The Gift of Persuasion


It had been another long week in school. As we drew closer to summer all the teachers seemed to think we needed more work to distract us from the tempting weather and to focus on the upcoming exams. I wasn’t too worried though. Not that I was a straight A student by any means but I did ok. I simply didn’t worry too much about the future since I didn’t have many options anyway.

Let me paint a picture for you. My name is Thomas. I’m 21 and go to a local university but still live at home with my 47 year old mother Helena and 25 year old sister Linda. We aren’t exactly poor but ever since dad died a few years ago we have been struggling, just barely surviving. Which is why Linda moved back home as well and with her income added to mom’s we managed.

We live in a decently sized house that dad had inherited when he and mom got married. There are three bedrooms, no sharing thank goodness, a living room, a basement and a kitchen. The only issue would be that there is only one bathroom and we all get up at around the same time every day.

It wasn’t exactly how I had imagined that my university years would be, living at home instead of in a fraternity or my own apartment having parties every weekend but it wasn’t all bad. For one Linda and I always got along pretty well and with me being busy with school and she with work we usually were too tired to fight anyway.

Secondly mom was grateful for us staying home and helping out and even though she would pamper us a bit from time to time she still treated us like adults.

So yes, it’s not all bad and we make do with what we have.

Let’s return to the present as I’m walking home from a late night in the library with my study group. Thank goodness we had managed to finish all the homework and since it’s friday I looked forward to a nice and calm weekend.

Walking through the park as I had done so many times before I met an old woman slowly making her way home I guessed. Smiling I gave her a polite nod as we passed each other. She looked a little tense at first, no wonder since it was getting pretty dark out and she was alone in the park, but she returned my smile and went on.

Though I didn’t get far before I heard her scream. Turning around I saw her on the ground, she must have tripped so I went to help but as I reached for her hand she just shook her head.

“Thank you, but I guess it’s my time after all!”

Confused I looked at her. Sure she was old but she couldn’t have hurt herself that badly.

“I think you are being a little pessimistic now mam. Surely you still have a few years left.”

“Oh, ho, ho, to be young again.” she laughed softly. “No this is it for me but I want you to have something. Give me your hand young man.”

She reached up her hands and as I stretched out mine she grabbed it and I felt a weird warmth, almost burning me and I yanked my hand back.

“What did you do?” I asked as she let her hands drop.

“I passed it on. I couldn’t let it disappear with me.” she said gasping and laying down on the ground.

“Passed what on?” I was getting a little worried now, this wasn’t normal in any way.

“The power of persuasion! As long as you make a compelling argument for something, no matter what it is or to whom, they will believe you.”

And with that she drew her final breath and went completely still. Realizing she was dead I finally grasped the situation and called for an ambulance.

About half an hour later, after having explained what had happened to the EMT:s and the police but leaving out the weird “passing on” ritual, they finally let me go having deduced that I had nothing to do with her death.

I honestly don’t remember walking home but I found myself in the living room, sitting on the couch next to my mom as she was watching something on the TV.

“Honey, are you okay? You are so quiet.”

I woke from my trance and saw her watching me with a very worried look. Taking a deep breath I explained what I had told the police.

“Oh my goodness. No wonder you are so shook up.” She hugged me close, trying to comfort me but I still couldn’t really understand what had happened. I just couldn’t let go of that weird burn the old lady had given me.

As my mom let go of me she ushered me to bed.

“A good nights rest will help you get your wits back.”

Yeah, let’s hope so. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and all of this was a dream, I thought.

Crawling into bed I held my hand in front of me, there was no mark what so ever but it still felt a little warm. Oh well, that’s tomorrows problem now.

I slept uneasily, dreaming of dying old ladies and burning hands and when I woke up it was already eleven o clock.

Still half asleep I walked to the bathroom and was greeted by my sister in the hallway as she playfully ran past me and opened the bathroom door.

“Good morning sleepy head. About time you got up.”

“Morning!” I said with a yawn. “Could you please let me in first? I really need to go and you escort ilanları have had all morning to do your business.”

Looking at me with a confused look she simply stood back and let me in first.

“Yeah you are right. Besides you look like crap so I guess I shouldn’t tease too much today.”

“Thanks!” I said sarcastically.

It hit me though that usually she wouldn’t have given up that easily but perhaps mom had told her about yesterday and she felt sorry for me. Anyway, I needed to go and who am I to question why someone is being nice to me.

When I was done and had gotten properly dressed for the day, I had just thrown on a robe before as I sleep in the nude, I went to the kitchen to get some breakfast or rather lunch now, I passed mom in the living room who looked up at me smiling.

“Feeling better today?”

“Yeah. Still a little weirded out about it but yeah. I feel better.”

Being grateful for the support I went to make some eggs and bacon. A man’s gotta eat right. Filling my plate I went back to the living room and sat down next to mom on the couch. She was watching a soap opera of some kind, they all seem the same to me but she liked them.

As we sat there I noticed mom kept rubbing her shoulders, sighing as in pain.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah… well not really.” she laughed. “I guess it’s been a tough week for all of us and my shoulders are sore after all the stressing out. Not to mention my bra is starting to chafe a little as well. It might be time to let this one go and get a few new ones.”

Not really thinking about anything else than helping my mother I said.

“Why don’t you take it off then? This is your home after all and where else are you supposed to be comfortable?”

She just looked at me for a bit as I realized what I had said.

“Oh crap. I’m sorry! I didn’t mean anything by that.” but before I could try to explain further she interrupted me.

“No, you are right! This is my home and it’s not like anyone is going to see me braless anyway. I’ll go change right now.”

Sitting there with my mouth open in shock and confusion I just stared as she walked to her room. Did that really just happen? I told my mom to go braless and she just accepted it. Could what the old lady said be true? No stop it. It’s not possible.

Though I must admit it was hard to not think about it and when I saw my mom come back wearing nothing but a pair of panties and a t-shirt I almost jumped.

“What? This is more comfortable and there is nobody but us here anyway.” mom said looking at me as if to dare me to say something.

“I… I suppose so.” I stammered out. Was this really happening? I needed to be sure. But how could I test it without getting into trouble. Before I could come up with an answer, one arrived for me in the form of Linda coming into the living room and pausing in front of mom.

“Why aren’t you dressed mom?”

“I am.” mom simply replied. “This is my home and if I want to be comfortable then who will stop me?”

Seeing an opportunity I jumped in before my sister would start to argue.

“Yes, I agree. It’s just us here and where else could she be as comfortable as in her own home? Plus she has some shoulder pain from her stressful week and it would just be cruel to ask her to wear a bra then, wouldn’t it?”

Linda just looked at me for a bit before answering.

“I suppose you are right. Yes. Where else if not at home?” pausing for a bit as if thinking something over she then added. “I think I will do the same actually. My shoulders are killing me too.”

And to her room she went. I on the other hand just sat there. Holy crap. It’s real! There is no way Linda would go braless in front of me normally.

True to her word, she soon came back out wearing a pair of sweatpants and a tank top. Showing off plenty of cleavage and skin.

Now I have a confession to make, I was checking out my mom and sister. Not for the first time either but now in a different light, so to speak. My mother and sister looked really good and me still being a virgin was the cause of many peeks over the years.

I had absolutely masturbated to fantasies about them and from having done their laundry from time to time I knew that Linda was a c-cup and mom a d-cup though she often complained about her breasts starting to sag but I can honestly say there was nothing wrong with her.

They both worked out regularly and kept in shape. Now don’t misunderstand me, the ones you love always seem perfect and I know they aren’t goddesses to others but they are to me.

And as I sat there, watching my mother and sister in their comfortable clothing that showed me way more than they usually did, I started to wonder how I could take things further. But once again things seemed to happen by themselves because as I sat there I was getting aroused.

“Hey Thomas! Maybe you should go change as well?” Linda said.

“Huh… gaziantep escort ilanları what?

“It’s just that you look a little uncomfortable over there.” she pointed to my crotch giggling and I realized I had pitched a tent, in fact so much so that there was no way they couldn’t have noticed.

“Well… um… you know… it’s because I’m not used to having such beautiful women so scantily clad around me.”

“Oooh, a smooth talker now, are you?” Linda teased while smiling.

“Hey, don’t tease your brother like that. It’s just a natural reaction and to be honest I’m kind of flattered. It’s been a while since I was the reason for someone’s arousal.” Mom said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Blushing furiously I thought about how I could take advantage of this situation.

“Well if you keep dressing like that it’s going to happen a lot more because you really are a beautiful woman, mom” I said trying to sound confident and then decided to push a little harder. “In fact the way you are dressed now makes you damn sexy!”

Now it was her time to blush.

“Oh stop it you. You are just being nice to your old mother. I haven’t been sexy in a long time. Especially since my boobs started to sag.

“And there you go again with your breasts sagging. Linda, help me out here. There is nothing wrong with mom’s breasts, is there? It just a natural sign of you being mature and that is very sexy as well.”

Linda seemed to think it over before saying anything but seeing the sad look in mom’s face made her decision.

“I totally agree with Thomas. You look really good mom and there is nothing wrong with your breasts.”

Feeling emboldened by Linda’s support I tried to push a little more, ok not so little this time.

“Yes in fact, why don’t we settle this once and for all, mom? Pull up your shirt and show us this sag you have so much trouble with and we will prove you wrong, wont we Linda? After all it will make you feel much better.”

Mom hesitated only for a few seconds before nodding and grasping the hem of her shirt and then as if she couldn’t wait in case she changed her mind, she pulled it off in move go. I could only stare in awe as mom’s breasts swung loose, completely uncovered right in front of me.

“Well?” mom asked.

“They look incredible!” I said. “I can’t even tell they are sagging. What in the world were you talking about?”

“Now you are just being silly.” mom said with a little annoyance in her voice. “Look at this.”

She put her hands under her breasts and lifted them up before letting them go again.

“They used to be much firmer and now they just hang down like this. There is nothing sexy about them!” mom sighed.

“I completely disagree, mom. They are perfect just as they are.”

Deciding to risk it I reached out and touched her. Cupping and lifting her breasts as I marvelled at how lucky I was.

“See? They are wonderful. I could play with them like this all day and not get tired because they are so beautiful.”

Mom did seem to melt a bit, finally, and actually smiled at my compliments.

“Well you are a guy after all and all guys are happy if they get to touch boobs. No matter whose they are.”

“That may be true but how about this then? Why don’t you stay topless for the weekend and you can see for yourself that I won’t grow tired of looking at them. In fact why don’t we make it a family experiment? We could all go naked all weekend, that way you will see that not only will I still be interested in looking at you even when there is someone younger than you around but you can also see for yourself that I’m not just being nice as I will no doubt have a hard on most of the time.”

“That might be a little extreme just to make your old mom feel good, don’t you think? Besides there is no way Linda would go naked all weekend with us.” mom said trying to hide her insecurity.

“Well she is right here and can speak for herself, can’t she? Linda, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind when it is for helping mom! We are all family here and nobody else will see or hear about it. It’s just natural to help family, isn’t it?”

Linda seemed really hesitant but with me pointedly nodding towards mom and mom looking unsure and put on the spot she finally stood up and pulled off her tank top.

“Yes, it’s natural to help family and I would do anything for you mom.”

She proceeded to pull off her sweats and panties as well, standing completely nude in front of us.

“There you go, mom.” I said as I stood as well. “We care a lot about you and would do anything for you.” I pulled off my shirt and trousers, clearly showing a boner that caught my mother’s eyes as I pulled off my underpants as well.

Looking back and forth between me and Linda, mom actually shed a few tears and finally stood up as well, pulling down her panties, leaving us all completely naked and looking at each other.

“Wow. You are both so very beautiful! gaziantep escort bayan ilanları If it was up to me you would never get dressed again.”

Linda and mom laughed, a wonderful and happy laughter which made their breasts bounce causing me to grow even harder.

“Luckily it is not up to you. But I must say I’m looking forward to this family experiment weekend now.” mom said with a grin.

After that the rest of the day went on as usual, well, except for us all being nude of course. Sure there was the accidental touching on all of our parts every now and then which usually caused a small giggle and touching back.

When night came and we all went to bed I must say I felt pretty good about myself and everything that had happened.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow? Will I be able to take things a bit further? With that final thought I went to sleep and dreamt about laughing women and bouncing breasts.

The next morning I woke up early. To be honest I couldn’t wait to see my naked mother and sister again. Jumping out of bed I almost ran to the bathroom to get the day started but was stopped by Linda as was usual. We often competed for the bathroom in the morning but this time I had a plan.

“Good morning sis! You know I was thinking, we always fight over the bathroom and complain about the other taking too long but we are already both naked anyway so why don’t we share? It would stop the fighting and would save time. You can start with the shower while I brush my teeth and use the toilet and then we switch.”

Linda got that look again that I was growing used to as if thinking it over for a few seconds and then agreed.

“Yeah you are right. You are much smarter than you look little brother.” she said teasingly and opened the door so we could both go inside.

Now I’m not going to lie. It was difficult to brush my teeth when my sister was within arms reach, completely naked and soaping up in the shower. She caught me staring several times and just laughed it off by pressing her breasts up against the glass, teasing me into a full blown hard on making it impossible to use the toilet.

While I was wondering if it had been a bad idea to let her shower first I had an idea and opened the glass door.

“Hey sis. I was thinking that it might be a good idea if I joined you. That way we can save on water as well and besides, if I use the toilet it will affect the water and burn you when I flush.”

After a brief pause Linda responded.

“Yeah you are right. Then you can help me with my back as well. I’m still a little sore after this long week.”

I have to admit, I was very thorough and made sure she was completely clean before she laughingly stopped me.

“You are going to clean my skin off if you keep that up.”

“But I still have all this soap that needs to be used.” I said. A rather bad line I know but heck I had to try something. I couldn’t get enough of touching her.

“Ok, ok I get it. But you can’t keep scrubbing my back so I guess you have no choice but to go further down.” she said with a wink.

Further down? Oh my goodness. I wasn’t going to wait for her to change her mind and quickly grabbed her round beautiful cheeks. Switching between gently caressing and kneading, savouring every second of it and naturally feeding my hard on which Linda obviously noticed.

“Ok, that’s enough. I don’t want you to blow a gasket. I’m just going to rinse off and let you finish that on your own.”

A bit disappointed but not bold enough to push even more at the moment, I let her go. Yeah I know. It’s easy to say in hindsight that I could have just persuaded her into anything but it’s still quite terrifying in the moment and easy to forget that she can’t really get mad at you.

That said I didn’t last long. I grabbed my dick and pumped furiously as I watched her beautiful butt from behind as she was drying herself off and I blew my load all over the glass door.

Linda simply winked at me, shaking her hips a little extra as she left the bathroom wearing only a towel on her head.

On unsteady legs I finished my shower, not able to think of anything else but the way her butt had felt in my hands. Hoping it wouldn’t be the last time I stepped out of the shower and dried off as well.

Just a few days ago I would have said that there was no way to re-invigorate my dick so soon after such a strong orgasm but as I stepped into the kitchen to eat breakfast I was greeted with the sight of my mother, bending over the table as she set down our plates.

Seeing her breasts swing freely right in front of me brought me new strength and without even thinking about it, I went around the table, put my arms around her and hugged her close.

“Good morning to you too.” she said giggling. “Haven’t had time to fix that morning wood I take it?”

“Oh, it’s been taken care of but you brought it back all on your own sexy. Can you feel what you are doing to me?”

To make my point I reached up and grabbed her magnificent breasts as I all but dry humped her from behind.

“Oh dear. Did I really do that to you?” she still seemed unsure of herself and clearly needed a little more encouragement which I was beyond reason to not give her.

“Yes you did, dear mother. And it’s only fair that you help me out then since it’s your fault I’m like this.”

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