The Indian Wedding Night


This is Sangeetha again! I have shared my real life experiences in my previous stories and many of my readers were interested in knowing what happened during my wedding night.

I am not sure how many of you are aware of the concept of ‘Arranged Marriage’ which exists in India. The parents of the bride and the groom match their horoscopes and if it is compatible, then both the families meet in person. If their meeting also goes well, then they will fix the engagement date. The marriage date might be fixed at the same time too or in a few cases, on the day of the engagement. Only after the families finalise to get them married, the boy and the girl could try to spend their time together.

I know what you might think now. Nope! No sex is involved in most cases during this period. In fact, even a hug or a kiss is considered too much during this period. If you are wondering if they have sex immediately after marriage, yes, a lot of them do on their wedding night and few prefer to wait and understand each other before mating. Its almost equal to having sex with a stranger.

Mine was such an arranged marriage, except for the fact that the horoscopes became horror scopes at a later stage in our marital life. Everything happened the way it was supposed to happen and I got married to him after 3 days of celebrations and a pompous wedding. Being from the brahmin community, it was a traditional wedding that should have been worth remembering. The marriages can get a little too tedious at times and mine was no different. It was indeed a very long day with all the rituals at different times of the day and by the time we were done with the reception and had dinner it was about 10 in the night.

An auspicious time was already checked for and we were told to copulate during that time which was at 11:30 PM for us. It does sounds a bit crazy but it is a fact that a lot of couples go through in India. After dinner, I was taken to a room to be ‘made ready’ for my wedding night. My mom, my aunt and my cousin, along with my friends, decked me up in a red silk saree, a colour that’s most used for the wedding night. Most of the gold jewelry I had worn were taken off leaving the mangal sutra, a chain, a couple of bangles, my ear rings, nose ring and my ring. I was asked to wear silver anklets and toe rings. A good amount of fresh jasmine flowers went over my head in a big bundle. I loved the smell of it but that also gave me a churn at the bottom of my stomach. I had butterflies that were fluttering all of a sudden. A big red sindhoor was applied on my forehead after a very light make up and I was ready.

My friends thought it would be nice if I had a waist chain and one of them had bought it for me and she helped me wear it in the last minute. I started walking towards ‘our bedroom’ by about 10:30 PM. My mom and my aunt stayed back with my cousin while my friends escorted me to the bedroom. Just before entering the room, I was given a bowl filled with milk to be taken inside, which is another custom/ritual.

The door was not latched and my husband was waiting inside sitting on the bed. As I stepped in or rather was kind of pushed into the room with loads of giggles from the girls, the door closed behind me and I could hear them latch it from the outside. The butterflies had doubled by this time in my stomach. I stood there for a minute, looking around! not because that the room was new to me, but the way it was decorated. The AC was on but I was still sweating with my heart beating a 100+ times per minute. The bed had strings of flowers on all sides with the mattress covered in Rose petals and Jasmine. A box of sweets and dry fruits were on the side table.

My newly wed husband was looking at me and smiling. He was dressed in a white silk dhoti and a white shirt. I could clearly see the ring he had on his finger.

“How confident and daring!” I thought to myself.

When I saw sweat beads on his forehead too, I realized he was indeed in a similar situation as I was in. He was managing to cover it up and was smiling which gave me a little comfort. I smiled back and started walking towards him. I handed over the milk bowl to him to drink and as the ritual goes, he drank half and left the other half for me which I finished soon. I rally needed something to drink because my throat was dry by then.

I sat down next to him. Silence was all around and I couldn’t hear anything apart from the AC and might be my own hear beats. It must have been about 5 minutes or so, when he got up saying he would change and come back. There were change of clothes for both of us in the room. Something more casual since our current costumes can really be heavy to sleep with. All I could do was to nod, without looking at him. He quickly got up to go into the bathroom to change and asked me to get rid of the jewelry I had on me to get more comfortable and then probably change too.

“Are you sure you have to go inside to change?” I blurted out and didn’t know why.

It altyazılı porno might be since I wanted to go into the bathroom first, unable to bear the tension and pressure building inside me. I could see he was surprised and shocked at my question and could not say anything.

“Not really, I can change here too!” he blushed.

I saw his face go Red. Once he started undoing the buttons on his shirt, I removed my chain and bangles keeping them aside. The rest of things I was sure was not going to be a hindrance. I got up to see what change of clothes I had and saw a simple night gown kept for me along with a towel and nothing else. In the meanwhile he had taken of his shirt and dhoti and was in his vest and boxer shorts. He was picking his pajamas to wear them.

I picked my night gown and was about to go the bathroom to change when he posed the same question to me that I had asked him earlier. I was shocked but not a bit surprised. I stood still and looked at him wearing his pajamas now.

I nodded a negative, but after a thought told him “No, I too can change here.” somehow managing to find some courage.

I knew what would happen in the due course of the night and that my dress will be off me anyways. I was neither a virgin nor I was scared of having sex. I had enough experience in sex with a few men already. I was a virgin only in my butt.

I took the pallu of my saree off from my shoulder and started removing the draped saree from around me. I put it down in a heap before I unhooked my blouse giving a glimpse of my red bra inside. I could see him gaping at me from the corner of my eye. I thought for a moment if I should wear my night gown over before removing my blouse totally and before getting rid of my petticoat (underskirt). The naughty girl inside me was awake by now and I decided to tease him.

I turned around a bit as if I was looking for my night gown and as if I was going to reach for it next, I pulled the blouse off my body and put it along with my saree on the ground. Standing in my Red laced bra and my petticoat. Instead of reaching for my gown, I pulled the knot, letting my petticoat to fall down and I stepped out of it. I was standing there, being 5’6″ tall with my hair still tied up with the Jasmine flowers, in my Red laced bra and a matching pair of Red panties. I indeed wore them for this night. My figure of 36B-30-36 was clearly outlined to his eyes against the light in the room.

I probably stood like that for a minute or two and seeing no reaction from him except for gaping with his mouth open, I took my gown to wear it.

“I think you should take those off too before wearing the gown.” a voice came from his direction, being very timid.

I was beginning to get bold by now. I smiled while looking at him and placed the gown aside.

“But you wore your pajamas, didn’t you?” I asked him, not bothering about my almost nude body while standing in front of him.

His instant reaction was worth looking at. He instantly and in a hurry pulled his pajamas down and threw it on the ground giving me a sheepish smile. I smiled back at him with more confidence now.

Turning around and showing my back to him, I asked “Why don’t you come and help me with my bra then?”.

I was getting turned on, feeling the heat inside me. I was enjoying this tease and his nervousness, as he got up and walked towards me slowly. I was not sure if his hands were shivering but that’s how I felt. I felt his fingers over my back, fumbling with the bra hook. I was in no hurry and stood there patiently till he managed to unclasp them.

“Thank you!” came an instant reply from me looking at him from over my shoulders and smiling.

He smiled back with his nervousness clearly visible on his face. I slowly peeled the bra off my body and dropped it over the heap of my clothes lying on the ground.

“Can I help you with this too?” was the next question from him.

I knew what he was talking about since his hands already reached my waist, holding the helm of my panties. That was the only piece of cloth on me by now and I was about be totally naked in a few seconds. He did not even wait for my reply and began pulling down my panties. He was so close that I could feel his warm breath over my naked butt as he bent to pull it down.

I realised that my panties reached my ankles when he gently patted on my leg. I stepped out of it with him throwing it aside now, leaving me naked. He stood up and was looking at me from over my shoulder. I could feel his breath now on my neck and shoulder. I thought something poked me from behind and I realized he was hard and his dick was poking me from behind though his intention was not to touch me yet.

I felt his palm over my shoulders, trying to turn me around. I turned towards him slowly keeping my head down and I stopped once I was facing him.

“Wow!” he whistled.

He traced his fingers from my forehead, down on my face, gently rubbing mobil porno the nose ring once and down to my lips. His finger further came down to the mangalsutra around my neck, tracing it between both my breasts. He went down to the waist chain tracing it around my waist and stopped right behind where my spine ends. His one finger then traveled up my spine in a feather touch, giving me goose bumps and making me tremble at his every touch. He reached my neck and then brought his finger along my earlobe and jaw to my chin and went back up to my forehead.

He moved back slowly and sat on the bed, not taking his eyes off me. I stood there like a statue, naked, with my pussy dripping wet, wanting to be touched more, and trembling.

“Come over here, my Queen.” he said with a wide grin. “You look so beautiful!” he added as he patted the other side of the bed asking me to come to the other end of the cot.

I had to walk around the cot. He kept looking at me without batting an eye lid and I too looked at him sensuously as I walked. His eyes were roving all over my naked body, not hesitating a bit and I was proudly showing myself off to him. I sat on the other side of the bed, slowly getting used to being naked around him.

“Promise me, you will remain like this always, when inside our room with me alone.” he showed me his palm.

I don’t know why but I put my palm over his, promising him. I got more comfortable on the bed, sitting back leaning on the headboard and stretching my legs to the front. He moved closer, much closer and sat down next to me with his hand going around me from behind my neck to hold me and his other hand resting on my bare thighs. He brought his face close to my cheeks and kissed me on my cheeks. I smiled and turned around to look at his face which was so close to mine. I could not resist but place my lips over his, pulling it into my mouth, sucking and chewing hard on his upper lip first and then on the lower lip. He did not resist but I could feel he was naive to an extent and he was a bit nervous. I did not bother. I continued sucking and chewing his lips for a while and slowly started to insert my tongue into his mouth, looking for his. I was playing with his tongue and exploring his mouth with this passionate kiss. My first kiss with him!

I held his face with both my hands, getting more passionate. His hands did not move from where they were. I broke the kiss and looked at him into his eyes. Both of us were panting and could feel each other’s breath.

“Do you mind licking me?” I asked him losing all my inhibitions and shame. “I want you to lick me!” I said still looking into his eyes.

He nodded and slowly started to move down my body.

I stopped him and said “Not just my pussy, though that’s where you will finally end up.”

He looked at me confused but was still smiling.

“Lick my whole body. I want to feel your tongue over every inch of my body!” I whispered.

He looked a bit astonished.

“Are you sure?” he asked for reassurance.

I smiled, moving myself down on the bed to lie down completely.

“Yes, very sure.” I whispered back to him. “You decide where you want to start from.” As I spread my hands to the sides and spread my legs wide apart.

His eyes ran up and down my naked body a couple of times, before I felt his hands over my navel. He was rubbing my navel from the center to the sides, squeezing the love handles and rubbing his hand down over my thighs to my legs as he also moved down.

“A delicious piece of leg for me to relish on!” he murmured as he went down feeling my thighs and legs. “Do you mind if my saliva stays in a few places?” he asked after finally losing his inhibitions as well.

“I would love to be drenched in it!” I replied, adding “I just can’t wait to know how it feels.”

He held my right feet, kissing the toe and slowly started sucking them one after the other before he started licking my ankle and up my leg. Gently and slowly he continued to lick, intentionally leaving a trail of saliva on my supple body. He went up my right leg and thigh till he reached my waist and let his tongue travel across my torso from over my navel.

He spent a minute over my navel, licking and sucking on it, before leaving a bit of his saliva there. He moved to my left, and continued moving down my left thigh and leg till he reached my left feet. He looked at the trail he had left over my body and smiled at me.

“Did you like it?” he asked.

I nodded a yes with a smile.

Becoming happy with my response, he said “Turn around, let me play with your lower body before I come up!” with lust filled in his voice.

I turned around, showing my back to him and lying down on my stomach. He again reached out to my right feet licking his way up, reaching my thigh from back and my butt cheek. He gently bit my right butt cheek and sucked it before cutting across to the other side. He stopped over my butt crack letting his saliva sex izle drool and did the same with my left butt cheek before he went down to my feet. He then came back up to my waist and let his tongue travel up my back till he reached my neck and to both sides over my shoulders.

I liked the feeling of wetness with his saliva wherever he had licked.

“Now to your front, turn around.” He instructed.

This time, it was more like an order. I liked the confidence he was developing and turned back to how I was lying earlier. He started with my forehead coming down to my eyes and cheeks and then the ears and chin before reaching my nose and my mouth. He pressed over my lips with his tongue, asking me to open them. As I parted my lips, he let his saliva drool into my mouth before biting an chewing my lips once and moving down my chin. He went down and rested his tongue between my breasts.

He looked up “Which of these 2 babies should I pay attention to first?” he asked.

I did not expect that from him.

I mumbled a bit and finally told, “My right one!” holding my right breast with one hand for him.

“As you wish my lady!” he said, as he moved his face over to my right breast and took the nipple and flesh in together and sucking on them with a loud noise.

He played with his tongue over the tip of my nipple for a while and continued sucking. I was still holding it for him with one hand and he brought his hand to hold it up along with mine. His other hand went to my left breast, slowly reaching the nipple. He started tweaking it and playing with it. He then shifted his attention to my left breast while his other hand was playing with my right breast.

When he got up I could see so much saliva over my breasts with strings of saliva still reaching to his mouth. He gently rubbed it over both my breasts and moved down.

As he reached my mound, he looked up at me and said “Spread your legs for me.”

I looked into his eyes that was filled with pure lust. I was sure he could see the same in mine too.

“You have seen me naked enough. I want to see you naked before you go down on me.” I told him as I pulled myself up to sit, feelng the wetness all over me now.

He got off the bed and pulled off his vest from over his head. And in a quick moment pulled his boxers down and stepped out of it. He did not show any hesitation in getting naked for me.

Leaving it as it is, he jumped on to the bed again and said “Now spread your legs for me!” and I could see how eager he was.

“I have not seen you properly. I want to see you the way you have seen me.” I almost ordered.

With a little disappointment he got down again, standing in front of me.

“Okay fine, look at me nicely. Now what?” he asked me eagerly.

I looked at him from head to toe, paying more attention to his cock. He was hard and erect like a rock. It must be about 7 inches approximately.

“Turn around.” I giggled and he did.

Seeing his well toned butt, thighs and legs, I ordered, “Back again dear.” And he turned facing me.

I reached my hand out to feel and hold his uncut cock and its tip was wet with pre-cum. I slightly pressed the tip of the penis. Feeling the hardness and thickness of his cock I reached down to his balls that were firm and not sagging.

“Filled in, it seems?” I laughed winking at him as he blushed.

I moved a bit back on the bed again, lied down and spread my legs.

“Over me, turn the other way now. Is it OK?” I asked him.

He smiled with his eyes gleaming. “Wow! 69 Position is my dream!” he smirked.

He climbed on the bed and over me. He looked back at my face once before going down on my thighs, stretching his legs towards my face and raising his hips over my face. He placed a gentle kiss over my hairy pussy mound and then on my vertical pussy lips. I felt his fingers part my pussy lips and he reach down to cover them and his tongue began to play with my clit. As I felt the lust take over me completely, I held his cock, pulling him over my face and kissing the tip, tasting the pre-cum. I started kissing the head and down the shaft and back up to the head before slowly gulping it into my warm mouth.

He reached the bottom of my mouth and up to my throat easily. I started sucking and stroking him, holding his shaft from the base. He moaned and slowly started grinding his hips on my face as if fucking my mouth. Though I suffocated a bit at times, I loved the feeling of his cock and the pressure building between my legs. I could also feel him throbbing in my mouth and knew he was going to cum soon. He broke the 69 position by pulling back.

“My first cum with you is not for your mouth and I want us to cum together, the first time” he said.

I could see how wet I was by looking at his face. He seemed least bothered about the mess I had done on his face. He came over me, this time facing me, adjusting himself between my legs.

“Let’s start our sexual journey with a missionary!” he chuckled.

“Hope you can take my weight over you?” he enquired.

I smiled, saying “I would love to take your weight on me. Women can take 4 times their weight on them during sex, scientifically.” I winked.

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