The Job Offer Ch. 06


Both girls exclaim to him about his glowing eyes; they’re shocked, but it doesn’t last forever cause they slowly dim; that is when they try to touch their man again. This time, his skin is warm but not burning to the touch. Both girls are worried about their Alpha and try to communicate with him, but it’s Sasha that gets him to open up. She says, “Master, are you okay?”

Sam shakes his head and says, “I feel different. I can’t explain it. I just feel stronger and powerful than I was before Heather’s affirmation.”

Suddenly the mark that Sasha bares, heats up and Sasha screams. Her beast instantly deals with the pain by extending her nails and canines. Sam turns around and reaches for her, but the beast says, “Don’t touch me!” With his hands up, Sam leans back. Just like his pain, it starts quick and ends the same. Taking a moment, she concentrates on getting the beast under control. Soon her nails and canines retract, and then she looks up at two sets of eyes staring at her. She looks at both of them and says, “I am alright. I don’t know what was that, but I felt a burning pain where the mark was and this energy expanding within in me. I feel fine. (Smiling) I feel better than fine.”

Heather braces herself for the pain, but nothing comes. Feeling sad and left out, she wonders why she felt nothing. Seeing her sad, Sam then says, “It’s probably because you don’t bear my mark, hence why you’re not experiencing the pain with power resonating within yourself. One day, you will bear my mark and feel closer to me.” It takes Heather a moment, but then shakes her head. “Duh.” She then says, “Perhaps this is going to happen a lot with you when your harem grows, Alpha. When they proclaim their love for you the very first time, this will happen. My question is, did this happen to Sasha?”

Sam just smiles and shakes his head but says, “It didn’t because she proclaimed her love for me before I became a werewolf. And I already told her how I felt then, too.” Looking at her, he mouths, ‘I still do’ which brings a smile to Sasha’s lips.

Heather then just says, “Kind of jealous but feel bad, causing you both pain with my affirmation. Sorry that I hurt you.”

Both Sasha and Sam look at each other, then turn to look at their new girlfriend. Sam speaks but pipes down when Sasha speaks. She says, “Don’t feel bad for us. Your affirmation just helped us release what we feel for you. We both felt the same way before you moved in and didn’t say it because we didn’t want you to feel weird around us. This is a whole new experience for us, too. As for the pain, it was intense, but this entire experience was new to us all. This just proves that you’re special, Master. I am no werewolf expert, but I can tell you this much. I doubt this happens with other Alphas. You can’t deny it cause we both feel it.”

Sam nods his head and remembers what he wanted to do before the tremor of pain. Reaching out to grab Heather’s ass, he brings her closer and says, “I just remembered what I wanted to do after your affirmation. Heather, I love you too.” With that, he leans forward and kisses his baby-girl.

Heather reacts and throws her arms around her daddy, pressing herself against his chest. Both elbows sit on his shoulders as her hands caress his nape and run her fingers through his hair. She returns the kiss with passion, expressing her love for this man, her Alpha. A shudder goes through her as her nipples harden and her lips become moist. She breaks off the kiss to bite his lip but says, “Fuck.” Taking a step back, she stares into his eyes; the need for him is strong, but her hunger for food is taking a toll on her decision. It snapped her thoughts when her sister-slut says something.

Sasha just smiles and can see the love written all over her sister-sluts face and body. She then says, “See sister. That’s what I feel every day with him. That longing, the need to feel him, to feel his love. It’s written all over your face and it pleases me to no end. We, the harem, will share this man, our Alpha. Just like he said, one day you will bear his mark and when that day happens, you will know how it feels to be close to him. I know you want to cement this love and devour everything he’ll give you, but dinner is getting cold, and it’s not right to let that tummy growl.”

Heather smirks but looks at her daddy and says, “Raincheck?” Seeing him nod tells her he too wants to cement this love for each other. She sits down and eats, but then stands back up and walks around Sam to chat with Sasha. Sasha immediately stands up and looks at her sister questionably. Heather şahinbey escort just shakes her head but reaches out with her hands to grab hold of Sasha’s waist and then says, “I like to thank you for everything. For your friendship, wisdom and love to get me to open up today. Yes, we both love the same man, but my feelings for you haven’t changed. I…”

Sasha puts a finger to Heather’s lips to stop her and says, “I know, sister. The way you look and touch me. Standing before me right now; you want to express those feelings and not to make me feel left out. Well, I feel the same way too, sister. Master knows how I longed and pined for you last week. C’mon, eat something; you’re making me feel bad.”

Heather nods her head and was about to turn away to go back to her seat but says, “Fuck it.” Reaches up with her hand to grab the back of Sasha’s nape and pulls her in for a kiss. Instantly, the kiss becomes passionate and her other hand reaches around to grab hold of Sasha’s heart-shaped ass.

Sasha reacts and returns the kiss. Pulling her sister-slut into an embrace, she reaches around to caress Heather’s back. Hands travel to grab hold of both cheeks of her rounded butt as well. The kiss lasts longer than Sam’s one, but he’s not upset. The beast within him is hungry and is devouring his spaghetti and enjoying the entertainment that is next to him. Part of him hopes they will forget him and start taking all their clothes off and eat each other out. But sadly, that just doesn’t happen cause his slut is a mood killer and breaks off her kiss. She whimpers through her lust and says, “God, I want to bend you over and eat you out, sister, but… (sighing) you need sustenance. After you finish your dinner, I will go down on you, baby-girl.”

Heather looks at her sister-slut and says, “Promise?”

And with a nod, Sasha tells her, “I will, baby.” Hearing her Master chuckle, she then says, “Shut it, Master.” but places her hand on his thigh to let him know she loves him too. Sasha watches both of her lovers chow down on their plates of spaghetti. Out of both of them, her girlfriend wins out with more than a noodle.

Heather is out of her chair and is cleaning up but halted by her daddy.

“Just leave it; I will clean up the kitchen. You cooked dinner and I should do my share. Go on, and have fun!” With a smile, and continues to eat more of his spaghetti and garlic bread.

Heather places her plate and utensils in the sink but comes back around the breakfast nook to give her daddy a kiss on the cheek. She then says, “I love you, daddy.”

Sam reaches underneath her skirt once more and caresses her derriere. He then says, “I love you more, baby-girl. After I clean up the kitchen. Would you like to ride a 12 inch pole?” Between bites of his dinner.

Heather leans into her lover’s hand and says in a whisper, “Definitely, daddy. I look forward to it. Don’t take too long, ok?” As she takes his hand from her ass to the front between her thighs to show him how wet she is for him. She just gives him a look of pure desire and moans a little as she rubs daddy’s fingers against her nether lips.

Sam pulls back his fingers to smell her nectar and then sucks on the juices that were left over. Hearing her moan and use his finger to rub herself got him extremely hard. His inner beast wants to drop everything and take her. However, Sam has more control over himself and needs to share. It’s Sasha’s turn to enjoy their girlfriend some more. He continues to eat his dinner as he watches Heather leave the kitchen. Turning around, he watches his partner-slut, push back her chair to follow their girlfriend. Giving her a smile, he says, “Have fun, slut. Treat her right.”

Sasha turns back and whispers in his ear and says, “I will, Master. Just like how I treat you. She is in excellent hands. I will get her all warmed up for you.” She then pulls back and stares into his crystal eyes and gives him a peck on the lips.

Watching her leave was tough. Seeing her heart-shaped ass move filling her up with his cum. Let’s get back to finishing dinner and then cleaning up the kitchen.

The girls head to the living room to make out and for Sasha to fulfill her promise in going down on her sister-slut. It doesn’t take them long to get busy. She takes her time and enjoys tasting her girlfriend and bringing her to new heights. Hearing her sister-slut moaning and then screaming that she’s cumming is music to her ears. Sasha is a giver and gave her sister-slut 3 great orgasms.

Heather is on Cloud escort şahinbey 9 and is floating, but she is still waiting for her daddy to come in so she can ride his pole to take her higher. Part of her wants to lie down and enjoy this feeling, but she wants to return the favor to her sister. So she pushes Sasha back onto her back and starts kissing, fondling her breasts before making her way down to her thighs. Smiling up to her sister-slut, she knows she won’t be able to slide off her jeans because they are skin tight on her. Asking nicely, she gets Sasha’s help to remove her skinny jeans off her sexy hips and down her thighs to give her access to Sasha’s wet cunt. Heather kisses each thigh before diving in and licking between the lips up to her clit and do a couple of rotating licks before going back down. With her fingers, she opens up her lips and licks the sensitive inner ones and her channel. Hammering away with her tongue, she hears her sister-slut moan and start gyrating into her mouth. With a couple of licks around her clit once more, sets Sasha off. Her gyrating increases and is rubbing her clit against Heather’s expert tongue. Soon Heather hears her sister-slut swear and then starts cumming hard. With time, Heather gives her mommy over 3 orgasms before she hears movement coming into the living room.

Sam just looks at the scene and starts stroking his cock between his legs. He walks over to his partner-slut and asks, “Feeling good, are we? Perhaps you should get this ready for your sister’s cunt.” As he pulls down his shorts and grabs hold of his cock, to his surprise, she opens her mouth and he slowly inserts himself into her.

Sasha wraps her lips and slowly licks, caresses his cock with her lips. Slowly, she takes him down her throat. Sasha’s in her own little world and enjoying sucking her Master’s cock and being used for his pleasure once more.

Sam enjoys her ministrations and is moaning from the experience. He then cops a feel of Sasha’s tits and twisting her nipples ever so slightly. Smiling to himself, it just pushes her into another climax and lets go slightly as she moans through her next orgasm. Pulling out, he leans over and kisses his girlfriend and says, “Are you ready to ride daddy’s pole?”

Taking off her top and unbuckling her bra, Heather then says, “God, yes, daddy. I need you in me so deep. Just sit down and let me do the rest.” Watching her man take a seat, she grabs his thick cock and places it at her entrance. She slowly impales herself and slides down his shaft. Her nails dig into his shoulders and moans leave her lips. Once she feels him all the way inside, she clamps down and cums so hard. A shudder travels down her spine, and she is rocking back and forth against his cock. Arching her back, she rides the waves of pleasure. Once her orgasm calms down, she slides herself up and then down to drive him deeper into her. She moans, ‘OMG, he’s so thick. Fuck, I am so full. Shit, I am going to cum again.’ Soon she is hammering herself down and losing herself.

Sam just enjoys his favorite cock-sleeve and soon reaches out to grab hold of her big breasts. He leans forward and licks/suck on her right breast before nibbling on her tiny nipple. He looks over and sees his partner-slut no longer lying down but actually taking advantage and sucking the left nipple. Sam lets go of her right breast to circle around and grab hold of Sasha’s derriere and bringing her closer. Soon they break off their assault to Heather’s tits and then kiss each other.

Heather moans and cums hard from having her tits sucked and nibbled upon by her lovers. Continuing to hammer down on his cock, her eyes open and take in the scene that is unfolding. She watches her lovers kiss each other but also feels each of their hands on her derriere. Thinking to herself, ‘This is so fucking hot.’ Shockingly enough, they break off the kiss and her daddy reaches up with his right hand to kiss her lips. She immediately opens herself up to him and sucks on his meaty tongue. She can feel her sister-slut nuzzle up against her neck and shoulder. Leaving kisses and licks along the way. Feeling both of them against her pushes her even closer to her next orgasm. She smiles to herself, and then thinks, ‘They’re including me for him, it’s much tighter.

It takes her breath away, and she collapses on top of her sister-slut. What startles her a bit is feeling his claws dig into her hips as he moves within her. She moans a huge fuck but controls it by kissing sister-sluts lips. Instantly, she cums harder from şahinbey escort bayan both of him being deep inside her and his nails digging into her. However, he doesn’t stay still for her but fucks her savagely.

Heather reaches up to cradle her sister-slut’s face and kisses her back. She breaks off the kiss and asks, “Is he fucking your ass again, mommy?” Baby-girl waits patiently and receives a slight nod from her. She then says, “Nice. Is there anything else he’s doing?”

Sasha is gasping for air, and she deals with both sensations of pleasure and pain. She then says in a whisper, “Primal. Master is digging his claws into my hips and claiming my third hole again.”

It totally flabbergasted Heather with the news. She knows what primal play is, but this takes it to a whole new level since they are both supernaturals. She then whispers back and says, “Is there anything I can do to help, mommy?”

Sasha moves her head to stare into her baby-girls’ eyes and says, “Suck and bite me. Push your mommy into the void. Own it and don’t hold back.” With that, she finds the energy to rise and position her tits in front of her baby-girl’s face once more. Feeling her sister-slut’s mouth circle around her nipple with her lips and then bite down, pushes her to arch her back. She moans deeply into her second anal orgasm.

Sam continues to hammer himself deep into Sasha’s ass. Owning everything, he reaches forward with his right hand and grabs/wraps his hand around Sasha’s hair, then pulls her head back. With a couple of thrusts, he pulls harder and soon brings both girls upwards. Releasing his grip around Sasha’s hair, he wraps his fingers around her neck and whispers into her ear, “You’re my three-holed slut; you are mine.”

Sasha then whispers back and says, “I am all yours, Master. Use any of my holes for your pleasure. You own my mind, body, and soul. I am YOURS. TAKE ME.”

Heather continues after her sister-slut professes her faithfulness. She then says, “We are all yours, daddy. Ravage her ass and fill her up. She is your first three-holed slut. One day, I will be your second daddy. Just need some training and encouragement to take you, my love. Take her daddy, show me your love by filling mommy with your cream.” She reaches around grabbing hold of daddy’s ass and pulling him deeper into her sister-sluts ass.

Hearing her confession and feeling her hands pulling him closer to Sasha’s ass, pushes him over the edge. He then moans, ‘Ah FUCK’ and then says, “I love you both. Can’t hold it back any longer. I am cumming, fuck.” And with that, he buckles and starts shooting rope after rope deep into his partner-slut ass.

Sasha feels him explode deep into her and pushes her third anal orgasm. She too, screams out, “I love you, Master.” As she shudders through her third anal orgasm. Her hands caress the nape and comb through her sister-slut frayed hair. She then tilts her head down to kiss Heather’s lips.

Heather breaks off contact with her mommy’s tit and whispers, “I love you too, mommy.” Seeing her sister-slut leaning forward ready to kiss her, she immediately opens her mouth to accept it. Suddenly, she feels multiple hands on her back; pulling her close to a deep embrace.

Sam peers over Sasha’s shoulder and watches the two of them kiss one another. He smiles and then says, “Sasha, hold on to baby-girl; I am going to grab your shoulders and slowly drop you both slowly down onto the couch. I will then slowly pull out of you, baby, and then plug you. So it’s easier to travel upstairs for another shower. Ok?”

Breaking off from her sister-slut’s mouth, she then says, “Sounds good, Master. Once we are down and plug me; do you want me to clean off your cock?”

Sam then says, “It’s up to you, slut. You can both share if you like. If not, I will use my shirt to clean it off.” He then slowly lowers both of them down to the couch; reaches down to grab hold of the large butt plug and slowly pulls out of her. Sliding the plug into her ass, stops the flow of his cream exiting. He then slides off the couch and stands there. His cock is glistening with his cream up and down his shaft. Immediately, he watches Sasha turn and lick up his cum around his shaft with her lips.

She then uses her fingers to scoop some up and then turns around to feed it to her sister-slut. Heather isn’t keen on licking the cream since it’s been up her sister-sluts ass but slowly licks it off. Surprising it doesn’t taste that bad; different, but not bad at all.

Once his cock is all cleaned, he reaches down to grab his clothes and then says, “Any of you need help upstairs?”

Sasha shakes her head and says, “Since plugged; I can manage.” Looking at her sister-slut, she then says, “I think our baby-girl might need some help. I think we wore her down a bit. Too many orgasms for this one.” She then chuckles a bit as she picks up her clothes and heads out of the room.

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