The Ghost of Daddy


It was always just Daddy and me. Me and Daddy.

He would come home from work and I would be waiting for him by the door, naked, legs spread, just how a good girl is supposed to greet her daddy.

He would greet me and then I would help him relax after a long hard day at work by happily sucking his very yummy cock while he read or watched TV.

Sometimes Daddy would then want to play. Tickle fights and kissing. Licking, sucking, stroking. We would play for hours. Sometimes forgetting to stop and eat dinner. Sometimes our only meal were the whipped cream n cherries we are off each other.

?We’d go to bed happy and content.

Half the time I slept in my kitty bed that sat on the floor beside his.

?He would reach down and stroke my face and head and I would happily fall asleep with his fingers curled in my hair.

The other half I curled up beside him and cuddled. But I usually ended up scooting down to suck his yummy cock until I fell asleep. My head resting on his leg.

Mornings for me were spent helping daddy get ready for work.

I would cook breakfast and then sit with daddy as he went over our plans for the day.

He would give me my daily chores.

?You know the kind. Pick up the place. Do dishes. Fuck muğla escort my tight ass with a dildo. Do laundry. Ride the Symbian. Cum 3 times.. etc.

If I wanted or needed to leave the house, Daddy helped me with the clothes I was to wear that day. Life was so good.

Then I woke up one morning. Daddy wasn’t there. I wondered around waiting.. there was no note. No voice mail. No text message, email… He was simply gone. Over the next week I searched everywhere for a note but could not find a thing.

Daddys stuff was all still there. It’s just …daddy wasn’t. Soon the days turned into weeks and My searching of hospitals turned up nothing. Neither did me checking the obits in the news.

The weeks have melted into months. I now feel like a ghost. I’m a mostly dead spirit wandering the halls unsure of anything anymore.

“Hello Baby girl.”

“Daddy!” Opening my eyes I reach for him. Only to find he isn’t here.

“Noooo!! Daddy please come back?” I sob as I clutch his pillow tight and sniff his scent. Letting it surround me.

“Hello kitten.”

“Hi Daddy!” Opening my eyes I see him sitting on the side of the bed. I go to fly into his arms. I fall to the floor instead. Realizing he isnt here, I muş escort crawl to my kitten bed and sob my self to sleep.

“Hello babygirl.”

“Hi Daddy. I’ve been thinking about you.”

“You have?”

“Of course daddy. You are Daddy!”

“What have you been up too?”

“I dyed my hair Daddy.”

“You did?”

“Lemme see.”

“Turn on the light.”

“Oh my beautful baby girl.”

“You look wonderful.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

“Are you here, here?”

“Thats silly.”

“?I know you arn’t here.”

?”But I wish you were, Daddy.”

?”So much.”


“I am Here babygirl.”

Giggling, I close my eyes.

“You always say that Daddy.”

“Well pinch those sexy nipples for me and then you’ll

Know that I am real.”

Falling into sleep, I say softly,

“You always say that too.”

Waking, I slowly stretch and turn to see Daddy laying there looking at me.


?”I miss you so much Daddy.” “I’d offer to make you breakfast, but we both know how that one turns out.”

?”No matter how badly I wish Figments of one’s imagining can’t eat food very well.”

“Oh babygirl…”

“What Da..”

I suddenly find myself nevşehir escort wrapped up in your arms and kissed hard. Warmth surrounds me.Your scent envelops me. As does your taste.

Your fingers find my nipples. Pinching and pulling them. Making me moan.

“Who do you belong to kitten?”

You ask, as your fingers find my pussy.

“You Daddy!”

I gasp as your fingers rub my clit.

“Who does this cunt belong to?” I am asked as first one finger slides into my hole then another.

“You Daddy!!”

You start finger fucking my pussy. Going faster n faster. Harder n harder.

“Good girl. Cum for me.”

U breathe against my ear. Your fingers working their magic on my pussy.

The wave takes me. You hold me as I’m arching against you.

Screaming and moaning out your name.

You lay me back as my orgasm begins to fade.

You’re cock fills me. Piercing my cunt hard n deep. I scream out as my orgasm picks back up. You begin to fuck me hard.

Long deep hard strokes.

“Babygirl. Do I feel real to you?”


“Please, please don’t stop?” “Please??”

“Answer me baby girl. Do I feel real?”

“Yes Daddy!!”

I scream as I’m taken over the edge as we both begin to cum.

“Such a good girl, My pet.”

I hear as I begin to fade away into bliss.

“When you wake, your cleaning up the mess you made on my cock.”

“After that, I expect a proper greeting from my property.”

I smile in my sleep.

Daddy is home.

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