The Game Ch. 1


Standing in front of the full-length mirror I look at my new outfit smiling. The soft blue leather corset is laced tightly up the back, the cups barely able to contain my abundant breasts. Thigh high blue leather boots with 3 inch stiletto heels. My shaven pussy covered by a blue silk thong. My long auburn/brown hair hangs down around my shoulders in loose curls. I smile seductively at my reflection as I hear the doorbell. This will be a night you will NEVER forget. I put on my long robe and hurry to answer the door chuckling softly at the thought of the plans I have in store for you.

I lead you to the bedroom. I kiss your sweet lips caressing the back of your neck as I pull your lips to mine. You reach for my robe to untie it. I catch your hands in mine. Shaking my head, “no no sweet baby, I have a surprise for you tonight.” I laugh softly as I begin to undress you.

I tug your shirt off admiring your broad shoulders running my hands over them and down to your chest. My fingertips circle your nipples, I watch as they grow rock hard. My long fingernails softly graze your skin as my hands travel down your belly, unfastening your pants. They drop to the floor, leaving you standing before me in only your silk boxers. I slip my fingers under the elastic pulling them down to the floor my tongue briefly flicking at your cock as I pass it with my hot mouth. I hear you let out a gasp. I know that you are getting turned on.

I push you back onto the bed playfully. “Do you want to see what I have planned for you my sweet one?” I ask in a seductive tone. You nod your head in a reply your eyes riveted to my robe as I slowly untie it letting it fall to the floor. Your expression is priceless. Your eyes are wide as a smile appears güvenilir bahis across your face as you take in the site of my new outfit. Little do you know, you ain’t seen nothing yet ~weg.

I climb onto the bed straddling you as I crawl up until I’m face to face with you. You reach up to grasp my breasts I again catch your hands in mine. Shaking my head once again, “No sweet one you have to earn the right to touch me. You have to endure my torture.” I laugh mischievously as I reach over taking 2 silk scarves from the bedside table. I tie your wrists tightly to the headboard of the bed.

You feel the heat of my excitement through my thong. The feeling of being helpless and out of control hightens your senses and excitement. You know I would never hurt you and this is going to be one of the most wonderful experiences you have ever had the pleasure of enduring.

I lean down my tongue tracing your lips … you try to kiss me but I don’t let you. I continue teasing your lips with my tongue lightly brushing my lips against yours barely making contact. I notice your cock growing hard under me as I lean down teasing you with my soft sensual lips. I kiss your neck nibbling gently at first…my nibbles grow harder as I travel down to your nipples. My tongue circles your nipples one by one. I feel them grow harder under my tongue. My mouth is so hot and wet as I tease your nipples with my tongue gently biting them. I delight at the feel of you tensing up and jumping each time my teeth gently sink into your yielding flesh. My kisses and nibbles continue to make their journey down your body. My hot tongue circling your belly button as I graze my long fingernails down your sides watching chill bumps appear on your skin.

My türkçe bahis kisses finally make it to the spot you crave for my hot wet mouth to be most, but this is about MY cravings not yours. I lightly lick your sensitive cock, my hot breath making it pulse with wanton desire. I chuckle softly, as I stop I hear a groan of frustration escape your lips.

I get off the bed, walking to the bedside table picking up a glass of ice water. I take a drink, sucking an ice cube into my mouth. I again join you on the bed straddling you. I take the ice cube out of my mouth. I trace it around your lips then lean down kissing you deeply sucking the melted water from your mouth. I glide the ice cube down your chest, circling your nipples with it. I feel you shiver beneath me and quickly replace the cold ice with my hot wet mouth sucking the melted cold water from your nipples, one by one. I hear you moan with pleasure. I place the cube between my teeth and continue moving slowly down your body. The ice leaving a cold wet trail of water down to your hard throbbing cock. I suck the ice into my mouth crunching it up. I look up at you as you watch me suck your hard cock into my mouth. The cold crushed ice surrounding your hard cock melting and running in small riverlets over your tender balls. I feel you squirming beneath me. My mouth is so cold as I take you all the way into my throat with is hot in contrast to the ice. My hot tight throat contracts around your hard cock. My tight lips glide up and down on your hard cock my mouth rapidly growing hotter as my tongue circles your shaft. Your moans and your hard pulsing cock tell me that you are enjoying our little game immensely.

I continue to suck and lick on your hard cock. I feel your güvenilir bahis siteleri balls tightening and stop. It’s not time for you to cum yet you still have to endure some more of my brand of torture. I look up at you raising up on my knees. My fingers move down to my shaven pussy. I slide the thong to one side. “Do you want some of this sweet one?” I ask in teasing tone. Your reply is a long moan of frustration followed by a resounding “YES”. I laugh as I let my fingers glide over my clit… delving into my tight pussy. I reach down tracing your lips with my fingers, sticky with my sweet excitement. You readily suck my fingers into your mouth closing your eyes and savoring the taste.

I move up your body straddling you I position my self over your face so you can watch as I pleasure myself. I feel you pulling against the silk scarves, straining trying to get a taste of my sweet pussy. But you are helpless to my teasing. My fingertips glide in small circles on my sensitive clit slowly delving into my sweet slit into my tight pussy. My soft moans fill the room. My hips moving in perfect rhythm with my strokes as you watch. My body trembles as I climax. My moans filling the room. I slip 2 fingers into my drenched pussy then place them to your lips. You suck my sweet sticky cum from them, moaning softly as you relish the taste of my ecstasy.

“You’ve endured the torture of my little game well.” I say with a smile. “As a reward I’m going to untie you and give myself to you completely.” I watch as a mischievous grin plays across your face. I untie your wrists “You mean I get to do ANYTHING I want?” you ask. I nod as I smile at you. “You earned it.” I reply with a soft chuckle. I hear a wicked playful laugh fill the room as you snatch the silk scarves from my hands flipping me on to my back you pen my arms down with your hands. I look up into your sparkling blue eyes and know I’m in trouble and I am loving every minute of it.

To be continued…

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