The Lake House

Ass Hot

September 4 – 7, 2009: “So, my parents got a boat,” Tracy commented as if this was something everyone did eventually. “A boat?” Heather replied. “What in the world are they going to do with a boat?” It was a Saturday afternoon in late August. Heather and Tracy had not had the opportunity to see each other in several weeks, so they decided to eat lunch at a local restaurant. As they ate, they were catching up on their lives. Tracy shrugged in response to the question. “I don’t know what they plan on doing with it,” she admitted, “but it would be a great party boat.” She stuffed some french fries into her mouth. “It’s docked right next to their lake house.” Heather shook her head. “I really wish you wouldn’t call it that,” she jibed. “What?” Tracy answered in frustration. “That’s what it is.” “Yeah, but it just makes you sound snooty or ultra-rich or something,” Heather pointed out. “What do you want me to call it? Their second home? Their vacation home? Their weekend home?” Heather laughed. “No, those sound even worse. Let’s just go with lake house then.” “So, anyways,” Tracy continued, “We should totally spend Labor Day weekend there.” “Where?” Heather replied, thinking maybe she’d missed a step in their conversation. “The lake house,” Tracy clarified. “Are your parents going to be there?” Heather asked. Tracy shook her head. “They said there’re too many people on Lake Olkafor that weekend.” She took a sip of her drink. “That’s exactly why I want to go, though. Lots of drunk people—could be interesting.” Heather seemed to consider this for a moment. She nodded her head in agreement but otherwise didn’t respond. “I know how to drive it,” Tracy offered. “You know how to drive the lake house?” Heather quipped. Tracy giggled. “No, I know how to drive the boat,” she answered. “Okay, I’m in,” Heather decided. “It sounds like fun.” “You should bring a friend,” Tracy encouraged. “Bring a friend?” Heather repeated. “Is Becca going to be there too?” Tracy shook her head again. “Nope, she has to go to her parents. But you should bring a friend.” Heather knew her best friend well enough to realize that Tracy was steering her this direction on purpose. She clearly had a reason for suggesting this but Heather wasn’t exactly sure what her line of thinking was. “Did you have anyone in mind? I mean, who should I bring?” Heather finally asked. “Katie,” Tracy answered simply. “Katie?” Heather repeated, her eyebrows raising just a bit. “Katie Donovan? Why?” Tracy grinned slyly. “She’s close.” “What do you mean, she’s close?” Heather asked. “You know what I mean?” Tracy answered coyly. “She’s close.” “I’m not sure I do know what you mean,” Heather replied but she speculated that she did. Tracy glanced around as if to see if there was anyone else in earshot before continuing. “You and she have been spending more and more time together over the past two years, right?” “Yeah, what about it?” Heather returned, almost defensively. “And you’ve never made a pass at her?” Tracy admonished. “What if I just like her as a friend?” Heather said. Tracy frowned and shook her head. “I know you better than that, Heather. I see the way you look at her, I know you’re wanting to.” Heather tried a different approach. “I don’t really know if she’d be into it.” “She’s into it,” Tracy said simply. “How do you know?” Heather shot back. “Well, think about it,” Tracy explained, “she hangs out with you and she knows you’re bi and it doesn’t bother her. Not only that but she hangs out with you at Becca’s and my house. She knows that Becca and I are a couple. She obviously doesn’t care…” Tracy let her words trail off as she took another bite of food. “But just because she doesn’t care, doesn’t mean she’s into it.” “She’s into it,” Tracy repeated. “I can just tell.” “How?” Heather demanded, frustration in her voice. “Gaydar,” Tracy said. “Gaydar? What’s that mean?” Heather questioned. “Well,” Tracy thought about it for a moment, “it means that gay people have a tendency to be able to pick out other gay people—just sort of by instinct.” Once more, she glanced to either side of her. “Remember that guy that Mitch knew in college, Derek. Mitch met him because they just happened to keep sitting down next to each other in classes. It was almost like they were magnetically drawn to each other. Gaydar.” Heather sighed, resigning herself to defeat. “I will admit, you do have a pretty good track record.” “Of course, I do,” Tracy bragged. “I wasn’t wrong about Sadie was I?” “No, you were definitely not wrong about Sadie,” Heather said, a note of melancholy in her voice as she remembered her former girlfriend fondly. “It’s time to get back in the saddle,” Tracy determined. “And I know you wanna put a saddle on that filly.” Heather giggled. “But what if I want a stallion instead of a filly?” she joked. Tracy grimaced. “Well, if that urge ever strikes you again, I’m sure the two of you could find an old acquaintance—ahem—who could probably satisfy any lingering hetero urges either of you have.” Heather burst into laughter. “So, it’s settled then,” Tracy said in a tone that indicated there could be no further argument. “You’re coming to the lake house over Labor Day weekend and you’re bringing your new girlfriend, Katie.” “She’s not my—” Heather started. “I don’t know,” she stammered. “She’s close. I’m telling you,” Tracy said for the third time. “All she needs is a little nudge.” “Okay,” Heather finally agreed. From the moment the conversation had begun, she knew that she would agree to whatever Tracy said—she always did. She just didn’t like giving Tracy easy victories. “And I’ll ask Katie, but she’s got a life of her own, she might be busy that weekend.” Katie Donovan. A name that had lived in infamy for so many years in Heather’s mind. The summer after Heather’s senior year in high school, she had caught her boyfriend, Jimmy, receiving a blowjob from Katie. It had ruined Heather and Jimmy’s relationship (which turned out to be a blessing) and destroyed Heather and Katie’s friendship. Twelve years later, not long after Heather’s thirtieth birthday, Katie had inexplicably re-emerged in Heather’s life, one week while Heather was house-sitting for her parents. They’d gone out to a bar together where Katie was largely responsible for Ankara escort reuniting Heather with Jimmy. This turned into a glorious two-day drunken romp in which Heather and Jimmy fucked their brains out—some of the best sex Heather had ever had in her life. Yet strangely enough, it wasn’t Jimmy that she couldn’t get out of her system. After those two days, she’d never once looked back at Jimmy. Well, okay, maybe glanced back once or twice in the rearview mirror—but never seriously looked back. Katie, on the other hand, had become an increasingly common presence in Heather’s life.  It had started with just a couple of casual get-togethers. Then, Heather invited Katie over to watch a couple of movies. They’d gone to a nightclub here, an evening out to dinner there, even a nearby amusement park one Saturday afternoon. Then, she’d invited Katie over to Tracy and Becca’s. They’d had a wonderful evening of drinks and fun games. This led to additional outings with the four of them together. All four enjoyed each other’s company and they seemed to always have a blast when they were together. As Heather considered it, she realized that Tracy was right. In many ways, she and Katie were already a couple, they just hadn’t admitted it yet. Did Heather find Katie attractive? Certainly. Did Heather enjoy Katie’s company? Of course, she did. Did Heather desire Katie sexually? Absolutely. She had just never even remotely considered the possibility that Katie would feel the same way towards her. After all, back in the day, Katie was—well, what other way is there to say it—Katie was a slut. She loved men—a lot—and everyone knew it. The idea that she might also be into women had just never really crossed Heather’s mind. That evening, Heather actually thought about lying to Tracy. She could have easily told Tracy, “I asked and she said she didn’t want to go.” But Heather knew she would never be able to live with herself if she did that. So, she picked up her phone and called Katie. The conversation was a short one. Not only was Katie’s answer ‘yes’ but it was an enthusiastic, “Hell yes!” With a few other expletives thrown in for good measure. As Heather hung up the phone, her hands trembled with nervous excitement and she smiled. Six days later, it was Friday evening and the three women were on their way. Tracy drove, with Heather in the passenger seat and Katie in the back. They chatted casually all the way there and before they knew it, they arrived at their destination. They decided to take it easy on Friday evening. They had arrived fairly late and by the time they had unloaded the car and settled in, none of them felt like doing much. They lounged around for a bit and decided to turn in. “Wanna see the boat?” Tracy asked Saturday morning while Heather was still trying to wake up. “Now? Can’t it wait ‘til—I don’t know—at least nine o’clock?” Heather mumbled. “The longer we wait, the more people will be out on the water,” Tracy explained. “I would like to get in some practice. I’ve only driven it a handful of times.” “Oh, great,” Heather groaned. A half-hour later, all three women were decked out in bikinis and ready to hit the lake. Heather and Katie lugged an ice chest full of drinks between them while Tracy carried towels, sunscreen, and anything else they could possibly need. Heather was not exactly sure what to expect. But whatever she was expecting, she was in for a surprise. “It’s a pontoon boat,” she commented as soon as she saw it. “Well, a tritoon actually, if you want to get real technical about it,” Tracy said. “But like I told you the other day, it’s the ultimate party boat.” Heather grinned wickedly. She liked it. She had been expecting a sporty, speed boat, or perhaps a bass fishing boat. This was much, much better. It was a pleasure boat. Luxury all the way. The craft featured comfortable seating for eight or so people, enough space that they could stretch out and tan if they wanted, a nice little deck out front which provided additional room for sunbathers or swimmers, and an overhead canopy if they wanted to stay out of the sun for a while. At first, Heather was a bit weary, trying to imagine her best friend’s boat driving ability, but her fears were unfounded. Tracy was a natural at piloting the craft, and within just a few minutes they had found a nice cove where they were free to lounge in the sun, swim a little bit, and drink an assortment of beer, water, and soda. As the day wore on, Tracy’s prediction was correct. The number of weekend boating enthusiasts increased dramatically. High-speed boats would fly past them, churning up a massive wake, pulling a skier behind them. Jet-skis and Sea-Doos made enough noise to ensure no one within two miles would be catching any more fish that day. At about two-thirty, a few guys came by in a boat similar to their own. They hooted and hollered, wolf-whistling and begging all three girls to flash their tits. Of course, Heather, Katie, and Tracy were drunk… but they weren’t that drunk—yet. So, they politely shook their heads ‘no’ and the guys moved on to more willing targets. The late afternoon continued to get hotter and much more crowded. So, the girls decided to come in for a while but vowed that they were not “turning in” for the day, merely taking a breather. All three were bound and determined that they would get the absolute most out of this vacation weekend. They returned to the lake house and cooled off. Then, they all took showers and cleaned themselves up. While eating dinner at a nearby café, they discussed their next plan of action. “So, where are we going tonight?” Katie asked. “Party Island,” Tracy said flatly. “Party Island?” Katie repeated, her eyebrows going up as she smiled. Tracy nodded. “I’ve known about this place since I was in college. My mom and I came here for a family reunion. I wanted to go out there so badly, but—you know—family reunion.” “That’s one of the whole reasons I came this weekend. I want to see exactly what goes on there,” Heather added. “Is that its official name?” Katie asked. Tracy shook her head. “I don’t even know if it has a real name. But all the locals and everyone who comes to this lake calls it Party Island.” “How do we get there?” Katie queried. “Well,” Ankara escort bayan Tracy thought about it for a second as she ate. “If we were going out there during the day, we could just take the boat over there. It’s not that far. You can see it from the lake house.” “But at night?” Katie pressed. “At night, they’ve started running a little ferry that takes people over there and back,” Tracy explained. “I guess they figured that’s safer than having a bunch of drunk people trying to drive their boats away.” Katie nodded approvingly. “Which, I guess that means we’ll be—” “Totally wasted before we decide to come home,” Tracy finished with a broad grin. “At least, we will be if it lives up to the hype.” It did. Their sandaled feet hit Party Island at about nine o’clock. The first thing they noticed was that they were way overdressed. They were completely surrounded by tanned and toned girls wearing bikinis, as well as no shortage of young strapping studs who were at the peak of their physical fitness. The three women found themselves using words like “girls” and “young” quite often because a fair share of the people on Party Island were about ten years younger than them. However, there were quite a few older “partiers” as well, so they absolutely did not feel out of place. Fortunately, no one seemed to mind that they were wearing too much clothing. They received plenty of attention from lots of guys. By 9:02, all three of them had been handed a beer by—someone. At 9:06, Katie finished her’s first. By 9:08, Tracy had downed her’s, and by 9:10, Heather had finished her first as well. By 9:15, they had each started on their second. “Keystone Light,” Tracy commented halfway through her second can. “We better be careful drinking this stuff, or we’ll feel like shit tomorrow.” Katie shrugged. “So, we’ll feel like shit.” Heather and Tracy both laughed. And so, the girls proceeded to roam the island. It reminded Heather of tailgating before a big college football game. There were lots of tent-like canopies set up, lots of charcoal grills cooking hamburgers and hotdogs, and lots of ice chests with free-flowing beer. Everyone was generous and no one seemed to care if a complete stranger just walked up and grabbed a beer. If you didn’t have one in your hand, someone offered you one. As they walked, they saw virtually every kind of debauchery their thirty-two-year-old minds could imagine. Girls in bikinis doing beer bongs. “I haven’t done one of those in forever,” Katie said longingly. People openly smoked pot without fear of being reported or arrested. Lots of women flashing their breasts for everyone to see. A few even flashing their muffs for everyone to see as well. After about five beers, Katie pulled a pack of cigarettes out of her purse. None of the three were ordinarily smokers but all of them admitted that they sure needed something to counteract the alcohol. Besides that, it seemed like every single other person on the island was smoking—so, what was three more, they decided. Their first night on Party Island, they were mostly impartial observers to the mayhem. They were mainly there for the spectacle of the thing. There were a few exceptions though. Once, someone offered Heather a beer. She was preparing to take it when the guy suddenly pulled it away.  “If you want it, kiss one of your friends there,” he said. Heather, already very intoxicated, immediately turned to Tracy and shot her tongue inside Tracy’s mouth. Everyone around them, including Katie, hooted and hollered. The man handed Heather her beer and then turned to Katie. “How about you? You want one?” “Absolutely!” Katie hollered over the noise of the crowd. “Same deal!” he shouted. “Kiss one of your friends!” Katie turned instantly, grabbed hold of Heather’s shirt and pulled her close. Heather didn’t have time to think or react. Katie’s tongue danced against her own. Their lips pressed together. Somewhere in her alcohol-addled mind, Heather realized this was their first kiss. Ever. In front of a drunken horde of forty-five-year-old men, in exchange for a can of Natty Light. But what a kiss. Heather didn’t want it to end. By the end of the night, all three of them had kissed each other. As soon as the guys in the area picked up on the fact that certain women were willing to perform this activity, free shit came from everywhere. Beads, burgers, beer, and more beer… all for the price of a measly kiss—which the three girls were getting way too much pleasure out of. Once they even pulled off a perfect three-way kiss, which is difficult for even the soberest of trios to master. Heather watched Tracy kiss Katie twice and couldn’t decide which one she was more jealous of. When it was her turn to kiss Katie again, they lingered in their kiss longer than they had the first time. Heather could sense that, even though they were drunk, they were both wanting to continue kissing each other. As late evening turned into night, all three of them quickly lost count of how many beers they had consumed. All they knew is that they were very, very drunk and it felt awesome. The added attention they were receiving from the guys made it feel even more awesome. With every dropped jaw, every hoot, and every holler, a surge of adrenaline raced through Heather. She had never really enjoyed being the center of attention, but she enjoyed this, and it pleased her knowing she was satisfying their wildest thrills in some small way. The highlight of their night, which did not involve them directly, came just after midnight. They had stumbled (quite literally by that time of the night) onto a small gathering of partygoers.  The group had erected several canopies, with strands of party lights strung up between them, which cast a warm orange glow over the entire scene.  The girls observed almost instantly that this group was being rather frisky. One gentleman, who appeared to be about the same age as them, stood against a tree, his face looking upwards, his jaw slack. A lovely young woman in a bikini kneeled in front of him. His shorts were around his ankles. Her face was buried between his legs. Amazingly, they were not alone. Other people were around them, casually watching the action as it unfolded. A Escort Ankara middle-aged woman with sandy-blonde hair, who appeared to be a friend of the young woman’s, laughed loudly. In between laughs, she shouted, “You can tell Tanya’s done that a time or two, can’t you?” Her voice sounded like she’d been smoking since she was twelve. Seeing the new arrivals, the woman inspected all three. “You girls look like you could use a beer. Come over here, we got plenty!” “Sure!” Katie said, followed closely by Heather and Tracy. They stepped past the girl who was giving a blowjob for all to see, and made their way towards the group’s ice chest. As Heather and the other two reached in, they simultaneously noticed another couple just off to their right. A man was sitting in a chair, his pants obviously pulled down to about mid-thigh. A girl was on his lap. Her bikini bottoms were in her left hand. Her hips gyrated in a rhythmic fashion. Discussing the matter later, neither Heather, Tracy, nor Katie could confirm whether or not they were actually fucking, but from their vantage point, it sure looked like they were. All three girls were mesmerized by the grinding hips. It was only after she had opened her can of beer that Heather realized she had grabbed a regular Coors by mistake. “Ugh, no one drinks regular Coors,” Katie commented, glancing at the can in mock-disgust. They stayed with this particular group of people for quite a while. The middle-aged woman turned out to be quite nice. She introduced herself as Sandra and asked them where they were from. She then explained that she had been coming to Party Island since she was in high school. The entire time they talked, lewd behavior continued around them. The girl who had been giving a blowjob finished with the first guy and started on another. A different girl yet joined in the action with a guy of her own. “Just gets wilder and crazier every year,” Sandra told them. “First year I came out here, ‘bout the craziest thing you ever saw was some girls flashin’ their titties.” The partying began to taper off around two o’clock and the three girls decided that they probably ought to make their way back to the house for the night. They caught one of the very last ferries of the night and stumbled all the way back to the lake house.  Heather woke the next morning, as she had so many times in her life, to the sound of Tracy taking a massively long piss. She was still wearing her clothes from the night before and her legs were entangled with Katie’s, who lay just next to her. In fact, Katie, still snoring, essentially had her face buried in Heather’s armpit. As best as Heather could recollect, the three of them had basically fallen through the door, found the first bed they could, and all three of them fell asleep in a drunken pile. Heather rolled one direction and then the other. It felt good having Katie’s body this close to her own, but at the moment, she really just needed to pee. From somewhere around her underarm, she heard, “I’m pretty sure I drank an entire twelve-pack last night.” “I’m pretty sure we all three did,” Heather replied, her voice a little hoarse from the cigarette smoke. “What time is it?” “How should I know,” Katie replied, “Your boob doesn’t have a clock on it.” “It’s 11:35,” Tracy shouted from the bathroom. By the time all three of them got themselves showered, cleaned up, and shook the cobwebs out of their heads, it was two o’clock in the afternoon. They all three decided that some fresh air would do them some good. So, they made their way to the boat once more. As they left the dock, all three glanced out at Party Island. “Ugh, anywhere but there right now,” Heather said. The others agreed. Just the sight of Party Island almost made them nauseous. They found a nice quiet spot, just as they had the day before, and spent the afternoon recuperating. Jumping in the cool lake water did more than anything to revive their spirits, and give them new life. By evening, they were all in a good mood, the headaches long forgotten, and they were reliving the previous night’s events with enthusiasm. However, all three understood that they were not as young as they used to be—and voted for staying in that evening and just enjoying some relaxation time at the lake house. At about eight o’clock that evening, they decided that maybe they were feeling brave enough to try some margaritas. Tracy got out the blender and proceeded to mix the drinks. By about 9:30, all three were beginning to feel a pleasant buzz. Katie and Heather were lounging on the couch, close to each other but not touching. Tracy had entrenched herself in an easy chair. “Okay,” Tracy said, taking another sip of her drink. “Time for a few rounds—or maybe a few dozen rounds—of ‘Have you ever…’”. She folded her legs underneath her, placed her elbows on her knees, rested her chin against her hands, and thought for a moment. “Let me see…” Heather and Katie both watched her curiously, wondering what she would come up with. “So, rules of the game of course—if you have done—whatever it is—you take a drink. If you haven’t, you don’t get to drink,” Tracy explained. “So, let’s just start with a really easy one. This is a gimme, have you ever kissed another woman? We all get to take a big long drink!” She gulped down a large swig of her margarita. “Okay, your turn, Heather.” Heather thought for a moment. She could never come up with good questions for games like this. Tracy was the master at it. “Okay,” she said, “have you ever swallowed a guy’s cum?” All three took drinks.  “Tracy?” Katie said with a smile. “I didn’t think you dug guys at all?” Tracy shrugged. “Well, you know, it was before I had really found myself.” She sighed, and then said, “Okay, this is almost too easy. We’ve got to work a little bit harder at this. Really try to come up with something we don’t know. Your turn, Katie.” Katie thought for a few seconds. “Okay, so, we saw a lot of wild and crazy shit last night, so I have to ask this one. Have you ever had sex in a public place?” Tracy raised her hand like a kid in school. “Clarification, did it have to be witnessed by other people? Or just somewhere where we could have gotten caught?” “Just somewhere public, no one had to see it,” Katie responded. Once again, all three girls took drinks. “Okay, storytime, we’ve got to dish on this one. Who and where?” Tracy demanded. “I’ll go first. Senior year in college, Becca and I had sex in the periodical room in the library.” Heather crowed with laughter. “Oh shit, really? You never told me that.”

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