The Gypsy Chronicles Ch. 08


This is one that may not appeal to some. It involves me having sex with Gypsy while she is drugged, with her consent I should add, but drugged nonetheless.

“Wow, that’s a little sick, isn’t it? Isn’t that rape? I mean it’s a bit strange you have to admit.”

Gypsy was trying to get her head around another of my fantasies. She enjoyed talking about them as she knew how turned on I got. She was after all the person I imagined in all of them. She knew this and played the part until I would be all consumed with lust. Sometimes we acted on that lust, other times she would back away just leaving me horny and frustrated.

“No not at all, it’s not about screwing someone without their consent, I suppose for some it might but not for me. I just love the thought of someone giving me the permission to have them when they were asleep, high or passed out drunk. It’s the thrill of the forbidden; it’s a fantasy within a fantasy. I’m there and can pretend anything I want. It’s a fantasy, it won’t happen. It’s not like anyone just comes out and says, “Hey next time I’m passed out just fuck me,” I said.

“O.K. I’m not sure I understand the attraction, but what the hell, like you say; it’s a fantasy, so it’s nothing different to watching something on TV or having a dream I guess,” she said.

A few days had passed since our conversation when after dinner at my place one night she said, “Did I tell you about Margo’s insomnia?”

“No I said,” knowing Margo had been complaining a few days back about not being able to sleep. Divorce, redundancy and three kids can do that to you though.”

“Well the doctor prescribed some meds for her but she’s been too scared to take them, I think she’s worried about becoming dependant or something,” said Gypsy as she helped pack away some dishes.

Although I was not exactly close to Margo I had sympathy for her situation and told Gypsy, “she needs to do something, the lady is a mess at the moment and a good 12 hour sleep would work wonders. A sleeping pill or two won’t be the end of the world if you ask me. Anyway it’s not like the old days, drugs now are far more efficient and less addictive that they used to be.”

“That’s what I thought” Gypsy said “but then she showed me what she was given.”

“What did the doc give her then?”


“Roofies” I said alarmed, “the date rape drug? Isn’t it banned?”

“Apparently it’s a recognised drug for insomnia,” Gypsy said, “Margo was worried about its reputation and asked if she could come around to sleep at mine the first time she takes it. I didn’t mind so she coming over tomorrow.”

“That’s cool” I said, “better to be safe than sorry.”

“Well there is one other thing,” Gypsy said with a tone that made me turn around and look at her. “I told her I’d try one so that I could watch her better, knowing the effects.”

“So who’s going to watch you? I said with more than a little concern.

“You are, silly. We can kill two birds with Escort Sincan one stone. I’ll help Margo out and you can live your fantasy. I’ve done some reading and apparently I’ll be anything from a bit floppy and cooperative to out cold on Margo’s dosage. We’re the same size so the dose would be the same.”

“Are you sure.” I was a little concerned but even more amazed that Gypsy would consider this one.

“Of course, I trust you, it might be fun for me or it may just be a good night’s sleep, either way I win and you get to live the dream,” she said with a saucy smile.

With that, she reached in to her pocket, pulled out a little wad of tissue and unfolded it, removed a little round white pill and swallowed it.

“We’re obligated now” she said. Pouring a glass of wine and heading to the bedroom with a come hither smile.

I went around the house, locked up, switched off the lights and followed her to the bedroom in time to see her lay on top of the bed in a very sexy bra and panty set.

“I thought it would be easier this way, or do you want to remove my clothes while I’m asleep.”

I took a glance around and went to my laundry bag. A week before, Gypsy had spilt red wine all over a white summer dress that I liked, I had been trying, but failing, to get the stains out. The dress was not going to be wearable again I feared. But I could let it go out in a blaze of glory.

Throwing it to Gypsy I said, “Put this on.”

The dress on, she lay back against the pillows and took a sip while I sat in a chair watching her. She asked what I was going to do with her, to which I had no answer, this was all a bit of a surprise. I did say that I would think of something though.

“I feel quite sexy,” she said with a slightly drunk giggle. It must have been starting to take effect as she had not drunk that much.

After a further 10 minutes or so Gypsy was a little slack jawed, almost incoherent and sleepy eyed, as if drunker than she had ever been before.

I went over to the bed and put my finger up her nose. Something that would typically get me a slap and a curse. Instead all I got was a mumble and the slightest shake of her head. I tried talking to her but only got a load more mumbling. She was not out cold, but she was incapable of anything.

Grabbing some pillows, I rolled her over and positioned her so that the pillows under her belly presented me with undisturbed access to that gorgeous ass and peach of a pussy that she knows how to use so well. Ahhhh, tonight it was mine to use.

Talking to her every minute or so to ensure she was still mumbling, I raised the hem of her dress up her legs as if being furtive and sneaky, getting away with something bad. With it up and over her ass. I grabbed her two firm globes in my hands and gave them a delightful squeeze and removed her panties.

Tracing my finger from the base of her spine to her pussy, I was rewarded with the slippery feeling of her lips. I Sincan Escort was happy she was well lubricated, I didn’t want to hurt her. But first burying my face between her ass cheeks I kissed and enjoyed that rear end in a way I had never done before.

After getting undressed I thought I would have a little taster of what I would inevitably finish off with later. Climbing up behind her I firmly grabbed her just above the hips and thrust my dick in to her. Mumbles and a groan or two were all I heard as I thrust away into my plaything for the night. Warm, wet, tight and fragrant, I just love that pussy.

Stopping just before I came took a lot of will power, but I wanted to build the load up. Getting off of her and the bed I went to get my camera. I was not likely to get an opportunity like this again, so I wanted to capture it for posterity.

Pictures of her on her belly with her legs parted, close-ups of her pussy and ass, a pick of her with her drunken face gazing at the camera. I took maybe fifty or so, some with her posed, some wide shots and so on.

With her on her belly and her head turned to me at the side of the bed I pulled her across listening to her mumbles and placed my dick in her mouth. This was a totally different sensation. Gypsy’s oral techniques are the stuff that legends are made of. However right now with her tongue barely moving there was something deeply filthy and erotic about the way I was violating her. More and more pictures were taken. Taking it easy so I did not choke her I slid in and out of her until she gave a slight cough as I touch the back of her throat.

After turning her around on the bed I went off for some scissors and upon returning slowly cut her dress off. I stopped every now and then to photograph the progress until the dress was cut in half up her front, the two sides open and her arms outstretched, struggling a little I took her bra off and posed her. She looked like an angel, albeit one with her pussy and tits on display.

Pulling her to the side of the bed once again I plunged my face in to her musky deliciousness. She had remained wet throughout everything so far and tasted spectacular. I was drinking ambrosia as I licked nibbled chewed and caressed her.

Her head lolling around, I repositioned her and once again sunk my dick in. A damned fine fucking was what I had in mind. While I am used to a little more in the way of participation, to say I was having fun would be a massive understatement.

The desire to come was immense and this time I did not deny myself the pleasure. Pulling out I came, all over her belly and tits with some even landing on her chin. The contrast of my come on her mocha skin looked awesome and required several more photographs from all angles.

I cleaned her up, removed the cut dress, placed her in a comfortable position and went to shower, wondering what I would do in round two.

After my shower round two took the same form as round Sincan Escort Bayan one. But with more force and vigour. I had come once already and was lasting out well while my fun continued.

This time around I allowed myself to come deep inside Gypsy and once finished took some stunning close-ups of our combined juices leaking out, trickling down towards her ass.

Towards the end I was exhausted. Gypsy was all but asleep but seemed none the worse for wear.

Once again I cleaned her up but this time repositioned her for sleep on her side with me spooning her from behind, with the lights off we slept until sometime after dawn when I felt a stirring. I had overslept a little as I wanted one more turn before Gypsy came too. Although fulfilled I was a little selfishly disappointed.

I tugged her over on to her back and realised that even though she was coming too, it was not a fast process. So making hay while the sun shined, I was again feasted on her peach. Unlike the night before however there was more feedback this time, with her squirming around a little and groaning as I lapped at her flowing juices.

I was surprised to feel her approaching climax as Gypsy was still pretty much zonked out, but orgasm she did, not one of raging, bucking and screaming, but far more subtle encouraging a last fresh flow of more juices from her.

Cleaning her up delicately with a couple of wipes and helping her get comfortable she fell back to sleep and I got up, showered, pottered around, watched a bit of TV and read while she slept it off. I returned to her every fifteen minutes or so, just checking on her but having a grope here and there as the desire took me.

Around eleven I heard a stirring, the toilet flushing and her coming in to the sitting room.

“Morning,” I said cautiously appraising her.

“Morning,” she said, pushing her hands through her hair giving it a shake and sleepily recovering from what appeared to be a hangover.

Coming over to sit with me she asked “so what did we do last night?”

“Well, you didn’t do much of anything, but I had a party of note! Here” I said passing her my laptop so she could flick through the photos.

“OH NO! You filthy fucker” she said in mock and amused horror. “What did you do to me?”

“Everything I wanted my sweet, everything I wanted.”

I made breakfast while she had a shower. It was the least I could do. After eating, the cobwebs were knocked off of Gypsy, the hangover gone and she said she actually felt quite good as she went through the photos again.

While she was reviewing the photos her phone rang. With only one side of the conversation available I heard;

“Oh hi Margo, How ya doing?…

“Yeah I did, it totally zonked me out, I barely remember going to bed. It feels like a hangover when you get up but it clears quickly.”…

“Of course you can, what about you come around to my place early evening, I’ll cook and you can get an early night. You’ll sleep like a baby…”

“O.K. Bye, See you later.”

Putting the phone down Gypsy saw me looking at her.

“Don’t even think about it!” she said with a smile on her face.

Mona wasn’t Gypsy but she was still a doll. Well a guy can dream can’t he?

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