The King’s Secret


King Mike was a great king, the people loved him, he had a beautiful queen, he ruled firmly but fairly and, at the age of 24, had a great reign ahead of him. He was tall and well built, keeping his lovely blonde hair short. He had blue eyes and a gentle smile. But he also had a secret.

That secret was me, his concubine. He had picked me up off of the streets when I was 18. A dirty beggar boy who had been kicked out of my humble home for my bisexual tendencies. That was a year ago, now I was 19 and much closer to being a girl. The king had nurtured me, made me beautiful. My once short, matted ginger hair was now long with luscious lockes that would make a nobal lady jealous, my green eyes now shone with more life than ever before. I was still small and slim, but healthy now and with a much more perky ass. The king kept me permanently locked in a tiny metal chastity device which caused nearly every thought I had to be impure, he liked me dressed in silk gowns with a metal collar always around my neck, one of the constant reminders that I belonged to him. He also showered me in cute jewellery and I had my own handmaiden who would come every day to wash me, do my makeup and teach me how to be feminine. All so I was sexy and ready for the king’s nightly habit.

Tonight I was dressed in a purple satin gown which was half see through, showing off my body, ass and chastity device. Around my neck was a thin gold necklace that clung to my neck, porno indir my nails were painted purple to match my tiny gown and I wore strappy high heel shoes on me feet. I knelt facing the door, awaiting my king. I wore eyeliner and lipstick and a thin layer of foundation that looked natural on my skin.

The oak door opened and a man entered. My tummy knotted in excitement when I saw who it was. It was the King. He stood over me, his presence towered over me just as much as the height advantage he had on me. He smiled down on me and asked. “How is my pretty lady today?”

I smiled and answered. “I’m very well milord, how is my King today?” I bowed my head at his glory.

“Ah, just royal affairs, you know, king business.” The king joked, then he bent down and lifted my head so his beautiful blue eyes met mine. Before all this I never thought someone as high and powerful as the King would ever look me in the eyes.

I let out a laugh and asked. “How may I serve you tonight, my king?” I smiled up to him. I knew what he wanted, it was the reason he took me in. He had a taste for feminine boys and I enjoyed relieving his daily stresses.

“Oh you know, my pretty lady.” He grinned at me and lifted me to my feet. His lips met mine and I was overpowered by his tongue wrestling mine down. He took control and guided me to the foot of the bed. When the soft mattress pressed into the back of rokettube my slim thighs, the king pushed me back onto it.

I was now laid out on the bed, my legs open and totally vulnerable. The king liked this, I sometimes think he has a thing for vulnerability. I whined and lifted my hips, causing my skirt to rip up my body and exposing my caged penis and boipussy. The king smiled down on me, taking in his dominance over everything.

“Looks like my little lady wants it, no, she Needs it!” The king chuckled.

“Yes, yes my king, I need you, I need your cock in my little pussy!” I exclaimed, nodding frantically. I moved my hands down to my ass and spread the cheeks, exposing my boipussy even more. I moaned and panted as I spread it wider and wider, ready to surrender my body to my king.

The king responded by dropping his trousers, revealing the massive, throbbing erection underneath. Then he crawled onto the bed, his body looking over mine as the head of his cock found it’s intended entrance. I gasped and cried out as my boipussy expanded on his royal cock, he pushed in deeper until he was balls deep inside me and began to thrust. I writhed and moaned under the king while he fucked me, using me like the pretty little toy he had made of me. I weakly attempted to hold onto him but his cock was just too powerful.

My legs began to shake at some point and as a response he held me close seks filmi and tight, his solid body pressed against my much softer one. I was there to make him feel good, but he knew that he did the same for me too. The king was fucking me even harder now, which started to bruise my insides with each hard strike from his cock. I knew he wouldn’t relent until he came, and I didn’t want him to, something about being the kings secret fuck toy made me feel special. Of all the people he could have his way with, including his own queen, it was me he came to to relieve his stresses.

The kings breath became ragged and I knew what was coming next. I tried to clench and tighten myself to make it more intense for him, but it also did the same for me, I could feel every groove of his solid, throbbing cock inside me. He exploded in me with a load groan, his cock spasming inside my boipussy as it filled me with his hot, thick cum. All the soreness from the merciless fucking I had just received went away with an instant, his seed soothing me. I moaned lightly, feeling all of the cum in me.

Once the king settled down from his orgasm he pulled out of me, with his cum filling the gap left by his cock. His hand lightly gripped on my caged penis as he looked down at me and said. “You were good today, as always, my pretty lady.”

I blushed, but in my ecstasy, I made no effort to hid my face. I only grinned stupidly at him and responded. “Thank you my king.”

The king relocated his trousers and pulled them back up his legs, concealing his softening but still powerful cock. He made his way to the door and turned and smiled at me before he left. I laid there for hours, reliving every moment, before finally drifting off to sleep.

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