The Interview

High Heels

Here I am once again needing to interview for a PA, what is it with these men that they can’t stick a good position with a female boss. Do they feel emasculated, intimidated or brow beaten by a strong woman. I need my assistant to be ready for anything, anything that I might need him to do. I prefer male PAs because, well because I just do. He should be willing to do my bidding and be able to anticipate my needs.

I must admit though I love the interview process, I love to see him get hot under the collar while I grill him on his attributes. Maybe that’s why I dismiss them so often, I need the thrill of the interview. My last interview went so well, for me and him. He got the job.

Right from the moment he applied for the position I could feel my excitement building, we had exchanged emails and phone calls and I had cleared my diary to schedule the interview into my busy day.

He arrived at the specified time and as I was without a PA I had to greet him at the door myself. As usual I was dressed as any good female CEO should dress. Dark business suit with short skirt, I usually wear a short skirt or figure hugging pencil skirt, it makes me feel sexy as well as powerful, essential in my line of work. With my business suit I like to wear my Seville Row shirt, my how that accentuates my body, the buttons fastened to mid cleavage, yes it’s one of my favourite looks for the ‘office’.

Anyway I directed him to the interview room and sat him at my desk, it’s important during an interview to have the chairs positioned correctly, the interviewees chair should always be lower than mine, so I can look down on him, only perceptively lower, just a little trick I like to use.

So we sit and I take a look at my notes.

“Mr Lowly can you tell me why you feel you would make a good PA”

“Well Ms Carmel I am more than willing to attend your every needs, I am experienced in doing the bidding of a powerful woman and would relish in honouring you as my superior.

“And Mr Lowly,” I say, “in what way would you honour me.”

Its at this point I turned and looked him deeply in the eye, compelling him to hold my gaze. He does for a second then his eyes flicker and his gaze drops. Only to be met with my parted legs, my skirt has risen up towards my thighs, tantalisingly showing stocking tops. He drinks in the image and I see him shift slightly in the chair. I smile inwardly, a wicked thought enters my head, I lean back a touch and open my legs a little further, he is engrossed and staring at the spectacle before him.

I give him a moment and then *cough* ” Mr Lowly can I have your attention please. His face snaps back to mine and he squirms embarrassed and a red flush travels up his neck porno 64 and over his face to end up in his hairline. I am amused and decide to play him further.

I cross my legs allowing my skirt to come to rest at the top of my thighs allowing a him a peek of my bare skin that is showing at the top of my stockings, then I swing my crossed leg back and forth, allowing my six inch heeled shoe to slip off the back of my foot, my toes barely holding it on. Back and forth, back and forth I gently swing my leg. I have slim ankles and toned calfs, and in my black sheer fully fashioned stockings my legs look shapely.

I turn back to my notes and continue with my interview questions.

“Where were we, ahh yes you were going to tell me how you will honour me.”

“But first Mr Lowly tell me a bit about yourself.”

“Well Ms C, I am very willing, and have plenty of experience in anticipating a woman’s needs.”

“My last position saw me giving myself completely to my superior. I knew exactly when she needed me to be at her side, or when she needed me right behind her. I have a knack of knowing where I should be at any given time,” “and what action I need to take to ensure she is comfortable.”

It’s at this point I slowly shift my gaze to my hanging shoe, then back to his eyes meaningfully. He gets the message immediately and attends to my foot, replacing the shoe back on my heel. His hands firmly holding my calf, he slips his hand along the silky stocking coming to rest at the crook of my knee, it feels nice, very nice especially as he gently rubs the sensitive area behind my knee, sending a shiver of pleasure through my body, delicious.

“Would you like me to give you a foot massage ma’am, my previous employer found a foot massage was very relieving after wearing such high heels.”

And with that he removed my shoe and expertly kneaded the soles of my feet and manipulated my toes, running his hand up and down my calf, I was fully aware that he had an uninterrupted view of my crotch.

“Excellent Mr Lowly, you seem to be the right kind of candidate I am looking for.”

I decide to show him around the office and the rest room, well my rest room, with the bed, the king size bed.

As we enter I point out where I like things and how I like them arranged, where my hangers are and where my shoes go. After all in his position as my personal assistant I expect him to get everything just right.

“Goodness me it’s warm in here,” I say “would you?” And turn my back to him so he can remove my jacket. When I turn back he has the full view of my cleavage which is attempting to burst out of my figure hugging blouse.

Once again his eyes are locked onto the sight before him, a porno izle small gasp of appreciation escapes his lips. He looks back to my eyes to find me staring deeply into his. It is then I take a step towards him, place my hand behind his head and draw his mouth towards mine. I lock on to him and kiss him passionately parting his lips to run my tongue around his lips and teeth. He responds enthusiastically his own tongue probing back.

He starts to undo my buttons and I help him. He pulls back when all are undone and looks at my ample breasts as they nestle in the expensive silky lingerie, creamy flesh against black satin. Soon we are discarding all clothing. I am standing, panting and aroused while he removes his own underwear, when he turns back to me he stops and takes in the sight before him.

Fully naked, my breast full and firm, waist and hips all in proportion and that dark patch of trimmed hair between my legs. He seems delighted to see this.

We approach each other once again, entwine and feel warm soft flesh against a hard manly torso.

We then fall onto the bed and begin to explore each other.

He mesmerised by my pubic hair, fascinated by its springy softness, he strokes and teases it for awhile before parting my lips and delving inside.

Rubbing gently and expertly finding the one spot that will have me moaning in pleasure.

I lay back and let myself feel every touch, every stroke, every ragged breath, because his face is so close, so intent I can feel his warm heavy breath.

I look down and our eyes lock, a deep, intense connection. A thrill shoots through me, he starts to make his way up my body, pecking, kissing, licking as he moves along inch by inch. Oh the shivers it gives me. Who is in charge now?

I decide it’s time to take control again and as he reaches my lips and we lock together once again, I take the opportunity while he is unbalanced on one elbow to flip him over on to his back, forcefully kissing him. I am on top now and pull back to look at him. His mouth is slightly open with a surprised ‘o’ . I smile a wicked smile and keep his gaze for a moment before attaching my mouth on his nipples, nipping, biting and teasing with my tongue. He groans with pleasure. I continue down his body, tracing with my tongue and lips. Eventually I reach my destination. He is squirming with anticipation, he knows what I am about to do, well he thinks he does.

I allow my warm breath to travel along his length, my lips so close they barely create a gap between his member and my soft mouth, but I don’t allow them to touch, then I take a deep breath and purse my lips as if I’m going to whistle, and blow hard onto the tip if his cock creating a pin prick sex izle of warm air, I move the flow up and down his shaft. Looking up, his eyes are closed and his lips are moving as he silently repeats the words ‘ oh god’.

I take hold of him in both hands and allow the warmth of them to create a cocoon of softness. I stay like this for some moments allowing the heat from my hands to build and create a comforting hollow for his manhood.

Reaching for the oil I allow my breasts to trace along his groin and abdomen, feeling his belly quiver as I do so.

I sit up with his thigh between my legs, I know he can feel my wetness on his skin as I grind myself into his firm strong thigh. I sit high so he can have a full view of my nakedness.

He is appreciating the view, I can tell. I may be a woman in my 50s but I have the body of a much younger woman, firm full breasts, neat waist and a toned and smooth stomach. I peek at him through my hair which has fallen over my eyes, I too am appreciating the view. He is tanned and toned, abdomen firm and flat with a trace of dark hair from his navel to… groin. I look to where my hands seem to have a will of there own, massaging, stroking and oiling his ever hardening maleness.

I continue with a firm slow pace, alternating one hand for the other, while gently grinding my wet pussy on his thigh keeping my thrusting in rhythm with my hands.

I can feel myself getting closer to my goal, feel the intensity gathering. Although I am still working intently on his cock my hands are working of there own violation, up, turn, off, up, turn, off, one hand after the other, barely tracing over the head of his penis, I am more focused on my own end.

Pressing myself harder I lean forward slightly to allow more pressure on my clit. Ahhh, yes, that brings a little wave of pleasure causing me to purse my lips and suck in sex filled air.

I work myself faster, harder, grinding myself in a circular motion. He’s watching me and I can see it is arousing him more and more. Which in turn ratchets up my arousal levels.

I can feel it now, approaching like a wave, ready to crash over me. Building, growing and consuming me in convulsions of heat and pleasurable shock waves. My legs lock around his thigh as I shudder and moan in ecstasy.

I hear over my own moans, a gasp and a cry from him and look through my curtain of hair. His head is arched back and his arms splayed across the pillows, hands clenched tightly and I then feel stickiness over my fingers I look and see, still pumping and oozing out, while his body convulsed and bucked, his creamy juices. Spreading over his stomach and chest.

I fell to his side, drained and completely satisfied, we lay together silently until our breathing became normal again. Our bodies sated and relaxed.

I eventually leaned up on my elbow and looked him in the eye. Well Mr Lowly, I’m pleased to tell you, you have got the job.

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