The Hypnotherapist


‘Lachie, I want you to come to a hypnotism session with me. Since your father walked out on me I’ve lost all my confidence. I need someone to help me get back on my feet. So I want to see this hypnotist to help me get over my problems. God knows, I need something.’

‘A hypnotist? What can a hypnotist do? Mom, you’re just going through a bad time with dad having left us. Just take a bit of time to get over things, we will work it out in time.’

‘Lach, you’re so trusting but I want to do this and I need your help, more than you can understand. Please come, I can’t do it without you.’

‘If you really want to mom I’ll be there for you.’

The hypnotist’s rooms were comfortable without being lavish. The sign on the door introduced him as David Swallow. They were met by a receptionist; mid-twenties, busty, attractive and dressed to show off her assets. Sarah completed a questionnaire which the receptionist took through to the hypnotist’s room.

“Hi David, here’s the forms. The lady has arrived with her son; he’s a really good looking guy,’ she said sweeping her hair back over her shoulder seductively. “Mmm, I’ll happily make him a cup of coffee and…help to entertain him while he waits.’ They laughed together.

The receptionist ushered Sarah and Lachie in to the Hypnotist’s room and made the introductions.

David made an initial appraisal as he always did. About five nine he thought, but uncomfortable with her height. She wears flats and stoops to make herself look smaller. Nervous and lacking confidence, reflected in her dress sense, out dated and ultra conservative. Hair like a mop, could have been cut with garden clippers; she needs to get a new hair dresser. But the raw material could be anything; the face, with a bit of makeup would be beautiful – high cheekbones, dark eyes, straight nose and full lips – slim body, long, slender legs, and unfortunately somewhat flat chested, but the curves all flowed gracefully together. Her son, at about six inches taller was an image of his mother; conservative but with more confidence and awareness than his mother. David could see why his receptionist was impressed.

David noted that Lackie and Sarah sat next to each other on a large leather couch, not is separate chairs.

‘Well Sarah, what can I do to help you?’ he inquired looking up from her application.

Lachie looked at his mom. His heart hurt as he watched her confidence drain from her. Her eyes were downcast, her knuckles white as she clasped her hands together. She seemed to be was taking deep breaths and her mouth looked tense as she struggled to answer. David simply sat and waited for her. In time her mouth opened and she nervously licked her lips.

‘I…’ and she ran her hand across her forehead. ‘My husband left me. We were childhood sweethearts, married when I was 18, I’ve never been with another man, never even dated another man. In reality I’m afraid of going out on a date with some guy, I couldn’t let anyone touch me, no way. I… don’t have any confidence and I need some help to get my life together. I can’t do it alone, this is so embarrassing,’ she finally blurted out.

‘Hmm, I understand that can be traumatic but most people see a way clear through the passage of time. You obviously feel different. That’s pretty disturbing so I can understand why you need help. And the good news is that I’m just the right person for you.

‘Sarah, I’m sure we can overcome your issues, build your confidence. You have made the first step coming here and that is always the hardest, but now you have to put yourself in my hands and let me hypnotise you. Are you ok with doing that now?’

Sarah looked at Lachie and he could see the worry on her face.

‘Yes, that’s why I’ve come. But I’m scared, and I will only do it if Lachie stays.’

‘Oh, look I don’t normally allow other people to watch. The patient often reveals personal information and they need to be comfortable that anything said is confidential. You can trust me to look after you,’ he said with a smile and Lackie had a feeling of disquiet as he noticed David look his mother up and down. ‘You can wait in the reception room,’ he said to Lachie.

‘No, Lachie stays, that’s not negotiable. I can’t do anything without him.’

Lachie was stunned by the intensity of the glare from David, for the briefest moment anger showed on his face, then in a flash was gone. Lachie started to feel uneasy.

‘Ok, I advise against it but if it makes you feel comfortable then that’s what we will do,’ he said, although to Lachie, the smile never touched his eyes.

David settled Sarah and slowly started to go through the process of hypnotising her. Lachie watched intently and after a reasonable time Sarah closed her eyes. David put her deeper and deeper into a trance.

‘So what do you feel is your greatest need Sarah?’

Lachie closed his eyes, he could feel the anger at his father rise in him as she continued.

‘Yes I do have some hang-ups I guess. Look when David left gaziantep escort pornoları he laughed at me. Do you have any idea how humiliating that was? He told me I was a frump, overweight, undersexed; frigid. What a thing to say. I was destroyed. I cried for days, weeks after that. Look, men don’t make passes at me anymore but they used to. I’m ashamed of myself and I don’t want to go out in public. I have no confidence, you get like that when you get told every day just how useless you are. You just get beaten into submission and depression seems your friend, it’s confirmation that everything he says is true. God knows what other people are thinking. I think I need, well I need something and that’s why I’m here.’

‘Now, this might be hard but was there any… ah… substance to David’s complaints.’

“Hey, I don’t…’ Lachie blurted out angrily but was silenced by David. Lachie looked at his mother. He had always thought her beautiful. Up to the time her husband left her, if she had put on a little weight it was certainly not excessive. Her problem was more related to her grooming and dress sense which was always dull, boring and made her look somewhat dowdy.

‘See, that’s why I don’t like having other people in the room,’ David said curtly, directing his comments to Lachie. ‘Other people always get defensive when we get near the truth.’

Lachie sat there fuming, chastised, eyeing the hypnotist off with undisguised contempt.

Sarah continued. ‘The truth is that I was raised as a devout Catholic. My upbringing was strict and my mother was of the belief that sex was for procreation…only. God forbid that anyone should actually enjoy it. So…coming from that background I will admit that our sex life was…’

She put her hand up to stop Lachie who had started to move to her. He wanted to comfort her. Tears rolled down her face.

‘This is so hard. Look, David always wanted to do things that I thought were disgusting. Goodness knows where he got those ideas from. I mean he wasn’t content just to have sex, and I always let him have it when he wanted, but he wanted me to suck his cock, he wanted to…to…oh god, he said he wanted to fuck my ass. I was brought up differently so you know, I can sort of understand, but we were married and to me that’s forever,’ she said with tears streaming down her face.

David turned to Lachie. ‘Lachie, your mother comes from a strict religious background. Often those people are the hardest to get through to as they are tied up with their faith, overwhelmed by it and they feel that any attempt to break the shackles is a betrayal, a sin, they feel incredibly guilty, so she may struggle at times and progress may seem slow but she has to confront her own phobias before we can make the changes she wants. Religion, it has a lot to answer for. Do you understand?’

Lachie nodded his head without speaking.

‘Sarah, your husband made some unkind remarks that are simply not true. You are a very attractive woman. So, if you had your wish, how would you like to look?’

There was no hesitation. ‘Like Jenny Smithers down the road,’ she replied immediately. ‘She’s almost the same height as me and slim, she has got shapely legs and fabulous muscle tone. Big boobs, everyone likes her boobs but I can’t do much about that and I would like my hair pure blond. Then I might be able to dress like she does. That’s who I dream of being, she is so confident in herself. I envy her, I’d like to be like her,’ she said.

‘Sarah, for our first session let’s simply do something that you won’t have any difficulties with but will have some long term benefits. And you will get a sense of achievement, you’ll know you are on a path of recovery. First we will start to address your looks. You are a very attractive woman and should think of yourself that way. You just need to, ah, look after your presentation a little better.’

‘Yeah, I’m a frump, I know I am,’ she said despondently.

‘Whoa, no, not at all, we all need to keep in shape. It’s about being healthy. Now if you want to look like Jenny, her appearance and tone then there’s a gym right near here that I go to. Why don’t you enrol there? We can work out together, the two of us and I’m more than happy to oversee your development,’ he said, and Lachie didn’t like the leering smile on David’s face.

Lachie’s eyes narrowed, his feelings of uncertainty growing. He felt a wave of relief as Sarah answered.

‘No, Lachie goes to a gym near home. I’ll join his, we can work out together. Is that ok Lachie?’

‘Yes, my gym will do fine,’ he said coldly, looking directly at David.

‘Ah. Well ok. That’s good, yes that’s definitely good said David.’ But there was no enthusiasm in his voice and Lachie saw the look of disappointment wiped from his face with the insincere smile.

Lachie started as David went on.

‘On the other matter, you obviously have a fixation on Jenny’s boobs. Have you ever considered getting escort pornoları a breast augmentation? You might like to do so. They are foolproof now and take no time at all. Many women do it.’

‘Oh goodness,’ she stuttered and her face went red. ‘I couldn’t, it wouldn’t be real, me. What would people think?’

‘But you have obviously dreamed about it in the past.’

‘I… I’m not comfortable talking about it.’

David leaned forward in his chair, his eyes focussed.

‘Sarah, I sense this is a block for you. It’s the crossroad of where you are, what you don’t like about yourself versus where you want to be, how you would really like to look.’

‘I… I don’t know.’

‘Sarah, I think you do know. Over the next week till we meet again I want you to picture where you want to be, what you want to look like, think how you would look with big boobs because that is why you are here. I think that is the key to unlocking the door to happiness for you. You want to do this but it’s against all your upbringing. When we meet again I want you to think about how you would look. You’re going to join the gym and…I want you to start thinking and looking sexy. No point in hiding from yourself, so let’s take a first step and get rid of the bra.’

‘What! Oh my god. I…I can’t. I…’ she stuttered, flustered. ‘No, that’s too much. I can’t.’

‘Ok, I expected that. We will compromise. If you want to look like Jenny, you have to do it. Either wear a push up bra or better still, get rid of the bra around the house; in your home where you are secure. But understand that it’s the first step to going bra-less outside.’

‘I…I can do it at home. No one can see me there. Yes, I can do that,’ she said with more certainty.

‘And I want you to take some pictures of yourself. The new you and put them in a frame, in your bedroom where you can see them. Do you have anyone you trust to take photos?’

‘You have to be joking. When my husband, ex-husband, you know for better for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do us part type husband was having an affair with my best friend and is now shacked up with her and her 18 year old daughter. Yeah, like someone I trust? At this moment there is only one person in the world that I trust and that is Lachie. No one else, no one!’ she said emphatically.

‘Ok, I get that,’ said David putting his hands up in the air in mock surrender. He pursed his lips and was about to speak, then seemingly reconsidered. After a few moments he turned to Lachie. ‘Ok Lachie, I want you to take pictures of your mom, your new mom bra-less or push up bra only. Frame them and place them around your mom’s bedroom, her most intimate room so she can see herself looking better and better. It’s all positive feedback. Then I want you both back this time next week. You,’ he said turning to Sarah ‘fitter, stronger, sexier and I want you to consider the breast augmentation. Picture yourself every day with boobs just like Jenny. I think it’s actually what you want, and I think you know that.’

‘Lachie, I won’t bring your mom totally out of her trance, I want the power of suggestion to work with her in a positive way. And we will see how she progresses,’ he said closing the session.

They were quiet as Sarah drove home. Sarah took a few sidelong glances at Lachie as she drove. She could see the tension in his body, his hands clasping and the fixed stare. She knew how his mind worked, that he would mull over what was bothering him until he had considered all the facts and then, not before, when he thought he had a solution to whatever was bothering him would he have his say. Unlike his father who would fly off the handle abusing her for anything that went wrong in their relationship.

Once in their own surroundings Lachie opened up to Sarah.

‘Mom, what do you know about David?’ he demanded.

‘What do you mean Lach,’ she questioned.

‘Mom, I don’t like David, I don’t trust him. The way he looked at you. You couldn’t see it but I did.’

‘Lachie, I think you’re making something from nothing. David comes recommended by a friend of Janice so I’ve no reason to question him.’

‘Mom,’ he said exasperated. ‘He was trying to come on to you. Do you understand what I mean? He’s a lecherous toad, I tell you, he was eyeing you off. I saw it. If I hadn’t been there, you were in a trance, suggestive…who knows what could have happened. I just don’t like it, I don’t like him,’ he said, his anger apparent.

‘But you were there … and you did look after me,’ she said calmly.

‘Mom, that’s not the point,’ he said running his fingers through his hair in frustration. ‘He was trying to hit on you. I know what I saw and I don’t like it. I don’t like him,’ he said and she could see the emotion in his eyes, on his face and in the way his body was tense.

‘But honey, isn’t getting someone to hit on me the purpose of the exercise? Making me feel like I’m wanted?’

‘Yeah…but escort gaziantep pornoları not him, not like this. He’s married, he’s got pictures of his wife and kids in his office.’

‘Well baby, technically speaking I’m married with the most wonderful child a woman could ask for,’ she said as she reached up and put her arms around his neck, drawing him in close to her. ‘Besides, when I leave his office I feel good. That can’t be bad, surely?’ she said and he could feel the warmth of her body pressed against him.

‘Mom, he tells you to feel good, you’re responding to his suggestions,’ he said and he was frustrated as he could see the twinkle in her eyes.

She leaned in and gave him a kiss. ‘Does it really matter how? At the moment I’ll take what I can get on the basis that I know you will look after me baby.’

She studied his face, saw the emotions of love and concern in his eyes. ‘Oh,’ she said, then smiled. ‘Oh baby, are you getting jealous,’ she cooed reaching for him and giving him a long hug.

And it hit him that what she said was true, he was jealous. That his feelings about David were framed as a competitor for her favours.

‘What you think means so much to me, you are my world baby. I’m flattered,’ she said sincerely and she melted against his body before kissing him tenderly on the cheek. “See, I know that I can go because I know you are looking after me. So, same time next week baby … and I promise to be good,’ she said smiling at him.

Lachie was numb. He didn’t know how to respond. ‘It’s not you I’m worried about, he said gruffly, stumbling over his words and emotions, ‘Anyway, we have to take some photos,’ he said trying to recover his composure.

‘Oh, do we have to? I don’t like myself in photos. Maybe we can miss it for a day hey?’ she said with a pout. ‘Aaaarrgghh,’ she cried and jumped as she felt Lachie fumbling behind her back and her bra strap release. ‘What are you doing?’ she cried with alarm.

Her eyes opened wide in surprise as she looked at Lachie and her gaze was met with a cheeky grin.

‘Hey, don’t blame me, he’s your hypnotist mom. I’m just following instructions,’ he said laughing as he reached towards her, his fingers opening and closing like crab claws.

‘Noooo, no, no,’ she cried and backed away laughing. With a quick movement she ducked behind the kitchen table. They were laughing with each other as he lunged half-heartedly at her. She easily evaded him and with a squeal of delight she sprinted past him. She laughed out loud as she ran down the corridor to her bedroom. He chased after her. She was trapped as she entered her bedroom and turned to face him as he filled the doorway. They were both laughing with unrestrained happiness as she put one hand out in mock surrender.

‘Ok, I give in,’ she said almost doubled over with laughter. ‘But don’t think you’re going to get a show,’ she said. And with that she slowly reached inside her T shirt, released one side, then the other and slipped her bra off without removing her shirt. Pulling the bra out from under her shirt she held it aloft, she poked her tongue out at him, her face full of joy and happiness. And that was when Lachie took the photo of the day.

Throwing her bra on the bed she moved to him and they tenderly hugged each other. She leaned back and her eyes were sparkling with love and happiness as they held their embrace. ‘Oh Lach, I haven’t laughed as much since … since I don’t know when, probably never,’ she said contentedly.

‘So … now that I’ve dispensed with the bra, let’s face it, there’s not much to see,’ she said looking at her chest. ‘So much ado about so little,’ she said with a note of resignation in her voice.

‘But I suppose it does raise the question,’ she said with a shrug of her shoulders. ‘And I know how much you question his motives, but what do you think about David’s suggestion that I get a breast augmentation? Do you think that’s my hang-up? Do you think it would make me look better? Would you like to see me with boobs like Jenny’s?’ she blurted out and he could see the uncertainty in her eyes, fearful of what he might say.

‘Mom, jeez, I’m your son.’ He said uncertainly. ‘I don’t think of you that way he said flustered.

‘Yeah, no one does!’ she muttered in a depressed tone which pierced Lackie’s heart. ‘That’s the problem. But who else can I speak to? Please baby, help me with this. Just tell me the truth, how do you think Jenny looks, her boobs are fake. Have you ever dreamed of hers?’

‘Mom! There’s nothing wrong with you. I can’t believe we are having this conversation. Look Jenny … with Jenny it’s an attitude, she’s got nice boobs and she wears them well and she dresses to show herself off. She does look good.’


‘Well, really good, she looks sexy, she acts sexy and so she is sexy.’

‘Could I look like that?’

‘Ok, mom, you are prettier than Jenny. God you would look really hot. Yes you would look better than Jenny. Jeez mom, how come we’re talking like this?’

‘Thank you baby,’ she said and gave him a quick kiss. “If I can work up the courage I might look into it further. But you have to support me baby … please.’

Lachie just nodded.

‘Now mister, if that picture ever gets out of this house I’ll kill you,’ she said laughing. Lachie felt closer to his mother at that time than ever before.

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