The Lake House Lessons 04



I had become really tired of high school. I had succeeded in class, been a leader in extracurricular activities, and although it got me into the college that I wanted, I came to hate the fact that I barely had any fun. I didn’t go to the prom. I wasn’t invited to the shore. I had my two friends, but otherwise spent my time alone. And the academic part of school was essentially over. By this point in the year, because I had taken all AP classes, I was really done with my classes—we were doing some moderately fun projects to kill time until the end of the year, but there was really little to keep me interested.

The only thing I looked forward to at school was checking out the hot girls, who took advantage of the warmer weather to wear as little as they could get away with. But now, after my incredible weekend at the lake house, I planned to look with the thought of how I could start a conversation with some of them and maybe even get laid at some point.

Fred had cornered me as soon as I showed up, demanding more details, and I gave him a quick and dirty recap of the last bit. He claimed not to believe any of it, and frankly, I didn’t give a shit. I knew what happened, and that was good enough for me.

At lunch, I was sitting at my usual table in the corner with Fred and Gina. The three of us were our little nerd group since middle school, and among us we pretty much monopolized the leadership of all of the school organizations with zero social cachet, but which looked good on college apps. So, for example, I was editor of the newspaper and president of the science club, Fred was president of the social studies club and Gina was editor of the lit mag and president of the mock trial team. Fred was short and stocky, although well built, with wavy blond hair and a bland face, neither unattractive nor attractive. Gina was average height, with mousy brown hair that was cut without any discernible style. I honestly had no idea if she had a good body or not, since I had never seen her dressed in anything but baggy clothing. I’d always thought that she probably wasn’t bad looking, but she didn’t seem interested in her looks at all.

Gina was probably the only person in the school who challenged me academically, but I edged her out as valedictorian by a small margin. For years, Gina and I had hung out almost every day, spending hours talking and watching obscure TV shows together. Until recently, we pretty much told each other everything. She could be pretty caustic, but also never took offense if someone disagreed with her, as long as the position could be backed by a reasonable argument. It was stupidity and illogic that set her off. Fred was fourth in the class, and was my best male friend, but we were never really as close as Gina and I. The guy who was third in the class was too weird even for us, and we never saw him outside of class. What he did was a mystery that we never solved.

Fred kept pressing me for more details from the weekend, and Gina, not being an idiot, figured out what was going on. The whole thing seemed to piss her off, and she kept making snotty remarks about the brain power of my sister and her friends, which, of course, I had to refute. Before it got too ugly, I was able to change the topic to one of our AP physics projects, when I saw something happening that threatened to break the rigid caste system of the school.

Dana Angelo, in my considered opinion the hottest girl in our school, was strutting toward our table. Dana was Ariel’s younger sister, and we played together in elementary school. But in middle school, she started growing breasts and turning into the alpha girl of our grade, so she clearly had to snub me as socially undesirable. We probably hadn’t spoken a word since 8th grade, when I innocently said hello to her in the hall, and she dramatically and intentionally ignored me.

She never once during high school acknowledged my existence, and hung out with the popular kids and the jocks. Despite that, like probably all of the guys at my school, and probably even some of the girls, I had numerous fantasies about Dana. The stories of the things that went on at her 18th birthday party were legendary, and if even half of them were true, were mind boggling.

Despite the fact that they were sisters, Dana looked nothing like Ariel. Where Ariel was blond, tall and athletic, Dana was dark, a little shorter, and more voluptuous. Her face was dazzling, and although I’m guessing she did, it looked like she didn’t have to wear makeup. Her dark, straight hair reached just below her shoulders. She had larger tits than Ariel, but not as huge as Beth, and she loved to wear tight, low cut shirts to display them. She also had a great ass and legs, and often wore short skirts or leggings to school to emphasize that fact. Not that I noticed.

Today, as she approached our table, she was wearing a too-tight t-shirt that strained against her chest and tight jeans that accentuated her shapely hips, butt and legs. Even İstanbul Escort more heads than usual followed her to our table, wanting to see why North High School royalty was about to cross the divide and consort with the nerds. She stood by our table for a second as if to decide whether it was safe to sit down, and then pulled out a chair and sat next to me.

I was thrown by this unprecedented behavior, and in my nervousness, I said, dripping with sarcasm, “Hey, Dana, how have you been the past few years?”

I don’t think she picked up on my tone, or if she did, she didn’t react negatively. Which I realized was good, because as low as my status already was, I could only have imagined what it would be like if Dana realized that I was mocking her to her admittedly flawless face.

“Fine, I guess,” she replied, calmly.

There was an awkward pause. She smiled at me, and I was immediately entranced.

“Look, Jack, I need a favor from you. I know I haven’t been exactly nice to you since middle school, but I’m kind of desperate.” Her beautiful brown eyes actually seemed to tear up a bit.

“My sister told me that she spent some time with you this weekend and that you were a nice guy and would help me.”

I wondered how much Ariel told her about the weekend, but that could wait for later.

“What can I help you with?” I asked.

“I got a cheerleading scholarship to State,” she started, but before she could finish, Gina jumped in,

“And you need him to help you spell DEFENSE?”

Dana threw her a withering gaze that probably would have intimidated most other kids at the school, and turned back to me, flashing a look that was pure sex, and I mentally took her side against Gina’s taunting.

“Unfortunately, my grades are not great, and if I fail the physics final, State will pull my scholarship.”

She took a deep breath, causing her tits to heave toward my face.

“I need you to tutor me in physics,” she finally blurted out.

“That’s all?” I asked.

“Yeah, can you?”

I was smart enough to know that I was being manipulated, but quickly did the calculus. On the one hand, she had frozen me out for 5 years which was probably the main cause of my social pariah status. On the other hand, she was hot, popular and her sister had punched my v-card and had been so nice to me. There was no question.

“Of course. When do you want to start?”

Fred and Gina looked aghast, but I didn’t care. They were missing how this development could help them, as well as me.

“Tonight? 5:00 at my house?” She asked.

“Sure, I’ll be there,” I responded, trying hard to keep the nervous quivering out of my voice.

“Thanks,” she said. “Ariel almost guaranteed you would help—she really seems to like you. She told me that I had totally misjudged you.”

Dana stood up, turned around and walked away. I stared at her ass for a while, then looked around and saw everyone in the cafeteria talking and pointing.

“Are you really going to help that bitch pass physics?” Gina demanded.

“Yes, yes I am,” I replied. “Look, this may give us a chance to have some fun in our last few months in this town.”

Gina stood up and started to walk away. “See you in English,” she said as she left the cafeteria.

Fred leered at me. “I get it. Her sister fucked you, so you feel like you owe her.”

“In part,” I responded. “Plus, look at her. I am not going to pass up the opportunity to spend any time with her and maybe have her owe me a favor. And who knows what could happen. Maybe we get invited to a party, and get to do something other than spending the weekend at the coffee shop or playing computer games.”

Fred thought for a second and said, “You’re dreaming. Maybe, just maybe, she gets you an invite to some stupid party. But no way in hell are you ever going to touch her.”

I responded, “last week, I would have agreed with you, but now, after the lake house, I believe miracles are possible.”

That evening, I drove over to Dana’s house with a few physics review books I found in the house. Their house was in an older part of town, and I remembered that Ariel and Dana’s father had left them years ago, and that they struggled a bit. I knew that Ariel worked at Orlando’s, a local Italian restaurant, as a hostess during the summer, and Dana worked there some evenings and weekends waiting tables. We had seen them there when Dad, Sarah and I had gone for dinner.

I steeled myself and vowed not to act nervous. I knocked at the door, and Dana let me in. She was wearing a loose shirt and shorts, and no makeup, but still looked great. We sat down at the dining room table.

“Do you want anything?” she asked.

It wouldn’t have been appropriate for me to say what I really wanted, so I went with, “Um, a glass of water would be great.”

She sat down next to me, and I could smell her spicy, yet floral scent. I started to get that panicky feeling I always got with girls. I thought to myself, Escort Bayan don’t be intimidated. She is just a person who askedyoufor help. And you have fucked her older sister, who came back for more. Be confident. My musing was interrupted by Dana’s voice.

“So, how should we do this?” she asked.

We discussed what she thought she knew about physics, which was almost nothing, and she admitted that she had basically no notes, because she didn’t understand what to write down. I realized I was in very deep, so we took out a review book, and started at the beginning. I insisted that she take notes, and I helped her create an outline of the material. She listened, and lacked the hard edge that she always had at school. It was clear to me that Dana wasn’t dumb, but that she just lost the thread of the material early in the semester, essentially gave up and either lacked the tools or the desire to catch up. But I pushed her and she began to grasp the work as we went over the introductory topics we needed to cover to build a base for the rest of the material.

About an hour into the session, the front door opened, and Ariel came in, apparently from a run. She was sweaty and flushed, but it made me think of how she looked after we finished having sex. She came over to us, put her hand on my shoulder, gave it a small squeeze and said,

“Good, I really appreciate your helping Dana. She needs it.”

“No problem,” I responded, “you know that I would do anything for you.”

Ariel smiled and went upstairs. I forced myself to not watch her ass as she walked away, and Dana and I went back to work.

Dana must have been really motivated by the potential loss of her scholarship, because we worked solidly for about 2 hours, and she did seem to be getting it. I was pretty impressed by her focus and her increasing understanding of the concepts. It became obvious that she was smart enough to do the work, but just got lost early and never tried to get back on track. I wasn’t sure that we had time to get her to pass, but I was willing to try, if she was. I almost forgot that I was sitting next to the best looking girl in school, who I had fantasized about regularly, but who never acknowledged my existence. She was working hard, listening, asking good questions, was actually kind of amusing and even laughed at some of my silly physics jokes. Which do exist.

Finally, she said, “I think that’s enough for today,” and closed the review book.

I gave her an assignment to do before the next session.

She turned to me, smiled, and said, “I need to admit something.”

“What?” I asked.

She looked at me and said, “Ariel told me a bit more about your weekend than I said at school—I didn’t want to say too much in front of your friends, what’re their names?”

“Fred and Gina,” I reminded her, “you’ve known them since elementary school.”

“Yeah, whatever,” she responded. “Anyway, Ariel told me that she slept with you, and that she was actually your first.”

“Great,” I said, embarrassed. “What else did she say?”

“Nothing to be ashamed of—to the contrary, she said you were a really good lover and a really nice guy.”

I felt my face flush again.

Dana continued, “She even told me that you survived a night with Cara.”

I smiled and shrugged as she continued, “So, I thought that maybe, kind of in exchange for the tutoring, it might be fun for us to fool around.”

I was shocked, and kind of amused. Rarely was knowledge of physics considered a successful way to attract hot girls.

“So, you want me to be like your physics whore?” I said, using a jocular tone and smiling, so that she wouldn’t think I was serious.

“Yeah, I guess,” she said, laughing, “if you want to put it that way.”

“Wait,” I said, not wanting to get myself killed, “don’t you have a huge boyfriend?”

She responded, with a scowl, “Not since prom night. We broke up.” I didn’t say anything. “He got really drunk, ignored me much of the night, grinded with other girls on the dance floor, tried to force me to give him a blow job on the bus in front of everyone, then skipped the afterparty to go to a strip club with his jock buddies.”

I shook my head, thinking about the stupidity of throwing away Dana for that.

She began to get angry and spat out, “I was the fucking prom queen, and my boyfriend humiliated me and abandoned me on prom night. I was not going to take that from him, or any guy, for that matter.”

She started to tear up, so I did what anyone would do in that situation and reached out to comfort her. She allowed me to hug her, and she turned her head up to face mine. We kissed, her full, sensuous lips soft against mine, her tongue probing my mouth. Dana stood up, took my hand and led me to her bedroom.

“Is your room next to your sister’s?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Won’t that be awkward?”

“Not really, um, look, this won’t be the first time I’ve had a guy in my room, and she certainly Eskort has had her share.”

I guessed that was a good point.

We went into her room, and Dana closed the door and turned on a small lamp. I wasn’t sure what I expected Dana’s bedroom to look like, but somehow I didn’t expect that it would look like a regular high school girl’s room, filled with stuffed animals, and pictures of Dana and her friends, along with cheerleading trophies and ribbons. And I really can’t imagine what I thought would be in her room other than that. I also didn’t expect to see some posters for interesting bands, including a couple that I really liked. Of course, I knew very little about Dana anymore, other than she was beautiful, that she was the most popular girl at our school and that she needed help in physics.

After quickly scanning her room, I approached her and began to kiss her on the lips and face. I decided to take some initiative and pulled her shirt up and over her breasts and head. She was wearing a pink, lacy bra that supported her ample tits and displayed them to great advantage. This was even better than in my fantasies.

I leaned forward and kissed her upper chest and cleavage while holding her breasts in my hands. By this time, my cock was rock hard. I pulled her close and reached around behind her back to remove her bra, something that I realized I never had tried. I fumbled a bit before figuring out the clasp and opened it. Dana then reached up, pulled the straps down her arms and tossed the bra aside. Her breasts were as magnificent as I had often imagined. Big, but not too big, with small, dark areolas and nipples that pointed upward. I wanted to kiss them as much as I had wanted to do anything.

“Go ahead,” she said, and I didn’t need to be asked twice.

I sat down on the side of the bed and buried my head between her tits, holding them in my hands and feeling their heft and warmth, then moved on to kissing them and teasing her nipples with my tongue until they were hard. Dana moaned gently while I attended to her breasts, and began to pull down her shorts. She stepped away from my ministrations to remove them, leaving only a set of pink lacy panties that matched the bra. Then, she removed the panties, uncovering a neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair. I got a whiff of her tart aroma, which drove me crazy with lust. I stood up, my cock straining at my pants and let Dana remove my shirt, shorts and finally my boxers, as my cock snapped out.

“Ariel wasn’t lying about your equipment,” she said appreciatively, as she grabbed it and began to stroke me gently.

I continued to find it hard to believe that Dana Angelo—that Dana Angelo—had just undressed me, and was holding my cock in her hand.

We moved to the bed, and I started to kiss Dana all over her amazing body, appreciating its curves, its softness, smoothness and scent. She stroked my back, feeling the scars.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Cara happened,” I panted, and she shook her head and chuckled.

I reached down and began softly stroking her pubic triangle, and she spread her legs to give me better access. Meanwhile, Dana was stroking my head, back and shoulders as she enjoyed my attentions. I took my index finger and began tracing her lower lips, and could feel her moistness. I reached in with my finger and used her juices to lubricate it, as I outlined her opening. I felt her wriggling under my touch, so I continued, consciously trying to avoid her clit, while renewing my kissing and licking of her stunning firm tits and rock hard nipples. Dana continued to whimper and writhe under my touch, so I started to occasionally plunge my finger into her and twist it. She lifted her ass in the air to meet my finger.

Finally, when she was bucking her hips in a regular motion, I felt for and found her clit and gave it a gentle tweak. She gasped, demonstrating to me that I had found the right spot, so I began to focus my attention there, occasionally sticking my finger into her slippery hole. I kept at it while she reared up in time with my thrusting. I sensed that she was on the verge of cumming, so I pressed on harder until her body tensed and she gasped. Dana opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled.

“I want to feel that cock inside me,” she said.

“I didn’t bring a condom,” I told her.

“No problem, you don’t need one. Please get on top of me now. Please.”

I didn’t wait for another request. I scrambled between her legs, and guided my rod into her, slowly pressing forward until I was fully engulfed by her juicy pussy. She sighed with pleasure as I entered her, and she wiggled her butt as I slowly withdrew.

I slowly fucked Dana, trying hard to control my need to release, using every trick I figured out when Cara had demanded that I not cum, and Dana swayed along with me. She then lifted her legs so that they were on my shoulders, which allowed me to push even deeper into her. I started to move gradually faster, and as I did, she pressed her legs against my shoulders, forcing her ass into the air and pressing her crotch against mine. I was grunting with pleasure, and so was Dana. We kept at it, varying speeds and angles until we were just pounding against each other with abandon.

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