The Glory of Pete’s 12


Shauna looked Pete in the eyes lovingly as she slurped her lips back up to the head of his cock. Pete groaned in pleasure as Shauna worked her lips all the way down to the base of his massive hard on. Shauna continued sliding her full lips up and down Pete’s shaft. Pete was getting close to cumming and placed his hands on Shauna’s head. He was amazed that she could take all 12 inches of his cock in her mouth and throat and the sensations of her blowjobs were mind shattering!

That was when they heard Pete’s mother coming up the stairs calling after her son. “Pete, you didn’t take the trash out …again!” She said.

Pete’s cock escaped Shauna’s mouth with a wet plop as she jumped to her feet and stuffed her exposed boobs into her too-small bra and pulled her shirt over her chest. Pete, meanwhile, was stuffing his cock into his pants and pulling up his zipper over his obscene bulge just as his mother walked into his room.

Pete’s mother, Veronica, took a moment to survey the two 18year olds in the room. Pete was beet red and breathing hard and Shauna was looking away and fidgeting nervously. Veronica couldn’t help but notice that her son had a massive hard on threatening to escape his jeans!

Pete squirmed on the bet trying to better cover himself and squeaked out a meek “Hi mom.”

Veronica was wondering what exactly she had interrupted and felt a tinge of guilt at interrupting a normal part of growing up. But Pete and Shauna were still in High School and this was her house and she was his mother. She had a right to keep order in her house. She kept glancing down at her son’s crotch hoping to catch another glimpse of his bulge.

“Veronica what on earth are you doing!!’ She screamed in her mind. She quickly excused herself after telling the two that they needed to get out of the house.

Walking Shauna out the front door, Pete whispered to her. “That was close!”

“I know!” Shauna excitedly whispered back. It made me soaking wet to think that your mother almost walked in on me with your cock in my mouth!” She laughed hysterically.

Pete didn’t feel the same way. He was still red with embarrassment.

“Shauna, I don’t think I would have enjoyed that at all. Sometimes you scare me with your crazy thoughts! Anyway can we forget about this and are you coming over to the party tomorrow night. Mom will be away all weekend on business. My sister will be here but you know she’s cool with whatever.”

“Oh Pete, I’ll be there and everyone has been invited. It will be so fun. Just leave all the arrangements to me.” Shauna told him and left after a peck on the cheek.

Did Shauna ever have plans for Pete’s party. It was supposed to be a normal summer party. The parents güvenilir bahis are away and the kids will play. Shauna also knew something about Pete’s sister that Pete didn’t know.

Shauna and Claire, Pete’s sister actually had a lot in common and had shared a few sexual adventures. Shauna had met Claire at a party a few months while they were both getting drunk. Pete was sick that weekend and wasn’t able to leave the house. The Party wound down until there were six guys and Shauna and Claire. They all started playing truth and dare and as the night wore on, they had blown and fucked all six guys.

Pete would have died if he had known that Shauna had cheated on him with six guys at one time or that his sister was a willing participant in this orgy too! Shauna and Claire had become close friends after that and both decided that Pete was better off not knowing about their friendship.

Shauna had confided in Claire that Pete’s cock was really 12 inches long and very thick as well and that he knew how to use it well! Claire needed to have all the details and she confided in Shauna that she needed to suck and fuck it as well!

It was Shauna’s mission to make sure that Claire sucked her brother off at this weekends party. Shauna had invited only a few friends of Pete’s and no other girls. Her plan was to get everyone at the party drunk and set up a glory hole in Pete’s back shed. It was the perfect spot and the back of the shed actually had a hole large enough to get a man’s cock and balls though. Pete would have no idea that the girl on the other side of the wall would be his own sister.

Friday night came and the party was in full swing. Pete was a little disappointed in the low turnout but was having a great time with Shauna and his friends.

Shauna was dressed to thrill with a tight bikini that was 4 sizes to small! Her boobs were spilling over the top of her yellow bikini top and all the guys were ogling her. She had her red hair tied in a tight ponytail and the thong bottoms set off the outfit.

Claire had pretended that she was too drunk to function and told everyone that she was turning in for the night. Claire was what you would call frumpy. She was pleasingly plump with breasts even bigger than Shauna’s and a large round ass that Pete had actually caught himself looking at a few times this summer. Claire always were thick brown glasses and had her brown hair cut short just below her ears. She had very thick lips like her mother and freckles covered her face and neck.

She was watching the evening progress out her bedroom window and at the allotted time she snuck downstairs and out to the back shed and took her place by the far wall with the hole. She was grinning from ear türkçe bahis to ear in anticipation.

Veronica’s flight got back to the airport a day early. The meeting had gone horribly wrong and she had been fired! She stopped off at an old flames house only to find him in the throes of passion with a new girl, who was younger and prettier than Veronica.

Veronica had been drinking heavily while waiting for her early return flight home. She had passed out on the plane and after departing she had bought a fifth of Jack Daniels was half way through it before the taxi got her home.

Veronica stumbled through the front door collapsed on the couch. The house was empty but she could her sounds coming from out back. It sounded like a small party. She had expressly forbid Pete and Claire from having any friends over. She sobbed in misery and took another swig of her whiskey. God she was horny. Whiskey always made Veronica horny. It was times like this that she missed her late husband and the companionship that came with marriage. Maybe she would just join the party? Maybe she would get lucky with one of Pete’s friends.

She glanced over at the mirror in the front hallway and took off her business jacket. Her blouse was very tight and revealing and she decided to unbutton the two top buttons revealing some very hot plunging cleavage. She untied her hair and tossed it around and decided that she looked like a hooker from the 1980’s! She laughed and started towards the back door.

Meanwhile Shauna had told all the gentlemen to gather around shed out back and get ready for a real treat. She had arranged a glory hole. She told all the boys that they were not to ask any questions or try to find out who was in the shed. “Ok guys, who’s first?” As Shauna asked this a hand extended from the whole in invitation.

Fred, a small classmate of Pete’s, jumped forward and fished his penis out of his pants. He smiled at Shauna and the small crowd and walked towards the hole. There was stunned silence as the hand grasped Fred’s cock and pulled him into the darkness. Seconds later everyone could hear sloppy sucking noises from within the hole and Fred moaning in pleasure!

Claire was sucking hard on the cock in her mouth trying to coax a load of cum from it. She loved the taste of cum and although Fred’s cock wasn’t as big as Pete’s was, it was still nice and Claire was really enjoying him. Fred didn’t last very long and within minutes he was spurting into her mouth. She swallowed every last drop and slid her lips off of his cock.

Veronica was watching the scene unfold in her back yard through the kitchen window. Some one was giving blowjobs in the shed in her back yard and Shauna was the ringleader. She watched güvenilir bahis siteleri as one by one all of the boys lined up and took their turns at the shed.

Veronica was furious and snuck out the front door and around the house and into the shed. She was horrified to see her daughter Claire sucking a thick black cock through the hole in the back of the shed. Veronica snuck up until she was right behind Claire and pulled her off of the black rod. It slid out of her mouth with a wet plop!

Claire spun around horrified to see her mother standing there. What happened next stunned Claire even more. Veronica knelt down in Claire’s spot and sucked the cock into her own mouth! Her mother was working the glory hole!

‘Well? Don’t just sit there, help me out!” Veronica said to Claire between strokes. Claire knelt down beside her mother and they took turns deepthroating the thick black cock until it started to spasm in Veronica’s mouth. It had been years since Veronica had given a blowjob or tasted sperm and she was incredibly happy as it shot into her mouth and down her throat.

As soon as it had shot it’s load the black cock disappeared out the hole. Veronica was so drunk that she hadn’t given a thought that her son was out there behind the shed too. It was Pete’s 12-inch cock that entered the hole next.

Both Veronica and Claire let out an appreciative gasp at the magnificence of his thick, long cock. Claire pushed her mother out of the way and wrapped her lips around his cock and started to worship his cock with her mouth. Veronica got underneath of it so that she could suck his balls.

Pete was in heaven and also in shock that there were two mouths working on his genitals! It felt so good. The mouth on his cock was sliding all the way down to the base of his cock just like Shauna did. The other mouth was gently sucking and licking his balls. The sensation was just too much and the came within minutes right into his sister’s mouth!

Along with his impressive shaft, Pete also had an impressive amount of cum when he ejaculated. It was more than Claire could swallow and his cum leaked out of her mouth and down her chin. Veronica in a haze of passion and alcohol pushed Claire out of the way and sucked the last remaining drops of Pete’s cock.

Pete collapsed onto the grass and smiled in pleasure. Shauna had already ushered the other boys out of the party and returned to see her happy boyfriend grinning from ear to ear.

It was at that moment that Claire and Veronica walked out from the Shed. Veronica saw her son lying there with his semi-limp cock on his leg and knew without being told that she had tasted her son’s seed. She smiled at the thought and walked into the house. Shauna and Claire helped Pete to his feet and went into the house and up to Pete’s room to snuggle together for the night. Shauna wondered what she had started and what lay in store for the four of them the next day.

The End

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