The Last One to Know Pt. 03: Fuck Tennessee Williams


“You have really big balls. Did you know that?”

“I did.”

I like tits, which Amy just discovered. My devotion to them probably deserves its own chapter here. I’m not usually a blow job guy. It’s not the first thing on my mind when I’m horny or when I see a woman who arouses me. But Amy is a blow job girl. She’s beginning to convert me.

She just drank down her third or fourth load this week, and it’s Tuesday. I’m laid back in the corner of the sofa, one foot resting high on the back of it, and the other foot on the floor. I’m spread wide, and Amy’s between my legs, holding my balls in her hand.

“They’re heavy. You think they’re still full of cum?”

“Do they feel like it?”

“Yeah, but I just swallowed so much.”

“I’m sure we’ll find out in a bit.”

She smiled up at me and lifted my cock. She stroked it slowly. It was already showing some promising signs of life.

She kissed the head and spoke to it: “Don’t you ever get tired?”

“He could ask you the same thing.”

“You’re the first…” She stopped and started, then stopped again. “This is the first time I ever…”

“Ever what?”

Not everyone is an eye-contact person. If you’d asked me a month ago would I meet a twenty-year-old college girl who could look you right in the eye and say what she’s thinking, or even better, say that she’s afraid to say what she’s thinking, I’d have bet against it. Amy would make a loser on that wager. She was looking dead at me, as she so often did in these short few weeks we knew each other.

“I’m a little embarrassed.”

“About what?”

She sucked on the head a little. Maybe it gave her courage. Like always, as I was finding out, she didn’t embarrass for long.

“I’ve never spent this much time with a guy, one guy, like I do with you.”

She said that and went back to licking around the head of my cock. Whatever she thought that revelation might do to me-make me question her sexual history, or feel annoyed that she was thinking about her history—I went the only way I knew would work out best for both of us.

“Now say that the right way.”

She looked up at me again.

“What way is the right way?”

“You mean you’ve never been fucked this regularly.”

She crawled up my body and put her face right in front of mine.

“You like talking that way, don’t you?”

We stared at one another for a good long time. She smiled. I did, too, but just a little.

“Say it the right way.”

She barely let me finish my sentence.

“I’ve never been fucked this regularly.” (She put a sexy little punch-up on the word ‘fuck.’)

“And you never sucked this much cock before.”

“And I’ve never SUCKED this much cock before.”

“And you don’t want to stop now.”

“And I NEVER want to stop fucking and sucking your big dick!”

She mounted me. The stiffness of it surprised her and she groaned.

“God you weren’t even that hard a second ago!”

“And now?”

“Oh god now I feel you in my stomach!”

“Ride it, little girl.”

“Yes, Daddy! Ooooo, god Daddy you’re so fucking hard!”

“You’re right, baby. I do like talking that way.”


“Go, little bad girl! Go!”

“OH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!”

She was coming all over me. I grabbed as much tit as I could and pulled them right to my mouth. The slickness of her leaking little cunt oiled everything and the noise, that constant slurping sound of the pussy popsicle, that sound that comes only from pussy on a stick, just made her come harder.


She grabbed my head and smashed her tits into my chest as she came with a series of long, animal screams that were new for us.

She never wanted to stop? I never wanted her to leave.

“Sounds like Daddy’s little girl just turned into Daddy’s little she-wolf.”

She was rocking still, and panting.

“You think anyone heard me?”

“I’d be surprised if they didn’t.”


“Never be that.”

She was still moving her hips on me when I made her an offer I knew she wouldn’t refuse.

“Want to see some fireworks, baby? Jack me off now!”

She kissed me a deeply and as hard as she could. Then she slid off me and onto the floor and grabbed my cock. Her hand slid off it on the first try but she got her grip. It felt like she was jacking me to the ceiling.


“Mmmmmm! Come for me, Daddy!”


It was a real 4th of July special. Streams went up, drops shot off in all directions. This only encouraged her. Her right arm was getting a work out, and my big heavy balls were not empty yet.

“Oh, god, Daddy! Give it all to me!”

I did what I was told. I was unloaded. I was done. But she wasn’t.

“Clean it, baby.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“But say it the right way.”

“I want to clean all my dirty cum off your big fat dick, Daddy!”

“You’re Daddy’s perfect little girl, aren’t you?”

“I’m you’re perfect little bad girl, Daddy.”

I bostancı escort bayan pulled her hair aside as she went to work on me.

I showered first. When she came out of the bathroom I was standing there in the dark holding her overnight bag.

“You’re really staying here for the week?”

It took her a second.

“Can I? I mean… I’ll go back to my dorm if you-“

“Gotcha.” I hate it when people wink. It’s fucking condescending. But I winked. It seemed like the right thing to do.


“I already unpacked your bag. Your stuff’s in the bedroom.”


She smiled and shuffled off to the room. Or was it our room? That’s moving too fast. I filled a pitcher of water in the kitchen and grabbed two glasses. In the bedroom I filled one and she drank it down. I filled it again and she drank half of that before she came up for air.

“You swallow everything, huh?” (Hasn’t every guy made that joke?)

“Ha, ha.”

“When’s your first class?”

“Eleven. Yours?”

“Nine. Two-hour Tennessee Williams seminar, then I’m done. Easy Wednesday.”

She pulled back the blanket and rearranged some pillows. I might be a certified tit man, but her ass, peeking out under the skimpy little sleep shorts she wore, had my full attention. Back when we were just two classmates trading flirty little jokes at break time, I learned how much she loved to swim. She had an athlete’s body, even though her class load kept her out of the pool. From where I stood at the end of the bed, I was enjoying the fruits of her former labor.

“You know,” I said, “this might be the first time we spend the night in that bed and only sleep in it.”

She laid down and got comfortable before she corrected me.

“The night’s not over yet.”

I looked at the clock. “Technically, it’s after midnight.”

“Technically, I want to hear about the aunt with the big tits.”

“Now? After all we just did out there?”

“Did you fuck her?”

I had on a very loose pair of shorts. The tent started forming as soon as she said that.

“WOW! That was fast!”

“What can I tell you.” I crawled into bed and rolled over on my back. The pyramid in my shorts was holding steady. Amy put a gentle hand on top and rubbed it a little. I could see her nipples pushing against the cut-off t-shirt she wore.

“I’m not the only one getting excited.” I reached up and rubbed a nipple. She leaned in for more.

“So what’s the story?”

I turned to look at the clock. Amy’s more amazing by the hour, but a man needs his rest if he’s going to rise early and have anything meaningful to say about the fucked-up theatrical worlds created by Tennessee Williams.

But Amy saw that excuse coming. She took me by the chin, spun my face toward hers, and sank into a deep kiss that had all the energy of the past two weeks packed into it. This was some gal, this Amy. I stayed with it until the kiss ran its course, which took a bit.

She pulled back and kept her eyes right on mine.

“Fuck Tennessee Williams. Tell me about your aunt.”

I lightly moved her hand off my cock.

“Okay. But that’ll have to wait. I’m too tired to multi-task.”

I gave her a peck on the lips and rolled to the foot of the bed.

“I need some space to tell this one.”

“Oh, dramatic!”

“Believe it.”

I rent the first floor of an old house, built a hundred years ago, maybe more. My bedroom’s a big one, plenty of empty space, with dark wooden floorboards. I got off the bed and switched on a floor lamp, one of those with a soft yellow bulb, a real mood-maker. I slid my shorts off. I’m a low-hanger, more shower than grower, and there was John Thursday, in full glorious dangle. Amy sat up and got comfortable propping herself against the pillows. She was staring at her new best friend so I did a little swivel, a little dick dance.

“Now you have ALL my attention!”

I reached down and got a handful of meat, swung it like a cowboy with a rope he’s gonna use to tie down a hog or something.

“A rule you have to agree to.”

“What rule?”

“No interruptions. Unless I ask you a question.”

“So serious.”


“Okay. No interruptions.”

“And if I ask you a question, you answer just ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ nothing else.”

“Just ‘yes’ or ‘no.'”





“Oh… One more rule.”

“What now?”

“You have to be honest.”


“No, I’m serious. You have to be honest.”

‘I said okay.”

“Come here.”

I walked to the bed and stopped with my legs against the end of it. She crawled down to meet me. I took her hands and got her to her knees. We were almost face to face. I put one of her hands on my cock and started to talk. We were staring at one another.

“Stroke me.”

She started to say ‘Okay’ but I shushed her.

“Stroke it slower.”

She did.

“Do you believe that Beth’s mom fucked your dad?”


“A lot?”


My blood was in a contest with itself to fill my ümraniye escort cock as fast as it could. I felt Amy’s grip widen and her stroke action get a little more active.

“You jealous?”


Her eyes dropped away from mine.

“Look at me.”

She did.



“Do you believe I fucked my aunt when I was your age?”




“Kiss me.”

Boy did she. You wanna rank kisses, put that one up at the top. Not just because it belongs there, but because it’s the moment I knew Amy and I were going to make this work for a long time.

(What? You didn’t think this was a love story? Now you know…)

I pulled away and pushed her gently by the shoulders so she sat back on the bed. I picked up the story right where we left it hours ago.

“I never bothered to clean the come off the door, the morning after I saw her and that guy she was fucking. You remember?”


Amy’s legs were spread. He skimpy sleep shorts hid nothing. She was reclining, leaning back on her hands, which put those magnificent tits out front. What a delight she was.

“Or, I just forgot to clean it. I forget. The next morning I’m helping Judy, my aunt’s name, helping her move stuff into the room where I had slept. There’s a window open and the draft makes the door slam shut. We both look over at it, and there’s this dark brown door with all these white streaks going every direction.

“She walks over and looks at it, then starts to scrape it away with a fingernail. ‘What’s this, paint?’ she says. Now I’m embarrassed. I say nothing, just watch her scratch away at all that cum I shot. Then she stops and stands up. She’s looking at the door, with her head tilted at a strange angle.

“She doesn’t look at me. She just opens the door and leaves the room. Now, I’m standing there across the room, and I’m half hard, because I remember what made me shoot that shit all over the place.

“You remember, don’t you?”


“I came because I saw her fucking, didn’t I?”


“And that made me so fucking hard, didn’t it?”


“So I’m standing there half-hard, and she comes back. She’s got a sponge and some spray cleaner. She starts wiping down the door. Then she said, without looking at me, ‘You know who should be cleaning this?’

“I couldn’t say anything, and now I’m getting harder because she’s in shorts and a baggy t-shirt, and she’s crouched down where I can see her round ass in those shorts, and as she wipes the door her tits are bouncing a little. I’m remembering what they looked like the night before, remembering her asking to be fucked, all that. I don’t know what to say.

“She says, ‘It should be the person who made the mess.’ So I set down the box I was holding and I walk over to her and say, ‘Okay. I’ll do it. I’m sorry.’

“She says, ‘No, I meant the people who moved out and didn’t clean this up.’ But then she turns and, remember she is kneeling, crouching down, and she sees my half-hard cock pressing against my shorts, and it’s right near her face.”

Amy was biting her bottom lip.

“Can you imagine my hard dick, ten years ago, baby?”


“My eighteen-year-old dick.”


“Do you remember the first dick you ever saw?”


“Did you suck it?”


“Do you want to touch your pussy now?”


“Not yet.”

She bit her lip harder and her eyebrows hit that sexy furrow a horny girl gets when she’s gonna have to wait a bit longer.

“So my Aunt Judy gets caught staring at my erection. She was forty-something then and I know now from what I saw the night before that she was not a shy woman. She’s also not the nervous type. She looks right up at me and says, ‘How did that happen?’

“I was a rookie. I didn’t know if she meant how did my cock just get hard or how did the door get stained, because now she understood it was my mess. I had to pick one. I decided to tell the truth about the night before.

– “‘I heard you in the living room and I saw you, with that man who was here.’

– “‘So you spied on my date.'”

– “‘I…'”

– “‘And then you made a mess all over the place.'”

– “‘I… yeah.'”

I motioned for Amy to come closer. She slid toward me. I moved closer to the bed, but not close enough for us to touch one another.

“Remember when I told you never to be surprised by anyone, ever?”


“Here’s why… She’s still looking up at me, and now I’m terrified that she’s about to call my mother and tell her all of this, and tell her to come get me, but she didn’t. She said, ‘And now it looks like you want to make another mess in the same place.’

“Whatever my face looked like—shock, whatever—she made sure it didn’t last long.

“‘Damn, boy!’ She was looking at my cock again. ‘That’ll choke someone.’

“I finally said something. I said, ‘What?’ And she said, ‘Let me see.’

“She reached up, pulled my shorts all the way down, and she looked at my dick sticking all the way out to her nose. Then she looked escort kartal up at me.

– “‘If I touch it will it jizz on me?’

– “‘I… I don’t kno-‘

“She grabbed it and stroked it and in about three seconds I came all over the place, one hot jet of cum after another. She just very calmly stroked it until I was done.

– “‘How old are you now?’

– “‘I was eighteen last April.’

– “‘Am I the first woman you ever-‘

– “‘Yes, except for some girls in hi-‘

– “‘If I was a girl in school and knew you had this kind of pecker, I’d have been on my knees for you.’

– “‘Really?’

– “‘I was no good girl, even then. You never heard that I was the family slut?’

“I was still hard and I have to say, I was feeling courageous after hearing all that. She still had a hand on my dick. I took that as a sign. I moved just a little in the direction of her mouth. She looked at the head of my cock coming at her and moved away a little.

– “‘Wait a minute now.’

“I reached down and touched a tit through her t-shirt. That time she didn’t back away. I grabbed more, fondled it. I swear I never felt that much blood surge into my cock. It was an electric feeling.

“She felt that, too, and instead of pushing it away from her face now she grabbed it tighter.

– “‘You have some big one, boy. Jesus!’

“She was staring at it. Then she looked down at my hand when it found her nipple through her bra. I was rubbing it and loving it all. My balls were on fire.

– “‘You wanna see my tits?’

– “‘Yes.’

“She let go of my cock and stood up. She slipped offer her shirt and then out of her bra. She tossed it on the floor and looked at me.

– “‘Did you see these last night?’

– “‘Yes.’

– “‘Tell me what else you saw.’

– “‘You and him.’

– “‘Chuck.’

– “‘You and Chuck and he was carrying you.’

– “‘Is that when you made your mess in here?’

– “Yeah.’

– “‘You like my tits?’

– “‘Yes.’

– “‘Go ahead.’

“I touched them and she pulled me closer. I sucked the nipples. I heard her gasp a little. I sucked harder and pushed her back against the wall. She reached down and held my dick again, stroked it. I pushed into her so the head touched her bush. She pushed me away and looked straight at my face.

– “‘You want that?’

– “‘Can I?’

“She dropped on her knees and started blowing me. I must have let out a big gasp, because she came off me quick.

– “‘Don’t come, honey. I’m just making you wet. You’re a big one. I want it wet and slippery before we do that.’

“‘Okay,’ I said, and watched her blow me a little more. Then she stood up and took my hand.

– “‘Over here.’

“She got on her back on the bed and opened her legs.

– “‘Come on, honey. Now.’

“She guided my head in and I just started fucking as hard as I could. She had a very wet, very deep pussy. She pulled me in tight by my ass and closed her eyes.

– “‘Oh, god, you have a lotta cock, honey! AAAGGGGHHHH! Give it to Aunt Judy!’

“I was hammering her and I felt my dick swell and balls tingle and I’m sure I was out of my fucking mind. But I didn’t come. I got this brave feeling that I wanted to beat that guy who fucked her the night before. It felt like a race, and I felt… like a man.

“And she started screaming and moaning. ‘Deeper, goddamnit!’ she said over and over. I tried as hard as I could and she just screamed the whole time.

Amy was squirming on the bed. I was now stroking my hard cock. I had to get back into the present for a moment.

“Was I a bad boy?”


“Was Judy a dirty whore?”


“Want to fuck now?”

She threw herself back and raised her legs as high and wide as she could. I pounced and John Thursday ripped right into her, all the way to the balls.


“Like I fucked Aunt Judy?”


“Come, Judy! Come for me again!”


I had to hold Amy by the shoulders to keep her from shaking herself right off my dick. I decided to roll over without telling her, and grabbed her by the wrists to pull her on top. John Thursday hit her cervix like a Mack truck, and she screamed like a raped ape.

The river of cum or piss or whatever that spilled out of her heated the skin of my thighs and turned the bed into a lake. She drove her hips like a primitive breeding whore, and when I was ready I kept the narrative going.

“Judy swallowed me twice!! You want some cum too, honey??”



She got where she needed to go and squeezed my cock tightly with one hand, and every drop I could manage poured down her throat. She sucked for a good long time when I was done. We were stuck together by every ounce of cum and sweat and love—is there any other way to put it now?—that we both could give.

It was a long time before either of us spoke. I went first.

“Of all the things I love about you, Amy, the fucking and the sucking come in last.”

She just kept laying where she was, across my chest. She never made a sound.

“And you know how goddamned amazing they are.”


It was barely a whisper. She crawled up and kissed me.

We slept, and cleaned up everything in the morning.

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