The Invitation Ch. 02

Anal Toy

I wake to the sensation of bodies pressed against me and am a little startled. It takes me a moment to recall what had happened that previous day and I know the bodies belong to my sons. One on either side and one between my legs, which makes me feel, I don’t know. I should feel revulsion and shame, but there isn’t anything like that to be found. Only an odd sense of wonder at what the day will bring. What the hell is wrong with me?

Snoring fills the room and I am not surprised to be the only one awake. I slowly slither out from between them and feel two hard dicks press against my flesh. It isn’t easy to manage an escape from my sleeping sons, but I do manage to keep from waking any of them. The snores continue as I manage to extricate myself from the bed and look around the room.

It isn’t completely dark inside, but dark enough to see only the outline of bodies on the two beds. My hands move up to touch my face and smile at the feeling of the dried cum. I have no idea if the cameras are catching my caressing fingers, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that bastard of a husband got us into one hell of a fix and we all have to play along to Leo Simpson’s sick desires.

I make my way to the door and quietly let myself out. I can see the sun just starting to rise towards the docks and my body is pulled towards the sound of the ocean. I feel the sand on my feet and a few steps brings the salt water to caress my skin. I sit to watch the amazing colors in the sky and don’t care that sand is getting in places that might be problematic later.

I have never seen anything quite like this and lose all sense of time. The water is receding as the colors are slowly lost and I am brought back to the reality of the moment. Being alone out here gives me a chance to think and I find my fingers pressing against the remnant of my sons. I don’t know why the sensation makes me smile and I don’t know how I can find any pleasure in the previous day. I only know that both are true and the sun is becoming rather bright.

I risk the fury of the sun as I walk out into the ocean and allow the movement to wash away the sand from ass and pussy. The feeling of the water caressing my body feels better than I ever thought possible and know the cost of incest is well worth the price of this moment. I don’t care just how twisted Leo gets, since he cannot ruin paradise.

I make my way back to the house and the breeze feels wonderful against my skin. It is not oppressively hot just yet, but that time will be here quickly. Snores fill my ears as I open the door and turn on the light as the door closes. The snores continue, but I can see my daughters pressed against Dennis and it makes me smile.

Beth’s brown hair is laying out across his chest and her toned body is not something I look at with jealousy. Her pear shaped cheeks are spread slightly as her narrow leg is spread over my husband’s leg. Janice’s red hair intermingles with the brown of Beth’s hair and her body is a little more tone from being an athlete. Her cheeks look very firm as her leg is crossed over my husband’s other leg.

It’s the smell of coffee brewing that starts to bring my family around and none says a word about the previous day. Everyone is looking into their coffee cups as they slowly drink, except for me. My eyes are on the faces of my daughters and I like the look of crusted cum against the paleness of their flesh.

An ides dawns on me as I take a sip of the dark liquid and I know güvenilir bahis part of the reason for my odd enjoyment. I am not allowed to be with my husband at all, which means his quick release will not cause me any unpleasurable experiences. My sons will last longer than my husband and I grin at the knowledge that they have a far quicker turn around than the bastard I married.

The phone rings to break us out of our silence and a few yelps are heard. Shaking cups are placed on the counter and no one moves to answer immediately. Beth is the closest and moves quickly to pick up the phone. My husband is a damned coward. He should be the one getting instructions, not Beth or anyone else. If I could speak rationally right now, I would be tearing into him with everything I have.

Beth picks up the receiver. “Yes…I understand…I’ll tell them.”

She puts the receiver down and her cheeks are flushed. “He says we all need to take a shower together. Mom and sons at one end. Dad and daughters at the other.”

Her voice trembled a little as she rambled on as to what we must do and there is more than one face a little flushed. I lead the way to the shower and feel eyes on my sagging cheeks as I walk. The reflection shows all of my sons eyes there and I stifle a smile. I don’t want anyone to know how much I am enjoying this.

There is more than enough room for all of us as the water feels wonderful against my pale skin. I feel the remnant of my sons wash away, but know it will be back. I have no intention on letting this day go without giving in just a little. I feel their hard dicks press against my flesh as their hands search out my body and let out a slight moan as my hands do the same. It takes a while for us to be clean this way, but very enjoyable.

I watch as my daughters lead their father to the bed they must share and the reflection of their faces shows both are very red. I lead my sons to the other bed and press my wet body against the mattress. My legs spread in eagerness for them to start and I am very wet in anticipation of what will soon be happening.

I watch as William’s head appears between my legs and realize just how much he looks like me. I always knew we shared similar features, but it never dawned on me just how much until this moment. Our eyes are locked on each other as his tongue reaches out to me clit.

I don’t hide my moan as his tongue starts to work and I hear Beth join in. There is no doubt he is starting with her first and I moan a little louder at the sound of her pleasure. His tongue does not leave my clit, since he is unable to place it anywhere else and my body is slowly building towards something quite wonderful.

William’s head vanishes and is replaced by Luke’s red hair and green eyes. A fresh tongue continues the work on my clit and I moan a little louder. Beth is still being brought pleasure and I know it must be intense. As Luke works his magic on my body, Beth screams out and I know she is having one hell of an orgasm. I am still a ways away from that point, but Luke is working very hard to get me to that point. I hear Beth’s screams end and Janice is starting to moan out from the work that must continue.

Red hair and green eyes are replaced by my youngest son’s face. Jason may have my brown hair and brown eyes, but he doesn’t share all of my features. I moan as his tongue continues where his brothers have left off and start to lose myself to the teamwork. Janice is starting to moan loudly and she türkçe bahis is just as close as I am. Our screams intermingle and I am right at the edge of something I have not felt in a very long time.

My eyes close tightly as my body prepares for the wonders. I feel a wave crash over my body and my clit continues to bring me pleasure. I feel something powerful press out of my wet hole and splash against his chin. My scream grows louder as the waves crash harder against my body and my son works harder for me.

The last wave crashes against my body and the shared screams die down. I feel the wonder of the aftermath bring tingling sensations to my body and I have never felt anything like this. I open my eyes and see Luke just as he’s pulling away. The glistening on his chin is from far more than sweat and he shows no sign of wanting to wipe my release away.

My body is crying out to rest as I lower my legs, but I feel like I owe them for the work they did. I force myself out of bed, since the task has been completed, and I look at my sons with hunger. I am on my knees and glad the carpet is comfortable, because I have three sons to please and will be here for as long as it takes.

I call out to them and don’t care of my husband and daughters hear me. “You all did a wonderful job. You deserve blowjobs as a reward.”

My sons need no other prodding as they stand before me with very hard dicks pointed at my face. I grin up at them and love the look of desire on their faces. I can find no sense of guilt in any of them and derive great pleasure from that knowledge.

Jason is standing between his brothers and I decide to start with him. I look up into his eyes as my mouth takes the head of his dick. My hands start to work his shaft as my tongue feels the wonderful pressure. There is no lube close at hand, but it doesn’t matter right now. I don’t think any of them will last long enough to make that an issue.

My head moves back and forth in perfect movement with my hands. The feeling of his shaft is wonderful and his moans encourage me to work harder to bring him to that wonderful point. His brothers are watching patiently as I reach the gagging point and his dick twitches.

His brown eyes close and I pull back until almost all of him is not taking up space. My hands work hard and he groans out and gives me the first shot of white. The saltiness tastes wonderful on my tongue and I allow him to slowly fill me beyond capacity. I love the feeling of him leaving my lips and feel a little drip onto my tits.

The last of him shoots into my mouth and I release the tip of his dick. I swallow and love the feeling it sends as it easily goes down my throat. I did not swallow all of it, since I want to push the remainder out to add to what had already escaped.

He falls back to the bed and another six inches is waiting for me. I look up into the grinning face of Luke. He does not seem to mind his brother’s white on my lips and fingers as he eagerly presses his shaft into my mouth. My hands work what they can and allow him to press against the gagging spot. Even with his brother’s release, there is no taking him any further.

His green eyes tighten and his head falls back. His groan sounds wonderful in my ears as I pull back to allow my mouth to fill again. Another shot of white hits and I receive more of the salty goodness. His lasts a little longer and far more of him is dripping down to my tits.

I feel the last of him enter my very güvenilir bahis siteleri full mouth and his eyes open in time to watch me swallow what he has given. The wonderful sensation of his remnant sliding down my throat causes him to smile. I push the remainder out and feel more land on my tits.

William quickly fills the void as he pushes his brother out of the way. He immediately starts to force himself into my waiting mouth and I gag around him. I reach out for his hard shaft as he starts to move his hips back and forth, which hits that spot several times over. William tries with all his might to get a little deeper, but it just isn’t happening.

His brown eyes close as I pull my head back to allow for one more filling. I feel his shaft jerk in my hands as more white hits the roof of my mouth. His shots are very powerful and the first fills my mouth almost completely. It takes very little from the next to feel impossibly full and I know most will soon be joining with his brothers.

My lips close and I swallow another dose of wonderful elixir. His brown eyes open and he watches me push his remnant out and grins at the effect. I feel him drip down to join his brothers building on my tits and know there is enough to do what I want.

William falls back to join his brothers on the bed and they watch my hands move to my tits. I love the way their combined release feels on my flesh and slowly rub what they have given me. A little drips off my chin onto my hands and I leave it there. I am starting to work them into my nipples and love the way my sons are looking at me.

My hands move up to my chin and I start to rub the remainder across my face. Their eyes are following my hands as I feel the pleasant slickness grow across my forehead. I love that I can still them on my tongue as my nose is soon covered.

Once my face is every bit as covered as my tits, I get up to admire myself in the mirror. I see my daughter’s with white on their foreheads and smile. My smile turns to a grin when I see myself in the mirror. My flesh sparkles in the light and my dark nipples look amazing. I see my sons staring at my sagging ass and grin a little wider.

Once everyone is fully recovered and eaten a good breakfast, my family decides to leave the house and enjoy the beach. I am tempted to join them, but don’t want to wash off the dried cum from my body. It doesn’t quite cover the stretch marks on my sagging tits, but does a decent job of making my look about ten years younger.

This time alone allows my mind time to think and I contemplate how I can be enjoying the blackmail. Then it all comes flooding back. There was a time when I was far more adventurous, but my husband slowly killed that part of me. I’ve never been with more than one man at a time, or anything along those lines, but I did enjoy the feeling of a man’s release on my flesh. For Dennis, it was one position or nothing and it was extremely frustrating.

The pleasure comes from knowing my husband’s sons are nothing like him. They do a damned good job eating pussy, which is something he always refused. Just the thought of him having to make my daughters have orgasms that way makes me quite happy. I am searching for any hint of guilt over my feelings, but unable to find anything along those lines.

I no longer hate Leo Simpson and I whisper towards my thanks towards one of the mirrors. I have no way of knowing if he saw me and I want to make my gratitude clear. My hands reach for the phone and I hear his voice on the other line. My thanks if very sincere and I am glad no one is in the house with me. Leo promises to consider what I said and accepts my thanks with the dignity I have always known him to possess.

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