slid into her crack. Her hot flesh engulfed me. Pleasure surged down my shaft to my pussy. I whimpered in delight.

I slid my cock down her crack, searching for her backdoor. She shuddered and rocked, taking Dad’s pumping cock while I quested for that tight asshole. I grinned when I found it, feeling that puckered opening.

“Mmm, here I come, Mom,” I groaned, pushing forward. “You’re going to love it.”

“Of course I will!” she moaned.

I loved the feel of her anal ring stretching and stretching. Then she groaned as her sphincter surrendered to my cock and swallowed my tip. I groaned in pure delight as I pushed into her velvety depths. Her anal sheath embraced me.

“Mom!” I groaned.

“Oh, Sasha, yes!” Her body shuddered. “You’re filling me up with your huge cock. Oh, this is amazing.”

I grinned at Dad over Mom’s shoulder. He grinned back, pumping away at her pussy. I pushed deeper and deeper into Mom’s bowels. Then I bottomed out in her. I hugged her tight, pressing my small boobies into her back.

I drew back my hips, sliding my cock out of her. The friction rippled down my shaft. That velvety delight swept over my girl-balls and filled my cunt. My pussy clenched tight as I thrust back into my mother’s depths.

“Sasha!” she gasped. “Jeff! You’re both fucking me!”

“Yes, we are, Tabby!” Dad groaned and then they were kissing.

My parents were kissing as I sodomized my mother’s asshole. The incestuous rush of this moment shot through me. I groaned and slammed my hips forward. I buried my cock to the hilt in Mom’s bowels again and again. I buggered her. Sodomized her.

Loved her with my girl-dick.

I kissed at her shoulders as I pumped away at her tight asshole. The pleasure shot down my dick. The heat swelled the ache in my balls. They brimmed with such a huge load of cum to fire into my mother’s depths. I would baste her with my cum. I would flood her with every bit of spunk that I had in me.

Mom broke the kiss with Dad, gasping, “Sasha, honey, yes!” She turned her head. “Mmm, that’s good. I love you both in me.”

Then we were kissing over her shoulder as I pumped my cock in and out of her asshole. Her velvety flesh squeezed around me. I shuddered, the heat rippling through my cunt. My juices flowed, staining my thighs.

“Damn,” Dad grunted, pumping away. “This is hot. Tabby, I can’t believe I’m sharing you with our daughter. And that she has such a huge cock.”

Mom broke the kiss with me and gasped, “I know, Jeff. It’s like some naughty miracle.”

“Uh-huh!” I panted, thrusting away harder. “Oh, Mom, I’m going to cum in you!”

“Yeah!” anime porno Dad groaned.

“Mmm, I’m getting there.” Mom shuddered between us, her back rubbing into my small titties. “Ooh, you two are filling me up. Yes, yes! I love it!”

Her bowels rippled around my cock. I gasped as I plowed into her climaxing asshole. Her spasming flesh sucked at my dick. The pressure in my girl-nuts swelled a hundredfold. My orgasm leaped up to the front, that ache hitting the point of no return.

“Mom!” I gasped, pumping away at her in those last, frantic strokes before I came.

“Shit, Tabby!” Dad grunted, pounding her pussy with the exact same ferocity.

I caught my dad’s eyes. We stared at each other as we shared Mom’s holes.

I erupted. He grunted, and I knew he spurted his cum, too. My jizz pumped into Mom’s asshole. Her hot, rippling sheath massaged my girl-dick. My futa-balls unloaded all my spunk while my cunt writhed and spasmed, sending bliss rippling through me.

Mom gasped, “Yes, yes, give me your seed. Both of you! Oh, this is amazing!”

I groaned out in delight, pumping Mom full of my jizz. Her asshole wrung my nuts dry. I shuddered, stars bursting across my vision. My pussy juices gushed out. They soaked my thighs. My mind reeled from the amazing bliss that swept through me.

It was fantastic.

“Oh, Mom!” I panted as my orgasm hit that peak.

“Tabby!” Dad groaned. Then he kissed her.

I shuddered as they shared their passion. I suddenly felt like a fifth wheel. But that was cool. They were having their reunion. I had enjoyed myself. I pulled my cock out of Mom’s asshole. I figured I’d give them some privacy.

And find out what the brat was up to.

I rolled off the bed, my futa-cock thrusting hard before me, all dirty with Mom’s asshole. My balls swung while my pussy ached. That heat brimmed inside of me. I wanted to do such wicked and naughty things.

“Yes, yes, yes!” squealed Fawn. “That’s it. just like that. Make me cum again. Oh, yes, you’re worshiping my princess pussy!”

I smiled as I stepped into the living room. Fawn shuddered on the couch. My younger sister’s round tits heaved. Her strawberry-blonde hair danced around her face. She had one hand gripping Bimbo’s blonde hair, holding the woman to her pussy.

“Princess pussy?” I asked.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Fawn. “If you’re a queen, Mistress, then I have to be a princess, right?”

“Sure,” I said, amusement playing across my lips.

Fawn shuddered one last time and then fell back on the couch, panting. Her eyes squeezed shut as she moaned out in satisfaction. Bimbo kept licking and nuzzling at her, the airhead just feasting on hot cunt.

“I have a dirty cock,” I said. “Princess Fawn, what should be done about it?”

Her eyes snapped open. “You just came in Mom’s asshole? Ooh, I have to go lick her clean while Daddy fucks me!”

“Give them a few minutes,” I said. “They need to have their reunion. We can have some fun without them. You’ll get to fuck Dad before the night’s over.”

Fawn smiled.

“So, my cock?”

“Right, right,” she said. “Well, my pussy is, of course, worthy of cleaning your dick. And we have Bimbo. She has a pussy that was made to clean dirty cocks.”

“I do?” Bimbo asked, staring up at me with my sister’s cunt cream adorning her face.

“Yes, you do,” I said. “How much would you pay me for the honor of cleaning my cock?”

“I have seventy dollars in my purse!” she gasped. “Is that enough?”

I grinned. “Yes, it is.”

Fawn snorted in laughter as Bimbo crawled to a purse she’d left hanging on the coat rack by the door. She grabbed it off and dug into it with eagerness. She found her wallet and drew out a wad of bills. Then she turned around and crawled back to me.

“See, see, seventy dollars!” She held up two twenties, a ten, and four fives.

I snatched them from her then had no idea what to do with them. So I set the money on a shelf nearby. Already, Bimbo had turned around and presented her ass to me like a bitch in heat. She wiggled it back and forth, her pussy dripping with her juices.

“Please, please, let my pussy honor your dirty dick and clean it all up!” moaned Bimbo. She reached behind her and parted her shaved pussy lips, exposing her pink depths.

Fawn giggled. “She did pay, Mistress. I think you have to do it.”

“You’re right, I do,” I said and fell to my knees, my balls swaying. My futa-cock bobbed before me. I grabbed it, aimed it at the spread-open cunt, and thrust forward into the bimbo’s pussy with my dirty dick.

“Yay, cock!” Bimbo squealed as her juicy pussy engulfed my futa-dick.

I groaned at the silky embrace of her pussy squeezing around my cock. My balls smacked into her with a meaty thud that was so delicious to hear. I threw back my head, my tits jiggling. Her twat squeezed around me, buffing my dick clean.

This was such a heady rush. I loved having my futa-dick and my panties. My hands gripped Bimbo’s hips. She gasped as I drew back, her twat gripping me. She let out a strained moan as she kept her cunt clenched about me.

“Fuck, yes!” I gasped and rammed back into her. My balls cracked into her. The heat swept through my body. “You’re polishing my cock clean, Bimbo!”

“I am!” she gushed. “My pussy is cleaning your dick. Your big girl-dick. I love it so very much!”

“Yeah, you do,” gasped Fawn. She hopped to her feet, her round tits jiggling. She bounced with energetic glee before the Bimbo. “You like my queen-mistress’s cock fucking your pussy. That’s my sister’s big dick you’re loving!”

“I am! Loving it so much. Just making me feel all kinds of goodness. Cock! Cock! I have a cock in me!”

Fawn burst into giggles, her strawberry-blonde hair sweeping about her face. The joy on her expression was amazing. She wiggled her hips and spun around. Her hair swayed after her. The sounds of her laughter echoed through the room.

She skipped around us as I fucked my cock hard and fast into Bimbo’s cunt. Her pussy gripped me, polishing my dick. I loved it. Reveled in it. The heat swept through my body. It rushed down into my balls and swam in them.

Every thrust into Bimbo’s pussy was heaven. Every pullback rapture. Tight, hot, mind-controlled cunt gripped my dick. Held me tight and cleaned my mother’s ass of my shaft. I groaned, my pussy drinking in this delight.

“Yes, yes, fuck her!” Fawn moaned. She fell to her knees behind me. “Fuck her and fire all that cum in her!”

“All my jizz. Bimbo loves it when she has jizz in her belly or her pussy.”

“I do!” gasped Bimbo. “And you’re going to dump so much in me. So much yummy yummy cum!”

Fawn’s hand shoved between my thighs. I gasped as my little sister thrust her fingers up into my pussy. She buried her digits into me. I groaned, squeezing my cunt down around them. The heat swept through my body. I arched my back, whimpering and groaning.

Her digits felt amazing. She plundered them in and out of my pussy as I drilled my futa-dick in and out of Bimbo’s cunt. I slammed into her, the pleasure flowing down my shaft to my twat being reamed by my sister’s naughty fingers.

Fawn rubbed her boobs into my back. Her lips found my ear. “Just flood her. Flood that bimbo-whore who tried to take Daddy from us.”

I grinned.

“Mmm, she’s a homewrecker just like Mrs. Solomon,” Fawn continued, driving her fingers into my depths. She wiggled them around. “It’s so hot that you made her into a bimbo cum-bucket, Mistress.”

“Yes, it is!” I groaned, my orgasm building so fast.

The pressure in my nuts swelled. They fed off the bliss flowing down my cock and from my sister fingering my cunt. All this amazing bliss built and built in my girl-balls. I groaned, my dick throbbing as I came closer and closer to erupting in the bimbo’s cunt.

I would flood her with so much jizz. I gasped, squeezing my twat around my sister’s digits as I slammed myself forward. I buried to the hilt in the bimbo. I filled up her cunt with my big dick. She gasped out in delight.

“Yes, yes, I have a cock in me!” she moaned. “Biggest cock in the world. It has to be. My pussy is going wild. I love it. I love your big dick, Queen-Mistress!”

“Then cum on her cock and milk her dry!” Fawn moaned, her nipples rubbing into my back.

“Yes!” I snarled, driving into the bimbo’s juicy pussy.

Her cunt spasmed around my dick.

I gasped at the wild convulsions sweeping around her cock. They felt amazing about my dick. They rippled and writhed. This wonderful passion surged around me. It sucked at me, pulling at my aching balls. They brimmed with cum.

I drew back, my sister’s naughty fingers caressing my inner pussy depths. Pleasure surged through me from two different directions. I slammed back into Bimbo’s convulsing cunt. Her hot flesh surged around me, sucking at my cock.

“Yes!” I howled. “Take my jizz, cum-dumpster!”

Spurt after spurt of jizz pumped into Bimbo’s pussy. She moaned in delight, her head throwing back and her blonde hair dancing. Her cunt rippled around my dick, milking my spurting cock. Pleasure shot out of my dick and slammed into my mind.

My pussy writhed about Fawn’s fingers. My little sister added that incestuous thrill to this hard orgasm. Passion washed out of my cunt and joined the bliss firing from my futa-dick. The two different pleasures met in my mind.

“Yes, yes, yes, Mistress!” my little sister cooed. She licked my ear. “Just pump her full of all that cum.”

“She is! All of it!” gasped Bimbo. “So much cum! Yay! I have cum in my pussy! I’m so happy!”

“Good to hear,” Dad rumbled behind me.

I shuddered as I pumped my spunk into Bimbo’s cunt. The pleasure surged to the pinnacle in my thoughts. Stars danced across my vision. Her pussy milked out the last of my cum while Fawn’s fingers wiggled in my juicy cunt.

I panted, my body trembling. Dad moved naked to the couch. Fawn ripped her fingers arap porno from me and darted to him, squealing in delight. She flung herself on him and kissed him with eagerness, grinding her pussy on his cock.

“Hold on, hold on,” Dad said while Mom sat down beside him. “I need to find out what’s going on. Why did you have to run out of the house?”

“Oh, well…” I shivered. “I stole these mind-controlling panties…”

I told the story of the last few hours as I let my cock marinate in Bimbo’s pussy. She was happy just humming and working her hips from side to side. Fawn squirmed around on Dad’s lap, being a brat as she ached for his cock.

“Now I want to get our stuff back, but…”

“But you’re afraid of going back to our house and getting captured,” he said. “Well, here’s definitely a few things we can do.”

“Oh,” I asked.

“We have your mind-controlling panties, so we need to get help. We can get everything packed up and out of there fast.”

“And if they try to interfere, Dad?”

“We need to know when no one’s around. It’s a weekday tomorrow. Don’t they have classes and work to get to.”

I shivered then I gasped. “I need to buy something at the store!” I ripped out of Bimbo. “But first, I need clothes. Bimbo, go out and buy me something to wear. Use the money sitting on the shelf. And no dawdling or trying to suck cocks or fucking cocks.”

I if didn’t tell her that, she’d probably end up sucking dicks and never coming back.

“Sure,” she said and stood up. “No sucking cocks or fucking cocks until I get back.” She snagged the money and ran for the door.

“Get dressed first, airhead!” I gasped.

“You told me not to dawdle!” she panted, turning around and racing for the bedroom.

Fawn giggled.

I glanced at her. “You need to be fucked by dad.”

“Yep, Mistress, I do!” She lifted up her hips, grabbed his cock, and then impaled her barely legal pussy on Dad’s cock. She sighed in delight. “I needed this, Daddy.”

“Me, too,” he groaned.


Mildred Dean

“She’ll take Elouise’s place in your bed,” I told Reverend Tuft when he picked up his now-lesbian wife and his daughter. “Christabella will do anything you want. Try to knock her up as fast as possible.”

“Yep!” Christabella cooed. “But I’m still playing with Mom. She’s a lesbian and I’m bi. You can sleep in my bed. I’m sure Mom’s going to start bringing home her girlfriends, and they won’t want you around.”

“As many as I can seduce,” purred Elouise, her eyes bright with the idea of seducing women. I loved how I mind-controlled them.

She leaned in and gave me a hot kiss on the mouth. I savored it, my futa-dick throbbing hard. I was at the Quicks house. Mrs. Quick had prepared a fabulous dinner in a short amount of time. It was pasta, but it was delicious. She was in the kitchen with her sister and eldest daughter doing the kitchen. Mr. Quick was playing video games with Chloe in the living room.

They liked playing something called Smash Brothers together.

The door shut and I turned around. I had two more pairs of panties, but I no longer trusted leaving them alone in my house. I knew where one pair would go—the black pair with the red lace and no crotch—but the other I wasn’t sure. It was a black satin delight with a high cut to it, almost like a bikini bottom.

I glanced at Chloe playing the video game next to her dad, both clutching the controllers. She had her tongue thrust through her teeth. Her Dad grinned. Bursts of noise came from the TV. Chloe groaned while her Dad grinned.

“You’re too good with Ness,” complained Chloe.

“What do the kids say these days,” her father asked. “Git gud!”

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Play with anyone else, and I’ll show you how gud I am.”

“Chloe,” I said. “How would you like to choose who gets one of the panties?”

Her head shot over to me. Such joy burst in her eyes. She bounced on the couch, blonde hair dancing. “Oh, Mildred, you’re just the best. You know that. The absolute best. Ooh, yes, I’m going to give them to the perfect person and kick my dad’s butt in Smash. You can’t beat me when I’m playing Zelda!”

“Really?” he asked.

“No, not Wario,” the girl moaned, dismay on her face.

“Git gud.”

I shook my head and headed to the kitchen. I collected Mrs. Quick and took her back to my place. I was keeping her for a while longer. Maybe forever. She was such a delicious woman. Those big tits of her were exciting. I wanted to spend my night sleeping on them like they were the world’s biggest, softest pillow.

It sounded like the best way to sleep.


Chloe Quick


My alarm clock roused me out of sleep. “Mmm, five more minutes.”

“Sounds great,” Kendall moaned. The Black girl smacked around on my nightstand and hit the snooze button. I pressed my face into her boobies, my mind drifting back to sleep and…

It was morning.

“Yes!” I gasped and bounded out of bed. I rolled over, Kendall groaning, and stood up. My futa-cock swung before me, not hard at all. I darted over to my desk and the box that lay on there. The very special box with the precious gift that Mildred had entrusted to me.

I lifted it up and stared down at the pair of black, satin panties. They were so elegant. Just so perfect. I shuddered in delight as I stared at them, my futa-dick already chubbing up. Today would be awesome. My first day going to class with my mind-controlling panties.

Kendall hugged me from behind. She kissed at my shoulder. I had chosen her to spend the night, letting Mrs. Solomon and Ms. Lyon have a night to themselves. They were newly in love thanks to me, so they deserved their privacy. I could hear Dad, Aunt Nadine, and Bryana stirring in the master bedroom. Mom might be with Mildred, but Dad had two replacements to warm his bed.

“Who are you going to give those to?” Kendall asked.

“It’s a surprise!” I said, a shiver running through me.

“You have no idea.”

“I do!” I said. “I just want it to be a surprise. She’ll be perfect in them.”

“Mmm, that friend of yours? Stacey?”

“Maybe,” I said, not giving it away. “Oh, god, we have to get ready. Hurry, let’s go shower, You can suck me off and then wash me.”

Kendall laughed. “Sounds perfect.”

It was. She sucked on my girl-cock and I gave her a mouthful of cum to gargle with. Then she soaped my body down, and I washed hers. We got ourselves squeaky clean. I wanted to fuck her again, but I also wanted to get to school.

No Mom to make breakfast this morning, but Aunt Nadine was on the case. She wasn’t as… culinary as Mom, but she didn’t botch the pancakes. It would have been nice to have scrambled eggs or bacon with them, but pancakes were fine.

“You are going to have a lot of fun at school, aren’t you?” Bryana asked as she sat across from me. My big sister wore a crop top and a tight pair of jeans. I was wearing a skirt—having a futa-cock made all my skinny jeans impossible to wear—and a cute baby doll t-shirt, pink to make me look adorable.

“Yep,” I said. “They’re in my skirt pocket.” I could feel them, all wet and naughty. They smelled so good, too.

“Who are you going to fuck first?” Kendall asked.

“Stacey!” I said, smiling as I thought about my best friend in the whole world. “She’s going to be my girlfriend.”

“Must be easy to get a date.” Bryana grinned at me. “Just shove your panties in their face and they’ll love you forever.”

“I know. I’m lucky.” I grinned at her. “How’d it go with Dad last night.”

“Mmm, your sister and I wore him out,” Aunt Nadine said and leaned over to kiss Bryana right on the mouth. “He’s lingering in the shower.”

Bryana had a wicked gleam in her eyes.

I giggled.

Kendall and I set out to school as Mildred pulled out in her car. She waved to us as she drove by. Mom must be still in her house. She was a homemaker. I guess she would be cleaning Mildred’s house today. It would be weird coming home and not having bustling around my home.

I reached the place where I waited to meet up with Stacey. I was a little early. I chatted with Kendall until I spotted my friend. I grinned and waved to Stacey. She gave me a wave back. I could tell she was a little nervous.

If only she hadn’t run yesterday, she would have joined all the fun. I shoved my hand into my skirt pocket, ready to unveil my panties on her and make her into my girlfriend.


Sasha Ford

My new drone I’d picked up last night at the local Walmart for free—thank you mind-controlling panties—hovered over the neighborhood. I watched Mildred’s car pull out of her driveway while Chloe and Kendall were walking to school together. Bryana drove her own car to school while Mr. Quick soon left for work.

Others who lived on the street departed, too. Ms. Lyon drove off in her car. It looked like all the people who should have left the neighborhood had. Just a few housewives around. This was the best chance we would get. I shivered and glanced over at Dad.

He sat with me in his sports car. He’d bought it after the divorce. We were in a parking lot of a shopping mall a few blocks away. “We’re a go.”

He motioned over to the movers. They were all under my power. Six burly men and a large truck. They would pack up the house and all our stuff and get out fast. Dad’s plan. It was simple, really. We would get away from Mildred and her panties. She could have her fun.

I’d have mine. My family was whole again. I had my panties, so we could do anything. South Beach, Miami sounded like the perfect place for me to find women for my family to enjoy. We didn’t need jobs or money.

I was glad I turned to Dad for advice. I would have done something stupid like try to go to war. Why fight when I could have fun making love instead. I pulled out my flannel boy shorts and inhaled my musk.

“So, Dad, want to go pick up a woman to fuck?” I asked, grinning at him.

He laughed and started up his sports car. We were going to have fun on South Beach.

To be continued…

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