The Homecoming


Chapter 1

It had been a long winter. Never had Annie thought that she would have missed her son not being around. She had hoped that military school would be the perfect tool to shape this 19 year-old boy into a man of strength and confidence. The house was in perfect order. She had been pacing the floors nervously trying to think through how she was going to greet him now that he was almost grown. But all the preparation had not prepared her for the surprise homecoming that was just around the corner.

Four hours had passed since the time he was supposed to be home and she worried that something may have happened on the long drive up from South Carolina. When the door opened, she realized she had fallen asleep on the sofa.

“Mom, I’m home!” Jim called out. Annie froze as she stood from the sofa. “This is Carl, Carl Hancock. He’s going to stay with us for a couple of weeks until his folks get back from Europe. That’s OK, isn’t it?”

Jim had never had a friend over to even stay the night, and now he was bringing a stranger into the house to stay a couple weeks! Was this the same shy and introverted son who had lived alone with her for so many years? She forgot everything as Carl held out his hand. “Pleased to meet you Ms. Vickers. Are you sure you’re not Jim’s sister? Hope I’m not intruding. Jim and I have become very close friends; he insisted I stay. I brought my sleeping bag. I won’t be any trouble. I’ll earn my stay. Just tell me what you need done and I’ll make it so.”

“Carl’s a senior. I couldn’t have made it without his help.” Carl looked great. It was barely June, and his skin was already bronze from the sun. He was wearing a tan muscle shirt and loose fitting slip on shorts that exposed more than half his bulging thighs. His grip was firm as he shook her hand. His eyes were so penetrating that she didn’t notice Jim had grabbed his bags and started up stairs. The trance-like gaze was broken when he called for Carl to follow him and he would show him around.

“Sorry we’re so late Mom, “Jim yelled down from upstairs, “Carl had to stop off and say good-bye to his girl – you know how that is. We’re both dead tired. I’ll put Carl in the empty room across from yours, OK? See ya in the morning.”

“Good night, Ms. Vickers.”

Annie was still staring at the front door trying to sort through what had just happened. It all seemed like such a let down. Maybe things would seem different after she slept on the idea of having a strange man in her house.

1:00 o’clock… 1:30… 2:15… It was no use. She just could not sleep. Annie still felt uncomfortable about Carl being there. She slipped from between the sheets and stepped into the bathroom to brush her hair. Brushing her hair always helped her to think more clearly. Thoughts began pouring as she stood in front of the mirror brushing her long black mane. “Sister”, she thought as her eyes moved up and down the reflection of her body. She always slept nude during the hot summer months. She tried to imagine how she looked 10 or 15 years ago as she examined herself top to bottom. At 38, her petite frame had not given in to gravity and motherhood. Her breasts were still full and heavy. She lifted them in her cupped hands and watched as they fell and bounced back to attention. Again she lifted and dropped. Again. Each time her nipples became more erect. Her heart was beating stronger as she squeezed the dark tips between her thumbs and forefingers. She hadn’t felt this way in a very long time. She turned to glance back at what had always been called her greatest physical asset – a flawless ass. No sagging, no stretch marks, no cellulite. Still a flawless ass!! Below that were two long slender legs. In this dim light, she thought to herself, I could easily pass for 25, or less.

Feeling much better, Annie threw on her robe and opened her door to go down stairs for a snack; she hadn’t eaten since breakfast. After grabbing a couple of bananas, she headed back up stairs. She hadn’t noticed on the way down, but the door to the room across from hers was ajar. Something caught her eye as she was about to enter her room. She saw movement out of the corner of her eye, but she ignored it and closed her door behind her.

It was haunting her. She felt a little naughty as she sat on the edge of the bed peeling the first banana. She hadn’t taken the first bite when her foot hit the floor to turn out the lights. Silently she turned the doorknob and tip toed across the hall. Through the crack in the door, she could see the light from the full moon create the shape of the open window on the floor. Jim’s door was closed. She inched her way into position to find where Carl was sleeping. Her heart jumped to her throat as Carl came into view. She had never been so afraid in her life. She thought her heart pounding would wake everyone in the house. He had thrown his sleeping bag on the floor and was lying on top of it, face down, wearing only düzce escort a pair of white cotton briefs. He looked like a model on a Calvin Klein commercial.

Annie sat across from the door with her back to the wall. Her eyes were fixed on this hunk of a man who had just walked into her home that night. She took the first bite of the banana and was beginning to relax when all of a sudden he moved! She froze; hiding in the shadows where she could not be seen. What if he was to get up to go to the bathroom? She was panic-stricken.

The movement was subtle. As he lay there, in the heat of the summer night, he appeared to be grinding his hips slowly into the floor. She couldn’t see his face, only from the chest down, so she didn’t know if he was awake or not. The muscles of his firm ass tightened with each thrust toward the soft sleeping bag beneath him. Annie sat motionless as she watched the lustful scene unfold before her eyes like a dream. She began imagining herself lying under him; feeling the weight of his strong body, as he pressed hard against her. She felt a cool breeze against her chest as she opened her robe and exposed herself to the night air. Sweat was forming in beads on her breasts. The aroma of her wet love slit mixed with the fragrance of the banana as she slid it between her lips to take another bite. As she sat cross-legged in the hall, watching his every move, he rolled slowly to his back. Her eyes zoomed in on the enormous bulge in his briefs. With his left knee in the air, he began to softly rub himself through the thin cotton material. Annie caressed her breast as she watched Carl slide his hands deep inside his shorts and squeeze his balls with both hands. With one hand holding the waistband of his underwear below his aching nuts, the fingers of the other hand wrapped around what must have been 10 inches of hard throbbing cock. It wasn’t until she reached the end of the peel that she noticed she had eaten the entire banana. She wondered if he were thinking of her as he worked his hand up and down the full length of his engorged member.

Annie’s hand found it’s way to the hot mound between her legs. She was dripping wet. Her cunt hadn’t been this wet since she swore off men three years ago. Carl was stroking faster. His hips were thrusting upward to the rhythm of his fist pounding against his balls. Annie matched every stroke as she moved her slippery fingers around and around her swollen clit. She knew she would cum hard any moment. She stopped; fearful that she might make a noise and give herself away. Her fingers were so wet. With her eyes glued on Carl, she began sucking her fingers, imagining his cock sliding deep inside her throat. She loved the smell and taste of her own love juice, but it had been a long time.

Carl was moaning and moving as though under some spell. Something was about to happen! He grabbed his cock with BOTH hands and began pumping wildly. Suddenly he leaned forward, stretched his head toward his hands; and, to her amazement, pulled the head of his cock right into his mouth. He was sucking his own dick! His tongue slid around its purple head, then he would suck it back in his mouth again. Harder and harder he sucked until he fell back and let out a soulful groan. White semen shot out and on to his chest as he pumped his fist hard. She could hear his hand slap against his balls with each thrust. He lay motionless. His cum was glistening in the moonlight as his chest swelled with each deep breath. Carl pulled his shorts from around his ankles. Annie knew he would get up now and find her in the hall, but she couldn’t move. She tried, but she couldn’t! He grabbed his shorts and wiped himself clean with them, tossed them in the corner, and rolled over to go back to sleep.

Annie sat there for what seemed like an hour before getting up and staggering to her room, still in a daze. Lying in bed, it was a short time before the burning heat between her thighs directed her thoughts from what she had just witnessed and back to her own impending needs. It had been three years since she had felt as though she needed a man, but right now, she was craving a long hard thick cock.

Annie remembered the last time she had been totally satisfied sexually. Jason Miller, her lover for three years, had taken her to a wonderful dinner for her birthday and given her, back at his place, the present of a lifetime – a white full mink and white high heels to match. No woman ever felt so beautiful as she did when she reentered the room to model her gifts for Jason. The flames of the fireplace danced in her eyes as she approached him sitting on the sofa. His approval was written all over his face as she turned to give him a view of all sides. Without a word she stood before him and opened the mink. She had removed all her clothes when she left the room to try on the coat. He sat speechless as he admired the artful form standing just inches way. Annie felt edirne escort like a princess on her wedding night. Her skin was growing hotter from the radiant heat of the fire, but inside, she was burning. Slowly she placed her knees on the sofa straddling Jason as she began removing his shirt. His hungry kisses were cool against her burning skin. His hands were cupping her breast before his shirt hit the floor as she tossed it behind her. With both her hands behind his head, she guided his lips toward her lush open mouth. She painted his lips with her wet tongue as she gently circled and teased his open mouth. Their tongues seemed to dance as he probed and darted deeper toward the back of her throat. Annie sucked his penetrating tongue like a hungry infant at its mother’s breast.

Their lips never separated as Jason wrapped his large hands around her firm ass and lifted her up as he stood in preparation of a more dominating position. Annie locked her legs tightly around his waist as he gently lay her backward to the soft rug in front of the fireplace. Annie freed her arms from the mink to help Jason as he fumbled with his belt trying desperately to free his manhood from its uncomfortable position. Throwing his pants aside, Jason placed the weight of his naked body fully on Annie as he teased her ear with his teeth and tongue. The pressure of his weight made her feel content as he kissed and sucked her small delicate neck and shoulders. Her nails dug deep into his back as he slowly made his way down to her breasts. She loved to watch him as he made love to her breasts with his warm wet mouth. He kissed every inch of her tits, being careful not to touch her dark nipples. His teasing was driving her wild with passion. She begged him to take them into his mouth and suck them; but he only licked each one a few times and moved down lower, licking her all the way, until he reached the thick neatly trimmed mound of hair above her sweet smelling pussy. He nibbled and pulled at her pubic hairs with his teeth as his hands cupped her thighs and pushed her knees high in the air. Again, he teased her. His tongue worked from one side of her inner thigh to the other, without touching her swollen pussy lips. He opened her lips wide with his fingers and softly exhaled his hot breath on her wetness just before burrowing his face deep between her open legs. Nobody could eat her pussy like Jason. She held his head tightly against her hungry cunt and fucked his face, pushing her hips upward to the rhythm of the sucking action on her clitoris. Her hips froze high above the rug as she felt a long thick finger slide deep within her soaking wet box. Her body quivered while she came in small spurts. Her pussy tightened around his finger as he thrust deeper and deeper. The wet slurping sounds coming from his attempt to drink her free flowing cum enhanced the moment even more. He knew she hadn’t come hard yet. That would be later.

Jason sat up and leaned back against the sofa to catch his breath. His face was red and wet. Annie’s eyes were frozen on his as she crawled toward him on her hands and knees. He sat motionless as she meticulously licked her creamy juices from his flushed face while her hands toyed with his heavy balls. She wiped a large drop from his chin with her finger and rubbed it over the swollen tip of his thick cock. It reminded her of a crystal ball as her juices mixed with the pre cum oozing from his cock slit. Kneeling between his legs, she stared at it as though it were a shrine of admiration. She seemed to be in a trance-like state as she gently stroked the enlarged tip, mixing their juices and covering the entire head. She loved the sweaty smell rising from his balls. What was it that made him smell so great? Her nose sank deep within the hairy mound at the base of his cock. The aroma caused her head to swim as she took in deep breaths. The salty taste was strong on her tongue as she flicked the tip across his balls. He was breathing heavy. She looked him directly in the eyes as she opened her lush full lips and very slowly lowered her mouth to engulf his dick. She continued looking into his eyes as she held him loosely in her mouth. It caused her mouth to water profusely. Saliva was running down his cock and on her hands. Jason was yelling for her to take it and suck it – HARD! Still she held her position. Not until his body was shaking from excitement did she lower her lips and suck him in tightly. After sucking and stroking wildly a few times, she stopped again with the head of his prick touching the back of her throat. He was going crazy! Annie was humming! The vibration coming from her throat tickled his swollen gland and made his cock throb as she pulled more and more of him into her starving mouth. Her hands were drenched as saliva poured from her lips. His hips were grinding and pumping wildly against the tight grip of her hands around his stiff cock. She knew he would come any minute. His elazığ escort balls were lifting higher as his throbbing meat probed her deep throat. Screams of pleasure filled the room as his body tightened. Annie pumped harder using both hands. Hot cum filled her mouth and seeped out the corners of her mouth. Jason was screaming like a mad man. She continued humming and jerking him off. She opened her lips slightly to allow his full load to flow down his cock. After he begged her to stop, she scooped up as much of the cum saturated wetness from around his still rock hard dick into her hands and rubbed it all over his hairy chest.

Annie lay there, lost in the memory of her last good fuck. It was then that she noticed she had been playing with herself. Both hands were soaked. The sheets were wet, and her mouth was dry as a bone. Twenty minutes had passed since she came to bed. It seemed more like twenty seconds. She needed to be satisfied. Her pussy was aching to be fucked. After drinking water from the glass she always kept by her bed, she slipped her fingers between her legs, closed her eyes and fell back to the memory of her last night with Jason.

“Now fuck me the way you know I need to be fucked,” Annie said as she lay back down on the rug and began licking his semen from her lips and fingers. Jason wasted no time. He kissed her hard on her wet lips as she guided his slippery tool to her hot aching love canal. He could taste his own cum as his tongue passionately explored the depths of her eager mouth. Annie let out a sharp scream as his cock sank deep inside her body. His dick was really too long for her size, but the pressure of it hitting bottom was what drove her wild when she was really horny. Other times it was somewhat painful, but right now it felt great!

Annie was not aware of how much noise she was making as she lay in her bed trying desperately to bring herself to a point of sexual release that she had not felt since that last night with Jason. It had taken her a long time to get over Jason. Not only had she not dated; but, she hadn’t even masturbated. She hadn’t wanted to; but now, here she was wishing she could feel that long thick cock hitting hard against the back of her starving cunt. She rolled over and placed a small pillow between her legs. Her beautiful ass perched high above the bed as she squeezed the pillow tightly with her thighs. This was the last position Jason had put her in that night in front of the fireplace. With her face buried in her pillow, she imagined being fucked from behind as she hunched and squeezed the other pillow with her powerful hips.

The size and shape of Carl’s cock were so vivid in her mind. She almost wished that he would. . .

Annie’s scream was muffled by the pillow clenched tight between her teeth as she reacted to the delicate touch on the small of her back. She tried desperately to cover her entire body with her pillows. She couldn’t speak! Sexual greed had engulfed her mind, yet fear was quickly gaining ground as she stared at Carl standing beside her bed. He looked so innocent. His stark blue eyes seemed to reach out to her with an understanding allurement. He appeared to be smiling; yet he wasn’t smiling. He just stood there staring directly into Annie’s large brown eyes with both hands by his side. Her eyes broke away from his only to admire the enormous hunk of meat pointed straight at her face. It wasn’t until Annie moved the pillow slowly away and exposed her breasts that Carl blinked his eyes. He took her movement as his queue and moved closer to the side of the bed. She inched her way toward him as he stood motionless waiting for her to reach him. Lying across on the bed, propped on her elbows, Annie nervously held his loose heavy balls in both hands as she filled her nostrils with the strong musky essence of the powerful man standing before her. Carl gently ran his fingers through her long silky hair. His lovely cock danced in the air as her tongue glided up and down his shaft. His rod was so thick; it was all she could do to open her mouth wide enough not to cut him with her teeth.

Carl had had his cock sucked a hundred times, but never had it been as intense as now. With one hand playing with his balls and the other sliding up and down his thick shaft, Annie sucked hard; like a child sucking the sweet nectar from a Popsicle. Even though her mouth was full of cock, she was able to slide her tongue back and forth on the tender underneath side of his swollen dome. Carl leaned forward and grabbed her ass with his huge hands and began massaging the cheeks of her backside as she continued dry fucking her pillow. Was it the sight of this perfectly beautiful, older woman lying before him that seemed to enhance the moment, or was she just the best cock-sucker in the entire world; or was it both? Annie’s tempo increased along with the strength of her grip as Carl’s fingers found their way between the folds of her ass and into her hot, wet pussy. Her moans of satisfaction were like music to his ears as he inserted another finger deep inside her. She pulled his cock from her lips as she lay there trying to focus all her attention on the climax forming deep from within her loins. Her body shuddered with each mini explosion.

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