The Gift of a View


“I’m blessed to have a boy who’s so good with his hands.” She had the perfect voice for suggestion; it was soft and feminine, but carried the sensual wisdom that came with many years of marriage, but with the liberty of a woman now divorced. “And what a snack you are, too.” She reached out and pinched her son’s cheek, her small, thin, naturally red lips forming a mischievous smile. “I can’t believe no girl’s snatched you up yet, Robbie. Look what they’re missing!”

“Aww, mum, please…” Her son’s voice trailed off, his gaze adrift. Robert stood on the freshly renovated, now enclosed balcony, his breathing still labored from the last of the paneling work. He was shirtless, and the late afternoon sun made the sweat on his tall, sinewy form shine. He was a young man, just shy of twenty, with brown hair, brown eyes, and strong, calloused hands. His pale skin made the flush at his mum’s words all the more obvious on his freckled cheeks. It made her giggle like a naughty schoolgirl.

Robert’s mother was twice his age, but acted as his peer on a good day, which it was. On a lazy, too-hot weekend like this one, she was rarely seen in anything other than her lacy, black nightgown, which she wore around her flat even when she had close family over, despite the fact it did little to hide her figure. She was still fit for her age—the envy of a number of sagging housewives—a fact made all the more impressive by the size of her.

She was no more than five feet tall, with a beautiful pair of round breasts larger than her head. They hung lower than they had when she was twenty, naturally, but they were no less a marvel, so full and pale as milk, contrasted by the sheer gown she wore. In truth, her brown curls did more to obscure her bosom than the gown did; the breeze through the opened windows made her puffy, pink nipples go stiff against the cloth, leaving naught but the way they tasted to Robbie’s imagination as she traipsed about the finished balcony.

The man stood there, watching his mum, his eyes darting about to the little pinholes in the paneling as she admired his work. He felt his cock grow stiff against his boxers as fresh sweat pricked his brow. She smiled, innocently now, and she didn’t seem to notice the gift he’d given himself through the labor he’d provided her—the cameras hidden in the walls, waiting for one simple, certain thing: his mum’s next ataşehir escort tanning session.

“You really did such a good job, baby,” she said, stepping up and wrapping him in her arms, her small, curvy form pressed to his. “I’ll be showing this off all summer!”

Robbie shifted uncomfortably, his stiff prick pressing into the soft, warm flesh of her belly. She felt it, and he knew she did, but she only squeezed him harder. Her embrace felt like it lasted forever before she untangled himself from her. He met her knowing eyes. The curve of her lips said all she needed.

The man, feeling very much like an embarrassed boy, dried himself off. He got dressed, had a quiet dinner, and then headed home, all of the way across a busy London avenue to a flat of his own. Well, not his own, precisely. And calling it a flat was generous, as well. It was a rental he shared with a mate. It was a studio, so the bedroom was a bunk bed in the corner. The foyer was a pile of dirty laundry behind the front door. The living room was a hanging 32″ television with two folding chairs, a bean bag, and a pair of TV trays. The kitchenette consisted of a mini-fridge full of Carlsberg and some leftover kebab, one counter with a sink and another with a food processor and a single electric hob for a stove, which they felt lucky to have. Needless to say, there was no dining room, and the bathroom was permanently out of service, at least whenever guests arrived.

Robbie’s mate wasn’t home. Even though it was nearing evening now, and it was an unlikely time for his mum to nip out to the balcony for a spot of sun, he decided it was an ideal time to check on his new creation. He stripped down to his boxers, climbed the ladder to his bed, pushed some of the scattered clutter atop it against the wall, and climbed in. He booted up his laptop, typed in his unnecessarily lengthy password, and dug deep into his directories for where he’d hidden the script for his IP cameras. He executed the program and he was in.

The live feed came up. It was crystal clear, just as he’d hoped. You tech wizard, you, he thought. Robbie plugged in his earbuds and his mind was filled with the sound of the gentle breeze blowing through the balcony. The blinds and curtains billowed but he saw no life at all, at least not from here. He sighed and laid back against the pillows, reaching down to kadıköy escort fondle himself through his boxers. Oh well, he thought. Maybe later.

He switched tabs. He checked his email, browsed the web, caught up on his video subscriptions, and chatted with a girl he’d met on an anime forum a few weeks ago. He had kept himself so busy that it took him a moment to notice the quiet male voice in the background. It took the sound of a door opening and his mother’s laughter to break him out of the browsing stupor.

He returned to the live feed to find his mother with a man he’d never met before. It was a tall, bald man with skin as black as pitch and a deep voice. “It’d be a right shame not to give this new thing a proper test of its integrity,” the man said, chuckling to himself. He was naked from head to toe, with an intimidating physique and black curls on his chest, arms, and legs. As he walked, his large muscles rippled and his thick, hard cock bounced and swayed in front of him.

Robbie’s mum trailed behind him like a lost, starving pup. Her big breasts were hanging out of the top of her gown, her chest flushed from arousal. Her inner thighs glistened wet with need. She could barely walk. By the look of her, she’d already been fucked senseless and this bull of a man hadn’t even broken a sweat. He turned back to her and grabbed her jaw in one of his large, strong hands and pulled her in, enveloping her mouth in a deep, passionate kiss.

The woman whimpered and grabbed his cock by the base, weakly tugging at it as her knees trembled. She could hardly support her own weight. Robbie looked down to notice he was already as hard as a rock. He slipped out of his boxers as the man turned on his mum, pressing her to the glass face first. She pleaded with him for more. “Please!” She whined in a strained voice. Robbie had never seen his mum like that, so powerless and needy. “Just fuck me, sir! Please!”

“As you wish, ma’am,” the man obliged, spreading her legs wide and giving one of the cameras a full view. Robbie’s finger moved to the “PRT SCR” key and began tapping away, his computer making a pleasant ding every time he took a photo of his own mother’s sex. Her pink cunt was stretched and gaping wide enough to see inside her; her full, pretty lips were open and stuck against her skin from all of the half-dried cum which had gathered through bostancı escort bayan an already very thorough fuck session. She was covered in her own cream, smeared around by this man’s bull cock, and it had run down her legs nearly to her knees. Her anticipation for the next round had already overflowed and hung from her clitoral hood in a long, clear strand, but the view didn’t stay unobscured for long.

Robbie’s mum let out a gasp of shock and pleasure as the bull re-entered her from behind, wrapping as tightly as a vice around his thick girth. The man’s ass was all muscle, rippling with every thrust. Robbie couldn’t help but be fascinated. He watched the man with awe and envy. He was like a classical sculpture rendered from obsidian, and his mum had somehow been lucky enough to catch him. With every quick, powerful stroke the man made, Robbie followed with his own hand, even though he met the base of his cock long before the man had filled his mother, with centimeters of thick meat left to use. Robbie couldn’t help but ogle the man’s member, fascinated by his size, and the myriad veins running across its surface, all the while each of his mother’s moans brought him closer and closer.

Robbie held on as long as he could, stroking slowly, sheathing and resheathing his cock from its foreskin as he tried to make the moment last. The bull seemed to have endless stamina, groping and biting and clawing at his mate while he pounded and pounded away. He fucked the boy’s mum to climax after climax, until her knees gave out from under her.

“Alriiight, love,” the man said, smugly, as he held her up in his arms and helped her to the nearby patio lounger, laying her back in it. She lay there, panting, mouth agape, legs spread, cunt leaking cream, and the man just threw a leg over her and stood above her, stroking as fast as he could.

The anticipation finally claimed Robbie. He tried to match the man’s pace but couldn’t match his constitution. His climax built with every rapid tug on his prick until the strongest orgasm he’d ever felt washed over him. All of the fantasies he’d had about his mother had led him to this day. He sheathed himself in his foreskin and his member throbbed and throbbed, filling and ballooning his skin full of his own cum until he burst. His pleasure was stronger than his grip and he squirted out hot, sticky seed all over his hand, his legs, and his bedding. He cursed between his moans and his pants, but didn’t take his eyes off the screen as the bull followed suit, showering his busty mum in pearls, from her thighs to her brow as she opened her mouth wide to catch as much as she could.

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