The Getaway Pt. 02


My husband smiled and walked over to me. I was a wet mess, covered in two large mens’ cum. He must have found me to be extra sexy because he reached his arms around my waist and pulled me towards him and thrust his tongue into my mouth while holding the back of my head in his other hand.

It was a sensual kiss. We swirled our tongues together and I bit down on him hard. He just moaned, as he knows I only do this when I am turned on.

Our bodies pressed together and the black guitarist’s cum on my stomach became a sticky mess between us. I knew my husband always wanted me to fulfill my fantasy. The thought of him watching me got me going again with hunger.

With that, I opened my eyes and looked over hubby’s shoulders to see Kenneth staring at us. Oh yes, Kenneth; he had a huge cock which I now noticed he was stroking in his big black hands.

He was rubbing it up and down slowly and watched my eyes widen at the sight. To me it looked huge even in his big hands, and I was mesmerized.

Hubby sensed what was happening to me, got up and sat back behind me on the couch. He pulled me back gently to rest against his chest.

I kept my eyes on Kenneth as he approached me and moved my hands down my stomach to my hips, down inside my thighs and to my sopping wet pussy. I rubbed my engorged clit with my right hand. I started rubbing harder with each step he took closer to me.

His cock was so big around and the sight made me gush and I rubbed harder. I could hear and feel my hubby’s breathing quicken as he watched this black man approach us.

Seeing the girth I was about to get, I spread my lips for him and said, “Please fuck this white pussy, Kenneth…”

Hubby whispered in my ear, “Take it all, babe; you’ve wanted this all night,” and kissed my neck as his hands reached around to caress my breasts and erect nipples. “Mmmm,” hubby said as he felt my desire through my nipples.

“Oh, yes; he’s going to stretch this white pussy so good…,” I replied; the last words I would speak to hubby until much later.

I reached around quickly and could feel my husband’s hard cock through his pants. I knew he was so turned on, and completely stiff again even after blowing a big load a few moments ago. I couldn’t blame; I was soaking the couch cushion myself. I spread my legs wide and pulled them up to my elbows.

Hubby propped my up and let my head rest against him so I could easily watch Kenneth penetrate me. This I didn’t want to miss seeing. His hands held my thighs. He was offering me up to this black man and I was so high from the lust I felt I was going to faint.

Kenneth said, “It’s my turn with your wife” and looked into my eyes, “Are you ready, little lady?”

“Oh, yes…” was all I could work out. He moved between my legs and trailed his huge cock up the inside of my right thigh, closer and closer to my little pink slit that I held open for him. He was so big around that I felt I needed to do so.

He seemed so big I started to worry I might not be able to take it all in. I got a vision of how long he was as he moved the wet tip of his cock to my pussy lips, the precum trailing all the time. I tried to brace myself for being impaled by this stud but nothing could prepare me for this.

He moved up on the couch and kept moving up until his balls rested against my lips. The head of his cock rested past my belly button and I grabbed his shaft with both hands. I had seen many porn scenes and wondered if they really could be that big. I could not close my fingers around it, which made my stomach flutter so hard for the umpteenth time tonight.

I pumped it, amazed at his length and how much cock I felt and I moved up and down. His cockhead felt like a black plum soaked in juice. I rubbed my finger on his slit and lubricated my pussy even more with his precum. I moaned as I did that and I swear I could feel hubby’s heart beating through his chest. His breathing was even harder.

I pulled down Kenneth’ face down to mine and kissed him deeply. His lips felt so warm, so full, and his body so hard. He shoved his tongue down deep we both moaned loudly as we got Escort bayan worked up. Hubby swallowed hard.

Kenneth moved his chest off of mine and slapped his cock on my pelvis. It felt and sounded so good and said, “Please fuck me now! I can’t wait any longer!” and reached for his hips to pull his cock into my hungry pussy. My husband exhaled hard as I said this and cradled my head.

I watched Kenneth pull his huge cock back, and back. He had to pull back far for the head to finally nestle in my warm cleft. He grabbed the huge slab of meat and positioned it at my sopping hole only for a moment as I desperately grabbed at his ass to pull him in me. Even being so wet from all the cum, his cock tested me.

I felt like he was shoving a tree trunk into my little pink slit and I gasped and cried out. I pulled my hands off of Kenneth’s butt because of the sheer size being forced in me. I cried out and reached out to hold my husband’s forearms tight. “I yelled out, ” On my God! You are splitting me in half, Kenneth. Oh, my God!”

It took me several minutes before I actually realized it was all inside me. My husband could only whisper in my ear, “Fuuuucck, that looks so fucking hot…” as I rotated my hips to try to take this monster invading me. This huge black man fucking me was making me crazy and I wanted to fuck him back, I opened my eyes to see his cock disappearing slowly into me. I felt my husband pushing his crotch against me and exhale again.

We were all so turned on. It was a moment I didn’t want to soon forget so I squeezed my eyes shut tight, tried to forever capture the feeling and moment in my mind. I kept moving my hips to try to take him, grunting loudly and totally lost in the moment. Knowing my husband was ever so enjoying me being fulfilled is not an emotion easily described.

He kept pushing in me, not stopping, as I struggled to accommodate the black cock. It felt ever so tight in me and I felt stretched to the brink. My body so quickly producing the juices to allow him to move freely. It was overwhelming but I felt a big orgasm build in my from deep inside. Kenneth grunted, I grunted, and our bodies glistened in the light. Kenneth pushed all the way into me until he could go no further. I looked down to see our bodies pressed as one.

I was completely full of this black stud and I shuddered at the view. I could tell my husband was transfixed by the two of us coupled so completely. He was quiet but eyes wide open, while I moaned and grunted. Kenneth pulled almost all the way out, pulling my lips back out and I came hard from the view of his glistening cock coated with my cream before he plunged all the way back in me. Then when I thought it couldn’t feel any stronger, he started pounding into me into the couch and against my husband. I could only hear our two bodies hitting one another. I am not sure if I realized I was mouthing “Oh yea, oh yea,” as he took me.

The pounding ever still continued. I moaned in his mouth when he leaned in to press his dick ever so deep into my pussy and kiss me hard on the mouth. Our tongues swirling together just as our loins were connected and our sweaty skin rubbed against each other. I felt so taken, but also so covered and warm between my black lover and my husband. I wanted to end the show with a great finale. I needed Kenneth to give me his cum, all his cum.

I reached down to try to grab his balls. I needed it so bad. Kenneth must have sensed my need as he pushed all the way inside me and then pulled back so I could caress his sack. God, they were huge as well and I wanted them to give me a big load of cum that matched his giant cock. He grunted at my obvious need as I moved my fingers all around and rubbed the big set of balls.

He started pounding me again as they slapped against my ass. He had finally loosened me up from the battering I was taking and I got that feeling of another orgasm welling up from so deep inside. It came on quick as he slapped against me, hitting bottom, so much so that I thought he’d pierce my heart. It was beating so hard as I could take no more as I heard myself yell out, “Oh, shit, oh, Bayan escort shit, oh my Gooood. Oh, God.” It was just me and Kenneth at that point as he made me his.

Kenneth couldn’t take anymore himself and pulled his huge shaft out of my pussy and pulled me down my husband’s chest a little so he put his hand firmly on my head. I knew what he wanted, too. He put his black cock and balls to my face. I knew hubby was getting such a good show, as was anyone else seeing me being taken so well.

Kenneth pushed my head down to his balls and I took a deep breath. Then I stuck my tongue out and licked his heavy beautiful balls and caressed them more. Kenneth started to moan louder as I grabbed his black shaft with both hands, pumping it up and down. My hands looked so little on this magnificent, lovely cock. I snapped hubby out of his trance when I said to him, “Look, babe. See what just took your wife’s little white pussy? He truly filled me up. God, look how long and thick he is. I need two more hands to cover him.” I knew this would drive my husband and Kenneth crazy.

I kept pumping until Kenneth pulled my hands away and tried to shove the head of his cock into my mouth. I opened wide to take it, but it was no use. I could barely wrap my lips around that huge head. I struggled to take as much as I could and pumped both up and down it as I placed the big head on my tongue and swirled around it.

Kenneth said, “I hope you are ready. I am going to give you a huge load. Do you want it?”

I didn’t know what I was in for, and wondered what he was going to do to me. He grabbed his huge, hard black cock and pulled back from my face a little. He grabbed the back of my head so his cock was a few inches from my face. I knew he wanted to blow his load all over it. I normally don’t like facials, but with this stud I wasn’t going to fight it. I was overwhelmed and truly wanted him to drench me with all his cum.

I knew my Hubby wanted to see it happen and sealed the deal for me when he said, “Take it all, babe. You know you really want it.”

I moaned and found myself rubbing my pussy, hard, at this sexual high. I felt myself shaking as I worked my stretched slit hard and saying,, “Yeah, give it to me.” Kenneth started pumping harder and faster and then all of the sudden stopped and yelled out loudly, gutturally like a wild animal. Even in my state, I wasn’t ready for my reward.

A fountain of cum shot all over me, one thick rope after another, plastering my hair, my forehead, my cheek, my lips and greedy tongue, and down to my chin, neck and chest. He came even more than the other black guys that had coated me earlier… Maybe from having to wait his turn? Or maybe he was just a big, black stud who loved fucking white women?

As he bathed me in his cum, I came so hard from the feeling of being marked all over by a big black man’s huge load.

A moan escaped my lips as I felt it drip down from my face and breasts down to my stomach. It was dripping down between my legs and soaking my mound. I rubbed it into my pussy, making a sloppy sound and brought it to my lips to taste. This was the taste of lust. What a mess he had made of me.

Hubby said, “Oh, my God, you made him cum so much.”

Kenneth backed away to look at his handiwork and said, “Damn, your husband is a lucky man.”

I turned around to look at my husband. I felt a shiver as I realized Kenneth had splattered his chest as well. I looked at hubby and then proceeded to clean the mess off his heaving chest.

Hubby said, “You are so sexy. What a woman you are…,” as I did my best to get it all and make a show of swallowing all the cum for all these men. My pussy felt so warm and gushy, as did my skin, as I kissed hubby deeply. I wanted him to know I loved him and that we would always be partners in crime and I lightly caressed his hard cock through his pants.

I was a mess and so I asked for a towel. Kenneth got a big one for me; I thought to myself that I needed bath towel after the drenching these guys, and especially, Kenneth gave me. I started to clean myself up. Hubby took the towel and cleaned Escort me. He is so giving and I loved him for it.

I felt exhaustion starting to come over me after the wild party I had all night with my husband and these three black studs. I felt so spent, but so fulfilled. After I kissed my husband, I made my way to the singer and the guitarist to hug them goodnight. They had been watching me and Kenneth and I could tell they wanted to fuck me again, but I would need a couple of other women to help satiate these guys.

Then, I walked over to Kenneth, who had turned me on so much when we were dancing so many hours earlier in the evening. I couldn’t believe I had done this, but he was so good looking and had just given me the fucking of my life and marked me as his own for the night with all of his cum.

For me, the party was over and the bus would soon take us back to our resort. I admit I was unsure but leaned in to kiss Kenneth goodnight as I certainly felt we had a connection of sorts. God, that man felt good in every way, and I loved the way he kissed me back. Hubby nodded to the guys’ and said a few words I could not hear and then grabbed me by the hand. I cleaned myself up as best as I could before we went to the bus. Hubby had my sopping wet panties. I just needed to make sure my dress was presentable.

It was a bumpy ride home as the road was not as smooth as back in the states, but the ride allowed my husband and I to cuddle with each other, look at each other and smile in a devious way. I felt so completely satisfied from the drinks, the food, and the unbelievable sex. Like a warm puddle. With the rocking of the bus, Even as my body felt so sated, my mind was somewhat conflicted. Was the night real? Did we imagine it? It truly felt hard to believe as our heads and hearts were still pounding from the night’s earlier events.

I dozed off against his chest, thinking about what happened to me the last time I was leaning back against him. Mmmmm. When hubby stirred me awake, I opened my eyes and saw that we were back at the resort. I had no idea what time it was. We glanced at the lobby clock and saw it was nearly 4 am. Where had the night gone? Oh yea, I had fucked three large men and had my husband watch. We reached our room and both fell exhausted to the bed. We barely made time to slip into comfortable pajamas and brush our teeth, which was our usual ritual each night.

Honestly, I wish I could tell you there was a fourth event, but we just fell exhausted the minute we our heads hit the bed.

Moments before I crashed, I heard my husband whisper in my ear, “You are beautiful.” Exhaustion was mutual and we snuggled close and feel fast asleep.

The next morning, I felt like I was hit by a truck. Three big huge trucks to be exact. My walking was a bit off balance and it didn’t take too long before the memories flooded back. My husband had awakened before me and brought me coffee with an unbelievably big smile.

It was only then that I knew for sure he was ok with all of it. “Awake sleeping beauty? I hope you slept well.” he said.

“Oh my God. What happened to us last night? That was crazy! I hope you’re not mad.”

My husband responded by leaning in to kiss me and said “I love you and love to see you taken. How could I be mad?”

We smiled and held each other a bit longer, and drank our coffee quietly while listening to the tropical birds that now sang outside our bedroom. I can’t explain it but was truly the most romantic moment in all our 20 years of marriage. I’d look up to see my husband smiling at me, and I’d smile back at him knowing our secret. He couldn’t keep from holding my hand or touching me all day.

We were so tired, so we just snuggled. However, we needed to take advantage of the rest of our vacation days in paradise. After all, it would end soon. They always do. We decided to take a taxi into town for lunch and try some more local cuisine. We were both craving something spicy.

The taxi driver was very helpful as we asked about great local places to eat. “You must try our jerk chicken,” he said. It is cooked for hours on an open fire spit. I know a place that is famous for it. I will take you there.” We almost always go with a recommendation like that.

“Please take us there, we have truly enjoyed the island so far and can’t wait to try all the delicacies Jamaica has to offer,” we said.

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